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Everthing (except sunglasses) is from River Island

Hi blog friends! So apparently I fell asleep so early last night after bath that I didn't write that blog post after all haha, but here I am writing it now! As I said in the last post, January has been a BIG waiting game due to J's football club finding hassle, but besides that I've been trying to work a lot, find some certain collaborations for the season and enjoyed a lot of family time and I really rarely get to spend so much time with J at our hometown or Estonia overall (as he mostly trains in Tallinn now) and it's been quite a blessing to have so many family dinners and do all the fun stuff we used to do when we both lived here briefly, but you know, it's getting kind of tiring not to know what the future holds and things are starting to feel less blessed day by day. Blog work is now fully on as Spring collections are coming fast, there are so many events and I've been of course trying to shoot as many outfits as possible with the weather conditions haha! Speaking of that, I had to shoot this outfit in minus 17 degrees as I thought J was gonna move away in the next 2 days (was terrribly wrong) but I really thought I was in a hurry and I chose to do it on the balcony just not to go out for more than 5 minutes! The sunset with this kind of freezing weather is of course stunning anf I'm glad I got a hold of it on the photos. Makes me feel warmer to look at them haha! But yea I've gotten to hop by Lindex SS19 event and it's truly one of the best SS collections I've seen through years from Lindex! Also there have been many PR press days with another one coming up this Thursday plus some new products on the market as well! Fashion and beauty world is blooming way before flowers and I feel like I will be forever busy, but hey that's the way I like it! 

During January and going strong in february are the huge sales and I decided to snatch a couple of super cool finds from the large River Island sale! You know I love the good basics so I HAD TO get these simple black knee boots! They've been so good already but I know I'm gonna love them more in Spring when I can wear them with dresses and long knits without any thights or coats covering the look. Knee boots are one of the things that are really in this Spring so I recommend finding your favourite colours and getting them as they are super practical and make your legs look longer! I still had to match them with some kind of a dress so I got this knit dress that is actually off-shoulders, but under the coat right now I like to wear it up as it is on photos. Beige colours are a simple way to go and I love matching colour on colours so I got the coat with the exact same shade! This one was not on sale though, but I love the cut of it. Not your simple nude coat for sure, looks very sophosticated. 

Today's not any different from last two as J is in Tallinn and I'm not so I've been mainly trying to catch up with all the laptop work again after the long weekend, since it was J's birthday on Saturday! So I'm using my blog now to once again, after hundred times haha, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life and best friend! So proooud of him and hope no silly let down or unlucky situation can bring him down from everything he deserves! His birthday week means it's my birthday week as our birthdays are 7 days apart which means mine is this Saturday already! Turning 25, which is a significant number but everyone who knows me knows I don't love hosting birthdays or any parties so I'm gonna figure out something fun for myself on that day that I really love doing and it's not a huge party (so sorry loves!) again. Tomorrow I'm heading to Tallinn to support J, take some photos and attend some events. I know I've promised about two posts here and those are coming, promise! Talk soon cool people! x 

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