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Everything from River Island (except for the bag, sunglasses and sneakers!)

Heya! I'm sitting on the train again on my way to Tallinn as the snow overdose in Estonia makes me want to stay off roads with my small car. Crazy how much snow has covered Europe! I'm glad though that seasons as we know them are back after many years. The summer was sunny and dry and winter is snowy and cold in a normal amount. I have absolutely nothing against snow, I really enjoy it since everything is so beautiful and it's better to do my work as in take photos with all white than sluggish streets. Looking out of the train window now seems like I'm looking at a B&W video. It's just white, black and grey and no other colours and it's so beautiful!

But enough of the weather reports here haha, I wanted to share one of my Paris looks today! So after Amsterdam we headed to Paris with the train and only the first class premium tickets were available (naturally we were so late with booking) so it was kind of a fancy trainride as we had no other choice haha. J had never been to Paris before so I set three goals for his first visit - make him get at least a bit cultural as in I took him to Louvre, then to get him walk the streets of non-torusity areas to see the real Parisian life and to eat as much as we can since the food in Paris is amaaazing as you all know who have been there. I completed all the goals of course and could also see some new places myself. We had lunch at L'Avenue, did some shopping right on the streets there, took so many photos, got lost in Louvre, walked 12 km a day, visited the Eiffel at all stages from daylight to sparkles at night, ate too much food and collected a horrible but now really funny memory that we will always laugh about, but I'm not sure if I should write it down on my blog hahah! Since we couldn't go far with J's new football club hunt in progress then it was a reaaallly nice getaway for us two! New Year's Eve was spent with J's teammate and his girlfriend as they took us to a more private club on outskirts of Paris and it was preeetty dope! Nothing like I've ever seen before! It's a bit of a blur too to be honest haha.  SO first of January it took us a loong time to get up but I managed to drag us to the city centre by afternoon to have a walk around Eiffel as we made it by Eiffel only on 3rd day and J as I said hadn't been there so I felt obligated to show the tower to him too. I wore my newest finds from River Island sale! The light blue coat and the blazer are both from the Petite collection that seems to fit me like a glove and are both on sale at RI stores, but the leather-imitation grey pants were not on sale though. I have been eyeing on that light blue satin blazer for such a long time as it's soooo amaziiingly gorgeous it's crazy, but I couldn't figure out what to wear it with until now. I was kinda hoping there would be a matching pair of satin trousers incoming, but that didn't happen. So one day I found this light blue coat on sale and those who follow me on Instagram probably know how I keep talking about light blue and brown together as colour-matching perfection so it was a no brainer I had to get myself a light blue coat for winter and spring time (it's quite warm but also its for early spring), but I figured the blazer would go soo well under it and I was won over again. I also found these really unusual but dope looking pants that look like leather and feel like leather but aren't! And they're grey! J really likes them, says they are so different and cool and I gotta agree so I thought that this full RI look would be great together and took it to Paris with me. Had to add a touch of brown to all that light blue though, so I added my LV bag to it for mental balance hehe. Definitely go check out RI sales until you can, there's sooo many gems there right now as I found these perfect coloured basics to prove it! 

So why I'm heading to Tallinn right now is that I will go to hairdresser's there and to be more exact I will go try out the Balmain Hair Couture haircolours for the very first time at Decoris Showroom and can't wait to have a fresh new look finalllly. It was impossible to get a hold of my hairdresser's too late in the Christmas and New Year's season so I had to wing it with my outgrown roots for too long now, but today it ends (yeeaaa!). Then I will meet up with Marii for some lunch and photos and will probably head back to hometown early as I have to drive to Tallinn already on Wednesday to pick up J from the airport and we will stay for the next day to run some errands, have dinner and go to stores. Talk soon! x 

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