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Hi readers! I promised to share an unboxing of my newest designer bag ages ago but as promised, I will deliver, even if it's super late haha! I had very little time on deciding what to get from the Oslo Louis Vuitton store because it was really little before we moved away from Sarpsborg and Norway. I was gonna go for the Pochette Metis in my mind, if they would have had one available, but as usual, there was a line for it and they had the black version only in store. So I had previously looked up something similar to the Metis and decided to check that one out and once I saw it the Pochette was well out of my mind haha! The Marignan Messenger won my heart over in that store and for obvious reasons too. First off it's a reaallly new bag, that only came out in the beginning of 2018 so it's not as popular as the Metis and that means it's not everywhere and it's more of a rare sight still. But since the vintage look is huge currently, then this one was meant to be a new modern bag with vintage Louis Vuitton takes and boy did they nail that one with this bag! I love that besides the classical monogram print I have 3 other shades of leather as well - beige on the large front pocket, warm brown tone on the handle and olive tone on the strap and such colouring is super vintage! The lock closing is obviously the most LV vintage thing in LV ever and it's really easy to close up with. The main reason for falling in love with this bag was the size though! It can fit my camera with my wallet and phone and sunglasses and lipsticks, etc etc. It has so many pockets and no mid-section to divide the inside and a really big front pocket too! The size itself is really pleasant as it can be used as a handbag but also a shoulder bag with the attachable monogram strap. I am a fan of really specific shaped bags and that one was said to be a "businesswoman going to go and do stuff" bag in the store so I apparently love to go to that kind of styles in all bags haha! It's like a large envelope bag, bigger than Metis but not much, and I mostly love to use it as a handbag, not as a shoulder bag. Maybe because I would like the shoulder strap to be a bit wider but that is available to add for laters too. Another downside is the really light suede inside that can be ruined easily BUT the bag designer Kadri Kruus here in Estonia gave me some amazing tips on how to keep it clean and how to clean it if a lip pencil would like to draw on it at one point. Thanks so much Kadri! 

This bag really draws my outfits together and makes them feel more sophisticated if needed. I am still very excited over my pick after two months and can't wait to see how this bag will do in some years! I will definitely love my first Louis Vuitton for years! 

6 februari 2019 20:19 | FASHION |


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