Meryl Mägi


 top & skirt set - Dry Lake        boots - River Island         blazer - H&M (mens)         bag - Gucci

Hey everyone! Lately there's been a lot of roadtripping around Southern part of Poland as you've maybe read from my last blog post or seen on my Instagram (those who follow me there) and it's been pretty great to see that much with the short time we have here and we really like to discover new places we're at. I still have some places on my mind until we're here but there's still time. Last time we finally visited Warsaw, but we mostly neded up going to the stores so we only saw a small part of Old Town before we had to head back haha. Looks really interesting though, would love to go more! Other than that it's been training training training for J and I've been getting all the work done on laptop when it's not sunny and been trying to get as much sun as possible when it is sunny haha. Can't help it, the balcony has sun on it most of the day and it gets super hot there. Already managed to get a sunburn in my face so now I'm covering it with SPF and large sunglasses and the Michelle Obama book I'm currently finishing.

I've been mentioning the castle we have across the road from our apartment a few times here and I actually found some photos that look reallly good taken by it, even though they were actually taken with the Iphone. I only add camera photos to my blog for good quality but look at you go Apple! I never tried inserting the Iphone 8 photos here so now I can see how it has really evolved from 7 that Iast tried here haha. BUT the striped set from Dry Lake is such a dream! It's been a bit chilly especially with the sun low so I still had to wear a boyfriend blazer on top of it. The blazer by the way is from H&M and I snatched it from H&M Showroom and more specifically from the mens section there and I just love it, because it's 50% linen and looks perfect on so many of my outfits! Basically most of them but I'll try to stay versatile haha! The striped set would be sooo perfect for a vacation as it kinda has a Italian Tuscany vibe or maybe something from Southern France..anyway it would be something perfect there because of the cut of the both things! The top is super classy with a high neck cut and the skirt is a tie up one that is flowy in the wind and I just love how they almost look like a really classy dress together but actually are not! So well done Dry Lake, never fail to impress me! To the look I wore the best Spring-Summer ankle boots I've seen. They're from River Island and they're woven leather boots so they literally look like woven boots out of leather and I think that is so cool plus practical when it's more hot outside. 

J just git back from his away game so we're gonna watch a bit of our NEW FOUND (seriously we just lately found out about this how and it's been ages since the last season of it hahah) series of OFFICE. Yu the US version and we just love it soo much, we just appreciate the kind of humor they have there so we've been binge-watching ever since we found it and now starting season 5. Have a good night guys! x 


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