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Here with my dear Marii-Heleen! I wore the H&M Studio SS19 safari styled cargo dress that I absolutely adore. It's pretty heavyweight and has amazing quality material, but my favourite thing about it is the absolutely cool baggy cut. I styled the dress with River Island knee-high boots, Louis Vuitton bag and Off-White pink industrial belt. 


Here with the cool girls - Marii-Heleen and Triinu on first photo and Aljona on the other. On the second TFW day I wore full River Island, except for the Gucci belt and bag. As I sad in the Mood magazine as well (find the article HERE), I am all about midi satin skirts this SS19 season. I started off with a black one at TFW but I will sure head to some beige, golden and brighter coloured tone once it's more summer-y. Can't wait to wear these with absolutely anything to be honest haha, they go well with most stuff (huge recommendation for summer!). I paired the skirt with woven leather ankle boots also from RI that I adore and a satin dress with an open cleavage that I made into a half-blouse, half-dress for the outfit. 

Thanks for the invite Tallinn Fashion Week, it was really fun and the organizing just gets better and better! Thanks for the fun times! Also it's probably good to pint out that from the two days my favourite collections were from Riina Põldroos, Woolish and Eve Hanson! The last two were super-wearable and so pleasant for my minimalistic eye, but Riina Põldroos came out with some pretty dope statement pieces but also not too overtly-detailed ones! Wish I could've attended the third day in Tartu, but I had to head home to cure the cold I got from windy Tallinn (still curing it here though) and pack for Poland as we're heading there tomorrow. I might blog another outfit tomorrow evening if I have tme, but now I gotta go pack some more, write some e-mails and head to the store to get some snacks on the road!

But until Autumn TFW! And thanks everyone who made it fun this time! x


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