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Morning Sunday! We were supposed to head to Berlin for 2 days today but suddenly J had his training after all and we had to cancel all plans but we're heading for Krakow instead tomorrow to explore this beautiful city. It's supposed to be reaaally warm tomorrow with 18 degrees so I'm here feeling it haha and surfing online for what I would wish to have in my closet for the Spring- Summer season coming up. Because you know, that's what Sunday's are about haha! 

So here I listed the items I could defnitely use to my outfit looks or for feeling great during summer and what's missing is the perfect ruffle dress to go with the knee boots during Spring and of course a super cute and comfortable knit set with a loose sweater and a midi skirt and preferrably details of buttons or a belt. I couldn't find these from anywhere now so maybe I just need to head to some stores in Krakow tomorrow and hopefully fall in love with a ruffle dress there. It's when you have that image in your head of what you what exactly and nothing else will do you know.

BUT what I did find was this list here and I absolutely adore all these pieces. I actually already ordered the beige net dress as I think it's perfect as a daily dress but also as a beach dress! Been looking forever for that kind of style. Then I added these absolutely adorrable bikinis here that I found from NA-KD and River Island and these two brands are the ones to go looking out for bikinis from, so many amazing styles! Of course there's a lot of satin because your girl here loooves satin stuff. So hard to care for and keep clean but nothing more beautiful than shiny satin on a beautiful sunny day that outlines the body well. I have quite many satin midi skirts already but I don't have a light one with a slit on side that I would actually need and wear the most. Also added a satin slip dress that is ruched, because I couldn't find an ideal one last summer so now I found it from Topshop AND as a bonus it has the ruched side which is definitely a trend detail this season. I will probaböy wait for the black one to come back on sale. Now I don't definitely obsess over denim jumpsuits as it's usually not my style, but the one on NA-KD is just sooooo goood I need to have this one. The cut is perfect and I think it would fit me so well and this kind of jumpsuits with a belt and a boiler suit look are so in this season, but I can't decide if I should go for the denim one or a cargo one instead (if you didn't know then cargo everything is another big trend os SS19 with cargo dresses, pants, jumpsuits, etc.). Lastly, shoes! I have been keeping my eye out for white knee boots until I saw someone's haul on Instagram and fell for these beige ones instead. They are basically ivory whiteish, so same style but I think a bit more different from everyone else who rocks the white ones. Perfect to wear with any dresses! And then there's the black mid heel. Now if you wanna follow THE BIGGEST shoe trend of SS19 then there you goo. I've tried similar in the store a few days back and let me tell you, this is the most comfortable heeled shoe you will ever wear and it's trending everywhere you look. These shoes will go with everything you own in 2019 and I have become absolutely obsessed with these heels but they are also sold out everywhere by now. If you know where to get this kind of shoe please message me real quick haha okay? 

Now that the retail therapy list is in front of my very eyes here in the blog, I will begin with some cleaning and work in advance as tomorrow I won't probably access my laptop. Have a lovely new week! x 


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