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Wearing everything from River Island (from dress to shoes to jewellery)


Hope you spent your New Year's Eve just the way you wanted it - with a loud bang or at home in PJ's! Me and J left for Amsterdam on 27th of December and went off to celebrate New Year's Eve in Paris after the 30th. I will catch up on the trip when I post some photos from it, but on New Year's Eve we went clubbing on the side of Paris city centre and it was so different for me as I've never been to some more exclusive clubs with a big entrance fee and a list, but J's teammate from Norway invited us and it was super fun there! I really did want to see the fireworks by the Arc, but oh well, had to pick one and well fireworks are every year right? Or maybe I'm not right as there's talk about havinbg lasershows in the coming years instead, will see. Definitely will remember this New Year's Eve for a long time due to so many reasons. 

I decided to have a short 2018 recap under some outfit photos I took in Sarpsborg the day before we moved away. Took a bit of advantage of the amazing low sunlight we had in our room and the emptyness after packing everything in our boxes. Recalls some sad moments for me right now to look back at these photos, but exciting things ahead in 2019! Before I get to the recap, I wanted to talk a bit about the dress I'm wearing. I have been on a hunt for a good basic black blazer dress for a while and while these are sold everywhere I kind of always FORGOT to buy it haha! Then I saw this one at River Island and decided to try it out and boy did it fit like a glove! I liked the extra blingy buttons in the front, but I tend to wear them in not 2 pairs but one pair at the time (yes you can have 2 buttons instead of 4 visible) because I'm minimal like that. It's a super well fitting dress with an amazing non-wrinkly material so I've been having it on on a party once and at a dinner where I found it a bit too open cleavage so I wore a black turtleneck knit under it (looks so goood on top of a turtleneck guys, huge tip with open cleavage blazer dresses for you!). Hope they still have a few at River Island stores or online as it's HUGE SALES going on at RI right now! Together with the dress I also scored some cute jewellery and these reaaally dope platform heels that are a bit hard to run in I gotta admit haha, but they are soooo beautiful on that it's impossible to leave them boxed. I love this kind of heels so much, I think they make legs look the best they can be! 

So....2018.....oh my

Last year for me was so amazing in a sense that so many new things happened for me and so many really good things too! The year started off with getting back from Amsterdam and J moving to Sarpsborg, Norway to play football there and I continued to work and live in Tallinn until May. Work gave me a lot of new exciting opportunities, e.g. my first work trip alone to Stockholm. My birthday was on 9th of February as usual haha, but I decided to have a small celebration with my best girls at the rooftop bar in Tallinn. In Winter I also had my very  first blogger trip -  to the launch of Loreal x Balmain lipsticks in Vilnius. Had so much fun on this trip (held a snake for the very first time) and really hope 2019 will bring some more of these! Then J came back from his training camp in Spain with Sarpsborg and we spent a few days together and packing all his stuff in his car and off he went again. Soon after I visited J for the first time in Norway and was captured by the different nature immediately and decided I want to move there with him, but wasn't sure when and how with my work place. I figured I would move only when I have completed all my goals and tasks for the workplace so that I don't leave anything half-done or undone.

Then Spring came and we had a second blogger trip to Riga Fashion Week with SIXT rental car BMW's. Another really different trip with my girl gang and so memorable since we drove the cars from Tallinn to Riga and it was my first Riga Fashion Week! Then by the end of March it was time to visit J again as he had his very first Eliteserien league game with Sarpsborg and they managed to beat Rosenborg. I saw how good J was in Norway that I had an even bigger rush to get to Norway as soon as possible haha! Everyone was talking about his in newspapers as he right after scored his first goal there too (he's a defender) and it made me feel so good about that year ahead (will tell you more about it below!). J got me my very first designer bag as a late birthday gift in Oslo when it was my first time ever visiting Oslo. Had been waiting for this for so long as I admire designer bags so much! Thanks baby! Soon after my blog broke down and as I hear from my readers, it still doesn't work properly and I promise to make big changes about it in 2019. Can't take this no more with these stupid blue boxes instead of my photos in certain wifi connections... Now April meant aother trip to see J in Norway as I promised myself to see him at least once a month next to my job. This was the time when Sarpsborg 08 gathered all the wives and girlfriends into a seaside hotel and hosted a dinner and a party for us. That's when I meant all the girls that would start to mean so much to me during 2018. I miss them so much right now and I hope all the best in the world for them as they made my year in Norway the best I've had in any football clubs! Right after I decided it's time to see my university friends in Lund and take a little day trip to my favourite city Copenhagen for some pretty photos and to meet my friends who have moved there from Lund. Had so much fun as I visited just in time for the Valborgs celebrations at Lund so I felt like a student again and of course Cph was a dream as usual. Saw all my friends and the weather was amazing! Oh when flying to Cph, I had my first emergency landing situation as a drunk passenger lost any contact with this world and we were forced to land in Stockholm instead. Scary experience for sure.. Then May came and suddenly Estonia got summer-y as hell and I thought it was just gonna be a really warm May and another lousy rainy cold Summer but weather had a different plan all along and it ended up being the warmest and most beautiful Summer both in Estonia and Norway! That also meant that dad parked his fast boat on the lake and the work-half-week-in-Tallinn-drive-to-hometown-for-sunbathing-weekend began for weeks. By then I already had notified work that I will be quitting and moving to Norway on 1st of June. I was so far with my work that I could take that decision only then.

On 14th of May I left to Norway again with my parents this time to show them where J lives and also bring some of my stuff there already. We also brought our dogs with us! It was when Norway had its National Day so me and J had to march the parade with S08 football club and my parents had a blast watching all the parades all day and attending events in town and evryone was soo dressed up and beautiful that sunny day! Then it was time to get back home, wrap up collaborations in Estonia and spend more time with dogs and family on the lake. Then I heard J is coming home in the beginning of June for national team games so I stayed longer in Estonia and decided to leave with him instead after the games. Then we had this great idea with some of the girlfriends to go see the game against Latvia in Riga and so I had yet another roadtrip to Riga. Then Norway life began! I am gonna sum up the whole 30+ degree summer with 3 words universally understandable - beach, swimming, seaside spa. Of course the whole summer I worked hard on my blog and Instagram, but I am lucky my little job leaves me so much free time to enjoy Summer like this! J was free from 12am everyday and I hope you understand we wanted nothing else in this heat than to grill in our  friends garden sunbathing or swim somewhere haha. Of course the whole Summer was full of Eliteserien games which I enjoyed watching sooo much with the girls and I am so happy J did amazingly all this time! I had to visit Estonia every now and then for some new collaborations, events or meetings so I got to spend this beautiful Summer with my family, friends and dogs as well. I can't believe that 2018 Summer was 100% perfect, it was too good to be true! Going from lake to lake from seaside to seaside with my love in Norway plus spending amazing time in Estonia too with only blog work to do...did I really deserve this haha? I took upon some social media marketing jobs as I felt too lazy though. During Summer I gained so many new fantastic collaborations that I've only dreamed off in 2017 and I was busy as a bee with taking photos for all of them as I couldn't believe I could work with brands like this! More and more of them kept coming during Autumn and to be fair, one of the brands was set as my ultimate goal when I started blogging many years ago and this year they contacted me and I was on the moon!! 2018 was also a good year for blogging absolutely suuurelyyy! Around that time began the adventure that I will remember forever - the European League tournament. With no high expectations, Sarpsborg started its games against different teams across Europe and J was so busy travelling between European countries and Eliteserien games. They won the first round with ease, second was already too hard to beat but they beat them, then the beat another and that's when I got back from my long August stay in Estonia to watch the play off round of the EU League and I couldn't believe what I saw, they won 3-1 at home against a team so strong the odds were completely on their side, but Sarpsborg just kept surprising again and again and again! Then it was soon time for J to go to the national team games in Tallinn and he couldn't take part in the last play off game in EU League due to yellow cards and I will always remember how we were on the cruise ship from Stockholm to Tallinn, anxiously reading the results of Sarpsborg's game in Israel. It was an impossible situation by 85th minute but then suddenly Sarpsborg scored basically last minute and we were in the European League group stage against every damn odd!! Haha we popped some wine immediately and danced around in the ship, it was something historical. Sarpsborg had never even played the European League before and got that far, J was one of the main parts in this success and he became only the 5th Estonian to reach the group stage in history! Oh I forgot! I visited Göteborg for the first time in August as well!

In the beginning of September, I had to make a really hard decision. I was called from Stockholm University where I applied for the Fashion Studies Master's and since the studies were about to start, I had to decide whether I will stay in Norway with J or take a risk by going to Stockholm without any housing or anything planned and take part of the 2-year studies. It was a really really hard decision as I always wanted to enroll in this program but it was so hard to do so quickly as all my clothes and stuff were in Norway and I was in Estonia. I decided to listen to my heart and stay with J for his European League adventure and continue living in Norway. It ended up being a really really good decision in the end! I was so sad about it at first but when university told me that they can list me up for next year already then it all felt better. I don't know if it was the right decision but now I feel so happy I stayed in Norway! As we drove to Estonia with the car, we had to go back the same way. When we reached Stockholm we had a spontaneous visit to Norrköping to see our old apartment and eat at the lunch place we always ate at. It was so nostalgic and reminded me to cherish every place I live at so I could have such good memories in every town I once have to leave. I was determined to enjoy Sarpsborg and closeby Oslo to the fullest as we already knew by then that J wouldn't be staying in Sarpsborg but will try to aim higher for next season. What Autumn meant for J was the hardest football months of his life. At somepoint he had 3 games a week when Eliteserien and European League group Stage games collided and the group stage was really exciting with the Sarpsborg town having a party everytime there were homegames and the stadium were packed to the last seat! It was amazing to see the community all come together to support the guys and I felt goosebumps at the stadium everytime! Will never ever forget the feeling the EU League and Sarpsborg gave me and J, undescribable. I took a few trips to Estonia as I had a little girls getaway with Lindex for 2 days and then started to see my Lund friends AGAIN right after because one of J's group stage opponents was Malmö and I could go see my friends plus the game and also of course visit my favourite Copenhagen again haha! So there was my first European League away game checked as well! In Autumn J needed a lot of time to clear his head to be his best in EU League so we started going fishing a lot and boy did he get some amazing catches during his year in Norway! We spent so much time in the amazing Norwegian nature which I am really glad for. We also went to Oslo for many many times as we wanted to discover the city more before moving away. October meant another national team break and so did November. In October we flew home together but I was sick the whole time at home. October also meant Tallinn Fashion Week which was exactly after J's national team break so I stayed longer in Tallinn to attend all the shows I liked. It was a really fun fashion week this time as it gets more and more professional each year.

November came quick and that meant Christmas market in Oslo and beautiful lit up Sarpsborg. I was alone for a long time as J was travelling with national team so I took this time to work basically every single day. As he got back, my parents soon came to visit us to help us move with their car and soend some time in Sarpsborg (and see the Besiktas home game). The trip went bust for them as it rained all week and the Besiktas game was one of the saddest emotions of 2018 when J got injured and after that Sarpsborg lost their 2-0 success to 2-3 loss... My dad still can't get over that game. My dogs were happy to be back in that beautiful park though! When my parents were in Sarpsborg, the club had arranged a Christmas party for the wives and girlfriends and this ended up being the best night of my 2018!! I liked these girls so much already but partying with them at the hotel dinner and party and later out in town at the karaoke bar I felt like I want to stay there forever with these people! I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt bad the next day and I got home so late, filled with so much joy and love! This night being the best night also made me feel depressed about moving away from Norway. J went to his last European League game and I was left to pack up our life there and it all ended too quick for me.. I had grown to love Sarpsborg a lot but the reality of football life is that I will have to say goodbye to most places I lived at. I spent the time to meet up with some girls and visit my favourite places one more time and then it was time to move and our car looked like we were on a year-long roadtrip across the world haha, so fully packed! I wasn't happy at all with being back in Estonia but it was Christmas time and I really love Christmas so it was a bit better this way. We had a lovely Christmas and headed on a trip to Amsterdam and then Paris for New Year's Eve. 

This is the largest recap I've ever written hahaha, I am amazed if any of you will actually read through it but I found it important to write down as this blog is also my memory-collection while it is a social media platform! I don't only wanna see my outfits here but also my life and my happy moments I want to remember and cherish later. 2018 treated me and J so amazingly well I don't even know how to thank it. Probably by remembering all these high emotions for the rest of my life! 2018 gave me hard decisions one by one, gave me a new country to experience and live at, gave J a memory of a lifetime in the face of EU LEague and S08 football club and changes to go so much higher in his career now and 2018 made my dreams come true in blogging and life! I am glad I found time during this busy year to meet up with my friends and gave me so many firsts! I am very sure I left so many events and things out but that's my memory for now and I might edit the post when I remember more. THANK YOU 2018 WITH ALL MY SOUL AND HEART! 


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