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Hiiii how are you all? I feel like now is that time when I feel somewhat settled in Poland and getting used to the lifestyle here. It's all familiar as I've been to Poland countless of times due to our European trips with family, but I've never spent over a week here to be honest. So how is it and how's our apartment and everything? I will share that in my next post as I feel like this one is going to be long already and that's because I have soooo many MAC favourites to share! The reason that there are so many is probably known to everyone who loves make up, MAC is just that good at everything! I decided to dedicate a seperate beauty post to MAC as they take a lot of space among my make up favourites and I will just share everything else that I use in a seperate post. I do work a bit with MAC by now and that's why I've had the change to test out so many products from them, but most of them have stayed in my make up bag for good right after. Also in Estonia we have the change to see the most popular roducts that are bought among Estonians and that's pretty exciting as I get to see what fits our country's skin and beauty the most. This could be the reason that all the products I've tested have fit me perfectly and go well with all the other products I've picked for myself. I do buy MAC a lot myself, because there is always something I need haha. You know I don't use all of the make up I have in my bag at once everyday but I like to create different looks and I have different products for different looks and that's why there's a lot of lipsticks for example. So I will start introducing MAC favs by the product type because then I can name all the shades I like at once and note that I am nooo make up specialist, I just speak from experience! 

Foundation - Let's start with the main deal! I've almost ran out of the Studio Fix fluid spf 15 foundation, but not yet as this is what I used when I had a bit of a more tan! This one was picked out for me by the MAC make up artists at Kaubamaja in Tallinn and this one is a really good coverage foundation. I found it too thick for 25+ degrees as I find most foundations too hard to wear in that heat in Estonia but I really like when a foundation gives coverage. For me it's something it should efinitely do and the formula is super nice to spread with a foundation brush! The shade I used as tan (not that tan) is NC20. 

Concealers - I've tried two and again one is for these tan moments and one for the pale moments. For pale moments I've been using and rebuying MAC Pro longwear concealer in shade NC15 and that is the most common buy among Estonians it appeared! The concealer has such a nice formula and smoothes out perfectly with a Beauty Blender sponge. I use it for contouring mostly - under the eyes, under cheekbones, bridge of the nose and forehead. The tan moment one I have is Studio Fix 24-hour smooth wear concealer in shade A38 and This one I don't use for contouring but for hiding spots on my skin that I don't want there like redness and so. I have a quite yellow undertone on my skin and both of these are yellow based concealers.

Powder - Ah that one is so good! Mineralize Skinfinish powder in tone Medium! This one together with the next product (strobe) in summertime is a dream! But now I use it as a finishing powder and I just love how it reduces the shine well but it also doesn't stay powdery or visible like I would be caked up or something like that. The powder is just amazing at finishing the look and there are no complaints so it's so good! Medium is a perfect shade as well for my pale but not porcelain skin. 

Strobe cream - As the fourth product I am gonna name my number one product from MAC - the strobe cream! I have no words how much I love this product during every season! It gives me the prettiest glow when I don't want to wear foundation on a hot summer day and then I just powder the uneven places and I'm ready to go and it gives me the prettiest glow when I cover my face under thick layer of foundation and make up during a winter day. It's a very beautiful product. 

Highlighter - I have a kind of a golden shade highlighter that I really like but I got the Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter from Polhem showroom and I had never tried on a rose shade highlighter, but I like it a lot now that I learned how to use it. It's a more subtle highlighter that is still bright of course but you know rose is a bit more soft than golden shades and is better for a daytime look.

Eyeshadow - I've only tried one palette from MAC because I have too many eyeshadow palettes already that I neeed to use before I buy any more. I have the Burgundy Times Nine eyeshadow palette and this is the one I use for party looks. The colours are very strongly pigmented and have quite of a wow effect so for me it's too strong for daytime but just perfect for a cool night look. I really love the golden glittery shade, the dark brown and the bright pink! 

Brow Pencil - For light blondes this brow pencil is just so good! It's that exact greysih bonde but also slightly brown tone I've always searched for and randomly found from Polhem as I was planning my MAC Instagram giveaway. I don't know if I will ever go back to other pencils from here as they have developed the asymmetric triangle tip for the pencil  and doing my brows is so easy now. 

Mascara - First of all, I love the look of the package, it's like a stretched out MAC lipstick haha! I am gonna be honest and say that this is a closed package as I have some opened mascaras I want to use u before I get to the MAC one but the reviews are insanenly good, so I'm really excited and decided to introduce it here already as it just has to be good! It's called the MAC Upward lash mascara, check it out! 

Spray Fix+ - No it's not a product tyupe, it's a movement, a MAC movement. I just recently hosted a giveaway on Instagram where I asked girls to point out their favourite MAC product in the comments and I feel like 80% was Spray Fix+ and that says it. I've never heard anyone say they don't like the fixing spray EVER. It's so soothing, so fresh, it smells sooo good and of course it keeps everything in the face where it should be. Everyone should just try the feel of moisturizing with that spray after putting on that make up for an hour...oh god. I have tried many versions of the SPray Fix+ by now and let me give you my two most favourite ones - the classical Spray Fix+ for anyday, especially when I want gloss and glow and the Matte Spray Fix+ that I use the most when there is too much glow going on. Sometimes the skin isn't dry at all, or even normal, but more on a shiny part and that's where the Matte helps so much. The Spray Fix+ has to be my number two favourite of all MAC products, no doubt. 

Lipliner - In case you're wondering what fits well the classical Estonian girl lip then here you go - MAC lipliner in shade WHIRL! This is so close to my natural lip colour it's ridiculous and of course perfect as I can overline the hell out of my lips if I want to haha! No really these pencils aren't so popular for no reason, they glide well along the lipline and Whirl is the most popular shade bought in Estonia so no need to say more!

Lipsticks - I would be too mainstream to name MAC lipsticks my number one product from them so I will place them third eventhough we all know what is actually number one in the world anyway. SO where to begin.. it all started with Velvet Teddy which is by the way again the most popular shade Estonians have bought and since it goes perfectly together with the Whirl lipliner then no questions need to be asked, but as much as I loved it when I was tan, I felt it was still a bit too dark for my skin when I have a more winter pale face. So I found out on Instagram one day that there is a lighter but same shad eversion of Velvet Teddy and that is called Kinda Sexy. So I recommend everyone to first try out the popular Velvet Teddy but if you feel that's too heavy then ask for the Kinda Sexy, I promise one of them can be your new favourite nude lipstick! Oh and a really close one is Satin Faux which also fit me better as a more pale person! But talking about reds which are like some trademark of MAC..I have a friend from univesity that rocks red lipstick everyday and it was always so flawless and bright and made her look stunning so one day I asked what it was and bam it was MAC. I went to the store to try it but it was too much for me as I am a light blonde and she has dark brown hair so it happened yesterday when I saw a recommendation on Instagram AGAIN and they told about the red lipstick Lady Danger from MAC that was supposed to make your teeth look whiter and is an overall good look on everyone. I went to the store here in Poland and I got it! It really is what they say it is and it's this crazy beautiful bright red. I don't have it on the photo but look it up definitely girls! Perfect for parties!

Phewww that was a lot, my fingers hurt haha! I hope if you love MAC Cosmetics you found something from this list to add into your collection. I will definitely soak into these giveaway comments to find out the most favourite products from MAC from my followers and will list them on my Instagram stories soon. Also I will be looking forward to your comments in the comment section here on your favourite MAC products and if you found something to try out! I also got invited to an event here in Kielce on 6th of March where they will have al aunch party for the new Boom Boom collection for MAC so I'm excited to see what's new. Pop all the questions into the comments as well and talk to you soon babes! x 

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