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Everything from River Island (except the bag) 

Hi guys! Guess what!? Tomorrow I'm moving to POLAND! Haha yes finallllly J joined another football club, but for only half a year (until June then) because he will start looking for a longer contract in summer when more football clubs are switching players at the beginning of a new football season. So Poland..well I know for sure that Poland is much cooler than it has put out to be and it's a super interesting country to discover! So much to see, so many different sides. I will be moving between Warsaw and Krakow, in the city named Kielce, which is like a medium sized one. J has been there for well over a week now but I had stuff to finish here and wanted to take it easy with everything. I have a new mentality of taking things really easy and on my pace so I don't get overwhelmed, it works really bad for me and now I feel so much better doing things that I like (and don't like) as I worry less and use the pace I find the best. BUT tomorrow's the day I will fly over with some of my suitcases and a new adventure can begin! Excited to live there for a little while, just to be familiar with so many different countries and lifestyles! 

I've been spending time running a lot of errands lately and meeting up with my friends, but also working and spending time with family. Once J moved to Poland I suddenly realized a million things I gotta do so I started spreading all that stuff out on different days haha! I am sooo embarassed by the fact that I completely FORGOT to announce that I turned 25 last week hahaha! I actually thought now that I did it but it seems like I planned it all in my head but never actually wrote down my feelings about my birthday, so I will add this post on 9th of February either today or tomorrow, reflecting on the year 25 because you know, better late than never right!? But yea now you know I ad a birthday recently, but I had no time to host anything big for my friends as I had no idea I was still gonna be in Estonia on that day! Birthdays are not my thing anyway, I don't love to host parties and birthday is exactly that, but I do enjoy the day so much nevertheless! 

A little before that we had the Marsaana press day for SS19 and I had the worst choice of outfit to the weather we had that day haha! I love this River Island look and besides a dinner I wore the whole outfit to the press day as well but the Tallinn Old Town was iced up that day with sidewalks covered in icy snow allover so I actually fell on my knees smashing the Louis Vuitton against the ground which I felt really sorry about haha, but hey, that's all my fault for not dressing according to the weather. I was pretty pissed at the Old Town at that moment though. Glad I didn't ruin the satin skirt, it's so delicate and I just love it so much. I was a on a lookout for satin midi skirts as I suddenly got over obsessed with them but each was sold out in my size and then, like it has happened soooo many times, River Island delivers so many colours of this stunning satin skirt! I got myself the green one and a midnight blue one and eventhough I would love to wear them with a baggy T-shirt and sneakers or sock boots then it's no summer here yet so I found this other look I love them with - a chunky knit in same shade of green and my favourite RI knee boots! Added a really long basic beige coat to the whole look that I had no idea I missed until I got it. I haven't worn shorter beige coats for a long while now, everything just seems better when longer when it comes to coats. 

The press day itself was such a nice mingle as in the morning we had another event with a breakfast at the So Brooklyn cafe at Balta, but everyone seemed so sleepy there that it wasn't much of a mingle, but I loved the new amika: hair products that launched in Estonia! So colourful and I just neeed to get my hands on their famous dry shampoo now! Hope they have it in Poland as I have no time to hop through the stores in Tallinn anymore. Which reminds me I gotta continue packing and it's pretty difficult as I have no idea what the weather will be soon in Kielce haha. Besides that I wanna cuddle and take out my little doggies, get my ears pierced which I've been prolonging too long now and also take some photos for the blog and do some work. Hopefully will fit the birthday recap in my plans but if not, talk later loves! x 

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