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Hiii babes! I have been pushing this post off for way too long now and I am sooo sooo sorry about this, but now on this beautiful sunny Tuesday I pulled myself together and decided to get this over with, eventhough it will take me probably few hours to create, but it just has to be created guys. So I've collected together some AMAZING products from my PR packages, friend suggestions and collaborations that truly work for me and that are genuinely tested (for a longer period of time) and loved by me. This is my personal opinion of course and what works for me might not be perfect for you, but I hope you will get some good tips and new products to test out of this or just something you are looking for currently! Oh and my skin type is kind of mixed, sometimes dry sometimes normal sometimes more oily, depends probably on what I eat and if I am stressfully busy or so. That is why there is quite a big range of products here as well as I use some of them only when my skin calls for them. So let's dig into it! 


The Skin House Rose Heaven collection - I am a HUGE fan of South Korean make-up brands and The Skin House has been one of my favourites the whole 2018. I have introduced you them before HERE when I talked about the Vitamin collection, but as I used it so much over the Summer I wanted to give another series a try. They have sooo many it was so hard to decide which to pick next so I decided to for to a firming one because of its lifting abilities but also because of the rose scent of the products! That's right, rose scented beauty products make me feel really really good, because they are usually very fresh and this strong flower scent gives me some feminine vibes and makes me feel almost princess-y. I don't know, hard to explain. This collection is a bit thicker version than the Vitamin one I used in Summertime and taht's good towards cold weathers. As instructed, I use the Toner first to tone my face, then the Serum to make it bright and make up easily applicable, then the Emulsion to really ut the toner and serum into my skin and then finally the day cream, which is super moiturizing. After using all four my skin looks super clean, smooth and glowy and this glow is amazing to apply make up on or go without make up as the skin is clear and pure looking! Can't wait to try another series once I've gone through last ones! 

Here's a mix of different products:

1. Madara Pihlaja Drops Glow Booster by Noora - Haha me and the blogger girls call this the magic oil. I've made every single person who have tried this buy at least 2 bottles at once (J's mom bought 5 as gifts to her friends) because this thing is simply an amazing product. Madara makes amazing products as we all know but the collaboration Finnish blogger Noora was a spot on collection with this glow booster oil as the star. Some like to use it before bed, some like to use it in the morning, it depens on how strong you want the result to be in the beginning of the day. I use it at night, because I wake up with an amazing bautiful glow on my skin while some of my friends use it with foundation or under it for a really strong glow. Everyone's face looks amazing with this so it's a huge recommendation from me.
2. It's Skin PO Effector serum - These It's Skin serums look really cool and this product here is something I use under make up when I feel like my face isn't really foundation ready as in looks weird, oh god how do I explain this. Well basically this serum evens my face beautifully for it to be make up ready and easily applicable. 
3. Kocostar Lip and Eye patches (the red lip container and the golden wet container on photo) - So many Korean brands here haha, but Kocostar is yet another amazing brand, but I find their best products to be their patches. I have tried the pink lip patches and now the red ones and somehow have heard that the red ones are better fit with naturally blonde hair!? Weird coincidence but red ones fit me so much better as well as in really work on my lips to get them moisturized and soft! It looks funny and you can't talk and it freaks out my boyfriend, but they are so good! What are even better are the Princess eyepatches that I use after travelling or if I hadn't gotten enough sleep, because my eyes look wide and open and cleared up after these. They do their work perfectly! 
4. Madara Smart Anti-Fatique Eye Cream - And we come back to Madara of course. Here's another product from PR boxes that blogger girls around me ADORE! This is what I've been appyign every single morning under my eyes to make my skin highly moisturized and even there. If used for a long time, it thickens the skin under eyes thus reducing dark eye circles too! It's so pleasantly creamy. I'm running out of mine any day now, but I will give some new ones a try as well before I run for a new tube of that, because I am a blogger I gotta test different stuff! 
5. Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Lip Balm - Everyone who gets broken mouth corners and dry lips with one little wind breeze listen up! This was recommended to me by 8 (8!!!!) people before I went to get it after they heard that I get dry broken lips easily. They were so right, because this HIGHLY moisturizing little container is full of magic and rainbows haha. The only thing that can moisturize and soften my lips up in seconds and keep it that way for hours not go off immediately. Huge recommendation on that one, it is exactly what you've heard it is! 


D'Difference Nourishing Night Cream, 5D Whitening Face Cream and 4D Universal Revitalizing Face Cream - Now we've come to the series that I use every single day and night almost, because the amazing Estonian brand D'Difference makes brilliant everyday skincare products that probably everyone will love to use, even my boyfriend loves them (they do have a men series as well, but he uses mine). I still can't believe this world class brand is Estonian-born and since I was born in Estonia, I know the nature and products that are from Estonia are a really good fit for my skin. Since I am still in my twenties, I can't use much of the 5D products that are meant for anti-aging process, so I only use the Whitening Face Cream when my face isn't even and has many colours like a bit redness and so, because the cream evens this. My boyfriend uses the same cream but more because he has some pigment spots and it works against these. Now what I use everyday is the 4D Face Cream and it's sooo good! Mostly my skin feels fine and this is a very soothing light cream that isn't overtly moisturizing but just enough to make the skin look beautiful. I use it every single morning. Now we've come to the only night cream that I have ever used and I am so happy with this one that I won't even probably change it for anything else. It is exactly like the day cream, but a bit easier on the face for night time use and my skin looks so much fresher when I use this at night. It shares it spot with the Madara Oil and a Breeze Body night face mask (when I need extra nourishing), but is again most used among all. Have I mentioned already how good they smell!? It's a true luxurious brand with an amazing Instagram-friendly packaging that is like a piece of interior accessories itself and feels luxurious as well! 

1. Mizon Honey Black Sugar Scrub - This scrub is a face scrub that smells like Coca Cola. It might be a little intense to some, but I like it a lot! The scrub itself is super smooth and more for those skin types that don't require a very hard scrub but subtle. The package doesn't lie as it does leave a very smooth and radiant skin immediately. 
2. -417 Body Peel - This is the best smelling scrub I've ever tried! Kiwi plus mango together are perfect and that makes the scrubbing sooo enjoyable! The scrub works as it should, makes the skin soft and pure! 

Purederm Purifying Black O2 Bubble mask and Mizon Dust Clean Up Deep Cleansing mask - I'm a big fan of sheetmasks and have tested out numerous different brands and their different masks and eventhough there have been so many good ones, these two are my favourites for two reasons - the bubbly masks do leave a better finish eventhough they are a bit more annoying to use and second, I have a very small face and most sheetmasks are sooo big for my face so they start rolling off and hanging which makes it very hard to use for me, but these two are meant for a small face and fit me perfectly so I really enjoy using them! 

1. Dior Life Micellar Water - This was a gift from Kätriin who said it's the best micellar water she has ever tried and since I love to use micellar water on lazy nights, I was super happy for that gift! The micellar water first of all smellls sooooo nice and has that high-end cosmetics scent you know and second it cleanses without rubbing your face with that cotton pad and leaves a really nice clean skin for the night. 
2. Emma Hardie Amazing Face Morning Cleansing balm - So this here is another one of those gold-worthy products that I've heard everyone love once they've tried it! The name says that it's a morning cleansing balm, but of course you can use it whenever and I love to use it before bedtime. It's this luxuriously smelling balm that you gently apply on your face and then with a damp little towel (you get one with the balm) you gently remove the balm with strokes and oh my god how beautiful the skin looks! Honestly makes me believe I have flawless skin at these points. Emma Hardie as a brand is a bit pricey as it's a luxurious and well-known skincare brand that features tons of amazing products, but it's so well worth it as the balm lasts very very long. 

Dirty Works Shimmer Lotion - So this is not maybe that much skin care product, but I think it fits here more than it fits to the make up section as I use it on my body for a beautiful finish. Probably the most budget item on the list here too! I got this off a blog recommendation that introduced different body shimmers and since I hadn't tried any golden body shimmers until then then I went for the cheapest one I found from Tallinn and I love it! I'm now almost out of it as I used it almost everyday for my photos and when going to events. It leaves an amazing shimmery skin with a golden touch that really reflects the sun beautifully and looks amazing on photos, especially on legs and shoulders. I recommend everyone to try this who want to test golden shimmer on themselves, but I learned it the hard way that you can't sit on a leather car seat right after applying boyfriend is sure not happy about this! 

1. Madara Supreme Hydration Body Lotion - I just love all Madara body lotions okay. I just really like very liquid and smooth body lotions that leave a shiny skin and this is exactly that. It's also supreme hydration which means it gives a really nice soft moiturized feel. 
2. Heloise De V. Hand Cream - Heloise De V. is a french perfume house that creates perfumes from scents felt in the nature (flower garden and parks and so) and I love love love these perfumes. They are these extra powerful feminine scents that are so different that you are not sure at first if you like them or not but you sure can't forget them! But they went even further and created hand creams with the exact matching scent to the different perfumes and every scent has a beautiful story. My amazing hand cream is called Cocoon Dejeuner Sous le figuier which is isnpired by lunch under the tree where everyone is happy and the time stands still. So you can imagine that this feeling makes me wanna apply that hand cream 8 times a day as this scent is truly unforgettable. 

GlamGlow Gravitymud Glittermask - Yes the one and only GlamGlow Glittermask people!! Who knows knows that this mask looks aesthetically amazing, but does it work? Sure does! The fabulous mud mask should firm the face and of course as the brand depicts - make it glow - and that's exactly what the mask does. I use it everytime when I need a bit of a facelift and glow into my life (before important potoshoots or eents for example) and I just love using it so much but I also don't wanna use it too much as I don't want it to run out haha. If you don't know what I'm talking about then Google this mask and see how it looks like on face. It's so glittery full of stars and shiny little dots, it's too fabulous to be a good mask but it is such a good mask! Always excited for it as it also is a peel-off mask and I somehow like the peel-offs so much more than other masks, it's just so satisfying to pull it off, I don't know what's wrong with me. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this skincare post and got some interesting new products out of it to try! I will make sure to review some cleansing masks, mists, absolutely new products I will have found in future time  and more lip-care products in my next skincare posts. Oh and it's better to be sonsistent with one certain product at a time, because then you can actually see the result, but it's okay to have some side products that help you when your skin has some certain needs and looks different from usual or just needs something extra you know. That's how I do it and it works, I've never had better skin in my life than I have now and it makes life and make-up so easy honestly. Oh and these products are a 20+ girl approved so they are a more of a good fit for women my age, but the featured brands of course have lines for younger girls and older women than I am too so make sure to check their lines out! If you have any questions where to get any of the products listed or have any further questions about any of them, then write into my comments, I love to reply to your questions! For more products I've used and loved check out my BEAUTY category on blog! x 


Find the Balmain Hair Couture Cordless Titanium Straightener from HERE

Hey babes! Oh I've been wanting to share this post with you for such a long time and was supposed to do that last Monday but had some technical errors with the photos I took so I took new product photos quickly before we came to Estonia from Sarpsborg. Here's my new favourite hair styling product that has completely changed my life for the better in comfort sense! Balmain hair Couture has created a super fab cordless titanium straightener that doesn't need a wire or a plug whatsoever! So that's what I've been using over and over on roadtrips (car, train, plane, any place!) and on early mornings when I have had no time to straighten or curl my hair and want to do it on the go. Also comes in handy on photoshoots for some touch ups! That sounds amazing I know haha! It is as amazing as it sounds as I only need to charge it for like 2 hours and it will last for a very long time depending of course which of the three heat stages I will choose as it seems to last a bit less with the highest heat, which is up to 200 degrees. Also the plate of the straightener is of titanium so it is less harmful for hair and the plate is floating so it's super easy to curl hair with this straightener as it doesn't leave those sharp edges into hair. I love how the straightening leaves my hair really soft and silky, like it had given it some major treatment suddenly. I was su surprised to red that this is exactly what Balmain Hair intended the straightener to do - create silky looks! Well nailed it, I'm in love. Okay three more things I love - it heats up super fast, the straightener is fool-proof as in people who suck at hairstyling like me can create pretty looks and the straightener comes with a GORGEOUS heat bag! I've been using this heat bag as a clutch where I have my straightener and my keys, car keys, phone and cards in it and well who doesn't love a leather Balmain clutch!? I'm so so happy with my travel straightener and a cordless straightener is something that people have begged the hairstyling market to have and it's here in a super powerful and stylish way finally! Thanks for that Balmain Hair, really.

In Estonia you can find the Balmain hair Cordless Titanium Straightener on spot at Decoris Showroom hairstyling and make-up salon along with all the other Balmain Hair Couture products or you can order it from HERE.  

Now that these major recommendations are down on paper, I would love to chat longer about everything up, but I'm gonna head to sleep early as I have to drive to Tallinn early tomorrow with J for some blog work and showroom visits and well J heads to the national team for training not to the showrooms haha. We're gonna also drive back for the night so it's gonna be a long long day for me! Good night lovelies! x 



Hey babes! Graduation ceremonies are behind the corner for basic schools, high schools and universities and I believe so many of you have planned to fix your own hair since you either didn't get to book the time to your favourite hairdresser or you don't feel like planning that much ahead or you just don't feel like going so I teamed up with Decoris Showroom salon and their huge selection of Balmain Hair Couture products to give you graduates (and everyone else too of course) a large tutorial on multiple easy-to-do hairstyles you can fix all by yourself at home and these only take a few minutes! All you need is a Balmain Hair Couture Catwalk Ponytail, which is an outstanding hair addition that can be used for countless cool up-to's! Sometimes you lack either lenght or volume or both for a cool hairstyle so this is a perfect problem solver in all cases and it looks gorgeous as hell as I just can't stop wearing it myself! 

Balmain Hair Couture Catwalk Ponytail is made of Memory Hair - of artificial hair - that looks like real hair and it's super easy to care for. The name Memory comes from the fact that if you curl or straighten the ponytail, it immediately saves the shape and loses it only when striaghtened/curled again. Be careful not to use too much heat as the hair can only be styled with 160 degrees temperature the most. So let's see what me and Decoris Showroom hairstylist Erica created together for graduation inspiration! 


Hei beibs! Lõpuaktused on ukse ees nii põhikoolidele, gümnaasiumitele kui ka ülikoolidele ja ma usun, et mitmed teist on plaaninud teha oma soengud selleks tähtsaks päevaks ise kas siis sellepärast, et ei saanud lemmikjuuksuri juurde aega või ei viitsi planeerida asju pikalt ette või siis lihtsalt ei tunne nagu tahaks juuksuris lasta end valmis sättida. Just sellepärast lõin käed Decoris Showroom salongiga ja nende suure Balmain Hair Couture toodete valikuga, et anda teile lõpetajatele (ja miks mitte ka kõigile teistele) mitmeid ise väga lihtsalt teostatavaid soenguideid, mida saab ise kodus teha ja mis võtavad vaid mõned minutid aega! Kõik, mis nendeks vaja on Balmain Hair Couture Catwalk Ponytail, mis on silmapaistev juustelisa, mida saab kasutada lugematute ägedate ülespandud soengute juures! Vahest pole endal materjali või siis teistpidi pikkust või mõlemat, et teha mõnd lahedat soengut ja see juustelisa on super lahendus sellele murele ja näeb väga kaunis välja. Ma ise ei suuda kuidagi selle kandmist enam lõpetada! 

Balmain Hair Couture Ponytail on tehtud Memory Hair'ist - kunstjuustest - kuid näeb välja nagu päris juuksed ja on ülilihtsalt hooldatav. Nimi Memory Hair tuleb sellest, et kui teha patsi lokid või sirgendada, siis püsib soeng seni kuni uuesti sirgendada või lokid teha. Kindlasti tuleb ettevaatlik olla, et ei kasuta liiga palju kuumust, kuna neid juukseid tohib vaid kuni 160 kraadise kuumaga töödelda. Aga vaatame siis mis mina ja Erica teile lõpusoengu inspiratsiooniks kokku panime! 


Silk Perfume (for silkiness), Texturising Salt Spray (perfect for a curly style), Texturising Volume Spray (adds volume to roots) , Thermal Protection Spray (heat protection), Balmain Catwalk Ponytail

So here's what my hair looks untouched. It's long, it has a lot of volume, but not enough to create some really fancy hairstyles, so it definitely could use some extra boost. 


Sellised on minu juuksed ilma nendega midagi tegemata. Nad on pikad ja neil on volüümi küll, kuid mõndade fancy soengute jaoks on seda kõike siiski vähe, seega üks lisa boost on kindlasti vajalik. 


Here is a step-by-step guide on how the Balmain Catwalk Ponytail was attached to my hair as a low ponytail hairstyle. This is a super elegant look that goes well with very classy and elegant dress choice for graduation and gives you super long looking hair that is very sophisticated looking. The first photo shows my hair tied back in a low ponytail and pulled back very sleek. You can find the step-by-step guide on how you can prepare your hair into that sleek look and how to attach the ponytail yourself in my Youtube video tutorial below! 


Siin on samm-sammult näidatud, kuidas Balmain Catwalk Ponytail mu juustele kinnitatakse, kuid siin puhul madalaks hobusesabaks. See on üks väga elegantne look, mis läheb hästi väga klassikaliste ja elegantsete lõpukleitide juurde ning jätab mulje väga pikkadest juustest, mis on väga peenelt sätitud. Esimesel pildil on mu enda juuksed madalas hobusesabas ning on tõmmatud peataha väga silutult. Minu Youtube Tutorial video postituse all näitab ette kõik nipid-trikid, kuidas saavutada see sile look enne hobusesaba kinnitamist! 


So this look is a follow-up from the low ponytail look. Erica used her two hands to tangle up the low ponytail into a side bun and pinned it together with pins and done! Super easy, but the bun curling needs a bit of practice before the graduation day for sure. I love this look a lot since you can easily style some beautiful headpiece to it, with gemstones or something golden maybe. In some super fancy cases, why not even a tiny Royal Wedding style hat haha? This looks is also very elegant and sophisticated and is definitely for the really confident women or maybe those who have a really flashy dress and need the hair to be pulled up to show it! 


See soeng on hea järg madalast hobusesabast. Erica kasutas vaid kahte kätt, et siduda pikk hobusesaba külje-krunniks ning kinnitas krunni juustele klambritega ja valmis! Super lihtne, kuid see kuidas krunni valmis keerata tahab ehk pisut harjutamist enne lõpetamise hommikut. Mulle nii meeldib see look, kuna selle juurde saab sobitada igasugu peaehteid, kivikesi või midagi kuldset. Samuti miks mitte lisada sellise soengu juurde kuningliku pulma stiilis kübar haha? See näeb samuti väga elegantne ja peen välja ning on kindlasti mõeldud enesekindlatele ja ehk ka neile, kelle kleit on nii tähelepanu äratav, et soeng võiks olla pigem üles pandud, et seda näidata! 


Here's my personal favourite! It's the simplest actually of them all and is the one I feature in my Youtube tutorial below as well, so you can check out the whole step-by-step to this one from the video, but sadly it's only in Estonian as I am focusing on the Estonian graduates in this post, but I hope you would still check it out as the talking part is not the most important part but rather the way the ponytail is attached and looks like! This one is more of a edgy look already, still super sleek and elegant, but I guess you can recognize this look from the H&M x Balmain collab commercial where Kendall Jenner rocked the exact look? Yup, this Catwalk Ponytail actually comes from there so if you've ever wanted that ponytail then there you have it - Decoris Showroom has them in all colours for you! By the way mine is called Amsterdam! I think this ponytail fits to all styles and dresses and definitely is a super stylish stand out on graduation day. I actually wore this style without the extensions a few years back the Estonian Blogging Awards now that I think of it. You can check HERE what kind of dress I paired the hairstyle up with!


See siin on minu isiklik lemmik! See on neist tegelikult veel kõige lihtsam ja just seda stiili ma oma all olevas Youtube'i videos ka ette näitan, seega selle tegemist saab jälgist samm-sammult ja seda eesti keeles. See look on juba natukene julgem, mis on siiski väga sile ja elegantne, kuid ma arvan, et see tuleb pigem tuttav ette H&M x Balmain koostöö reklaamist, kus Kendall Jenner'il oli just selline pats? Jep, see Catwalk Ponytail tulebki just sealt ja kui sa oled tahtnud endale sellist soengut, siis palun väga - Decoris Showroom'is on nad olemas erinevates värvides ning varjundites! Minu tooni nimi on muide Amsterdam! Arvan aga, et see kõrge pats sobib kõikide stiilide ja kleitide juurde ideaalselt ning on stiilselt pilkupüüdev lõpuaktusel. Ma tegelikult kandsin sellist soengut mitu aastat tagasi Eesti blogiauhindate jagamisel, aga ilma pikendusteta. Vaata järgi SIIT, millise kleidi ma valisin selle soengu juurde! 


Braid lovers, here's something for you! This one took a little longer than others, but it's also super simple to do actually, eventhough it looks complicated as hell haha. The photos below should give a pretty good idea how it's done, but basically Erica split my high ponytail into two and braided both halves and pulled the braids out a bit into wider braids. Then she sprayed them with hairspray and curled them up around the top of the ponytail and pinned them together with pins and done! This one is again super elegant and bring out the facial features a lot. I think it looks so amazing from behind and could be fitted to more minimal dresses. 


Punutiste fännid, siin on midagi teile! See võttis veidi kauem aega kui teised soengud siin, kuid on samuti väga lihtne kuigi tundub, et tegu on ülikeeruka soenguga haha. All olevad pildid annavad päris hea ülevaate, kuidas seda soengut teha samm-sammult, kuid põhimõtteliselt jagas Erica mu patsi kaheks ning punus mõlemad otsteni ning tõmbas punutised väljapoole laiemaks. Siis kinnitas ta need juukselakiga ja keris ümber patsikinnituse üksteise ümber ning kinnitas klambritega..ja valmis ta oligi! See on jällegi elegantne soeng, mis toob näojooned ilusti esile. Ma arvan, et see näeb kõige ägedam välja just tagant poolt ning sobiks hästi väga minimalistlikke kleitidega. 

THE ROLLS (haha we couldn't come up with a better name) 

This also looks super complicated to do but is again really easy to do yourself. So what Erica did here was that she removed the ponytail addition and combed my hair back. Then she left out the top chunk of my hair and pulled the ones left into a tight medium height ponytail with sleek sides. Then she split the top hair into three and rolled each of them seperately and added the ends of the splits into the ponytail. So it looked like the first photo below. Then she attached the Balmain Catwalk Ponytail and it was aaalll ready! You can find that look from my Instagram photos, it's just soo dope I had to take it out to the city haha! Even J who doesn't like these very extra hairstyles really loved it and I got a lot of compliments from girls. This is a super rock n roll look, so it's for those edgy super stylish girls for graduation. The dress to this should be either really alternative styled or super minimal and elegant to bring the hairstyle out the most. I had something similar to my high school graduation by the way! 


See näeb samuti väga keeruline välja, kuid on jällegi ise väga lihtsalt teostatav. Mis Erica siin tegi oli, et ta kõigepealt eemaldas Catwalk Ponytai'i ning kammis mu juuksed kõik taha. Siis jättis ta pealmised juuksed eraldi ning ülejäänud kinnitas keskmiseks hobusesabaks, siludes küljed ja üsna kõvasti kinnitades. Siis jagas ta välja jäetud juuksed kolmeks ning keerutas neid pealaela rullideks (3 rulli) ning kinnitas rullide otsad patsi. Esimesel pildil näeb selle kõige tulemust. Seejärel kinnitas ta Balmain Catwalk Ponytail'i ja valmis ta oligi! Selle look'i leiate ka mu Instagram'ist kuna ma lihtsalt pidin selle soengu linna peale viima haha! Isegi J kellele ei meeldi sellised 'extra' või äärmuslikumad soengud arvas, et see on väga tuus soeng ja samuti tuli palju komplimente teistelt tüdrukutelt. See on natuke selline rokilik look, seega see on pigem neile julgetele ja väga stiilsetele tüdrukutele lõpusoenguks. Kleit peaks olema pigem alternatiivses stiilis või hoopis super minimalistlik, et soeng välja paistaks. Muide mul oli midagi taolist gümnaasiumi lõpetamisel! 

I really hope you guys found some great ideas from this post! I just love Balmain Hair Couture products as they are an amazing quality and the ponytail is something I can't live without anymore. Gonna wear it to every party where I want my hair tied up and it just should be in a woman's closet in my opinion. Check out Decoris Showroom website HERE for all the additional info about Balmain Hair Couture products, technical stuff and the details of the ponytail (plus care of course) and also pay a visit to the amazing hairstylist Erica who helped me create this post. You're amazing Erica, thank you! 


Ma nii loodan, et te leidsite endale siit häid ideid! Need Balmain Hair Couture tooted on nii võrratu kvaliteediga ja seda hobusesaba ma ei anna enam kunagi ära. Kavatsen seda kanda igale peole, kus tahan. et juuksed oleks kinnitatud ja minu arust võiks see olla iga naise kapis olemas. Kindlasti vaadake järgi Decoris Showroom'i veebileht SIIN lisainfo jaoks Balmain Hair Couture toodete kohta, tehniliste asjade kohta ning Catwalk Ponytail detailide kohta (pluss hooldus) ning kindlasti külastage super ägedat juuksurit Ericat, kes aitas mul selle postituse ellu viia. Oled vinge Erica, aitäh! 

So to end this post, here is the Youtube video I told you about above. It's basically a full tutorial on the high ponytail look and my personal tips on how to wear it (in Estonian this time loves), so I hope you get some inspo out of it and enjoy it! x 


Postituse lõpetuseks jagangi üleval mainitud Youtube'i videot. See on põhimõtteliselt täielik tutorial kõrge hobusesaba soengu kohta ning jagan ka isiklikke nippe, kuidas seda kanda (eesti keeles seekord), nii et loodan, et saate sealt inspi ja meeldib! x



Hey alll! It's finally here!!! My enormous, glamorous, helpfulous, detaileous HAIR CARE POST! I have told this story and many of these tips in my blog in earlier days as well, but as I saw that people have Googled my name with the word "hair" I knew I had to make a new 2018 version of my hair care routine and help alll you struggling with your hair health and growth, especially the girls like me who can't ditch blonde even if it kills the hair everytime we colour it! So let's start from the beginning: In 2013, I was told by my favourite hairdresser that if I don't stop colouring my hair that much and won't do anything to heal my hair, I will eventually end up with a boy cut. She told me this with all seriousness while my hair had already fallen above my shoulders, broken and damaged to the fullest. I know I could never pull off a short haircut so what she said got me scared to the bone and once I moved to Sweden a month later, I immediately started an ambitious routine to bring my hair back to life and even a farther dream was to have them grow long again. But it happened, one year of this strict routine and I had thick, beautiful long blonde hair that to this day looks healthy, long and still blonde! Yup I never ditched the blonde colour for long, only for a few months when I already had long hair, but I still kept up colouring and heat styling. So so so many of you ask me how I fixed my hair and how I managed all this and now it is allll listed here in this large post, so if you feel like your hair needs extra life or even saving like mine then sit back with a coffee and a notebook and I will guide you through EVERYTHING I did for the following result: 


Hei tibid, see on viimaks olemas!!! Mu tohutu, glamuurne, abivalmis ja detailne JUUKSEHOOLDUSPOSTITUS! Ma olen rääkinud seda juustelugu ja jaganud mitmeid nippe juba varem siin blogis, kuid kui ma nägin, et minu nime on Gooeldatud koos sõnaga "juuksed" mitmeid kordi, siis ma teadsin, et pean tegema uue 2018 aasta versiooni oma juuksehooldusrutiinist ning aitama neid, kel samuti hetkel probleeme juuste tervena hoidmise ja kasvatamisega. Eriti just neile on see abiks, kes ei suuda blondi värvi hüljata isegi kui see juukseid hirmsasti tapab iga värvimisega! Alustame siis algusest: 2013 aastal ütles mulle mu juuksur, et kui ma ei lõpeta oma juuste värvimist nii palju või ei alusta nende ravimist, siis varsti on mul poisipea. Ütles seda täiesti tõsiselt juba siis, kui mu juuksed olid murdunud õlgadeni, katkised ja kahjustunud täielikult. Ma tean, et mu nägu pole just tabavaim poisipeaga, seega hirmutas see ütlemine mind nii väga, et kui ma kuu aega hiljem Rootsi kolisin alustasin koheselt juuste ravirutiiniga, et need tagasi ellu äratada ja unistasin vaid sellest, et nad kunagi üldse pikaks kasvaksid. Aga see juhtus ikkagi, aasta hiljem pärast ranget rutiini järgimist olid mul paksud, ilusad pikad blondid juuksed, mis tänase päevani on terved, tugevad ja jätkuvalt blondid! Ma pole blondist kauaks kunagi loobunud, ainult mõned kuud olin pisut tumedamat tooni, kuid siis olid juba juuksed väga pikaks kasvanud, aga siiani ma näiteks kasutan kuumtöötlust ja värvin oma juukseid. Nii nii paljud teist on küsinud, kuidas ma seda saavutasin ja kuidas ma oma juuksed päästsin, seega nüüd on kõiiik see siin suures postituses kirjas, nii et kui tunned, et juuksed tahaks elu juurde või lausa päästmist nagu minu omad, siis istu mugavalt, haara kohvi ja notebook ning ma räägin KÕIK täpselt ära, kuidas ma sellise tulemuse sain: 





I went a little darker towards the end of 2014, but by then I had already grown long thick hair compared to when I started in 2013 (the left photo). So what does my hair look like now?


2014 lõpu poole läksin toonilt pisut tumedamaks, kuid siis olid juuksed juba kõvasti kasvanud võrreldes sellega, kust alustasin 2013 aastal. Millised on aga mu juuksed praeguseks? 



As you can see it's still long and thicker than ever, but I also haven't stopped colouring my hair light blonde too! I still keep all of the hair care tips in my routine, but now a little less once my hair is back to normal growth and health. But I really really hope you guys appreciate this post as I poured so many days into collecting all this and I also decided to add a little fun styling tip at the end of the post as well. So I really hope you guys enjoy this and get a lot of useful info, so here goes:  


Nagu näha on nad paksemad kui iial varem, kuid ma pole ka lõpetanud värvimist! Ma siiani jätkan oma rutiini, kuid palju hõredamalt, kuna mu juuksed on nüüd elujõulisemad ja kasvavad normaalselt.  Aga ma tõesti tõesti loodan, et teile on sellest postitusest palju kasu ja hindate seda, kuna ma panin selle alla mitu päeva kogudes oma ideid kokku ja lisaks otsustasin postituse lõppu teha väikese tutorial'i, kuidas ma oma juukseid igapäevaselt korda loon. Loodan, et teile meeldib see postitus ja saate vajalikku infot, nii et hakkame siis pihta: 


Protein mask - I've tried a lot of home-made masks, but the avocado-egg-olive oil mask full of protein has proven to be the best nutrition for my hair that makes it sleek, healthy-looking and shiny as well. All you need is an avocado, egg and a spoon full of olive oil (I used to have 2 spoon-fulls when my hair was more used to oil). So what I do is mix half an avocado together with the yellow part of the egg and olive oil into a bowl, cover my hair with the 'paste' and keep the hair wrapped in a towel for 2 hours. The mask is quite a mess and takes shampooing to get out properly so I recommend doing it on the weekends when there's more time, but hey the result is amazing! I usually did the mask in every 3 weeks when I tried to get my hair healthy, but now every 2 months. 


Proteiini mask - Ma olen proovinud paljusid kodukootud maske juustele, kuid avokaado-muna-oliiviõli proteiini mask on olnud seni kõige toitvam mu juustele tehes need siledaks, säravaks ja terve välimusega. Kõik mis selleks vaja on üks avokaado, muna ja lusikatäis oliiviõli (kunagi kasutasin 2 lusikatäit kui juuksed olid rohkem õliga harjunud). Nii siis miksin kaussi pool vaokaadot, munakollase ja oliiviõli ning kannan saadud 'pasta' juustele ning hoian neid rätikus soojas 2 tundi. See mask tekitab paraja segaduse vannitoas ja tahab shampoonitamist, et välja pesta seega soovitan selle jätta nädalavahetuseks kui on rohkem aega, kuid hei, tulemus on imeline! Ma tegin varem seda maski iga 3 nädala tagant, kuid nüüd iga 2 kuu tagant pigem. 


Styling – When I tried to get my hair healthy, I couldn’t still ditch the styling products with heat. So what I could do was take time to dry my hair, let it air dry as much as I could, washed hair earlier for this, but if I was in a hurry I used the cool air on my hairdryer and I still do. I’ve always disliked the very hot air coming from dryer anyway. For straightening my hair, I opted for the straightener that has some keratin ions in it. I use THIS Philips straightener that you can for example find from Kaubamaja Kodumaailm in Estonia. Of course straightener can never be damage free, so I tried to straighten my hair only on days where I had a photoshoot, event or just wanted to look a bit more put together for something. However, this straightener has been really good to my hair since I got it and it looks super pretty too which helped me pick it! Use low degrees if possible though. 

But nothing, NOTHING goes without heat protector guys! Really don’t touch your hair with any heat without the heat protector!! The heat protector that I currently use is the Cutrin Muoto Heat Protection that can be found HERE


Kuumtöötlus - Kui ma üritasin oma juukseid terveks saada ei suutnud ma ikkagi loobuda sirgendajatest ja föönidest. Mis ma teha sain oli muidugi lasta juustel ise ära kuivada, aga kui selleks aega polnud, siis ma kasutasin jahedat õhku föönil ja siiani teen sama. Mulle pole kunagi föönist tulev kuum õhk nagunii meeldinud. Juuste sirgendamiseks valisin ma sirgendajat hoolega ning olen jäänud nüüd ioonidega keratiini sirgendaja juurde. Kasutan SEDA Philipsi sirgendajat, mille leiab näiteks Kaubamaja Kodumaailmast Eestis. Muidugi pole sirgendaja mitte kunagi kahju-vaba, seega proovin sirgendada juukseid ainult siis kui mul on mingi photoshoot, üritus või lihtsalt vaja hea älja näha sel päeval. Kuid see sirgendaja on olnud väga toe mu juuste vastu ja see näeb ka nii armas välja, mis aitas ka valikule kaasa! Kindlasti kasuta sirgendajal madalaid kraade. 

Kuid mitte miski, kohe MITTE MISKI kuum ei tohi juukseid puudutada enne kui kuumakaitse peal. Päris ausalt! Kuumakaitse, mida ma hetkel kasutan, on Cutrin Muoto Heat Protection, mille leiab SIIT.  

Washing – A tip I got from one of my favouirte hairdressers was to actually condition before shampooing and then condition again. I used to do that through out my hair fix period and believe that double conditioning also helped me a bit. It only takes extra 2-3 minutes and you can maybe use a hair mask instead of one conditioning part. Also the basics – don’t condition your scalp, don’t shampoo your ends. Make sure to finish washing your hair with some cold water to prevent it from getting greasy sooner, cold water closes hair pores the same way it does with face ones. 


Juustepesu - Ühelt oma lemmikjuuksurilt sain ma kunagi sellise nipi, et tuleks kasutada palsamit enne shampooni ja siis uuesti palsamit. Seda tegn ma kogu oma hooldusrutiini vältel ja ma usun, et see aitas kindlasti kaasa pisut. Võtab ainult 2-3 lisaminutit ja muidugi võib ühe palsamikorra asemel kasutada näiteks juuksemaski. Muidugi ka baasasjad - ära kanna palsamit juurte lähedale ja ära shampoonita juukseotsi. Kindlasti lõpeta pesu külma veega, sest see hoiab ära nende kiiresti rasuseks muutumise ja sulgeb poorid täpselt nagu näoski. 


Products – I used hair mask once a week, any I had, no specific recommendations except for the Provost hair mask J’s mom got me from Paris, which is my favourite. Also used the usual like hairsprays, mousse, etc. I also used other hair oils besides Morocconoil occasionally and leave-in conditioners and hair creams…basically anything that gave extra moisture and vitamins to my hair.


Tooted - Kasutasin iga nädal juuksemaski, ükskõik millist, ei ole kindlat soovitust sellesosas kui siis ehk Provost, mille tõi J ema mulle Pariisist ja see sai mu lemmikuks koheselt. Samuti kasutasin tavalisi asju nagu juuksevaht, lakk, jne. Veel kasutasin ka teisi õlisid peale Moroccanoili tihti ja muidugi ka pähejäetavaid palsameid ja kreeme...põhimõtteliselt kõike, mis andis lisaturgutust või vitamiine juustele juurde.


That one must-have productMoroccanOil hair oil, for blondes the light version. This is the globally known miracle product and it surely never gets old. When I moved to Sweden I wanted to know what makes the Swedish bloggers hair so thick and long and they were all recommending this product on blogs and magazines and I have never gone back. For me it usually lasts for 2 years as I put a small drop of it every time I wash my hair or if the ends feel a lil dry and it gives instant moisture and shine to hair, making ends look fixed. 


See üks toode, mis peab olema - Moroccanoil'i juukseõli, blondidele light versioon. See on globaalselt tuntud imerohi, mis ei aegu vist kunagi. Kui ma kolisin Rootsi, siis ma proovisin leida neid tooteid, mis tegid Rootsi blogijate juuksed nii ilusaks paksuks ja pikaks ja kõik nad soovitasid seda ühte toodet nii ajakirjades kui blogides ning enam sealt ma tagasi ei vaatand. Tavaliselt kestab üks õlipudel mul 2 aastat, kuna ma panen väikese herne suuruse tilga juustesse peale igat pesu ja vahest ka otstesse kuivalt, kui juuksed tahavad lisaniisutust ja sära. Otsad näevad ka koheselt tervemad välja. 


Overnighters – Here we come to probably the most essential part that played role in my hair growth – the overnighters as in oils and masks I left over night in my hair. Once or twice a week, the morning before having to wash my hair, I left all kinds of different things in my hair for the night and slept on a soft towel or had a fabric shower cap on, or just a bun if it was less oily (yup sounds super hot I know, but my boyfriend understands that beauty often comes from pretty weird and nasty procedures hahah) So everything I left in hair overnight was: 

  • Larger amount of Moroccanoil or any other hair oil
  • Conditioner – again large amounts
  • Hair mask
  • Olive oil
  • Castor oil
  • Nut oil

Oils weren’t great at first as they needed double shampoo to wash off, but I believe these harder things were the ones to help me grow my hair the most too. Castor oil by the way helps you get beautiful lashes, brows and nails too! It’s an amazing product to have. 


Öised ravid - Siinkohal räägin teile ilmselt kõige tähtsamast osast minu rutiini juures, mis ilmselt mängis suurimat rolli juuste tervenemisel ja kasvamisel - ööseks juustesse jäetavad õlid. Üks või kaks korda nädalas, päev enne seda kui kavatsesin juukseid pesta, jätsin ma igasugu erinevaid ööseks juustesse ja magasin patja katva pehme rätiku peal või duššimütsiga, või siis lihtsalt krunniga, kui toode polnud eriti määriv või õline (kõlab päriselt ilusti kindlasti, aga mu peika näiteks saab aru, et ilus välimus tuleb tihti koledate protseduuride tagajärjel hahah). Niisiis siin on list asjadest, mis ma ööseks juustesse jätsin:

  • Suurem kogus Moroccanoili või mõnd teist juukseõli
  • Palsam - jällegi suurem kogus
  • Juuksemask
  • Oliiviõli
  • Riitsinuse õli
  • Pähkliõli

Õlid polnud alguses väga toredad, kuna pidin shampoonitama kaks korda, et kõik juustest välja saada, aga ma usun, et just need raskeimad protseduurid olid need, mis aitasid mu juukseid enim. Muide riitsinuse õli on ka hea küünte ja ripsmete kasvuks, seega igati tore asi, mida omada. 


Hairdresser’s visits – I know it hurts when hair is already short, but cutting ends is the only way once they are frizzy and dry or even broken. The broken ends just weigh the hair down and keep drying upwards, so eventually you will end up having to cut even more off. Like my hairdresser said, there is nothing in this world, whatever they might tell you, that fixes already broken ends. No product, no treatment, you can only prevent it. Another things is coloring, do it as little as possible. For blondes the outgrowth seems really ugly at approximately 2cm but starts to look okay after it’s already grown out 3cm (depends on the hair below of course), but make sure to dye your hair blonder as little as possible and rather have stripes done than colour the whole head. Of course I also wanted to remain blonde, but when I opted for a natural, a bit darker blonde, I almost became Rapunzel haha! But stay away from supermarket package colours and don’t let your hairdresser’s dye your hair ends!!!


Juuksuri külastused - Ma tean, et on nii kahju, kui juuksed on juba lühikesed ja peab jälle otsi lõikama minema, kuid see on ainuke viis juukseid aidata kui otsad on säbrulised, kuivad või juba katki. Katkend otsad on lihtsalt lisaraskus juustele, mis kuivab aina ülespoole ja varsti tuleb seljuhul isegi rohkem maha lõigata kui ehk algul. Nagu mu juuksur ütles, siis pole mitte ühtegi toodet maailmas, misiganes nad ka ei räägiks, mis parandaks juba katkiseid juukseotsi. Muidugi saab seda alati ennetada, aga mingit ravi pole. Järgmine teema on kindlasti värvimine, mida tuleb teha nii vähe kui võimalik. Blondide puhul näeb väljakasv päris kole välja kuskil 2cm pealt, kuid hakkab väga okei välja nägema pärast seda (oleneb muidugi, mis värv alt kasvab), kuid kindlasti tuleks blondeerida võimalikult vähe ja kui siis lasta triibutada pigem kui terve pea värvida. Muidugi tahtsin ma hoida oma blondi välimust, kuid läksin mingiaeg natukene naturaalsemat, tumedama blondi teed pidi ja siis olin põhimõtteliselt juba juuksekasvult Rapuntsel haha! KIndlasti tuleb eemale hoida poes müüdavatest pakivärvidest ja kindlasti ei tohi lasta juuksuril värvida oma juukseotsi!!! 


Other tips –  

  • I never washed my hair when I didn’t have to or on free days, because the natural oils the hair produces are so good to have when possible and postponing washing days by wearing a ponytail or bun can eventually lead to less washing because  your hair isn’t so used to washing anymore. 
  • Force a spoon full of olive oil in your system everyday, because hair growth also starts from within. Also it’s good to down different vitamins and other oils that are good for the body.
  • Do a little research what kind of foods to eat that encourage hair growth and give vital ingredients for it.
  • Use a TangleTeezer or boar hair brush and definitely don't brush moist hair.


Muud nipid - 

  • Ma ei pesnud kunagi juukseid sel päeval kui mul polnud vaja kuhugi minna või vabadel päevadel, kuna juuste naturaalsed õlid on juustele väga head ja juustepesu edasi lükkamine harjutab juukseid kauem puhtad püsima. Vahest aitan juuste krunnis või patsis kandmine, et ei paistaks juuksed mustad. 
  • Lusikatäis oliiviõli neelata iga hommik on samuti väga hea, kuna hea juustekasv algab seest. Samuti on hea tarbida erinevaid vitamiine ja teisi õlisid, mis kehale head teevad.
  • Tee natuke uurimustööd, mis toitu süüa, et saada aineid, mis juuksekasvuks vajalikud.
  • KAsuta Tangle Teezerit või metsseaharjastega harja ning ära kammi niiskeid juukseid.


Time – Fixing hair and waiting for them to grow takes patience and time. Don’t go for extensions because these are gonna break your hair all over again. You can do this! 


Aeg - Juuste parandamine ja kasvatamine võtab palju kannatust ja aega. Ära hakka pikendusi paigaldama, kuna need lõhuvad juuksed jälle ära. Saad hakkama küll!  




Healthy hair means quite flat, good looking hair, but sometime's you just want that extra root boost that enhances your look a bit, but still isn't over done. So the look I like to go for the most daily is the super simple sleek hair with lifted roots and here’s how you do it, starting with simple flat hair:


Terved juuksed võivad olla üsna peadligi, ilusad juuksed, kuid vahest tahaks, et juured oleks kohevamad, mis annaks välimusele palju juurde, kuid sellised, mis poleks ka üle võlli. Siin on üks mu lemmik look, mis jätab siidiste juuste mulje ning on kergitatud juurega ning on alustatud lamedate peadligi juustega: 

On wet hair, I usually spray the Cutrin Root Lifting Spray Mousse, because it lifts my roots pretty well and helps with the bouncier hair look. I also like it because it’s a spray version of a mousse so you can target everything better. Find it HERE. All the Cutrin products and more are available at MG Beauty online shop!


Niisketesse juustesse pritsin ma tavaliselt Cutrin'i Root Lifting Spray Mousse'i, kuna see kergitab mu juuri päris hästi ja aitab kaasa kohevamale välimusele. Mulle meeldib just see mousse, kuna see on spreivariant ja nii saan ma hästi kontrollida, kuhu vahtu läheb. Leia see SIIT. Kõik Cutrin'i tooted ja rohkemgi on saadaval MG Beauty netipoes! 




Then I straighten my hair. I use my Philips ProCare Keratin Plus straightener for a great sleek look as it gives out some keratin for my hair and does an amazing job at straightening due to it! I like to very slightly curl the ends of the hair that frame my face on both sides and this straightener is super great at making those super flowy curves into the bangs and not leaving any sharp edges in. I think the curved ends are really beautiful and also help to keep hair off your beautiful face! Find the Philips straightener HERE or from Kaubamaja Kodumaailm (p.s. comes with a cute heat bag and heats up in 30 seconds). And then I brush the hair with a TangleTeezer.


Siis ma sirgendan oma juuksed kasutades Philips ProCare Keratin Plus sirgendajat, sest see sirgendaja annab kohese siidise välimuse ja annab juurde ka keratiini plaatide kaudu, mis aitab sirgendamisele veelgi kaasa! Mulle meeldib õrnalt koolutada oma juukseotsi, mis nägu raamivad ja see sirgendaja on selleks super hea, kuna jätab ilusad kurvid näo juurde ega jäta teravaid nurkasid sisse. Minu arust on natuke koolutatud otsad väga ilusad ja aitavad samuti hoida juuksed näost eemal, et näha oleks ikka seda ilusat nägu meil! Leia Philipsi sirgendaja SIIT või Kaubamaja Kodumaailmast (p.s. sirgendaja tuleb armsa kuumakindla kotiga ning soojeneb 30 sekundiga). Siis kammin juuksed TangleTeezeriga läbi. 




Then I tease the hair under the upper layer of my hair and do it all around my head. I use Tangle Teezer’s back combing comb for this. Find it from Kaubamaja Ilumaailm.


Siis ma tupeerin juuksed esimese kihi alt ja ümber terve pea. Kasutan selleks Tangle Teezer'i back combing kammi. Leias selle Kaubamaja Ilumaailmast




Then I spray the tangled parts and then comb through my hair very neatly and spray a little hairspray all over the straightened hair. I use the Cutrin Strong Volume hairspray to all my looks, because it’s a super great hairspray that actually holds hair in place and looks good on blondes too! Also I love that it has a volumizing effect that you need for the crown of your head! Find it HERE


Siis pihustan tupeeritud juurtele lakki ja kammin need õrnalt läbi ja samuti pihustan lakki veidi üle terve pea, et hoida nad sirged. Kasutan selleks Cutrin'i Strong Volume juukselakki, sest see on super hea juukselakk, mis hoiab juuksed ilusti paigal ja sobib ka blondidele juustele. Mulle meeldib, et see annab ka pisut volüümi, mida on kindlasti selle soengu puhul vaja! Leia see SIIT




 Then I usually spray Cutrin’s Humidity Shield spray all over my hair, because you never know when it’s gonna be rainy or moist outside that will frizzle the sleek look and this one is good for keeping the drizz away. Super helpful! Find it HERE.   


Siis ma tavaliselt pihustan juustele Cutrin'i Humidity Shield spreid, kuna iial ei tea millal võib hakata vihma sadama või väljas niiske on, mis ajab sileda välimuse krussi. See toode on väga hea selle ära hoidmiseks ja super vajalik! Leia see SIIT 




Lastly, here’s a tip I learned from the Decoris Showroom hairstylist. When your hair growth remedies are successful, you will probably have tons of ‘baby hair’ frizzing on top of your head which is great but can be annoying if you want your hair to be very sleek. So the trick is to spray little hairspray on top of your roots, aiming from your forehead towards the end of the head, and then you use the hairspray bottle to gently rub the baby hair down and ready! If you pressed a little too hard and lost some bounce then just lift your roots with your hands and they will be back. 


Siin on üks nipp, mida tutvustas mulle Decoris Showroom'i juuksestilist. Kui su juuksehooldus abivahendid on edukad, siis on sul ilmselt hulganisti 'beebijuukseid', mis pealael turritavad, mis on küll tore, aga tüütu kui tahad, et juuksed jätaks sileda mulje. Trikk seisneb siis selles, et pihustad natuke juukselakki otsaeest suunaga kukla poole ning hõõrud sama juukselakki pudeliga õrnalt beebijuuksed alla ja valmis! Kui pressid natuke liiga kõvasti ja kaotad kohevust, siis saab juured kergelt kätega uuesti püsti upitada. 




Aaaand I'm ready to go! Looking more lifted, but still simple! Hope you found this huge hair post useful in both hair growth tips wise and styling wise! Make sure to leave my some feedback or any other good tips you might have for hair growth or styling! Also share your story with me or ask anything about your hair! Will be happy to help if I can! x


Jaaaa olengi valmis minema! Näen välja juustest kohevam, aga siiski tagasihoidlik! Loodan, et teie jaoks oli see tohutu juuksepostitus igati hea nõu nii juuste ravimise kui ka soengunippide osas! Kindlasti jätke mulle palju tagasisidet või nippe, mis teil varuks on juuste teemal! Samuti jagage minuga oma lugusid ja küsige misiganes! Aitan rõõmuga kui oskan! x

All Cutrin products are 15% off at MG Beauty webshop with the discount code 'meryl-15' ! Happy shopping and testing! 


Kõik Cutrini tooted on MG Beauty E-poes koodiga 'meryl-15' allahindlusega -15%! Rõõmsat shoppamist ja katsetamist!  

Oh by the way, I'm wearing the cutest organic linen tee from Lindex if you're wondering! It's made of eco-material and it feels super good, especially on a hotter summer! Find that one HERE!

Muide kannan piltidel armsat orgaanilisest materjalist linast T-särki Lindexist! See on 100% sustainable materjalist ning on super mõnus seljas, eriti kuumemal suvepäeval! Leia see SIIT





Breeze Body Beauty Sleep Mask - find it HERE

Be-be-be-eauty pooost! I've been wanting to share so many beauty posts lately with you guys compared to my other years of blogging and I think it's so good I've had the chance to find so many new awesome products! A few weeks back I shared my morning face skincare routine here together with The Skin House products and now I've found the literal holy grail for night. All you who love their morning sleep just like me and sometimes just can't be bothered to get up earlier for some skincare treatments, will so love this! I took a little longer testing period again and also shared the mask with my mom, J's mom and a friend and we all love it so much! The clay mask is from Breeze Body, a beauty company based in Australia, and the mask is made out of Australian pink clay (perfect that it's actually so beautifully pink too) and a lot of amazing ingredients like chamomile, calendula, shea butter, aloe vera juice, vitamin E, kakadu plum, rosella extract, hyluronic acid, grapeseed oil, old man's weed and zinc oxyde. While it is pretty in pink, the mask is amazing at soothing the face as it calms down aggravated skin. Also the mask balances stressed skin by moisturizing and refining delicate lines and it also protects the skin from environmental harms. Both me and my mom noticed that the smell of the mask at night helps us sleep better, it's like it has some therapeutical capabilities for deeper sleep as well. So there are two ways that I use this mask - 20 minute mask during the day (thicker layer) and the leave-it-on-all-night version (thinner layer). My favourite way of course is the night one obviously. All I have to do is to rinse the mask off in the morning and my face looks so ready for the day! All tightened, bright and pure. And I slept better than usually, which is very helpful with all my workload right now. 

Thank you so much Body Breeze for letting me test your wonderful mask and I truly believe in it and will be shipping more and more of this once this container runs out (I don't say this too often as you know)! 

Talk soon babes! x


Ilu ilu iluu postituus! Ma olen päris plaju jaganud viimasel ajal iluteemalisi postitusi võrreldes teiste blogiaastatega, aga ma arvan, et see on ainult hea, et olen leidnud enda jaoks nii palju uusi ägedaid tooteid, mida jagada! Mõned nädalad tagasi tutvustasin teile oma hommikurutiini The Skin House toodetega ja nüüd olen leidnud selle õnnelaeka just ööhoolduseks. Kõik kes te olete nagu mina, hommikuse une fännid, teate ilmselt, et pole lihtne varem end üles saada, et teha mingeid hommikusi iluprotseduure ja selleks see tore mask ongi! Võtsin maskiga pisut pikema testimisperioodi ja jagasin seda ka oma emale, J emale ja sõbrale ning meile kõigile meeldis see tõesti väga-väga! Selle savimaski tootjaks on Breeze Body, ilubränd Austraaliast, ning mask on tehtud roosast Austraalia savist (perfektne, et mask ongi tegelikult ka roosa) ja paljudest teistest imelistest ainetest nagu kummel, saialill, Shea või, aloe vera, E-vitamiin, kakaduu ploom, rosella ekstrakt, hüluronhape, viinamarjamahlaõli, umbrohi (ma ei ole tugev selles vallas, aga mingi taimega on tegemist haha) ja tsinkoksiid. Kuigi see on nii armas oma roosa tooniga, siis tegelikult on maskil palju häid mõjusid nagu näiteks nahka rahustav toimeaine, mis ääritunud naha tagasi tõmbab. Samuti balanseerib see stressis nahka seda niisutades ning peenemaid jooni rafineerides. Samuti kaisteb mask erinevate keskkonnamõjude eest. Panime emaga tähele, et maski selline pehme teraapiline lõhn aitab meil mõlemal palju paremini magada ja uni tuleb nii kiirelt. Sellel olekski nagu mingi teraapilised võimed, millesse mul muidu mingit usku olnud pole, aga tõesti sellega magab palju paremini. Maski saab kasutada kahte viisi muidu - 20 minutiline mask päeval või õhem kiht maski terveks ööks. Kõik, mis tegema peab on hommikul näo ära loputama ja nägu ongi päevaks valmis! Pinguldatud, ergas ja puhas. Ja muidugi paremini ka välja maganud, mis on mul praeguse töötempoga eriti vajalik. 

Aitäh Body Breeze'ile, et pakkusite oma super head maski proovimiseks ja ma tõesti usun sellesse nii palju, et tuleb peagi uus tellimus sisse anda (ja seda ma ei ütle just tihti)! 

Räägib peagi tibid! x 


Everything from Alensa

Lenses - HERE       Liquid - HERE        Eye Drops - HERE 

Hi all! Wanted to discuss eyes and more specifically eye sight a little. I have mentioned here probably once only that I have very bad eyesight which has gotten worse since I was 8 years old, so now it's minus 5 for both eyes. It's pretty bad, but as you can see I don't wear glasses much because I don't feel like they could give something to 90% of my outfits and I also like the feeling of having nothing on my face all day, but as soon as I get home or travel or drive, I wear my very gorgeous cat-eye glasses from Smarteyes! I really like them, but after wearing glasses all day everyday for 8 years straight, I got so tired of this, especially in summer. I had trouble getting lenses into my eyes too (my mom was so happy because that meant I couldn't go to soccer training hahah) so that's why I started wearing them pretty late. Lenses can be quite costly if you like the monthly ones that let eyes breathe more, but I was contacted by Alensa at the end of last year and they asked whether I would like to try out their lenses and of course I gave it a go. It was a long testing period, as I wanted to make sure I recommend good stuff to you guys and now I can officially confirm that these lenses are super great!  The lens package comes in 3 pairs (6 lenses) and as I use monthly ones for 2 months easily, then it's almost a year of lenses for me. The liquid Alensa sent me for the lenses is  really fun because the lens case can be attached to the liquid bottle (can't show it as I forgot my lens box in my handbag during photos) so now I can't lose my lens box in the depths of my suitcase or handbag yay and the liquid is super nice and lasts for decades it seems. My favourite of all was the eye drops, because I've tested a fair share of eye drops in my life due to not being able to go out (till 4am of couuurse) without moisturizing my lenses and eyes and it's the same case with late night cinema dates. I really love love these drops, because they are the most efficient I've tried and in a super convenient tiny but still long lasting mini bottle.

The best part about all these products is that you can buy them in the same spot, the delivery is super fast and the prices are so cheap. Like really, I haven't seen these things so cheap anywhere in Estonia! All tested and happy, I recommend Alensa for all my lens buddies out there with inefficient eyes! By the way how many of you are thinking of getting a laser fix for the eyes? Let me know! 


Heiiii! Tahtsin veidi arutada teiega silmadest ja just täpsemalt silmanägemisest. Ma olen siin ilmselt vaid korra maininud kuskil, et mul on väga halb silmanägemine, mis on läinud hullemaks alates sellest kui olin 8 aastane, seega mõlemad silmad on nüüdseks juba miinus 5. Päris halb, aga nagu näete, siis ma eriti prille ei kanna, kuna ma ei usu, et nad annaks juurde 90% mu outfitidest midagi ja mulle meeldib see tunne, et mul pole midagi näos, aga siis kui sõidan või reisin või koju jõuan, lähevad muidugi mu imeilusad kassisilma nägemisprillid Smarteyes'ist ette! Need prillid meeldivad mulle väga, kuid pärast prillide kandmist iga päev 8 aasta vältel tüdinesin sellest kiirelt, eriti just suviti. Varem oli mul probleeme läätsede silma saamisega (mis tegi mu ema super õnnelikuks, kuna sellepärast ei saanud ma liituda kunagi jalkatrenniga hahhah), seega hakkasin läätsesid kandma päris hilja. Läätsed on päris kulukad ka, kui osta kuuajaseid õhku läbi laskvaid, mis on kergemad kanda, kuid eelmise aasta lõpus võttis minuga ühendust Alensa ning uurisid, kas ma prooviksin nende pakutavd läätsed järgi ja muidugi seda ma ka tegin. Võtsin väga pika testimisperioodi nende jaoks, et olla kindel, et soovitan teile ikka head ja õiget asja ning nüüd saangi ametlikult kinnitada, et need läätsed on super head! Pakis on 3 paari (ehk 6 läätset) ning kuuajased, kuid ma kasutan neid vähemalt 2 kuud järjest, seega peaaegu aastajagu läätsesid mu jaoks. Alensa saatis läätsede juurde ka läätsevedeliku, mis on päris fun, kuna sellele saab kaasas oleva läätsekonteineri külge kinnitada (konteiner oli mul käekotis kui pilte tegin muidugi..) nii et nüüd ei kaota ma konteinerit kohvri või käekoti sügavustesse ära juhhei, ja vedelik ise on väga hea ning tundub nagu kestaks igaviku. Mu lemmikuimad kõigist olid silmatilgad, sest ma olen silmatilku ikka päris palju elu jooksul katsetanud ega ei saa minna kuhugi hilja välja (või olla kuskil 4ni hommikul jeee) ilma läätsesid aeg-ajalt niisutamata ning sama on ka hilja õhtuste kinoskäikudega. Mulle nii nii nii meeldivad need silmatilgad, sest nad on super niisutavad ja väga väikses pakendis, mis on lihtne kaasas kanda, aga kestavad ikkagi kaua. 

Parim osa Alensa toodete juures ongi see, et nad kõik saab ühest kohast, saatmine on väga kiire ja need on nii odavad. Nagu päris ausalt, ma pole neid asju kuskil nii odavalt varem näinudki Eestis! Kõik testitud ja rõõmsalt, soovitan kõikidele oma läätsesõpradele Alensat, kel silmad ei kipu hästi töötama! Muide paljud teist on mõelnud ka silmalaseri peale? Andke teada! 


Loreal x Balmain lipsticks launch event photos from my phone and Audrius Dzimidavicius.

Hey babes! Here are finally the Loreal x Balmain lipsticks launch event photos I promised to share from February! The event was in club Anna Mesha in Vilnius and was one of the best organized events I've visited. Had so much fun with the blogger girls in Vilnius these two days so I am super glad that we are gonna have another one really really soon as we all head to Riga Fashion Week in the end of March! We have an amazing plan for the fashion week there and I can't wait to share it with you soon! But coming back to Loreal x Balmain, I've now tried the lipsticks we received as presents. I absolutely adore the shades and the lipstick itself is so beautifully matte and creamy and the best part is that it doesn't crack or make lips dry at all! A very good quality lipstick so I'm not even surprised they sold out so quickly in Estonia the first time they launched. 

I was wearing the blazer from Dry Lake, Asos pants, Gucci belt and H&M x Balmain collaboration earrings at the launch event. I will forward my monthly plans and up-to's in the next post as I really need to catch some sleep now! Have a good night loves and happy new week! x 


Hey babes, how's life? 

First of anything, HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY ESTONIA! As people are asked what their favourite part of Estonia is then I should do the same - NATURE. I really like to take little roadtrips in summertime to discover new neautiful places and walk in the nature, because Estonia has so much to offer in that part. My favourites are my hometown surroundings in Viljandi and Saaremaa, the island I was born on.

Talking about all this makes me miss summer and those trips sooo much, but well right now nature is super amazing too with everything frozen up! But of course it's really different from summer and I really have to pack up to be able to take any steps in that freezing cold right now and also cover up my skin. I like to go make-up free a lot, especially when doing something active in nature, but first of all, it's really bad to expose clear skin to minus degrees and second, I still wanna look fresh even when make-up free. I was really happy to get introduced to this clear skin set from The Skin House, because I get to protect, moisturize and clarify my skin with a few matching products and look amazingly glowy and awake after! The Skin House has a lot of different sets for targeting different skin issues and needs, but what I found the most needed right now for my skin was the Vital Bright series. 


Hei beeibbsss, kuidas läheb?

Kõigepealt loomulikult, PALJU PALJU ÕNNE EESTI RIIK 100. SÜNNIPÄEVA PUHUL! Palju küsitud küsimus eile oli, et mis on kellegi lemmik asi Eesti juures, seega ma tahaksin ka vastata - LOODUS. Mulle väga meeldib teha väikeseid road trip'e suviti, et avastada aina uusi ilusaid kohti ja jalutada looduses, sest Eestil on tõesti selles valdkonnas tohutult pakkuda. Mu lemmikud on muidugi mu kodulinna ümbritsevad alad ja sünnikoht Saaremaa. 

Rääkides sellest kõigest tekib selline tuhin uuesti suvel neid sisereise ette võtta, kuid tegelikult on praegu ju kõik sama ilus kuna kõik on lumega kaetud ja jääs! Muidugi praegu peab end korralikult sisse pakkima, et üldse suudaks selle külmaga mõne sammu kuskil teha ja kindlasti tuleb kaitsta ka oma näonahka. Mulle meeldib tihti käia ilma meigita, eriti pole sellel mõtet kuskil loodustrippidel. Siiski ilma millegita oma näo jäisesse külma viimine on väga kahjulik nahale ja ikkagi ju tahaks igalpool värske välja näha ka ilma meigita. Mul just seepärast ongi nii hea meel, et sain võimaluse proovida The Skin House nahahoolduskomplekti, sest ma saan kaitsta, niisutada ja värskendada oma nägu mõne omavahel sobitatud tootega ning näha välja särav ja ärkvel samuti! The Skin House'il on mitmeid erinevaid komplekte kokku pandud, mis kõik on suunatud erinevatele nahaprobleemidele ja vajadustele ning ma tundsin, et mida mu nahk enim hetkel vajab on Vital Bright seeria. 


The Vital Bright series looks absolutely stunning obviously! I really love how brands consider the packaging more and more as beautiful packages kind of make people notice products more, but also for example give me some sort of a happy boost. I just love to take out these containers every morning because they are so colourful and beautiful to look at! 

Vital Bright series mainly brighten and moisturize and make the face look healthily glowy and fresh. The vitamins inside the products give necessary ingerdients for the skin that make it stronger and more resistant and what I feel the most after a short-term use - my face feels very healthy and thankful right away. So there are four in the Vital Bright kit and here's a lil tutorial how I use mine in the mornings.


Vital Bright seeria näeb ilmselgelt võrratu välja! Mulle nii meeldib kuidas brändid on hakanud pakenditele rohkemat tähelepanu pöörama, sest ilusad pakendid püüavad rohkem klientide tähelepanu ja näiteks mulle annavad need mingi rõõmsa boost'i kohe. Nii hea on võtta välja need tooted iga hommik, kuna need on nii värvilised ja ilusad! 

Vital Bright seeria peamiselt ergastab ja niisutab nahka ning nägu näeb tervelt särav ja värske välja. Toodetes sisalduvad vitamiinid annavad nahale vajalikud ained, mis muudavad naha tugevamaks, vastupidavamaks ja mida ma enim lühiajalise kasutuse jooksul siiani märganud olen on see, et mu nägu tundub väga terve ja tänulik juba. VB komplektis on tooteid neli ja lisangi siia väikese tutorial'i, kuidas ma neid hommikuti kasutan. 

First I apply the toner seconds after cleaning my face, so the water or micellar water wouldn't have any time to dry up skin and the toner could work it's moisture magic. If I'm going make-up free, I'm adding the serum to my face (the little bubbly bottle in the next photo) which goes deep inside the skin and evens all the different tones of the skin. When I am using these products before adding my make-up then I usually put the serum on right before foundation, because it makes the make up look really well spread out. 

Then it's time for the emulsion which is basically the tool for empowering the toner and serum further. After these three I already feel like I'm awake and ready to do everything with my bright face haha, but it's winter so nothing goes without some extra moisturizing cream, the Bright Cream. This one nourishes and moisturizes skin to the fullest and then we're done! 
I am so happy I discovered this brand, because it's so good to pick between skin care sets that you currently need for your skin and VItal Bright has been amazing to me until now!


Esimesena kannan peale toner'i mõned sekundid pärast oma näo puhastamist, sest siis pole veel ega mitsellaarveel aega nahka veel kuivatada ja toner saab oma maagiat kohe tööle panna. Kui ma kavatsen minna välja meigita, siis lisan kohe peale ka seerumi (see mulliline väike pudel järgneval pildil), mis läheb sügavuti naha sisse ja ühtlsutab toonid näos. Kui ma aga kasutan neid tooteid enne meigi lisamist, siis kannan seerumi peale enne jumestuskreemi, kuna meik ühtlustub sellega kohe paremini. 

Siis on aeg emulsioon peale kanda, mis peamiselt tugevdab seerumi ja toner'i toimet. Pärast neid kolme toodet tundub nägu juba nii ärkvel, et tahaks oma värske näoga minna ja kõike teha haha, aga ei saa üle ega ümber niisutavast kreemist külmakraadidega ja selleks on VB komplektis ka Bright cream ehk niisutav näokreem. See toidab ja niisutab näonahka sügavuti ja paneb ühtlasi ka punkti rutiinile! Nii hea, et avastasin selle brändi, sest väga mugav on valida nahahoolduskomplektide vahel, millel on eri toime erinevate naha vajaduste jaoks, mis tekkida võivad ja Vital Bright on olnud siiani super! 

I also tried out the bubbly sheet mask by The Skin House and the rose scented moisturizing mist. I'm gonna tell you about the mist in another make-up post soon, but for the fans of sheet masks I recommend the Skin House bubbly one, because it is very different from other sheet masks (bubbles and quick removal) and while it brightened the face, it made it more soft too, which I haven't noticed much among other sheet masks. But it's definitely a brand to look out for and you can find all the products from Kaubamaja,, Nautica mall Tradehouse or soon on or Stockmann! Hope you got some good tips babes and don't remember to take care of your skin when enjoying frozed up winter! x 


Proovisin ka The Skin House mullimaski ning roosilõhnalist niisutavat spreid. Räägin spreist kindlasti järgmises meigipostituses, mis peagi tulekul, kuid mullimaski soovitan väga kõigile neile, kes on kangasmahskide fännid, sest see on väga teistmoodi kõikidest kangasmaskidest, mis ma siiani proovinud (tuleb eemaldada kiirelt ja mullitab) ning peale selle, et see näo särama pani, tegi see naha ka ülipehmeks, mida ma pole väga täheldanud teiste maskide seas veel. Kindlasti on see üks bränd, millel silma peal hoida ja kõik tooted leiad ilusti Kaubamajast,, Nautica keskuse Tradehouse'ist või peagi Stockmanni ja ridadest. Loodan, et saite mõne hea nipi ja kindlasti ärge unustage oma naha eest hoolitseda nende miinuskraadidega! x 


Make-up from Lily Lolo/ all available at HERE

When it's so cold outside, it's good to create more beauty posts on blog. I always show you guys my favourite beauty and make-up products when new ones emerge and I decided to dedicate a whole post for Lily Lolo only, because all of the products I tried out for now are amazing! It's a mineral cosmetics brand that makes everything you need for your daily make-up routine. I've never cared much for my make-up to be mineral because some years ago I didn't find mineral make-up that good, but Lily Lolo changed my opinions fully. The make-up feels very light and doesn't leave any heavy lines or powdery spots, it smells like nature and it's actually super highly pigmented! I immediately put all the products into daily use. So here's a closer look:


Kui väljas on külm on nii hea postitada just iluteemal blogisse. Näitan teile nagu ikka oma lemmikuid kosmeetika-, ning ilutooteid, kui uusi peaks tekkima, kuid seekord pühendan kogu postituse ühele brändile - Lily Lolo - kuna need meigiasjad on täiesti imelised! Tegu on mineraalkosmeetika brändiga, mis toodab kõike, mida on igapäevaseks meigirutiiniks vaja. Ma pole kunagi hoolinud sellest, et mu meik oleks mineraal, kuna mõned aastad tagasi ei arvanud ma mineraalkosmeetikast väga midagi, aga Lily Lolo muutis mu vaateid ikka täielikult. Meik on nii kerge ega jäta mingeid tugevaid jooni ega puudriseid laike, lõhnab nagu loodus ja on tegelikult üli tugeva pigmendiga! Ma panin kohe kõik tooted, mis järgi proovisin ka oma igapäevasesse meigirutiini. Vaatame siis lähemalt ka, millega tegu: 

Contour Kit - This one won the Anne&Stiil magazine beauty price last year here in Estonia and I can tell why. The brown shade matches my skin so ideally I bet it matches everyone and is very foolproof to contour with. The highlighter goes well with the contour. It's not really strong but it's just enough glow you need for a natural look! 


Contour Kit - Võitis eelmine aasta Anne&Stiili ilulemmiku tiitli ja ma saan täiesti aru miks. Pruun toon sobib mu nahaga ideaalselt ja usun, et sobib ka paljudele teistele ning see on nö lollikindel kontuurimiseks. Highlighter sobib kontuurpuudriga väga hästi kokku, pole eriti tugev kuid just paras, et väike naturaalne glow lisada! 

Finishing Powder - haha hear this...I never owned one of these before. Now I do, but due to lack of experience, I will just say this one works for me and can't say much more since I can't compare. 

Banana Powder - This one is specifically made to cover your dark circles around eyes that have a blue shade. I have blue shade inside my eye corners, so I love to cake up that banana powder there which does it's magic perfectly! 

Bronze Eye Shadow - THE MOST pigmented eyeshadow I've ever tried and it's mineral cosmetics... I mean yay! I use very natural colours when I do my eye make-up so this bronze shade is perfect for a more glam look but still not going over board. Beautiful bronze shade to have in the middle of your eye lid (but make sure to blend around some brown as well). 


Finishing puuder - haha kuulake seda... mul pole kunagi sellist toodet varem olnud. Nüüd mul viimaks on ja kogemuste puudumise tõttu ütlen ma ainult, et mulle see sobib ja kuna võrrelda ei saa, ei oska muud lisada. 

Banaanipuuder - See on spetsiaalselt selleks, et katta tumedaid silmaaluseid, mis on sinaka varjundiga. Mul on sinakat pigem silmanurkades ning selle puudriga katan kõik ilusati ära. Teeb oma maagiat väga hästi! 

Pronks Laovärv - KÕIGE tugevama pigmendiga laovärv, mis ma kunagi proovinud ja see on mineraalkosmeetika... juhhei! Ma kasutan üsna naturaalseid värve, kui endale silmameiki teen ning see pronks on just ideaalne sellise rohkem glam look'i jaoks, millega ei pane üle. Ilus pronks toon, mida keset silmalaugu lisada (aga ära unusta varjutada pruuni tooniga ümbert).

BB Cream - Smells like citrus and blends like crazy - I really realllly like this product. Good coverage but fresh and glowy, doesn't feel heavy on face at all. I wear this one to work everyday as it let's my skin breathe thorughout the day. 

Peachy Lip Gloss - I'v been a fan of pink glosses since forever and decided that my nude coloured lipsticks need some peachy gloss to them and I was so right haha! This is a pinkish nude, so it doesn't give any orange look and it's another one of those things that just has to be with me in my handbag everywhere I go. 


BB Kreem - Lõhnab nagu sitrus ja hajub imeliselt - mulle väga väga väga meeldib see kreem. Hea katvusega, kuid värske ja kumab läbi, ei ole üldse nö raske näos. Kannan seda iga päev tööle, kuna see laseb mu nahal hingata päeva jooksul.

Virsikune Huuleläige - Ma olen roosade huuleläigete fänn olnud ammu ammu, kuid arvasin, et mu beezikas huulepulgad tahavad juurde virsikutooni huuleläiget ja mul oli ikka vägagi õigus haha! See on muidugi roosakas nude toon, kuid nii ei jää see oranzikas ja see on nüüd nende asjade seas, mis peab mu käekotis olemas olema kuhu iganes ma lähen. 

All the products and way more are available at So recommend you guys to try this brand out! Heard only good about it from everyone! Have fun! x 


Kõik Lily Lolo tooted on olemas MG BEAUTY lehel. Tõsiselt soovitan seda brändi järele proovida! Olen kõigilt ainult nii palju head kuulnud! Have fun! x 


Time for a beauty post today! It's been a while since I've showed my make-up favourites here and as you know I'm always on a look-out for better fitting, better looking products for my daily make-up routine, because as a blogger I have to have good make-up products on for photos as I'm not a professional make-up artist. I'm not including the ones I have already talked about in my previous make-up posts (find them under BEAUTY category on blog!), but I'm here with some new fresh stuff! So let's get to it: 

(Postituse mahu tõttu on see ainult inglise keeles! Kui on lisaküsimusi, siis vastan kõigele väga hea meelega kommentaariumis! x) 


1. Chanel powder blush in tone 72, rose initial - The most sweetest looking blush out there! This tone gives a rosy look on cheeks and I like that Chanel blush allows you to build up the pink, not leaving it too Marie Antoinette immediately and it's a super long lasting one.

2. MAC highlighter in tone A96 -  I picked this one out because Polhem PR told me it was among the most bought make-up products from MAC in Estonia. I always had a yellow undertone highlighter, but this one is a bit rose-goldish and it looks stunning! I completely get whi it's a best seller - it looks luxurious and the shimmer is amazing!

3. MAC Studio Fix foundation in tone NC20 - Recently there was a MAC cosmetics campaign where bloggers were granted a make-up session and in the end everyone received the Studio Fix foundation that suited their skin tone. As I had just ran out of my YSL foundation, the timing was perfect to try something new. It was a little thicker than YSL, but the coverage is amazing and I really like how it looks better in a little darker tone on my face so I can bring the tone down with concealer. Blends very well and besides being thicker, it's equal with YSL in keeping my face clear. 

4. VANI-T mineral liquid radiance - A while back I introduced you to VANI-T self-tanning products, but besides these amazing tanning products, VANI-T also has a little make-up line. This highlighter is perfect for the night out or for bigger events. It's a super strong highlighter that goes well with fresh tan so I apply it under my foundation for some beautiful under make-up glow. The highlighter is sold out right now, but so many amazing make-up products are coming soon that give such a nice additional tan! Keep an eye on

5. Giordani Gold radiant complexion cream stick - this pink complexion stick has become my helper-elf if I want to go for a fresh rosy natural look. Not too strong, but so good and creamy to use on cheeks and eyes.


1. Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer - Every make-up junkie knows this one. No primer is more iconic than Smashbox one and it was the best news when Smashbox finally came to Estonia! The primer leaves skin velvety soft and keeps foundation in tact the whole day. 

2. Madara Pihlaja glow booster - This is my secret weapon on those days when the face looks a bit down and pale. Immediately boosts and freshens up the face, leaving a super pretty glow under foundation!

3. MAC strobe cream - I have a few of these little testers that I carry with me when I travel or can't bring a lot of make-up with me. For me it works as a primer, because it makes it so easy to apply make-up on and leaves skin so soft and sweet. 


1. NYX Lingerie matte lipstick - I can't tell you the tone right now as I think I left it in a hand bag in Tallinn where I'm currently nooot, but if you are interested leave me a comment and I will let you know by then. It's that matte-Kylie-Jenner-lipstick kind of lipstick and works as Kylie's, but from Kylie's line I couldn't find a tone that purely pink, so this NYX one is perfect and probably my most used lisptick now. I tone it down with a lip liner though. 

2. MAC lipstick in tone Satin faux - Your basic pinkish nude, but in a little darker version for winter. A good MAC lipstick for blondes.

3. NYX soft matte cream lipstick in tone Tokyo - Very extreme pink that only works when I am really tanned, but it's effective and cute, so when toned down with lip liner a bit, it's another perfect pink. 

4. NYX white eyeliner - NYX ALERT hahah! I've tried out a lot of NYX stuff when the store opened and have grown to love some products, but I think I bought most of them in Paris to be honest when I was missing some pink lipstick in my life. This one is a basic white eyeliner than can be from any brand, but NYX does it well for me. It makes eyes so much bigger, so if you want doll eyes then this is the way to do it! 

5. Toofaced better than sex mascara - Also a make-up junkie's basic. This is pure doll-eye material here. Only Lancome is equal, no other mascara is good enough after these two. Nothing more to say. 

6. NYX vivid brights liquid liner in tone VBL08 - This is such a cool girl eyeliner. Works on days when I go for a nude lip and all black/all white outfit for example. I always pair it with the Make Up Store orange-y eyeshadow.


1. Supermood Egoboost perfect moment beauty mist - Imagine a cool spray that you apply to your face after washing your face in the morning or after doing all your masks and peeling procedures or when you need a cool fresh moisturizing mist on a hot day...yup, that's the one! This thing requires a seperate section because it's my favourite thing in the world right now! I use it everyday under my make-up because it makes me feel fresh in the morning in a second, I can feel the moisturizer work it's magic immediately and it closes the pores and tightens the face. Not even a strong espresso shot can make me look so awake and fresh in the morning!



1. Anastasia Dipbrow pomade in tone Ebony - Very basic with my make-up junkie favourites here, but this product is genuinely the best brow cream I've tried and this greyish brown tone is perfect with my cool toned blonde hair. Requires a good brow brush, but nothing stays on better than Anastasia brow stuff! 

2. MAC lipstick in tone Velvet Teddy - Another simple good MAC lipstick. This one is a little lighter than the one above and goes very well with the following lip pencil.

3. MAC lip pencil in tone Whirl - Another product from the best seller MAC products in Estonia. Again I can tell why - easy to draw your lips bigger with, goes well with most lipsticks, good for contouring lip and stays on forever. 

4. Anastasia tinted brow gel in tone Brunette - I want this gel in a bit greyish tone now, but this one also proves why Anastasia's brow products are golden. Best one to use when you don't feel like colouring your brows with pencil or cream and just want a brushed tinted look on them with your natural shape. 

5. YSL lipstick in tone 01 - The prettiest red lipstick I've ever tried! Super creamy and fits blondes amazingly! Holiday season perfection! 


Hope you found some good make-up tips and somethign new to try out! I'm gonna be making one soon when Spring comes and face requires something new and fresh and summer-y! x


Shop VANI-T products HERE

Hey babes! Today I wanna talk about something that I've planned to tell you about for too long by now, but it's been quite uneasy for me as I had trouble with creating the post. For some time now I've only had my 85mm lens and after making a 15 minute long video for you about VANI-T tanning products, I finally realized my lens cannot record sound, so all that went to waste and I had to figure out a way to bring this post to you guys and well all I could do was this long photo-text post, so I hope you find some good tips nevertheless on how to get the perfect tan!

I met Liis this summer when she opened her proffesional spray tan salon Arabellah in Tartu where she uses only VANI-T products (and sells them there too) and after having used so many self-tanning products by now, I was introduced to a whole new exciting range at the salon. First of all, she does amazing spray tan and her salon looks incredibly cute! I'm always happy to go to hers whenever I need a tan boost quickly without harming my skin, but since I move between Tallinn and Viljandi mostly, I don't get to hop by her salon as much as I wish I could. BUT with the products she shared with me from VANI-T I actually can manage a kick-ass tan on my own too! I've tried all the popular self-tanners one by one and honestly liked them all a lot, but VANI-T is so different in the sense that it is a genuinely strong self-tanner that has a quick and efficient effect. My skin hasn't been really accepting of self-tanners before, but these products really give me a strong tan plus they are all cruelty free products and Australian made. I hope you've noticed that I'm quite tan for winter time (and sadly no vacay) on my photos and this is all thank to the following products I'm gonna introduce. 


Hei tibid! Täna tahaksin rääkida millestki, mida olen planeerinud juba piinlikult kaua, kuid sellega on nii palju mingeid tobedaid tõrkeid ette tulnud, et mul oli raske postitust ära teha. Mõnda aega on nüüd mul olnud ainult mu 85mm objektiiv kaameral ja pärast VANI-T isepruunistavate toodete 15 minutilise video filmimist sellega avastasin ma, et selle objektiiviga ei saa salvestada heli. Kõik see vaev läks raisku ja pidin leidma viisi, kuidas postitus teieni ikkagi kiirelt tuua ja kõik mis ma teha sain oli see foto-teksti postitus, kuid loodan, et leiate ikkagi ka siit häid nippe kuidas saada ideaalne päevitus! 

Tutvusin Liisiga sel suvel kui ta avas oma professionaalse spreipäevituse salongi Arabellah Tartus, kus ta kasutab vaid VANI-T tooteid (ning ka müüb neid seal) ning pärast mitmete isepruunistavate toodete kasutamist, tutvusin ma taaskord täiesti uudse ja põneva isepruunistavate liiniga tema salongis. Esiteks, tema tehtud spreipäevitus on super ilus ja salong on üks armsamaid, kus ma käinud! Mul on alati hea meel teda külastada kui mul on vaja kiiret päevitus boost'i ilma oma nahka kahjustamata, aga kuna ma peamiselt sõelun Tallinna ja Viljandi vahel, siis ma ei saa külastada salongi nii tihti kui tegelikult vaja läheks. AGA need VANI-T tooted, mis ta minuga jagas, lahendavad selle mure täielikult, kuna saan ise ägeda päevituse endale teha! Olen proovinud paljusid poppe isepruunistavaid ja kõigigia olen tegelikult ka väga rahul olnud, aga VANI-T on erinev just selle poolest, et see on väga tugeva toimega, millel on kiire ja tõhus tulemus. Mu nahk pole väga vastuvõtlik tegelikult isepruunistavate suhtes, aga need tooted annavad mulle kohe selle õige tumeda päevituse pluss need on cruelty free ja Austraaliast pärit. Loodan, et olete tähele pannud, et olen terve talve nüüd üsna pruun olnud kogu aeg (kahjuks ilma ühegi puhkusereisita) fotodel ning see on olnud kõik tänu nendele toodetele, mida nüüd tutvustan.

The Mittens - Tan Eraser and the Tan Glove

I'm gonna start with the tools first since these are really essential for this tan to work it's magic the best. First thing I do 1-2 days before applying the tanning mousse or going to the salon for spray is that I scrub my whole body and face with the Tan Eraser glove under the shower which is so efficient for removing all dead skin and leftover tan and everything you don't want under your new tan. It's really strong so it's better not to do it right before spray tan or the mousse. When this little mitten has done its job and it's time to add the tanning mousse, then I love to use the really soft velvety glove from VANI-T. In Estonian we have this saying "stupid-proof" which I don't know if it exists in English, but it means that even if you really suck at applying tan then this glove will make sure that everything ends up looking well anyway. Blends so nicely and so easy to glide down the skin! Find them HERE & HERE


Alustan esmalt abivahenditega, kuna need on tõesti üliolulised, et see päevitus tuleks võimalikult ilus. Kõigepealt, 1-2 päeva enne päevituse peale kandmist või salongi sprei jaoks minemist, koorin ma naha täielikult Tan Eraser kindaga dušši all, mis on nii tõhus surnud naha ja igasugu toodete jääkide eemaldamisel. Põhiliselt kõik eemaldab, mida sa kindlasti oma päevituse alla ei taha jätta. See on üsna tugev koorija, sega ei soovitata päris kohe enne päevitust seda teha. Kui see väike kinnas oon oma töö tublilt ära teinud ning on aeg lisada peale päevitusvaht, siis selleks kasutan üht väga pehmet ja sametist kinnast VANI-T'ilt. Meil on ju selline väljend Eestis nagu "lollikindel", mis on täpselt see, mida selle kinda kohta öelda võib. Isegi kui sa ei ole üldse pädev igasugu isepruunistajatega, siis see kinnas aitab päevituse ühtlasena peale kanda, et ei jääks mingeid tugevaid rante ega laike. Kinnas hajutab väga sujuvalt vahtu ning libiseb kiirelt üle naha. Leia need kindad SIIT ja SIIT

The Self-Tanning Mousse 

And we're already down to the most important part of the tan - the mousse! Now this is pure gold. It leaves the tan olive-ish and not orange at all and I think mousse is the easiest to apply from all self-tanning methods. I usually start by applying to legs first with long strokes and then to stomach with circles and then I move up until I reach the face which I apply last with the leftover mousse on the glove. So many ask me if I have to re-apply the product to the glove over and over and the answer is yes, if you want ta proper strong and even tan. However, I'm still on my first product and I think it has more than half of the product left, so it lasts really long! I leave the mousse on my face for 2-3 hours and remove it with a cotton pad and water and then I'll let the rest of the body stay in the product for 6-7 hours usually and then will rinse it off with water, but the foam develops a tan really quickly, so mostly 4 hours would already be enough. Aaaand it's simple as that! It's so easy to use and leaves the most beautiful tan that lasts for 10 days if cared for properly and the care products are the ones I'm gonna introduce next. Find it HERE


Ja juba olemegi jõudnud põhitegelase juurde - isepruunistav vaht! Vot see on puhas kuld. Jätab naha oliivitooni mitte oranzi ning ma arvan, et vahtu ongi kõige lihtsam peale kanda kõikidest isepruunistavate meetoditest. Ma tavaliselt alustan jalgadest, kui kannan vahu pikkade tõmmetega peale ning siis liigun kõhule, millele kanna ringjate liigutustega ning liigun üles kuni näoni, millel kasutan kindale järele jäänud toodet. Paljud küsivad minult kas vahtu tuleb kogu aeg juurde kindlae panna ning vastus on et jah, kui sa tahad et päevitus oleks tugev ja ühtlane. Siiski olen ma alles oma esimese potsiku juures ja seegi pole vist isegi poolenisti ära kulunud nii et ühest tootest jätkub ikka päris kauaks! Vahu jätan näole kuskil 2-3ks tunniks ning eemaldan vee ja vatitupsuga ning kehale jätan kuskil 6-7 tunniks ja siis loputan veega maha, kuid kuna tegemist on väga kiire toimega vahuga, siis 4st piisab ka täiesti. Jaaa ongi nii lihtne! Vahtu on nii lihtne kasutada ning see jätab super kauni jume, mis kestab õigesti hooldades pea 10 päeva. Hooldusvahendeid selleks tutvustangi kohe järgmisena. Vahu leiad SIIT

Bronzing Custard

Another one I would call pure gold again. The custard is a bronzing body creme that you can build up your tan with day after day until you reach the perfect shade you want. It really doesn't need any products underneath it because it gives such a nice golden glow on its own already, but at the same time it's the perfect moisturizer that keeps the mousse tan strongly on your skin and beautifully bronze. Liis advised me to use an everyday body moisturizer the day after spray tan or the mousse tan and then next day should start using the bonzing custard and then again an ordinary mositurizer and so on, because a little too much of that custard at once could turn tan a bit orange. If I could pick only one product out of all the ones I've tried from VANI-T then it definitely would be the custard, because I love the golden tan it gives so much and it's so good that I can actually control how tan I want to be and where. Find it HERE


Järgmine toode, mida kutsun puhtaks kullaks. Bromzing Custard on kehakreem, millega saab oma päevitust igapäevaselt tumedamaks üles ehitada kuni leiad täpselt selle jume, mis meeldib. Selle juurde polegi tegelikult mingeid lisatooteid vaja, kuna see üksi juba annab nii kena kuldse jume, kuid samal ajal on ta ka tõhus niisutaja. mis aitab hoida sprei või vahupäevitust tugevalt nahal ning ilusa pronksina. Liis soovitas mul kasutada päev pärast spreid või isepruunistavat mingit taalist igapäevast kehakreemi ning järgmine päev juba custard'i, siis jälle tavalist ja siis jälle custard'i jne., kuna liiga palju custard'i teiste toodete peale võib siiski jätta oranzika tooni. Kui ma saaksin valida vaid ühe toote nendest kõigist VANI-T toodetest, oleks see tõenäoliselt just custard, kuna mulle meeldib selle kuldne toon nii väga ja mulle meeldib, et ma saan hästi kontrollida, kui palju jumet mul peale tuleb ja kuhu. Leia see SIIT

Body Shampoo

This here is another tan-care product that will help you keep your tan fresh for a longer time. Our shower gels usually contain some sort of oils that could erase the tan quicker than it should and a lot of showering will lighten the tan anyway, so this shampoo is here to save you from all that and protects the tan while still well, cleaning you up properly! The smell is so nice and similar to the custard. I think it's really important to have all these tan products with the care ones from the same company because they've been built to fit every product and this shampoo is definitely made for protecting VANI-T tan. Find that one HERE.


Jäänud on veel üks päevituse hooldamise toode, mis aitab päevitusel kauem püsida - body shampoo. Tavalised dušigeelid sisaldavad igasugu õlisid, mis võivad päevituse kiiremini maha pesta kui peaks ning tihe pesuskäik kulutab päevitust juba ise aina rohkem maha, seega see keha shampoo on selleks, et päästa sind kõigest sellest ja kaitseb su päevitust, kuid samal ajal peseb ka ju puhtaks! Lõhn on sellel nii meeldiv, sarnane custard'i omale. Ma arvan, et on väga oluline, et oleks kõik need päevitustooted olemas ja samalt firmalt, kuna need on loodud just üksteisega sobima ja üks teist täitustama ning see shampoo on kindlasti kohe mõeldud just VANI-T päevitust kaitsma. Leiad selle SIIT


Hope you all found some good tips for self-tanning, especially now when we have little to zero sun in Estonia and burning our skin in solariums is just not good enough anymore. For me solariums have always been annoying because I have to go so many times to get a proper tan and it doesn't stay long either, but self-tanners are so easy and finally so highly developed that they don't leave us orange or spotty anymore. VANI-T until now has been the most perfect fit for my skin and the way I like to have my tan. They all smell divine and last really long so I think they would be the most perfect Christmas gift for someone who would love to use them too! For example, VANI-T has lovely all inclusive gifting package that you can find HERE! All the products I've intorduced and more are available on site, which is the official website for the Arabellah Salon in Tartu. You can also buy the products straight from the salon. For spray tan you have to book in advance and it's the easiest to book via Facebook at "Arabellah Spray Tanning" page. I actaully have one more product to introduce to you guys, but I'm gonna do it under my upcoming post about new favourite make-up products, because this is definitely tan related, but doesn't create any itself.

Hope you enjoyed this long post and happy tanning! x


Loodan, et leidsite endale mõned head nipid isepruunistavate jaoks, eriti praeguses null päikesega Eestis ning teades, kui kahjulik solaarium meie nahale on. Minu jaoks on solaariumid alati olnud pigem nuhtlused, kuna ma pean minema nii palju kordi, et mingigi korralik jume peale saada ja see ei püsi ka kaua peal, kuid isepruunistavad on palju lihtsamad ja kiiremad ning on arenenud piisavalt, et ei jää enam oranziks ega laiguliseks kergelt. VANI-T on siiani olnud minu naha jaoks ideaalseim klapp ja täpselt seda tooni nagu mulle ka meeldib. Kõik tooted lõhnavad imehästi ja kestavad kaua nii et ma arvan, et tegemist oleks ühe ideaalse jõulukingiga just inimesele, kes hindaks üht head päevitust! Näiteks on VANI-Til kokku pandud üks vahva kinkepakk, mis sisaldab kõike vajalikku ja mille leiab SIIT! Kõik tooted ja rohkemgi on saadaval veebilehel, mis on Arabellah Tartu salongi ametlik veebileht. Tooteid saab osta ka otse salongist. SPreipäevituse jaoks tuleb aga ette broneerida aeg, mida saab lihtsalt teha Arabellah salongi FAcebook'i lehel nimega "Arabellah Spray Tanning". Tegelikult on mul üks toode veel, mida teile tutvustada, aga see kuulub rohkem meigikategooria alla, seega kuuleb sellest mu tulevases postituses praegustest lemmik meigitoodetest. See on küll päevitusega seotud, kuid ise ei loo seda.

Loodan, et see pikk postitus andis head infot ja rõõmsat päevitamist! x 


HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit - HERE 

Hi y'alll! Can't help to start this blog post once again with mentioning how damn busy September is every year! Before heading to MAx&Co store opening party, I decided to take the time to tell you a little about the whitening kit I tried out a little back. It's from HiSmile and it contains a whitening kit, 3 gels and the introduction paper. The whitening itself was really easy as it only took a few seconds to apply the gel for both lower and upper teeth and only 10 minutes for daily whitening, so it was perfect to add it to my morning routine. The hard part was cutting down on coffee and tea though as I have low blood pressure and really need my caffeine, but I wanted to do this the right way. It took 6 days as you use half a gel in one day and it's recommended to do 6 days in a row. So I did! The first question I got was "does it make teeth sensitive?" and well, I have had experience with whiteners that do make teeth really sensitive and I was really scared to try HiSmile because of that too, but to my surprise it didn't hurt during the process nor are teeth sensitive now. It feels perfectly safe and no need to worry about any pain! Aaand I guess it's to the results now. You get this little card where you can check how white your teeth are before and after. They say it should be at least 6-8 shades lighter after use, but in all honesty, mine turned out 3 shades lighter, which is amazing consiering I had no trust in the whitening kits before. I'm really happy I went through with this and after getting a proper tan with Vani-T products (blog post coming soon), I felt really super pretty after! 

Let me know in the comments if you have tried HiSmile yourself and how the result was! x 


Hei kõiiik! Pean ka taas seda blogipostitust alustama faktiga, et septembrid on ikka nii hullupööra töökad igal aastal! Enne kui suundun Max&Co esinduspoe avamisele võtan pisut aega, et rääkida teile natuke ühest hammaste valgenduse komplektist, mida hiljaaega järele proovisin. Komplekt on brändilt HiSmile ning koosneb valgendavast väiksest apapraadist, kolmest geelist ning õpetuskaardist. Valgendamine oli väga lihtne, kuna geeli lisamine ülemiste ning alumiste hammaste jaoks võttis vaid mõned sekundid ja valgendamiseprotsess ise 10 minutit, seega oli see ideaalne hommikurutiini lisamiseks. Raskeim osa oli loobuda kohvist ja teest, kuna mul on madal vererõhk ning väga vajan oma igapäevast koffeiini, aga tahtsin siiski asja teha õigesti. Kogu protsess võttis 6 päeva, kuna päevas läheb pool geelist ning üldse soovitatakse teha need 6 päeva kohe üksteise otsa, et parim tulemus oleks. Nii ma ka tegin! Esimene küsimus, mis teistel tekkis oli, et "kas hambad muutuvad õrnaks/valusaks ka?" ja kui aus olla, siis ma olen katsetanud varem hammaste valgendamismeetodeid, mis on teinud hambad üsna valulikuks, seega kartsin HiSmile'i alguses kasutada samal põhjusel, aga minu üllatuseks ei teinud see absoluutselt haiget valgendamise ajal ega hambad pole ka õrnad pärast kõike. Tundub, et HiSmile on väga turvaline kasutada ega pea muretsema valu pärast üldse! Jaa tundub, et oleks aeg mainida ka tulemust. Komplektiga saab kaasa sellise väikese kaardi, kus saab võrrelda oma hammaste värvust enne ja pärast kasutamist. Nad ütlevad, et hambad peaks olema 6-8 tooni valgemad, aga ausaltöeldes märkasin ma ainult 3 tooni, kuid see on ka super tore, kuna mul pole varem palju usku sellistesse vahenditesse olnud. Hea meel, et selle protsessi läbi tegin ja pärast ilusa jume lisamist Vani-T toodetega (kirjutan nedest peagi blogis) tundsin end ikka väga väga ilusana! 

Andke mulle kommentaarides teada, kas olete HiSmile'i ka ise kasutanud ja kuidas tulemus oli! x 


Wearing Guerlain's newest perfume Mon Guerlain with mon chéri Marii

I was walking down Champs-Elysee in Paris in May and the lovely girl in the Guerlain shop sprayed a little of the new perfume 'Mon Guerlain' on a piece of paper for me. I liked it at first and just put the paper in the shopping bags and forgot about it. I took one of the shopping bags on a flight with me and when I was unpacking I was wondering 'Where is that amazing smell coming from!?'. Found out soon it was the paper in the shopping bag having such a strong scent so many days after and it was sooo divine I just had to have this perfume on me. Soon after me and Marii got the change to take home a bottle with us from Kaubamaja Ilumaailm in Tallinn and we are both captivated ever since. The fragrance consist of lavendel from Provence, jasmine from India, sandalwood from Australia and Vanilla Tahitensis from New Papua Guinea and is inspired by the stunning Angeline Jolie. The perfume is set to celebrate today's femininity and that is exactly how I felt about it when I first smelled it. It's feminine and sophisticated, but also playfully sweet at the same time. It's hard for me to describe the scent with a few words as it is fresh and sweet at the same time. It could be an everyday fragrance and it could be 'the special occasion' perfume I know a lot of you girl love to have. I feel everyone could find themselves loving both the scent and the beautiful bottle it's in. I love to have it on display whereever I go, since I am a girl who loves minimalistic, simple beauty and that is exactly what Mon Guerlain represents for me. 

I am not usually blown away by perfumes as I don't have wider knowledge on them, but it was very hard to deny Mon Guerlain and when picking a new perfume, I just know when it's the right one. I feel excited, powerful and beautiful when spraying it on and that is why it's for me, it's my Guerlain. If you wanna test it out and know what I've been talking about so highly, then head to Kaubamaja Ilumaailm in Tallinn that has a wide range of Guerlain products, including Mon Guerlain. 

By the way, my gorgeous floral dress is from Dry Lake! 


Jalutasin mööda Champs-Elysee tänavat Pariisis, kui üks naine Guerlain'i poes pihustas nende uut parfüümi 'Mon Guerlain' paberitükile ning andis selle mulle nuusutada. Mulle meeldis see väga ning panin paberitüki ühte ostukottidest ning unustasin selle lihtsalt ära. Võtsin ühe shopingukottidest endaga lennule kaasa ja kui ma kodus parasjagu asju lahti pakkisin imestasin, et kust küll see nii imeline lõhn tuleb!? Peagi leidsin, et see tükike paberit ostukotis lõhnas nii tugevalt veel mitu päeva hiljem ning see oli nii erakordselt hea, et ma pidin selle parfüümi endale saama. Üsna pea saime Mariiga võimaluse võtta pudelikene endaga Kaubamaja Ilumaailmast ning oleme sest ajast saati sõltuvuses sellest lõhnast. Parfüüm koosneb Provintsist pärit lavendlist, India jasmiinist, Austraalia sandlipuust ning Uus Guinea 'vanilla tahitensis' ning on inspireeritud kaunist Angelina Jolie'st. Parfüüm sümboliseerib tänapäeva naiselikkust ja see on täpselt, mida see endast ka mulle kujutas, kui seda esimest korda nuusutasin. See on naiselik ning uhke, kuid samas armsalt magus. Mul on väga raske seda lühidalt kirjeldada, kuna see on värske ning magus korraga ning mõnele võib see tunduda kui igapäevane lõhn kuid mõnele kui 'tähtsa sündmuse lõhn'. Tean, et paljudel teil on ka selline lõhn kapil alati olemas. Usun, et suurem enamik leiaks midagi endale nii selles lõhnas kui ka pudelis, mis seda sisaldab. Ma panen selle alati nähtavale, kuhuiganes ma seda kaasa ei võtaks, kuna mulle ääretult meeldib minimalistlik, lihtne ilu ja täpselt seda Mon Guerlain kajastabki. 

Ma ei ole kunagi olnud parfüümidest vaimustuses, kuna ma ei oska neid ilmselt hinnata piisavalt, aga omale lõhna valides ma lihtsalt teangi kohe, kui olen selle leidnud. Kuidagi põnev, tugev ning ilus tunne on seda peale kanda ja just seetõttu ongi just see parfüüm minule, see on minu Guerlain. Kui sa tahaksid seda samuti järele proovida ning mõtled, miks ma siin nii pikalt seda ülistan, siis Kaubamaja Ilumaailmas on suur valik Guerlain'i tooteid olemas ning nende hulgas ka Mon Guerlain. 

Muide see imeilus lilleline kleit on pärit Dry Lake brändilt! 


Hii all! I'm so happy today, so I figured I would spread some beauty tips with that emotion since who is sad when talking about beauty stuff anyway? I started my morning off by going to 'Kosläpp' in Skurup, which is when they release the cows after a long winter on the farmland and they jump and run around with joy. I recommend this to everyone to see haha, but here it's easier since in Sweden they make a big event out of it. Then Elise and I went to pet baby goats and one of them climbed on my lap and sniffed me and that was enough for a dose of happiness for the day. After that we headed to Lund to study at a cafe and from that happy-goat-cow-dose emotion it was so easy to write so much into my Bachelor thesis yay! But back to beauty talk now haha.. Here are photos and descriptions of the stuff that I recommend you to try out this month. Hope you find something new and exciting for yourself! 

1. Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette - I was on a look out for a Urban Decay large palette as you know, they are one of the most known and use ones. I was going to choose between Naked 2 and 3, but then I noticed the Basics one there. One look at the colour choice and I was sold. It has all the colours that I use and so many pretty shades of nude as well. My most used ones are purple, pink, this reddish-orange and yellow and this palette just has it all. Plus it stays on long and has a super great pigment. Such a must-have!

2. Smashbox Eye Primer - So if you want your eyeshadows to stay on from morning to late night and to make them 5 times more pigmented on your eyelid than normally then that's the go-to product. A girl at Kicks recommended this to me, it was a bit pricy by looking at its size, but now I know that you only need to use a teeny tiny portion and eyes are primed. This thing does exactly what it says on package and I'm never changing it. 

(By the way, that gorgeous rose gold watch is from Wilhelm Bergman!) 

1. Beauty Blenders - Every respectable make-up bag contains one and you all probably already own one-two, but I decided to go further from using the classical one and also tried out the little ones that I now use for eyebrows, eyes and other narrow areas on my face, and I also tried out the Beauty Blusher, which is a medium and made for a blush. They are all in daily use for me and it's natural to carry around 3 different sized 'eggs' now. I also has the change to try out the Beauty Blender cleanser named Solid. It makes the sponge cleaning quick and effortless and it keeps them looking fresh, new and soft! 

1. Supermood Egoboost Facelift Serum - When that product was described to me together with its friend Eyelift serum it made me laugh since they said it's gonna pull your face so tight that you can feel it. I don't feel it thank god, but as I tried it the first two times, I couldn't see the difference between my tired morning face and after using this. I kind of left it on the side from my daily make-up routine, but then one day I gave it another go when going to the gym and I checked the mirror like 2 minutes after and bam, I looked so tight and fresh in my face! Now I've been using it daily ever since and I don't know what happened, but it suddenly works? Still not feeling the tightness, but it's really visible around eyes and cheeks. 

2. It's Skin Ye Effector - I heard a lot of good things about this one and saw it's sold out in a lot of online stores, but I wasn't really sure what it did more than boost something with yeast, but I tried it on anyway and eventhough I don't recognize any other effects, it's a super great primer! Somehow after applying this on my face, make-up blends and sticks A LOT better. If anyone knows what the actual effect should be, comment below! 

3. Supermood Youth Glo Radiance Serum - This again does what it says - makes the face glow. I use it together with the Egoboost one and I just love how good it smells and feels on face. Just a little perfect glowy thing. 

1. Focallure Silicone Sponge - I was really curious about the sponge, so I had the change to test it out real soon after. It blends nicely and is really easy to use, but it's probably only me who doesn't love the feeling of silicone rubbing face. Nevertheless, I use it everytime I run out of any liquid product because this one makes your products last two times longer as it absorbs zero product, saves every drop and is so easy to clean. One sponge should last many many months. 

2. GHD Advanced Split Therapy - We got to test this one out after a Polhem event and it's something I really recommend for everyone! What it does is that after washing your hair, you apply a little on your ends, then blow dry and then straighten your hair, and after that the ends feel sooo smooth! They look healthy even when they aren't really (that's me after another bleach) and they help to keep the ends straight and to straighten them faster if you don't have GHD perfect straightener that is (I don't). Love it!

1. Egoboost Beauty Chocolates - Saved the weirdest beauty product for the last! The creator of Supermood is an accomplished Finnish supermodel who longed for her own beauty line and she created everything that she missed from other beauty products. The line is quite new and there are so many exciting products to try out because she really seems like super talented at creating these. I also tried the Beauty Mist of her series, but I couldn't show it here due to handluggage restrictions (aka the mist is at J's place in Tallinn), so I'll introduce that later in summertime. But but one of her most interesting products is the chocolates. She is said to love chocolate so so much, so she decided to create beauty chocolates that either make you get a great dose of beauty sleep or give you a youthful look due to the ingredients that people lose from their skin when getting older. I gave the chocolate to mom since well I don't need it yet, but I tried both of them out. Their taste wasn't my cup of tea and you probably have to eat a lot of those to see some result, but hey, how fun is to try out beauty stuff like that!? 


Golden olive tan by Vita Liberata products. 

Hey all! I've been waiting to post this here for a pretty long time now. Before Tallinn Fashion Week I had this idea to try self-tanners for the first time and after a long 'research' I realized Vita Liberata sounds like the best options, even more since I'm a beginner at this. So I met up with lovely Reelika at Decoris Showroom who introduced me to all of Vita Liberata natural tanning products and let me know how to use them, so I can be a pretty good quide to you guys now if you would like to try out Vita Liberata products as well, but have any questions. The following will be my personal quide as how I like to use them and what I think of each of the product, so let's go! 


Hei te kõik! Ma olen päris pikalt plaaninud juba seda postitust siia teha. Enne Tallinn Fashion Week'i hakkasin mõtlema, et peaks ka lõpuks need isepruunistavad ära proovima ja pärast pikemat 'uurimustööd' jõudsin järeldusele, et Vita Liberata oleks parim, mida proovida eriti kui olla algaja selles. Nii siis kohtusin ma armsa Reelikaga Decoris Showroom'is Tallinnas, kes tutvustas mulle kõiki Vita Liberata looduslikke päevitustooteid ning seletas täpselt kuidas mida kasutada tuleb, seega saan ka teile siin olla päris heaks nõuandjaks, kui tahate Vita Liberata tooteid järele proovida, aga juhtub mõni küsimus enne olema. Edasi räägingi oma perosnaalsest kogemusest, kuidas mulle meeldib neid kasutada ja mida ma igast tootest arvan, seega let's go! 

Pre-Tan and Moisturizer

Before the tanning process make sure to shower and properly scrubby scrub to avoid any changes of uneven spots. After that make sure to moisturize, especially elbows, knees and heels as these are the really dry spots usually and if you have any certain dryness anywhere then have it there too. I use the Vita Liberata Moisture Boost, but I am sure any other good moisturizer would do the trick as well. I just prefer to use the same brand one as this probably is more specialized in making the tan look good. 


Enne päevitamisprotsessi tuleks käia pesus ning korralikult igaltpoolt koorida ja koorida, et vältida igasuguseid võimalusi laiguliseks muutuda hiljem. Pärast pesu tuleks kindlasti kreemiga niisutada, eriti just kandasid, küünarnukke ning põlvi, kuna need kipuvad tavaliselt olema kuivemad kohad ja kui kuskilt juhtub veel olema kuivem, siis kindlasti sinna ka korralikult niisutavat kreemi. Mina kasutan Vita Liberata enda toodangut Moisture Boost, kuid ma usun, et mõni teine hea niisutav kreem on ka selleks super hea. Ma lihtsalt eelistan kasutada sama brändi oma, kuna eeldan, et sellega on meldud otseselt isepäevitava peale kandmise peale. 


A bit about application products as well. I have two Vita Liberata self-tanner gloves, a big one and a small one for the face. These can be used with the mousse, the oil and the 10-minute tanning lotion. For the powder I recommend kabuki or blush brushes and for the body blur a foundation brush is the best one. 


Natuke ka asjadest, millega päevitust peale kanda. Mul on selleks kaks Vita Liberata kinnast, suur ja väike näo jaoks. Neid saab kasutada nii vahu, õli kui ka 10-minutilise kreemi jaoks. Puudri jaoks soovitan kas kabuki või puudripintslit ning body blur'i jaoks on parim lahendus jumestuskreemipintsel. 

Self-Tanning Mousse

After the moisturizer it's time for the main stuff - the self-tanning mousse. As I tested the self-tanner for the very first time, I didn't dare to try the darker one so I used the medium (big white one). What I immediately loved was that I could actually see where I had already put on the self-tanner as Vita Liberata has pigmented mousse for that. I used the big glove for that and after you feel there's no product left on the glove, just squeeze it in your hand and you'll get more. With the leftover mousse on the glove, I covered hands and feet and face as you don't want these to get overtly covered. As the mousse leaves no spots I did that before sleep and went straignt between my white sheets and by morning I had such a nice golden olive tan! It's so dummy proof it's funny, I had no uneven spots on my body! Can't wait to try a bit darker mousse since I would like a bit more extra somtimes. The mousse tan should now last 1-2 weeks. 


Pärast niisutamist on aeg asuda põhi asja kallale - isepruunistav vaht. Kuna ma katsetasin isepruunistavat päris esimest korda, siis ma ei julgend kasutada seda tumepruuni tooni vaid kasutasin keskmist (see suurem valge). Mis mulle kohe hullult meeldis oli see, et ma nägin kuhu ma seda peale kandsin, kuna Vita Liberata isepruunistavad sisaldavad pigmenti selle jaoks. Kasutasin peale kandmiseks suurt kinnast ja kui tundus, et kindal enam toodet väga järel pole, siis tuleb pigistada seda käes ja tegelikult on veel päris palju järel. Sellega mis kindale järele jäi tõmbasin üle jalalabad, käed ja näo, kuna neid väga suure kihi alla katta ei taha igaksjuhuks. Kuna vaht ei jäta plekke, siis kandsingi kõik peale nne magamaminekut ning ronisin otsa valgete linade vahele. Hommikul ärkasin nii ilusa oliivi tooni kuldse päevitusega! See on nii lollikindel, et naljakas hakkab. Mul polnud ühtegi ebatasast laiku kehal! Ei jõua ära oodata, et proovida juba seda veel tumedamat tooni, kuna vahest tahaks natuke ikka rohkem seda päevitust ju. Päevitus peaks kestma nüüd 1-2 nädalat. 

10-Minute Tanning Lotion 

On that picture you can somewhat see that the colour of the products is very olive'ish, which in my opinion is just the most prettiest tan as it won't leave you orange in any way and fits everyone. So I decided to give my medium tan a bit of a more boost and use the 10 minute tanning lotion on top of it the next day. I left it on for 15 minutes for a bit stronger tan, but didn't apply any on my face, hands or feet anymore. After 15 minutes I rinsed everything off in the shower and could see the result in about 5 hours, especially strongly on my back and stomach as these parts normally tan the strongest on me anyway. The result was again goldenish oliveish but a bit stronger pigmented. This one is super good if you want a quick fix and don't want it to stay on too long. 


Sellelt pildilt on näha, millist tooni VIta Liberata tooted üldiselt on, sellist oliivikarva rohkem, mis minu arvates ongi ilusaim toon päevituseks ning sobib kindlasti kõigile. Otsustasin siis anda oma keskmisele vahutoonile pisut lisa boost'i ning kasutasin 10 minuti isepruunistavat kreemi selle peale järgmisel päeval. Jätsin selle peale 15 minutiks, et tuleks pisut tugevam toon, kuid ei pannud midagi näole, labajalgadele ega käelabadele. Pärast 15 minutit loputasin duššiall kõik maha ning tulemust sai näha juba 5 tunni pärast umbes, eriti tugevalt kõhul ja seljas, mis mul tavaliselt ka kiirelt päevituvad. Tulemus oli jätkuvalt kuldne-oliivikas, kuid pisut tugevam. See on super hea toode, kui tahad kiirelt jumet peale saada, aga ei taha et see super kaua peal kestaks ka. 

Body Blur

Living the robe life while cooking my 10 minute tan here haha and showing you my most favourite product, okay second most favourite. Eventhough the mousse does the main trick, this thing is just unbelievable here. If you open VIta Liberata Instagram and see those comparison pictures with legs where one of the legs is pale and the otherone looks like it has been dipped into a golden shiny sea of unicorns then that is this product right there. As I didn't have time to do the self-tanner routine before fashion week, but I still wore something really open, then I decided to cover my chest and stomach with this one. Using the foundation brush, I covered these areas twice with the body blur, as you can always regulate how dark you want it with layers. It looked so amazing! I got an incredible glow on my skin and face (mixed it with my foundation as well) and I was so tan instantly! This can be used as make up as well and basically anywhere you want and it doesn't require a lot of drops to cover areas. As you can see from the photo below, I had the tan on and wore a bright white suit that of course got a lot of brown stains on it, but as Vita Liberata products are all organic then it came off really simply with one wash. This is something I am never gonna give up anymore!


Pildil elan hommikumantli elu küpsetades oma 10-minutilist jumet haha ning näitan seejuures ka oma lemmik toodet, okei teist lemmikut. Kuigi isepruunistav vaht tegi ära põhitöö, siis see siin pildil on uskumatu asi. Kui avada Vita Liberata Instagram ning näha seal neid võrluspilte, kus üks jalg on tavaline kahvatu ja teine kõrval oleks nagu kastetud kuldsesse läikivasse ükssarvikute merre, siis see toode täpselt seda teebki. Kuna mul polenud aega isepruunistavat vahtu peale kanda enne fashion week'i, kuid mu outfit oli ikka päris avar, siis otsustasin kanda dekoltee ja kõhu sellega üle. Kasutades jumestuskreemi pintslit, kandsin need kohad üle kahekordse kihiga, kuna sellega saab reguleerida kui tugevat jumet tahad kihtide arvuga. See nägi nii imeline välja! Nahk helkis ja säras nii näol kui kehal (segasin seda pisut jumestuskreemiga ka kokku) ja ma olin kohe nii pruun! Seda saab kasutada kui meiki ning igal kehaosal ja samalajal ei nõua suurt kogust. Nagu on näha alloleval fotol, kus mul see päevitus peal on, et mul oli seljas lumivalge pükskostüüm, mis muidugi sai üsna pruuniks seespoolt pärast üritust, aga ühe pesuga tuli kõik ilusti maha kuna tegemist ikkagi 100% orgaaniliste toodetega Vita Liberata puhul. See body blur on miski, mida ma ei jäta enam kunagi endale ostmata! 

Tan by Vita Liberata Body Blur.

Bronzing Mineral Powder

And here it is! The second favouriiiite! This mineral bronzer is something brand new that Vita Liberata has come up with and I got to test this one thanks to both Polhem Showroom and Decoris Showroom. So this one is magical. I have the medium colour so instead of just contouring my face with it that I would do if I had no tan on, I like to cover my whole face and neck with it so it matches the rest of my tan. So after applying this like a normal bronzer, this one actually stays on you for 5 days! Amazing right?? I put a little extra on cheekbones and forehead too. The key is that you have to apply it on something liquid like a moisturizer or foundation, otherwise it won't work. The colour is really beautiful and it fits me so well. Again something that I will never stop buying haha, this one is just the most ideal thing for Summer as I don't get tanned easily on my face. 


Ja siin see on! Mu teine lemmmmiik! See mineraalpuuder on midagi uut Vita Liberatalt ning tänu Polhem SHowroom'ile ning Decoris SHowroom'ile sain ka lõpuks seda testida. See on nagu mustkunst. Sain proovida keskmist tooni seega selleasemel, et sellega lihtsalt nägu kontuurida (teeksin seda ilma päevituseta), katan ma sellega kogu näo ja kaela, et see mu praeguse päevitusega hästi sobiks. Peale kannan nagu iga teist puudrit, kuid pärast meigi eemaldust püsib selle jume veel 5 päeva! Super lahe eks?? Ma panen natukene rohkem seda põsesarnadele ning otsaette ka. Muidugi asja võti on see, et seda tuleb kanda niiskele pinnale ehk siis niisutava kreemi või jumestuskreemi peale, muidu see ei toimi. Värv on hästi ilus ning sobib mu näole. Jällegi midagi, mille ostmisest vist ei saa enam kunagi loobuda, sest see on ideaalseim asi suveks, eriti minu näo jaoks, mis ei taha üldse pruuniks minna. 

Make-up with the Vita Liberata mineral bronzer. 

Dry Oil Self-Tanner

So this one I haven't tried yet, but I know I'm gonna be using this a lot when it possibly, probably, hopefully gets warm here in Summer. I'm gonna let you know once I've tried it, but I would like to try it seperately from my current tan. So this dry oil is different from all the other VIta Liberata products as it has SPF in it, so it's meant to portect you from sun, but at the same time you stille can be tan. This is especially good if you're like my boyfriend who is not allowed to be in the sun too much but he does love his tan haha! This one is like body blur as you can build your tan up with layers, depending exactly on how dark you want it. Another thing that is just sooo useful to have in your tanning routine and it smells really nice too!


Seda ma kahjuks pole jõudnud veel proovida, kuid kindlasti kasutan seda siis kui loodetavasti, ilmselt siis kui on soe ja suvine. Annan teile teada kui olen selle järele proovinud, kuna tahaksin seda praegusest päevitusest eraldi katsetada. Nii siis see kuiv õli on teistmoodi kõigist teistest Vita Liberata toodetest, kuna sisaldab SPF'i, mis tähendab et see kaitseb sind päikese eest kuid saad ikkagi olla väga päevitunud. See on eriti hea just siis kui sa oled nagu mu peika, kes ei tohi päikese käes kaua olla, kuid tahab ikkagi pruun olla haha! See on nagu body blur, kuna päevitust saab üles ehitada kihiti täpselt nii palju kui pruun olla tahad. Järgmine asi, mida on lihtsalt nii kasulik omada ning lõhnab väga hästi ka!

Hope you found this tutorial useful and if you happen to have any questions ask ahead in the comments! I will be happy to help you with any questions that may pop up! Also I truly and really recommend these products if you are a beginner, since they are really easy to use and the results are so wonderful! You can read more info from the Vita Liberata website, where you have video tutorials and all the info! 

Thanks for the long read babes! Happy tanning! x


Loodan, et see juhend oli teile igati abistav ning kui tekkis ükskõik milliseid küsimusi, siis kommentaariumis vastan meeleldi kõigele! Ma tõesti väga soovitan neid tooteid just eriti neile, kes pole varem isepruunistavatega kokku puutunud, kuna nad tõesti on väga kergelt kasutatavad ning tulemused on imelised! Rohkem infot leiab Vita Liberata Eesti lehelt SIIN, kus on ka väga vahvad õpetusvideod üleval. VIta Liberata tooteid leiab Decoris SHowroom'ist Tallinnas, TanTan salongist ning paljudest kauplustest üle Eesti. 

Aitäh pika lugemise eest armsad! Vahvat päevitamist! x