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Long time no post in beauty category!

As I've said I only introduce the best of the best things in all things beauty. I do mainly lead a fashion and lifestyle blog, but I also love to review all things good and worth mentioning now and then.

Tonight I thought I should tell you about something I actually heard about in Kenza's blog. I always wondered how her face has that certain beautiful glow to it and I found from her blog that it's the Dior Glow Maximizer primer. As I had some spare time in Copenhagen airport soon later, I figured I will go test it. At first it looked like a shimmering new year's eve dress but then it started to be one with the skin and oh how refreshing it looked! Bought it and later tested it under foundation because I don't have much tan yet and it so gently glows beneath the thin layer of foundation. Skin is so glowy (I apply to certain places on face of course which I want to make glowy), youthful and fresh. I also have it under foundation on the photos in the previous post, you can see it glow nicely on forehead and bridge of the nose and cheekbones.
More and more I grow trust into more expensive make-up. Started off with expensive foundations and grew into love for some blushes, serums and mascaras. Can't say all expensive make-up is good and worth the price though...but seems Dior's primers are top notch and I will go for the same in matte also!

Hope you got some great tips from here! Getting back to the research proposal now haha, good night!



Hey everyone! I haven't got a chance to do any outfit posts lately so I will introduce you to something even more useful - time for my short beauty section! This is for everyone struggling with loose eye-skin or dark eye-circles!

I'm gonna tell you about this amazing eye serum from Bodyshop (pictured). My friend Liisa, the make-up artist, did my make-up some months ago and told me that it's not good at all that I have those datk circles under my eyes and skin also seems a bit "loose" if she added eyeshadow so she asked me if I've used any eye-skin products. After I said no, she told me to go straight to Bodyshop and buy myself an eye-serum from their green, nature product line.
After I got back to Sweden it was the first on my list. So the saleswoman gave me this particular roll-top one (sorry I don't have the package for you) called Drops of Youth and told me to roll it on every morning/evening around all the skin surrounding my eyes, especially the dark circles with the really thin layer of skin from scrubbing off make-up and rubbing
So after almost a month I saw some results already, the skin around my eyes was really firm and the dark circles I had were reaaally light, the skin was so much thicker. After 2 months they were gone..vanished, I only had thick beautiful skin under my eyes with the colour of the rest of my face. This thing worked! Like magic! And i continue to use it for I don't know 4th month I guess and it still doesn't run out. I thought dark eye circles were incurable. I owe a lot of thanks to my make-up artist and the saleswoman in the store because now I wake up and look good not half-dead zombie like, especially with really tired eyes it was the worst. I don't need tons of concealer around and under my eyes and ugh, life is so much better through mirror now haha!

So I hope that was helpful to some of you. Since it worked so well on me and also my friend make-up artist then I am sure it will work on you too! Give it a try!



So Poplin app which I introduced in the last post chooses 3 Trendsetter every week who in their opinion matched the topic of the week most with their outfits. I was the lucky girl to be chosen last week and recieved these amazing nailpolishes from Isadora as a gift. I will make a post about trying them out soon! Meanwhile thank you Poplin for this amazing colour and cover lack. Perfect pastel colour for this pastel-licious Spring!


My favs! Adorrable "wooden" frames!

So in Saturday I attended the Smarteyes-event for introducing their beautiful new Elements Collection. We also had nice brunch there and I adorres the wooden frames the most. Since my eyesight is so so bad and I'm still too afraid to have the surgery, then I thought it would be super fun to own like at least 5 absolutely different colour and shape frames to choose from to outfits and school, right? I'm seriously gonna think about buying some more glasses for schoolwear now...

Anyways we attended the event in Trelleborg with Laura (yea I know, I can't get away from my favourite small town) and I introduced her to the town,
eventhough it was raining and ruined
the mood, but we had fun. I haven't been to my blog long because I just did my super-difficult exam on Friday which I studied for a long time and after that i just needed to 100% rest and clear my head, but now normal routine is back and blog will be full of updates! Oh and the exam went very well thanks to strict and even painful studying night and day. I'm happy for
myself, deserved a full rest weekend and I hope I will get a high grade for it.


So this is my hair right now. Finally got it to grow in a lenght I'm satisfied with, they didn't grow at all before so I did a year-round treatment at home for them and look at it! So proud! I had a hair growth tutorial post a while back, I'm gonna post a link here later on today.
Anyway what I wanted to ask/say is that I feel it's time for a change again. Before I went from really light blonde to dark brown stripes which made me basically a brunette. Now it has gone light and taken some different shades. I booked my favourite hairdresser in Estonia so now I'm just wobdering whether I should go darker from this or back to blonde from this? Of course I would use highlights not colour the whole thing, but what do you think? Light/Dark?


Thank you so much Smarteyes for my new cat-eye frames! I love them and I can finally see again in university haha. Never seen brown frames before, loved them immediately after first sight. If it waan't for Smarteyes's beautiful selection, I would've probably chosen square black or red frames again as always. Difference feels good and these cat-eyes compliment my face, so sweet!


Hi! So a while back I got an amazing letter from Smarteyes which said I can pick whatever pair of glasses from their shop. It was perfect timing since the clumsy-chick managed to break her current glasses just week before. I've been having hard time seeing in lectures without glasses so i am sooo grateful for a new pair and their frames are just so beautiful and stylish! The lady helping me pick from all these frames so helpful.

I'm gonna go through sight-examination Wednesday and then choose the right pair for me. I've had red and black typical square frames for all my life so I figured trying something completely different. I loved the Izabella Scorupco collection and their newest Broome Street collection (with cool wooden-like pair of frames) but I think I might go for Trend Retro cat-eye-looking frames. You can see both black and brown versions on pictures above. What do you think, which of these two should I pick?


On 25th August a collection of glasses from Izabella Scorupco and Smarteyes will launch in stores. Izabella is a famous artist, modell and actress (joined one Bond-movie) and she has inspired the designers of Smarteyes for this collection. The inspiration comes from LA where she lives to day. The special thing with this is that the case also is possible to use as a makeup bag and looks so gorgeous.

I have needed glasses now for more than half of my life and I can assure you that a pair of red frames looks really hot. Now I have a pair of black and whites but I'm craving again for the red ones I always had before. So here is a exclusive sneak peak of two pretty red frames from the forecoming collection.

More about Izabella Scorupco:

Izabella Scorupco is a Swedish actress, model and fashion profile. She has starred in movies along side actors like Academy Award winners Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey. In 1995 she played the lead female role in the James Bond movie GoldenEye. Today Izabella lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.


I've written about my hair care before, I think it was one of the first posts I made in this blog, but I've got some new tips and I think I should share something that helped me get my hair back healthy again. Also a lot of girls ask me how did I get my hair to grow again, so here it is - FULL TUTORIAL HOW TO FIX DAMAGED HAIR

My hair was breaking, falling out, basically dying everyday, ends were split..mainly because I was colouring it blonder and blonder. They were quite thick but they got shorter and shorter everyday because the ends were dead and just broke. I've always wanted long hair so finally I consulted with my hairdresser and we started to fix my hair together, it started last June. I also did some research myself and finally in March, this year, we cut off the last piece of dry ends and now I have completely healthy growing hair, all I need is time now, because they won't break anymore. Oh and they are so thick, more and more hair grows on my head everyday and they're getting even more thicker. So here are the thing I did and continue doing:

1) Conditioner before shampooing - I know that most of you don't do that, but it's actually a lot better for your hair if you defence your ends before shampooing not after. So what I do is hold the conditioner 10-30 minutes in my hair before I start to wash them. They will still be soft don't worry. 

2) Conditioner in hair over-night - Leave a moisturising conditioner in hair for the night and just shampoo your hair in the morning. Such a great tip if you're in a hurry in the morning.

3) Leave different oils in your hair over-night - Olive oil, coconut oil, peanut oil, castor oil..I use it all, but not at once. Every night, when I have nowhere to go the next morning, I leave one of these oils in my hair for the night. I think that is the thing that helped my hair the most. Your hair gets so much out of this little small thing ýou can do. It may be hard to wash it out at first, but your hair will come used to it quite right away. That's something my hairdresser said I MUST do and now she laughs and says - told you it works, people don't believe but it does. Girls, even those who have healthy hair - do it! Your hair will thank you.

4) Haidresser - I know it must be tempting to dye your hair at home with a colour bought from some supermarket. I did that too all the time, but it's killing your hair. Just go to your favourite hairdresser, say what's your natural hair colour that keeps growing out and figure out what colour could suit you best and what colour wouldn't disturb you if it grew out a lot. If you want to keep your light blonde then just go dye it at hairdressers every time it grows out. They have the products that can keep your hair from great damage. Well I was blonde, I still would love to be, but I don't want to go anywhere to hairdresser except my own in Estonia. That's why my hair is now dark blonde with light blonde highlights, so that if my hair grows out, it will still look beautiful. Now it has gone lighter during summer and it has grown out a lot, almost looks like ombre and I love it. And it was all my hairdressers idea. Oh and stop dying your ends, it's the worst you can do. 

5) Dry oils for hair - The ones you put in your hair after washing them and the ones you use on the ends after stilling or before sleep. I have about 5 of those and I always use 3 on moist hair every time I have washed my hair. Hands up for Moroccan Oil - the best product I've ever put in my hair. Not only me but everyone says it's simply magic. If you think your hair is soft and shiny now, nope try your hair with this oil. I sometimes leave one of these oils in my hair over-night too and wash it off in the morning. Also the good thing about these oils is that they don't leave any oily marks in hair and they last long since you only have to use a small drop every time. 

6) Vitamins - I take Vitamin-B every spring, the whole jar. Your hair needs vitamins to grow. You either eat them in with food or with vitamin-pills or both. I also just finished a bottle of cod-liver oil which I think helped me a lot last few months. Hair grows and grows. So google the foods and products you can take in that help with the growth. Oh I almost forgot - take a spoon of olive oil daily and eat a lot of avocados. 

7) Protein masks - Hair needs protein to grow. I use this one awesome mask for it. Put half an avocado, 2 teaspoons of olive oil and one egg-yellow in a bowl, mix it and put it in you hair for 2 hours. Of course cover your hair with a blanket and wash it off with shampoo later. It's magical. 

8) Cut off your dry ends - Nothing fixes your damaged split ends, you can only prevent your hair from drying more and more. You just need to fix your hair from the middle and time by time cut off pieces of dry from your hair. First I made my hair grow again and then I started cutting it off each time it grew. 

9) Other products - I use a leave-in conditioner after I've washed my hair. I also use a professional hair mask time to time and a leave-in serum. These all make my hair feel healthy and soft. I also use the tangle-teezer for combing wet hair and removing tangles easily. I don't use hairbrushes anymore. Only the tangle-teezer and small combs. I also use soft bands without any metal or plastic and sometimes I style my hair with a round brush made of boar's hair that doesn't damage hair. 

10) Heat protector - I heat-style a lot, I know quilty and that's the reason I need to strictly keep doing everything above. But nevertheless I use tons of heat protector in my hair before doing any heat styling. It is a must. No arguing that. ANd if you can don't heat style at all. 

11) Wash them right - Don't condition your scalp, don't shampoo your ends. Easy. And start with warm water and end washing with cold water so hair wouldn't get greasy fast. Also don't wash your hair too much, let it be unwashed until you can't stand it. I don't wash my hair for 2 days and then wash it and you have to wash your hair as gently as your hands. 

12) Time - Give your hair time to grow, don't rush into extensions because they haven't grown 5 cm in 2 months. You will just break them more. 

So a long post, but if I missed anything I will add it up in some new post. For Estonian friends, sorry I didn't write in estonian, google translate if you can't understand. And I want to thank my mom, Joonas and Joonas's mom who have gave me products I can use and helped me find the great ones. I really appreciate it. 

If anyone has any questions or want to ask what products I use, you can comment or write me on my e-mail. Hope I could help at least some of you. For me all that worked. 


Today I went to stores to find a new and a little bit different (not usual pink) lipstick and left with Maybelline's Midnight Plum. Who would've thought that I would start to like something purple on my lips...but it looks so great with summer tan and I think it looks good with a little bit darker hair colour than light blonde or it will be too vampire-like. I have this mix of dark blond-gold-light brown in my hair and it matches perfectly - makes my child-like face a bit older too haha. I'm gonna wear it with all-white outfits mostly and more in winter probably. The number for this colour is 338 and I lined my lips with 1000 kisses lipliner by Rimmel in colour Cappucino. 

And also, you shouldn't add it straight on, you should use a small brush. 

Lipstick - HERE
Lip liner - HERE


So I said earlier I'm gonna introduce my make-up favourites. I love make-up and I've tried I guess hundreds of products from cheaper ones to expensive ones, but these are the ones that stand out for me. And I'm sorry for not the best quality. 


My skin used to be horrible and I thought that only taking care of it would make it better. Well it did, but it kept coming
back all the time. So I finally realised that I might need a better foundation instead. Couldn't be without some too because I didn't like it with bad skin and no make-up. 

1. I've tried concealers in every price class and every shape, but I found the perfect one from H&M actually. It's liquid,
   doesn't harm your skin and can be used as a highlighter too. I like to put it under my eyes and under cheekbones.
2. I like this highlighter by Lumene more than YSL one. Hadn't heard about it before, just decided to give it a try and loved it.  
3. Oh yes, the IsaDora Bronzing Powder. It has lasted for 2 years even though I use it every day to bring out my cheekbones.   It's simply perfect. 
4. The first one to save my bad skin - YSL Le Taint Touche Eclat. Worth to buy it again every time it runs out, trust me.
5. The second one to save my skin - Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. It's not as liquid as the one from YSL, but looks as amazing.


I have a very thin upper lip so everything doesn't suit me, but these ones are just ideal.

1. Perfect Moisture from Isadora - the colour is Satin Pink and is perfect for summer, especially with tanned face.
2. Discovered a new make-up brand Kiko from Milano. The lipstick is Exotic Shine and the bright colour is Voluptuous Pink. I love this colour, it's perfect for parties and summer nights.
3. Want your lips to seem bigger and feel soft? There's nothing better than Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. I have the small one. It repairs dry lips, makes them shine and has light pink colour to it. Miracle product, couldn't be without it.


I have to be thankful for my really long natural lashes, so every mascara looks good, but I do have eyelids that keep smudging every eye pencil and liner I put on. Except those..

1. Pupa Glitter Eye Pencil - it's not very glittery, just enough so you can wear it during daytime also. It stays on perfectly and is easy to apply, never used any other eye pencil because this one never disappoints.
2. Kiko Eyeliner is a little bit glittery, but dries immediately after applying and stays on so well that it's a little bit hard to get it off later…and that's a good thing.
3. Everyone knows that Maybelline's Yellow Mascara never fails, but this new Big Eyes Mascara is my new favourite. It beats every expensive mascara I've tried and makes my eyes pop. You have a thin brush for small lashes and a plump one for longer lashes. I put on a lot of layers for the bigger look. 

I searched out where you can buy every product so just click on the names in text written in Bold to see the products. Hope you guys find something for yourself. And yes I'm seriously thinking about getting a great camera for the blog. Kisses!