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Hiiiiii my dear blog and my dear readers, I am back and hopefully back for good! Since Instagram has over boiled a bit so to say and TikTok is slowly taking over lives during the Corona Virus times,  I thought the only thing that cannot change is blogs, even if people lose interest after a while, a blog is fully in my own control which no one can say about apps. Definitely still love Instagram and find TikTok videos funny and creative...mostly, but I really missed blogging you guys! I thought about it for over a year almost every week that I should start again, but as time passed, so many events in life happened and I was like "oh my how am I gonna fit everything that has been going on into one post", but today when another boring day of COVID-19 quarantine is a reality, I thought that I will just push this catching up post a little further ahead and just start slow with a post I always really enjoyed doing - seasonal WANTIES list! And will just throw in a seasonal What I Have Bought for S/S as a following one.

I feel like my style has changed quite a bit due to many influences in the past year and also the trending little trends this season are my favourite yet! I've said it before but this time I just love how everything that is trending can be worn in a very personal way, for example you can wear the trending pieces in a girly or a tomboy way, whilst being suuuper comfortable in them! Comfort continues to rule the stage while mid heels and low heels are visited by occasional high heels now that are on the uncomfortable trend side. But back to the topic, I absolutely love prepping for another warm or cold season, especially the warm one as the selection is much wider with dresses and different shoes, and I'm basically done with all the moodboarding and ideas of what I would like to wear from my closet and what to add to have the perfect closet for upcoming Summer. Hopefully hopefully Corona virus will wrap up its horrible destruction by June so people could go on with as normal lives as it is now possible and it won't get even worse due to the economic backfire. I should probably word my opinion about topics that some might think as 'shallow' to discuss like fashion and clothing for instance. I think everyone should try to stick to their normal thoughts, hobbies and interests despite the global pandemic just to avoid constant worry, stress and just to be able to bounce back immediately to daily life once the situation stabilizes. Calling out people on whatever they do in the safety of their 4 walls during quarantine helps absolutely no one in this situation. We need more optimism and heartfelt emotions and gladly that is what I have been feeling and noticing most of the time!

So with that being said, fashion is my hobby and coping mechanism during this time as I am actually stuck in Ukraine for over a month now (of course my boyfriend is here which makes this a lot easier) and can't visit my family or dogs for quite some time still I assume, so finding inspiration and browsing online shops has been pretty awesome actually as I didn't have time to do it so thoroughly before and didn't have enough time to think through everything that I should prepare into my closet. I have taken the course of less is more over the past year and am trying to slowly but surely change items in my closet (from basics to party dresses) into much more high quality ones, which means that I think my purchases through, choose the material well and make sure the item will last a very very very long time. I have a goal that by 40, I want to have a closet full of only full-quality items in low quanitites that can be mixed and matched. This will reflect in my wanties too as I try to sell the similar-looking cheaper items as soon as the higher quality one is purchased. For every buy I try to sell off 5 pieces from my closet and right now this works well for me! Of course i'm not perfect with that yet haha, but it's getting there for sure! So let's get to the wanties finallly: 

1. A wool blazer - potentially will find the perfect one from & Other Stories, but saw one at Sand Copenhagen as well. 2. Mango Knotty Mules that are sold out everyhwere but I still have hope I will stumble upon them in a store  3. Inamorata Woman super hot white tie bikini set is on my wish list for months now. Just love the idea of tying them up in many different ways!  4. Realisation Par Julia dress - my new favourite Summer dress brand as the material is high quality and the dresses are as cute as they can get. The patterns are patented by the brand so the dresses are very distinctive.

1. New Balance 698 - I have a lot of snekaers but no retro ones and I like these the best (also sold out everywhere, but just might order the beige version instead then)  2. Zara knit shorts that won me over via Instagram but moreover when I saw the whole outfit Zara had with knit pieces. Would look amazing under my Jacquemus robe!  3. Balenciaga hoodie - THE HOODIE that's been engraved into my mind   4. Jimmy Choo's - yes the classic sparkly ones! Saw them in Kiev and realized that after like 10 years, I still love to look at them. The ideal party shoe!  

1. Realisation Par Devon dress - another classic dress by Realisation Par. Guess you probably see that I plan to change my dress selection into quality timeless dresses only. 2. Hermes slides - of course another pair of shoes engraved into my brain just because of their wearability and simplicty. Never can go wrong with a pair of these on feet.  3. Odder Side loose shirt dress reminds me of the popular Jacquemus one but more likeable price-wise and I think I also like the look of it even more! Perfect for dressing up and down all day during summer.  4. Orseund Iris Le Club Top is a dream, literally. It's the least likely buy in that whole list here, but I just can't over how hot this little satin top is. But the price is just ugh..


1. Are You Am I obsession is back and nothing flashy, just love their simplest tops. I believe them to have absolutely great quality and fit and I do believe in investing more into basics, so that would be a great choice!   2. Isabel Marant hi tops are just so cool! Love the Converse kinda look, but they have more detailed structure and I adore the cool logo on the side. Such a cool shoe to wear from jeans to dresses!  3. Stuart Weitzman barely there's are that pair I need for my ultimate basics wardrobe one day! Their selection of nudes is super good, quality definitely can never let me down and the beige ones as we all know can make these legs look way longer than they are. I could of course add here a pair of black Louboutin pumps and many others I would love to have in my basics closet but first, these.   4. Valentino waist belt that I've been eyeing since last summer as I saw it worn with flowy skirts and satin shirts and this image doesn't leave my mind however I try. Love the colour and it can be worn with brown side or black side so it's a super versatile belt! 


1. Gooseberry Intimates sporty bikini sets are the peeeerfect fit! Love the brand so much and wouldn't hesitate to order from them ever. Last pair I got was my most worn bikini last summer.   2. Gina Tricot tank from sustainable cotton is here because their basics this season are absolutely gorgeous and this tank top seems like the perfect fit to anything from jeans to satin skirts. Gina's quality has never let me down as well and I love their sustainable cotton pieces!    3. A perfect satin slip dress is something I haven't found yet. Actually I did but then I never got a chance to order it from M-Kae when my size was in. Always sold out and now it's off production as well so I still continue to search for my perfect midi slip in champagne colour.   4. Open back blouses! I can't get enough! I have a few ones in black now that are anxiously waiting for summer but I still feel I just need that one white one to be happy. Are You Am I have such an interesting selection but this one really caught my eye..



Aaaand that's my current wish list! There's more a girl wishes into her closet but I am looking into things that I currently really obsess over, whether style wise, regarding quality basics or very specific ones and these are the ones I would pop open if I want to treat myself towards Summer not toward Winter of course. My mind changes all the time so the chances of me getting everything on my wish list are quite impossible, but I really missed putting my "mind on paper" here on blog regarding fashion stuff so I hope you found some good tips for Summer wardrobe or just enjoy reading these kinds of posts! I sure do! STAY AT HOME and talk soon! xx


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