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Welcome to my Lifestyle & Fashion Blog!

My name is Meryl Mägi, 22 years old, born and raised in Estonia and currently living and studying in Lund
University, Sweden. The world of fashion and beauty captivates me, but I also have passion and love for animal
protection, friends and family & football. My goal is to study and live in a lot of different places, because I always think about that old lady Meryl that will one day look back at her life and that is exactly what I would like her to see.

My boyfriend is a professional footballer, so therefore for the last years, my life has been basically unpredictable (a LOT of moving). He is my endless motivation and happiness in each day. I decided to 'settle down' in Sweden with him and apply for university. Although I knew he might leave Sweden at any point because of his career, I fell in love with this country and it wasn't long until I became fond of Swedish street style and fashion bloggers and therefore decided to start my very own blog.

Now I have my biggest share of audience from both Sweden and Estonia and some lovely projects and collaborations behind me. Even though the blog is focused more on fashion and my personal style, you can also find plenty of beauty tips and read about my daily life as a student and everything that goes on in my world. What I hope the most is that you can find a huge share of inspiration out of my blog! 


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