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Hi babes, been a while!! We moved back from Poland for a summer break in Estonia (before we see where J goes next) and that's the reason why I have been taing a little break. The moving part took up a lot of days of packing and since we drove 1200km in one day, we were so tired from it and took many days to just enjoy the weather and rest and did of course everything J wanted as he had his football break over a long long time. I'm really happy I got to visit some of the places I wanted to before we headed to Est and one of these was the spa on top of a hill in Kielce that gave an amaaazing impression. The indoor and outdoor pool areas were so beautiful and the restaurant has absolutely delicious food! When we would go back, I think that would be a great way to spend some of the weekends! So after I got home, I had to do some meetings and talk over some of my collabs here in Estonia, so I've been actually doing more background work than actual posting that I really need to get back to since I have so much content piled up now haha! 

As I got home, I started to test out products I have been really excited to try, from the Love Beauty and Planet brand! I was excited for many reasons, mainly because the brand is vegan and environmentally friendly which is something I really try to switch to recently. I know it's hard to be perfect at every issue we have on the planet but I think now it's important to take up a few issues that you are mostly concerned with and for me it's animal welfare and pollution of plastic. I try to perfect my ways to give my contribution to lessening the merit of these two issues and yes, even one can make a huge change and many can make an enormous change, just think about it! But besides being an amazing vegan brand, the Love Beauty and Planet products smell divine! It's not that usual fruity shower gel scent but the products smell like nature and everything that smells nature-y and even a bit musky or minty is on my favourites list immediately. The scent is really strong and lingers on your skin for the whole day after a shower so if you like that as much as I do then you will LOVE these products! Having a sandalwood scent on my skin the whole day is something rare for me, because mostly brands go for scents that don't last on your skin because I guess it's a more safe route to take but I absolutely want these amazing scents on my skin and I am so thankful for the brand to finally give me something that doesn't only smell good under the shower! 

So this blog post is going to be about my recently found love for the Love Beauty and Planet brand and the products I have tested so far. The list is probably going to expand as I've seen them in so many supermarkets already (the price is super good for this large amount of product!) and there's some scents and products I want to test out in addition! One for sure is that these products have a stand-out colourful look and they look absolutely cute! The whole concept of Love Beauty and Planet brand is #smallactsoflove which means that it's the small acts that can affect our environment in a good way. The brand has thought of the whole life cycle of the product to make sure it's holistic, as it leaves as little footprint onto this planet as possible. The enitre product line is cruelty free and carbon conscious. 

Body Lotion and deodorant with the coconut water and mimosa flower scent 

I have used the body lotion a bit longer now than the deodorant because I don't open up new products until the last one is used up. I did have like two body lotions opened up and in use, but as long as it's summer, they will have to wait because I sure want to smell like coconut water and mimosa flower this summer! You guys know how I keep it real about products and I don't overhype anything I am not hyped for but I hope you can feel through this text how hyped I am over this body lotion haha! Finally a smell of nature that also gives out sweet sweet summer thoughts and stays on my body for at least a day. Since it's so strong, I recommend to pick out the scent you really love though. I like this one I've tried a lot but I think my favourite scent from all of the brand is the sandalwood one so I must get that body lotion in the long run as well! Oh and the formula is good as some body lotions have been a bit tricky to absorb into the skin but this one isn't the case, goes into skin well and leaves a nice glow neeeeded for summmer. The deodorant however doesn't have a strong scent like body lotion. I can't tell much about deodorants because most have suited me well and this one does too. I don't sweat a lot and this one has kept me all fresh thorugh the day so it works and that's what matters to me. 

Shower gels with scents of shea butter and sandalwood oil and coconut and ylang ylang

Here come the best scented products ever!!! There's two kinds of scents I love - luxurious and nature-like. Of course these two types of scents can be mixed, but I like it when they are either luxurious or nature-like full on. Love Beauty and Planet definitely is full-on nature-y for sure! These moisturizing two shower gels are THE BEST nature-y scents I have ever had the change to try on my skin and that is for fact. Both of them have a component I absolutely love love love! Sandalwood and ylang ylang are the ingredients I search for in interior scents, perfumes, for me and my boyfriend as well, and of course in beauty products but I've never tried these under shower before. Thank you so much Love Beauty and Planet brand for putting my favourite scent notes into these shower gels that just make the shower time bit by bit more exciting and enjoyable for me. It's a good feeling in the shower when you have your favourite scents lingering all over and you know in the back of your head the products are fully vegan too. 

Conditioner with coconut oil and ylang ylang

I might sound like a broken record now but THAT SCENT REALLY IS EVERYTHING! I probably need to try out shampoo with the conditioner for the full effect and probably should have them the same scent because while the conditioner isn't as strong smelling as the body lotion, it definitely stays in the hair. I don't know about you guys but I really love it when it rains and your hair gets a bit wet and then you can suddenly smell the conditioner in your hair that you don't smell that much during the day. There's been two products until now that have this effect and this conditioner is an addition to them. I've probably tested a month or so how this conditioner works. It definitely leaves a sweet soft feeling as the conditioner should but of course it's too ittle time to tell the long run effect on my hair ends. I will probably have to see once I get the ylang ylang shampoo to the conditioner and try them alltogether. The last important thing to definitely know about the conditioners of this brand is that they have a fast-rinse formula to save the water use in shower. Pretty cool of them huh?

Love Beauty and Planet is a brand I will re-buy, because it simply fits me. It's with a good cause, a vegan brand with no animal testing and I like that they really do something for my kind of people that love a good strong scent under the shower and after. I definitely prefer the smell of nature-y, clean and fresh hair or body lotion over a strong fragnrace during the day and more especially during the summer. That's exactly why I fell for this brand in the first place. The price absolutely doesn't hurt my option as well haha! The products are available in a wide variety of supermarkets and beauty stores in Estonia and they have a variety of other products like shampoos and face masks as well that you dodn't see in this post. If you have given them a try definitely let me know how you feel about them and all of the feedback you can think of!

Talk soon babes! x

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