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Blazer - boyfriend's       Leather pants - River Island/ similar HERE       T-shirt - gift from Emporio Armani        Bag - Louis Vuitton         Sneakers - Alexander McQueen

Hiii! Here's something from Amsterdam! The city is so beautiful, so photogenic, of course there had to be a blog post following the few days there. It's actually two years in a row now that me and J go there around New Year's Eve time, but this time we left a day before for Paris. So we spent around 3 days in Amsterdam again as we love the city so much! We always get attached to cities that have some kind of a certain vibe. Amsterdam definitely has a really different vibe than other cities and the food is so great and there's always something to do and see there. I am sure we will be going there so often even after our second visit. For me, the most exciting is discovering the boutiqes and little cafes as everything looks ten times more magical in Amsterdam scenery. J loves it so much he would probably like to live there immediately haha! We also did a lot of shopping as the stores had some super good sales around New Year's and found some amazing pieces we hadn't seen in other places like a lot of great stuff from Off-White. Off-White is sooo popular right now, it's so difficult to get a hold of the coolest pieces but Amsetrdam had them all! I know I promise A LOT of posts lately that I haven't delivered yet BUT I would really like to share some phone snaps of the trip here soon as Amsterdam cute houses make me do it..oh and in front of these I am wearing one of my favourites looks that is not even from my own closet haha! I love to lend my boyfriend's blazers lately because I love overtly long sleeves and padded shoulders and oversized blazers and mens blazers have it all! So again I used his blazer and wore it on top of the relaly adorrable gift from Emporio Armani! It's a pure logo shirt that has Tallinn written on it, how cool is that!? Thanks so much for the gift EA!!! And decided to add some more detail with leather cigarette trousers from River Island and RI has been my main store for finding these trousers in different colours. Oh and here's my new Louis Vuitton bag! I will show it more in detail in another post so I won't stop on that. Yes I know a typical Amsterdam look is a neutral coloured teddy coat and yes I did wear one everyday there, but here's something different haha! 

So it seems I've finally gotten rid of the damn flu that tortured me for a week (basically from when we got back from Paris). Got it immediately when I entered the snow storm situation in Estonia, ugh. After the trip I met up with some friends in Tallinn while J got his tattoo sleeve completed and then he was off to Doha with the natonal team for some training. I've basically been indoors for 5 days, healing my flu and working on laptop non-stop. I had so much to catch up on after the trip as I kindaaa waaaas lazyyy with my work in Amsterdam and Paris, so now I paid hard time for that mistake. New Year started so fast and I haven't fully gotten into planning a new work schedule for myself or routine or planning collaborations. I haven't even bought a 2019 planner yet, which reminds me I gotta go do it tomorrow for sure! I still don't have news on where J and I will be moving but we do have a lot of options on table I don't wanna share just yet (just in case) and we will probably see real soon what plays out! What I know for sure is that I will start applying for some university Master's degrees in Sweden over this weekend, so wish me luck on deciding! 

Now I'm gonna have dinner with family and cuddle up with my dogs yet agaiiin (just came from there). Done with this laptop for the day haha! Good night! x 

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