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Today I went to stores to find a new and a little bit different (not usual pink) lipstick and left with Maybelline's Midnight Plum. Who would've thought that I would start to like something purple on my lips...but it looks so great with summer tan and I think it looks good with a little bit darker hair colour than light blonde or it will be too vampire-like. I have this mix of dark blond-gold-light brown in my hair and it matches perfectly - makes my child-like face a bit older too haha. I'm gonna wear it with all-white outfits mostly and more in winter probably. The number for this colour is 338 and I lined my lips with 1000 kisses lipliner by Rimmel in colour Cappucino. 

And also, you shouldn't add it straight on, you should use a small brush. 

Lipstick - HERE
Lip liner - HERE


So I said earlier I'm gonna introduce my make-up favourites. I love make-up and I've tried I guess hundreds of products from cheaper ones to expensive ones, but these are the ones that stand out for me. And I'm sorry for not the best quality. 


My skin used to be horrible and I thought that only taking care of it would make it better. Well it did, but it kept coming
back all the time. So I finally realised that I might need a better foundation instead. Couldn't be without some too because I didn't like it with bad skin and no make-up. 

1. I've tried concealers in every price class and every shape, but I found the perfect one from H&M actually. It's liquid,
   doesn't harm your skin and can be used as a highlighter too. I like to put it under my eyes and under cheekbones.
2. I like this highlighter by Lumene more than YSL one. Hadn't heard about it before, just decided to give it a try and loved it.  
3. Oh yes, the IsaDora Bronzing Powder. It has lasted for 2 years even though I use it every day to bring out my cheekbones.   It's simply perfect. 
4. The first one to save my bad skin - YSL Le Taint Touche Eclat. Worth to buy it again every time it runs out, trust me.
5. The second one to save my skin - Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. It's not as liquid as the one from YSL, but looks as amazing.


I have a very thin upper lip so everything doesn't suit me, but these ones are just ideal.

1. Perfect Moisture from Isadora - the colour is Satin Pink and is perfect for summer, especially with tanned face.
2. Discovered a new make-up brand Kiko from Milano. The lipstick is Exotic Shine and the bright colour is Voluptuous Pink. I love this colour, it's perfect for parties and summer nights.
3. Want your lips to seem bigger and feel soft? There's nothing better than Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. I have the small one. It repairs dry lips, makes them shine and has light pink colour to it. Miracle product, couldn't be without it.


I have to be thankful for my really long natural lashes, so every mascara looks good, but I do have eyelids that keep smudging every eye pencil and liner I put on. Except those..

1. Pupa Glitter Eye Pencil - it's not very glittery, just enough so you can wear it during daytime also. It stays on perfectly and is easy to apply, never used any other eye pencil because this one never disappoints.
2. Kiko Eyeliner is a little bit glittery, but dries immediately after applying and stays on so well that it's a little bit hard to get it off later…and that's a good thing.
3. Everyone knows that Maybelline's Yellow Mascara never fails, but this new Big Eyes Mascara is my new favourite. It beats every expensive mascara I've tried and makes my eyes pop. You have a thin brush for small lashes and a plump one for longer lashes. I put on a lot of layers for the bigger look. 

I searched out where you can buy every product so just click on the names in text written in Bold to see the products. Hope you guys find something for yourself. And yes I'm seriously thinking about getting a great camera for the blog. Kisses!