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Wearing everything from River Island (except the long gloves which are by Ivo Nikkolo) 

New week has started and there's a lot to get done in the next three days so I'm diving right into everything. But first I wanted to blog because it's a sort of a therapy to just discuss clothes and say what I've been up to here and how I am and what I'm been thinking about. I've actually been thinking about a lot of things last week and I already started to write them down here, but I figured why not just take everything on my mind that I've promised to lay down here previously and all the new ideas and just make a seperate self-reflection post. I think I need to get my ideas down somewhere and hopefully find someone to meet me with the same thoughts. That said, I'm just gonna keep it short today. So Spring has arrived to Kielce and yesterday we spent a day in Krakow as it was 18 degrees and it was incredible for my body to feel so warm over such a long time haha! Krakow is a truly beautiful city with an amazing Old Town but there's so much more to explore, so I hope to see it more still. We had a nice lunch and went shopping a bit and walked around the cityand laughed my knees weak with J. Would go anywhere with this guy and have so much fun, appreciate it so much! But overall I've been trying to get the new apartment into its proper shape lately as in bought some stuff it needed, decorated a little with some flowers, pots and candles and got some lounge chairs on the balcony as I sense summer coming and I hope it gets here way earlier than to Estonia. I've kept my head and days busy with that and also work on the laptop the usual, but also been trying to really get used to the life here and it's been fun to explore and discover and we live in the city centre which makes it a lot easier. Oh and I reallly like going to the games here! The VIP section is the nicest yet I've been to and the fans are loud and you know I just really get into a game if it's comfortable to watch and it's loud and present. Can't wait for the weekend when it's a homegame again! 

Talking about the weather again, it's really tricky to dress right now. With the sun and some 10+ degrees it seems like Spring a lot but it can be devious as you can end up with a running nose in a matter of days. What I really suggest is to wear a lot of turtleneck knits because they make it easier to wear a bit lihter jackets on top without the risk on getting some cold. Turtlenecks are something I have in so many colours in my closet just to match whatever I'm wearing. I am missing a grey one so I'm thinking about fetching that from River Island once I get there again, because I like theirs the most. They have that half-cut turlteneck that isn't too long and doesn't reach up to the chin but end half way down the neck and the white one on the outfit up is also from RI. The material is also super soft! I was actually trying to find an outfit for a white turtleneck and flared pants as they have so many good flares as well but that needed a coat or a jacket to be worn with and I was SO SO HAPPY when I saw this light tweed jacket there! That's because my mom gifted me these super long leather Ivo Nikkolo gloves for Christmas and I struggled to find a jacket or coat to wear with them as they require at least 3/4 sleeve to be effective and that jacket had a 3/4 sleeve and looked absolutely perfect for these gloves! The jacket is so versatile and beautiful! So here's my pre-Spring look that I absolutely love and that won't get me sick in these scetchy degrees haha! RI always delivers to my wishes, can't wait to see what's new! 

I can't keep it short here these days but oh well, hope you're strongly with me! I'm gonna do a bit more work and then get ready to have lunch with J when he comes from training and also find some things I need from the store. Then I am gonna start some serious planning as I said, there's been a lot of thinking lately. Enjoy the starting Spring loves! x 


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