Meryl Mägi


1. Polo Ralph Lauren silk shirt  2. Topshop satin skirt   3. Realisation Par Devon dress   4. NA-KD strappy heels   5. Pull&Bear padded shoulder tank

So the first two are to be worn together and it will look sooo good! All satin + silk which can be dressed down and dressed up with any pair of shoes! Then I got something off my wishlist which is a Realisation Par silk dress! I didn't get the sunflower one, but instead got the White Squiggle which is more me. Then I got a pair of super cute and comfy strappy heels from NA-KD in baby blue that I plan on wearing with the Realisation Par dress and a cute light blue dress I'm looking to score later. And finally from this row, I got a padded shoulder tank that is SUCH A BIG TREND this season. I wasn't sure about the one from Frankie Shop as preorder might have taken forever and elsewhere it was sold out. Couple of days of sarching and found a pretty one from Pull&Bear instead which was such a steal! 

1. Nike Air Force 1 sneakers  2. Balenciaga socks  3. Prada nylon bag  4. Levi's 501 shorts in white

Some things I got in March that are my most favourite probably, because they are so wearable and simple with some cute summery twists! For example instead of the classical white Air Forces I aways had, I got ones with some neon yellow details and shadow Nike logo instead which give them a whole new look in my opinion. To pair with these sneakers I finally got the Balenciaga socks I've been eyeing all over Instagram ad just couldn't help to love because of the ribbed sole and crisp white simplicity. I know it's a lot for socks, but I know they will be a great detail to a minimalistic outfit and to my Nikes. And now the best decision yet - my nylon mini Prada bag I got from London! I was hesitating so much between a LV and multiple Prada minibags, but I am so happu over my decision to go out of the box with a yellow one! Basically what I was looking ofr was a high-end mini bag for tiny summer dresses because my bags all feel too heavy to wear to these dresses and I was just picturing tossing over the shoulder a cute fun mini. Mini's as we know are super trendy as well and I was surprised this cute nylon number fit my sunglasses, phone, key pouch, card golder and charger and some tiny things like lipstick e.g. Lastly, some classic 501's which I have in many shades of blue but not in white and I pictured these with white bikini and my Jacquemus robe over the whole look and I just never can go wrong with a Levi's fit when shopping online. 

1. Zara knitted crop top   2. Matching Zara knitted shorts   3. Zara puffy crop top   4. New Balance 608 sneakers

So the first ones are obviously a cute lounge set that I got for quarantine and after that will be cute to wear to my dad's boatrides or at the countryside. Would be suuuper cute aired with a chunky button-down cardigan! In addition I threw this voluminous crop top into the basket because it's super fun and I had this idea to wear it with brown-beige high waist leggings and an oversized beige blazer and this look can again be dressed up or down accordingly. And some sneakers again hehe! New Balance 608 won my heart and I did really want the B&W version, but the beige ones are fun as well! Again cool to wear with some socks like the Balenciaga ones. 

1. Zara bodysuit   2. NA-KD mesh pumps  3. H&M padded shoulder T-shirt   4. Hanna Schönberg x NA-KD tie back singlet

Oh another thing from Zara! The famous all achieving all over bodysuit from Zara that is said to be the best fit bodysuit in the world that all bloggers and Rosie Huntington Whiteley even love. Of course I'm gonna give it a try. Then I got these pumps from NA-KD that are similar to the Bottegas, but you know, I tried them at NA-KD when I spent a day in styling and I just had to have them due to the fit, how comfortable they are and how cool they are. Wouldn't mind the real Bottegas but I feel the shoe is too trendy to be worth that penny. And here we come to another padded shoulder piece haha! Love a padded shoulder, always. This one was a bargain yet again and again the only one I could find from the depths of online shopping. These things are just as sold out as sth can be. And finally finally for now I picked up the cutest thing from Hanna Schönberg's NA-KD collection that I just loved so much. It was sold out within minutes so I was actually quite lucky to get it and will love to wear it so much over the summer when I have a tan hopefully.


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