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Hey guys! I am not even gonna lie, it's been a very stressful past two weeks and this is exactly why I am such a rare occasion in my own blog. It's because of J's search for a new club as it's putting a real bad emotions on both of us and getting a little out of hand. I am not gonna go into specifics here just in case, but what I can say is that he gave 120% percent of himself last year in Norway and took to limits no one saw coming, but apparently besides your own efforts you also need good people around you and lots of luck and that's what the struggle is behind currently, but I hope things will turn out perfect for him in the end! 

Anywhooo, I went to the hairdresser's in the middle of January and what I aimed to do was to go a little bit less yellowish with my haircolours but not platinum but more on the dusty darker blonde side. My go to place with that idea was Decoris Showroom as I know the new Balmain Hair Couture haircolours have been a huge hype since they arrived to Estonia and I also really trust the stylists there to bring whatever stuff I have on my mind to life. So it became to life as I got exactly what I wished for! I still look very much blonde, but if my roots grow out then it won't be visible at all because of my new colours and due to the fact that the stylist took my roots further down my hair so it's kind of like an ombre in some light. I will need that when I will be moving to a new country as I am not aware of the salons and hairdresser's there and probably won't go there immediately. Also I look a bit darker blonde which is my natural colour and I love this look for winter! And I had my ends cut because of what you can see on the first photo hahah! So why the Balmain haircolours? I found it soooo exciting from the launch event in Estonia that they only have a few bottles of colours that all can be mixed to create super unique shades of colours and my shade is the proof of that! Since blonde colouring  damages hair quite a bit then I'm glad to know these colours are really low on ammonia and rather have a blue/violet based pigmentation that silver and pearl shampoos consist of I suppose. The colours contain silk protein and flaxseed oil that contain amino acids from human hair which create a strong affinity with constructing damaged areas, reinforcing the hair strenght and revitalizing the hair. The argan oil and coconut oil consistency has emollient properties that will condition the hair and help the micro pigments to penetrate deep into the cortex. The haircolour is set to last long, helping to restore the hair after colour pigment has entered its core. I actually learned so much through this process as Decoris Showroom stylists explained so well how the colour works and why it's good at what it does. You also get a mask to recover your hair about two days after the colouring and recommendations for products that your hair currently needs. Loved the experience and LOVE my new hair! Sendng thanks and hugs to Helena and Erica! 

I'm gonna take a little break and take a ride to town with my cutest little Emma (one of my dogs is Emma if wondering haha) and will be back to write yet another blog post today because I've been up to quite some things and of course have taken as many photos as I can in this crispy weather! Talk soon! x 

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