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Head to toe in River Island 

Heyyyy! Been some time since we talked here again huh? Everything's kind of the same old, maybe except for the fact that I have had some serious workouts done for a few weeks now due to my boyfriend deciding to coach me into my wanted summer bod and it hasn't been easy at all haha! I love the feeling of wroking out a lot again, can tell my body missed it like crazy (hate the running days though). Also went to Estonia for about 4 days for meetings mainly, but only spent my last day full of showroom visits, store hopping and meetings and the rest of the time I spent at home and had a really nice relaxing time with fam. Now it's gonna be our last week here in Kielce. There's two games left in the season for Korona Kielce and then we are off to our vacay! It's so weird to say it as J has never had a season break in summer before as in Scandinavia it's always the long winter break. We might spend a few more days in Poland actually before we take all of our stuff to Estonia, will see, but definitely won't leave Kielce the minute the season ends but there's just a couple more things we would like to do here before leaving. We don't know if it's for good but I've had a nice time here for the past few months and the city has grown on me like they always do. Kielce has been really good and fun to us for sure! But as we move to Estonia J will start training for the national team games in June and after these we will probably plan a trip somehere before the club negotiations begin AGAIN. Probably will know in July where he heads next and then I'm gonna decide on my Stockholm uni move as well. Trying not to think too much and enjoy moments right now while trying to get much work done too haha! 

So SATIN SKIRTS people, this is something Meryl fell hard for a few months back and now I own 4 and big thanks to River Island that has kept bringing in more and more beautiful coloured satin skirts into their store! From RI I have a khaki one, midnight blue and black and I think black is the most versatile one to wear while other colours are just really fun to mix with T-shirts! This here was actually my Tallinn Fashion Week outfit back in March minus the trenchcoat. I came up with this all black look that was really simple but had lots of fun details like these AMAZING woven leather boots I am loving this Spring (very stylish and due to the woven effect they breathe so well) and mixing a draped satin mini dress with a satin midi skirt. I had a belt between these two at TFW but for the outfit here I added the beautiful RI trenchcoat instead! They had this trench in many colours but since beige and khaki-ish beige trenches have been the key pieces this Spring then this was a natural pick. This one I've worn to everything and probably will keep wearing throughout Summer on top of mini dresses and shorts because it really fits everywhere and I just love versatile pieces like that! And of course added my favourite teddy-pillow-fuzzy-travel bag to the whole look to make it more fun and I haven't got enough good wrods about this bag hahah, it's insanely good. So good I bought two! It's a travel bag that fts so much stuff while you can use to sleep on it because it's so so soft! I'd say that besides the beige River Island dress that was asked approx. 30 times about, this comes second in the most asked about piece I own. Everyone from my hairstylists to J's mom to friends have asked about it and so many have got it and they keep restocking this precious thing over and over. This is like BIG UP River Island, so well done! 

Today was such a beautiful day for over some time as it's been raining heavily, Only once it's been pretty this week and then we immediately went to spend a day in Warsaw. The park we have right next to our house and behind the castle is so beautiful when the sun is low in the evening. Will remind myself everytime there's sun out that I should go and walk there again and again, so refreshing with the birds singing and the beautiful trees falling into the lake with their branches. I try to take everything good from each town I live in and keep some really great memories in my head. We're now gonna watch a few episodes of the Office before sleep so have a good night everyone! x 


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