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Another year of blogging where I can wish my best to all of you for Christmas while being so grateful you support me by checking back here so often! It is the best gift I could ever ask for with my social media work and I am truly honored by all of this! The only reason I keep doing this year after year is my passion and YOU so I wish I could send you all that love back on this beautiful season! Christmas is such a wonderful time (THE most wonderufl time as the song doesn't lie at all!) and I hope you get to spend it in the way that makes you happy and peaceful. Of course every Christmas might not be ideal as some might be far away from families and friends or have some other reasons but luckily we get this wonderful holiday every single year so try to remember that social media is not what it shows itself to be and no one should be affected by what they see there. Bad times and good times pass quicker than we realize, but it's important to find happiness and peace in every situation. 

I was yet again blessed enough to spend my Christmas time at home with J's and my family (with 3 dinners in total) and we had the best time! I really appreciate how I got to take some time off everything and truly value the idea of this season. We played boardgames, ate good food, had hours of funny chitchat and gave out presents and now I am so ready to jet off to Amsterdam and then Paris for our little New Year's trip with J! 

Oh and aren't we lucky in Estonia to have had such thick snow outside during Christmas that looked like a fairytale day and night?? The weather this year has been absolutely perfect with hot long summer and really snowy Christmas! Definitey one of the highlights of 2018 for many many people! When I get back from our little European tour then I will definitely go have more fun in the snow and try to relax as long as I can at home since who knows when J will jet off to another country and it will be time for me to move along as well. 

But as I gotta drive to Tallinn Airport really early tomorrow then MERRY CHRISTMAS again my dearest readers and I hope that your holiday season will continue to be cheerful and will be topped up with a fun and wonderful New Year's Eve!! Thank you for everything again and again and le's hope that really good 2018 will turn itself into an even better 2019! Sending hugs!! x

(PS! I am wearing an amazing Mongolian fur jacket from the Pello Bello brand that has kept me warm and cozy in snow lately! Plus it's gorgeous and so so soft and I love every bit of it!)  


Everything from Emporio Armani (Tallinn store)

Hey everyone! Christmas is so close now! Truly is the most wonderful time of the year and for me it's because of the lit up streets, thick snow we have here in Estonia and the peaceful family time with no rush with work, just other Christmas-y things instead! I did my gift shopping really early in Norway already so right now I am completely stress free with this, but it's getting harder and harder each year as the world has taken a move from a lot of gifts to meaningful and really practical ones and you have to know your friends and family reaallly well now to make a good gift these days. Gladly I have a really attentive pair of ears and a good memory to keep all the 'wanties' on my mind since probably August haha! 

I've been in my hometown all the days since I've been back from Norway but yesterday I had to head to Tallinn early for a day full of tasks and meet-ups with friends. We also finished filming for the new TV show here in Estonia. It's the same one we did in the beginning of December but there was a lot to still show and talk about so we wrapped it up completely now. No spoilers, but the topic is about blogging, how blogging is perceived in Estonia and what that work really is about. I think it's really important for many people in Estonia to hear about, but especially by those whom I will be addressing in my next blog post. It has a serious note, but it definitely has to be talked about. But I also hopped by showrooms to see the super cool people of our little PR world in Tallinn and as always it's so happy to see them over a long time and then had a coffee right after with a friend. Then I was off for a super quick photoshoot at Hilton and immediately had to rush off to our Christmas dinner at Ribe with our girl gang of bloggers! Had so much fun seeing the girls over a long time and later at night met up with J who had another dinner in town and then we drove back to our hometown late at night. It was such a busy day and I had a migrane since I woke up, but the excitement of everything kept me up and going! Christmas time seems to make people so much happier after all and it can be felt strongly in the city! 

The glitzy party season means sparkle and so I went to the Emprio Armani store a little while back with the idea to pick out my most favourite party dress that is fit for Christmas and New Years Eve and the coziest warm coat on top of it as it is pretty cold outside and you know what? Found them right away! Emporio Armani really had my view on awesome party dresses as they were glamorous and sparkly, some even golden, and I think it's the only time of the year where it's acceptable to show up full glammed up and sparkle whereever and I sure am taking use of this time every year! I remember a long sleeved sparkly golden dress that I still think of but it had run out of the smallest size. BUT I found something gorgeous I've actually never tried on yet - a sparkly sleeveless dress with a turtleneck! Those who know my style well know that I am real weak for party dresses with turtlenecks, but I've always had long sleeves on them so it was an exciting cut for me to do styling for. Of course I loved the dress on the hanger due to the beautiful details and sequin, but it took me by surprise how gorgeous it actually looked on a person! It is extremely elegant, poised and of course describes Emporio Armani perfectly yet again. I think this would be a stunning choice for a more formal Christmas dinner party of New Year's Eve party as the cut makes it very different and exciting and the dress itself is really comfortable to wear all night. You can find a without-a-coat-photo on my Instagram too (@merylmgi) and they had multiple dsizes of the dresses in the EA Tallinn store so definitely worth a go! The coat won my heart because of the dusty colour and how super soft it is. It's a faux fur coat with suede detailing that is so warm that I actually had no problem to stand in a dress outside in the middle of December! Every woman needs a coat that fits most of the outfits and keeps them warm with a mini dress under during New Year's Eve and that beautiful coat is the one! To complete the outfit, I added a black faux fur collar-scarf that fit the shoulder of the coat well, but it can also be worn with the dress under to keep shoulders warm. Also added a sophisticated clutch with a thin chain detailing that is perfect to any firmal outfit or even to a smart everyday outfit. 

Emporio Armani keeps surprising me with the range of different styles in store and I really like the size and selection of the store we have here in Tallinn. Here's the best news though - EA super quality comes with a pricey tag, but now there's a BIG SALE already in the Tallinn EA store so many of the outfits and pieces I've shown you over the AW18 season are on sale and are a real bargain so hurry before the best ones are gone! Enjoy the holidays! x 


Whole outfit from River Island (Tallinn store) 

Ahhhh finally my dear blog!! I've missed writing here and now I'm up for a such a mess here because so much has been going on haha! Well FOREMOST, we are now done with all the moving from Norway to Estonia. It became vlear J will not continue playing for Sarpsborg 08 and therefore we moved our things to Estonia until we know where J will head next in his career. We have an idea where he might go, but I probably shouldn't say anything just in case haha! The moving was HARD, but it was better as my parents visited us with all the dogs 2 weeks before moving so they could take some of the stuff with them on the car, but we still had the car straight up full of stuff when we drove home. It honestly looked so bad haha but we made it and it's so important J will get a longer contract now as I'm a bit done with all that moving for a while. J had his away games so I had to pack away most of the things and organize the furniture to our friends. So I had no time for the blog whatsoever during that time. Now the HARDEST part was actually saying bye to my really new home. I really enjoyed Sarpsborg because of its location to many cool cities and the sea, but it was the first football club where I made so many amazing friends! It was really difficult to leave because of them as these girls are the nicest and funnest bunch of ladies I've ever met in football clubs and I really hope to see them again some day. We had a huge Christmas party a few weeks before I left and it got so out of hand just ike in Spring when we had the meeting party haha! We went to a dinner at the hotel, but already had pre-drinks at the hotel room and after dinner we went to the hotel Christmas show which was so dope that we all got crazy there. The other businesses that had come to enjoy the show must've been looking so weird at the front row girl gang from Sarpsborg 08 hahah! Then we went bar hopping plus karaoke, but the main part was that it had been so long I had laughed so hard for hours that my cheeks hurt badly! Such a great girl bunch and I'm jealous of the girls that get to join them next year. Another thing is that I am so connected to Scandinavia-everything that leaving Scandinavia again was really hard, like leaving a big home that fits me perfectly.

Now in Estonia it's been pretty busy with blog collaborations and I've been picking up some gifts from the brands I work with here and I am so so thankful for all the amazing gifts as I really enjoy working with the brands everytime I come here! Been spending a lot of time with family and dogs since it's Christmas time and I wanna take it easy with the photoshoots a little while, gather some creative ideas before I get into it again. I think it's really important to get some creative breaks to see things more clearly, have the time to think about future content and get the mood really back on. Happy for all that thick snow we have here and the beautiful Christmas tree at home so my Christmas spirit is full on! 

When my parents visited we also took a little trip to Oslo, the shops there and the Christmas market and that's where the photos are also from. I haven't worn pink for ages now and eventhough I wasn't sure about the colour of this teddy coat from River Island at first, I am now really captivated by it. I've gotten so many compliments on the street and train for it as it is a super eyecatching coat and probably this piece you have in the closet that you don't wear everyday but when feeling extra fierce. Love this kind of clothing that is a bit too extra to handle so you feel great on days you put it on. SInce it's really poppy itself then I added really basic clothing to it. River Island does have the best selection of well-fitting ribbed turtlenecks and all kinds of cool jeans, so it wasn't hard to find the perfect basics to this coat. Oh and the boots! I haven't been wearing anything else as much as these boots lately. They are so perfect with the kitten front and small block heels, which means they are comfortable to wear for a long day in the city or when going out. They also fit most of my outfits so it just happened that I found my favourite winter boots so early haha! River Island has huge sales right now so if you haven't done all your Christmas shopping yet then they have really cool accessories and clothing up there, but I recommend checking out their small gift section in Tallinn! I wish you the most stress free pre-Christmas hussle guys and talk tomorrow! x 


Wearing all River Island 

Another Sunday, time goes by just too fast. J is coming home tonight from his Tromso game up in Norway and I've been cleaning most of the day and watching Netflix, but there's so much more preparations to do as my parents and all the dogs are coming to visit us on Wednesday and staying for a few days to see Norway some more (Definitely will visit Halden and Oslo) and see the Besiktas home game in the European League, which is gonna be huge here. It's almost the last game of the season, but definitely the last home game and I am feeling very very sad about this. I've gotten used to the Sarpsborg 08 football club and the little passionate town here and I've made many good friends here that I really like, so it's another ending on top of all endings I've had in various towns, but somehow Sarpsborg has been the most special football club I've ever seen from the sides of. The song, the people, the approximity of everything and the happiness here is very addictive and I am still of course very glad I could have been part of this and will always remember the emotions I got here, especially the ones with the European League victories. Definitely will keep in touch with the girls, but you probably ask now where we are going...well we are definitely moving in December, but first to Estonia as J has about a month of vacation and we will see whether we will go travelling a bit or stay home, but in January another move to another country will take place and I will tell you once he has signed a new contract, until then everything is possible to happen! Excited but so scared you know. I will keep you updated on everything, promise! 

I have been away from Estonia for a few weeks now and it's a bit more than 3 weeks to go until our move and I know I'm gonna miss the Scandinavian shopping A LOT, but at the same time I already miss my favourite River Island too haha! They don't have a RI store here unfortunately, but I do have some photos to share with the perfect basics I found from River Island. I know I do these 'basics' post now and then that are not maybe super innovative or trendy, but I think these are really honest posts, because I am a true lover of good basics and these are the bases to all my other outfits and it's sometimes to good to show you them so that they don't hide behind a fluffy coat or a very very extra jacket or pants, but are matched with other good basics making a really comfy and simple outfit. So here's a complete outfit of only basics that have been in every week use by me since I got them from River Island. RI has so many good basics I've alredy said that a million times here, but it continues to be true by the example of that knit already. It's a really nice greyish white and 'small' knit that fits under everything, but especially nice under blazers in my opinion. I really like these half-turtleneck styles so this knit has been in everyday use by me and the same goes for these stretchy leggings-pants. They are really simple super comfortable leggings, really perfect for travelling, but I think the two golden buttons and the suit pants styled fronts make them way more stylish than any other pair of leggings. I've already posted with the wool coat here once and I'm doing it again as it is a simple coat that really does go with everything so no wonder it's gonna be repetetive here. And the boots are just dope. They have a small block heel and are super shiny, but they are mad comfortable to wear and I think the golden buttons on them go so well with the leggings and they are over all very good basic boots to wear with anything. A bit pricey but they look really good as well. 

Oh by the way guys, have you also been watching Riverdale? Now that J was in Tromso the whole weekend I took the series up due to recommendation by Marii and I somehow can't stop watching haha. I can't decide if I really like it or it's a really cheesy teen show, but one's for sure, it's so interesting with so many twists that I just keep on going. What are your opinions on it? Gonna watch one more episode now and will start working after J gets home and probably will dive into his Playstation soon haha. Lots of luck for the upcoming week cuties! x 



Coat & Jeans - H&M (coat sold out online, similar HERE/ Jeans HERE)          T-shirt - Gina Tricot           Sneakers - Alexander McQueen

Hey cuties! So not much has been up lately as after I got back to Norway from Sweden I have been mostly working all week. J has been in Hungary for 5 days and will be 3 more in Greece and since everyone has been away from the town during the national team games break then I've been taking this alone time to catch up on all my editing, e-mails and posting which is not only my blog but also my other work with social media. I've been efficient as hellll this past week and I think I really needed this time to get my life sorted out after all that back and forth travelling haha. Besides work getting done, I've also bought and put up some Christmas lights and got the home in amazing shape plus been having too much home-spa. I really must sound like I didn't have my life in order before and trust me, I didn't haha and not because I was a mess but I always had so many plans that I never took time to concentrate at home. One downside of all this is that I haven't been able to snap a lot of photos during this time and also I've had a really annoying, pounding migrane for the past 4 days that I wake up with every morning. I really appreciate the good advice everyone gave me on Instagram stories and I feel a lot better now, but I'm afraid it might come back in the morning and it must be due to some pressure change or so, because normally they don't last that long for me. They're not like really painful but more just annoying to do my work with and it has made laptop work really hard especially. By the way have you guys hung up your Christmas lights already? That time is sooo magical with the lights on the streets and the Christmas trees being lit always comes so quick every year doesn't it? Like straight from September to Christmas like snap! 

So J will be back by Monday night and I've planned to do a little bit of more work tomorrow on that Sunday, but definitely planning to finally cover myself into self-tanner as I am getting really pale already and that's not good for my type of work haha, and also planning to do some cleaning and laundry and of course watch another one of J's national team games in the evening. I have tried to shoot some detail and product photos indoors but it's been so gray and dark the whole week that I have to have the lights on during the day even. I wonder if the sun will show its face tomorrow so I can finally snap my ideas... will see! 

But I've been living in this coat here recently, boy where do I begin! I grabbed it with me from H&M along with them perfect wash retro mom jeans some months ago becayse I just knew this coat is gonna be the coat of this winter for me and I was not wrong AT ALL. It's huge and if you've been following me from at least last winter you know that I have a weak spot for chunky oversized coats and puffer jackets and this is yet another one into my closet, but I think this one is the best yet! The cut is amazing perfect with a loose fit and just one button to close it up with and I just adore the creamy white and the almost teddy coat look it has. I'm really glad it's not completely teddy looking but also leaves a bit room to wear it with more elegant clothing if you know what I mean. It's super warm and quite heavy because of it, but there's nothing it doesn't go with and I will be obsessed to the limits over this coat. I think it is sold out online, but it can be available in stores still and since I've had so many people asking for it once I posted it on my Instagram stories then I suggest to check out the more brown versions of it on H&M website too, also super cute! I also asked from H&M Showroom about this coat and they said H&M might have it back just one day if the decide to so make sure to keep checking their website often! 

I'm gonna take my tired head to sleep now so have a good night (Saturday night) everyone! x


Everything except for boots is from Emporio Armani.

Hey everyoneI I've been travelling A LOT these few days, going from Norway to Estonia, from Estonia to Sweden and from Sweden to Copenhagen for a day and now I'm on the train back to Norway haha. Such a Scandinavian/Nordic trip in such a little time frame (8 days to be exact), but the reason is that I had many projects, events and collaborations (and a little TV show filming) during the weekend in Estonia and had to go home for these and since I planned to go see J's European League game against Malmö in Sweden anyway then I went there straight from Estonia. Met up with my uni versity friend Rebecca and had a lot of fun at Copenhagen with her for the day. Copenhagen is as good as ever and I will probably never in my life get tired of this amazing city with amazing vibes and artsy royal buildings. Apparently haha, I managed to break my pants there so I had to quickly get a new pair which was a very awkward but really funny situation, a first for me definitely. After the CPH day I was sooo tired, so went early to bed as I wanted to get up early as well the next day. Helped Rebecca with her interview for her Bachelor's Thesis and wanted to be in Malmö early for the game to have a bit of din-din and beers before the match. I've never been to Malmö Stadion so obviously we were a little late trying to navigate ourselves there through the city haha, but the game went so well as it was a tie again between the teams and Sarpsborg is now second in the European League Group I. So proud of my babe! Will now get to spend two-three days with him in Sarpsborg before he's off to his national team games in Greece and Hungary, so I will be having a lot more free time working on my laptop when I'm alone in Norway. I have so much to catch up on now that I've been having this hectic travelling schedule, but I of course gathered some content on the way and can't wait to publish everything I've planned to now. 

One of the pending posts has been one of my recent favourites as this outfit is everything I love about Emporio Armani and everything that is just 'me'. As I've been collaborating with Emporio Armani, I've come to learn that their suit pants are the best ones I've ever tried on anywhere. It started with the  golden set a few months ago when I was really surprised about the cut and fit of EA suit pants as they didn't look like they would suit me on a hanger but once I put them on I felt like they will probably flatter everyone and so many body types. See the post HERE. Now I tried on about 5 pairs recently and I was again sceptical about the fit of all of them but once I tried them on they were absolutely amazing and I heard suit pants are the best sellers in Tallinn as they are really this type of suit pants that you can have from formal events to office and back onto streets, so I decided to go for a bit of a street-look with the pants too. I found this really perfect grey pair that looked so beautiful from the back and I thought that a pair of platform boots would go so well with them if I folded them up a bit. I was so right about this as I fell in love fore sure! Of course I then went on to match the fur jacket I've been having on my mind for months now with the pants. This jacket is so cool I wish I had it in every colour possible! It's so warm and soft, but the best part is the HUGE Emporio Armani logo at the back with EA written out itself. This kind of short fur jackets with large logos and texxts in the back are really in right now, but I bet they will never truly go out of fashion so this jacket is definitely an investemnt piece for wintery years to come and it won't disappoint with any outfit as it is so edgy! Probably no winter outfit screams 'Meryl' more than a turtleneck matched to it and nothing better than EA quality knits and turtlenecks to keep warm. The whole outfit is a really great go-to look through Fall and Winter to have and matching styles like suit pants and casual fur jackets will never let down style wise. You can find the whole look from Tallinn's Emporio Armani store and definitely online as well! 

I have about an hour left until I reach my little Norwegian home so I will down my green energy shot and edit some photos on Lightroom until I get there. Will probably remember more details about my last few weeks once I am not so tired and have more time to put my thoughts together about all the overwhelming days so I will share them here later! Until then have an amazing weekend angels! x 


Wearing everything from River Island (only boots are last season) 

So the Oslo trip didn't go well as the weather forecast is the most unreliable thing currently. It said it was gonna be 10 degrees and sun all day so we were really hyped about going there and spending a long day but it ended up SNOWING in the morning and once the snow melted it was 0 degrees and thick rain all day, so we hopped by town, the photos of course failed completely and then we went to the National Museum instead. I was happy to see the Edvard Munch famous paintings and get familiar with the artsy side of Norway and even J got kinda into the paintings, which was very very surprising to me haha! Now I'm in Estonia again (yep again) as I took up a few projects here to do and will go to straight Sweden after a few days. Yesterday I had one of the funnest nights over some time and definitely one of the funnest blog events yet with a bunch of girls and Lindex. We drove almost two hours to a distant cabin house by the sea where we all got ready in our pre-picked Lindex glam outfits and had a private chef make us a 4-course dinner with so much wine and bubbles, while we chatted all night and then we all got into our custom pijamas and played boardgames with more wine and made the silliest videos haha. This really amazing but also silly night with the blogger girls was exactly what I needed at that point. Just need some girls-only getaways now and then and I am so so thankful to Lindex and Grete and all the other brands that plan fun events for us as sometimes they truly are needed for more inspiration and motivation when spending great time with other bloggers. Thanks girls, it was so so fun with you! 

As my Oslo photos failed, I quickly wanted to shoot my favourite outfit in Sarpsborg before my trip to Estonia, because this here is one of my recent favourite looks for Fall. Everything is from River Island by the way! I already owned a pair of this kind of black leather cigarette trousers and I've worn them a lot during last months, so when I saw the brown version I knew I had to get them immediately and I was so right to get them. These are even funkier than the black ones because they stand out more now that the black ones are everywhere and on everyone and also I just love how they look with an all-black combination! Of course they go really well with other neutrals as well like beige and grey, but I think all black brings them out the best. To the pants I added some realllly good RI basics like this warm black coat that actually has a fur collar and a belt, but they are removable and I thought that less detail is better to this look. Then I found a top I've been looking for a long time and I somehow tend to find everything I've been looking for for a long time from RI stores. It's a sleeveless turtleneck top. Oh and that bag haha, listen up! This bag is THE BEST for everything. It already looks so cool as it is 100% all faux fur, handles and everything, but it's also so comfortable to carry heavy stuff around with. My laptop is super heavy as it's a Macbook Pro from a few years back and I also sometimes have my charger, camera, water bottle and so so many things with me and this bag is such a hand saver if you know what I mean girls. The handles are furry so it makes it soft to carry any weight and that also makes it a perfect travel bag which it has been in use for me lately of course. You can also wear it over the shoulder with a longer strap so this is something River Island has really nailed it with. There's many more colours like animal print and emerald green so I definitely recommend this bag to everyone carrying around a lot of stuff! 

Now I'm gonna head home from Tallinn to spend a few days there and pack for Sweden/Norway as I'm not coming back from Norway until mid-December and I need my Winter slash party clothes all with me and not to forget the outfits I gotta prepare to take with me to Malmö and Copenhagen in near days! Can't wait for the Swedish hop over!! Talk soon! x 


Knit dress, sunglasses and handbag - Emporio Armani

Happy Monday morning everyone! It's such a beautiful but cold morning here in Norway. For some reason neither the wifi or 4g on my laptop has allowed me to upload photos on blog, so until I can find out that issue, I've been uploading photos via phone or at cafes where for some reason, the uploading works haha! Maybe my laptop is pushing me to work outside of home, who knows. That is the reason I haven't been posting about Tallinn Fashion Week yet, but I will now as I found out how to get photos up and I have all the outfits to show you guys! The weather during TFW was sooo nice that I could wear a oversized knit with knee boots again! Compared to the previous years, we were very very lucky to have this weather.

So everything besides the boots in this outfit is from the Emporio Armani Tallinn store and I just love LOVE this look! This emeraldish-green knit is actually wearable in so many different ways! It can be worn as I did on TFW, but the collar can be set in many different ways or opened up half way. Also the knit can be opened up fully, making it a really long beautiful cardigan! I always get excited over clothing pieces that can be worn in many different ways because my creative sense just kinda gets satisfied over this, gets my mind going to all the ways to style it. But my favourite part of the knit are the huge trumpet sleeves that make it so elegant and edgy. Definitely look out for trumpet sleeves on tops right now, as they are still very much in. I styled the green knit with the knee boots and simple black accessories and just how gorgeous are these!? The patterned handbag just gets my heart racing so fast! To be honest, it's just perfect. I really like handbags that have a specific rectangular shape plus with the short handles it looks so feminine and warable to anything and everywhere. It doesn't look like a typical office bag as it has really exciting details like the crocodile pattern and the ziczac-like closing. Oh and I have found my new favourite sunglasses from Emporio Armani for the Winter, square, oversized and so cool!! I just love how Emporio Armani keeps surprising me over and over again with its new youthful but still highly elegant pieces. All of the pieces except for the boots can be found from the EA store in Tallinn! 

I'm soon done working on todays tasks already and until I get new ones popping into my mailbox (or head) then I need to figure out what to do with this beautiful and free Monday. Thinking about going to enjoy some beautiful Norwegian nature as J has a day off from football as well. It's been exciting here with football as the European League and Eliteserien games are all going well and it's been fun watching these with girls again, but everything seems to go by too fast right now. It was fun at home with the Tallinn Fashion Week and all the events happening, but I couldn't wait to be back in peaceful Norway and now I gotta head back to Tallinn again on Thursday already for some duties and events and then It's time for a brief visit to Sweden right after. Once I will be back in Norway from Sweden it's almost the end of the season already and we will be leaving Sarpsborg and I feel like I just came here. It's too soon and I am really not ready to leave Norway yet, but of course I'm always excited for what the future brings as football is and always will be the most unpredictable thing in the world. One day you're here and next day you're packing and two days later you live in a new country already. It's gonna be super hard to leave the new friends I made, the routine I have here, the Norwegian nature and the Scandinavian lifestyle I just reckon myself the most with. I think the best way to cope with leaving soon is just to see and do as much as I can until I am here, starting with today and by going to discover more of Oslo tomorrow. We have plans to do some Winter shopping for J and of course take some photos and see something new in the city again! Talk soon loves and have a super great new week! x 


Wool blend coat, faux leather pants and animal print top - H&M/ coat HERE     Boots - NA-KD       Bag - Gucci        Sunglasses - RayBan

Hi there!! Meanwhile I have travelled to Estonia as J has his national team break and I have some work and then it's time for Tallinn Fashion Week! However, things haven't gone as I planned as 2 days ago I got a flu that got really really bad really quick. When J came home from his game around 1 at night, I tried to go to sleep hoping I could sleep the horrible feeling off but my face hurt so bad from the inside that I couldn't sleep all night and as the alarm clock went off 6am we had to start travelling to Oslo for our flight to Tallinn and boy was it the worst little trip I've ever had...probably the worst flu I've ever had too. I'm at home, still very sick and trying to do my best to get better so I can start working and go to my events by Thursday or Friday. Wish me luck..or good health that I would make it! Definitely have to do extra busy days once I'm healthy as I'm losing so much valuable time right now and I haven't been sick for so long so I don't know how to sit calmly and heal hahah! 

We took a lot of Oslo trips lately as J needed some new Autumn stuff and well I just like Oslo more and more everytime and always happy to go. I always try to see new areas there so we went to see the palace and the university area before we hit the city centre and I think this part of Oslo is definitely the prettiest I've seen so far! Guess you can tell from photos a bit how beaut it is!

So I'm wearing an almost full H&M look here from the A/W collections and every piece here has found a cozy safe spot in my closet as they are THE perfect basics (and THE perfect animal print). The faux leather pants are such a good fit and I like the almost-but-not-that-much high waist and the zipper details at the bottom. Wearable with anything as is that amazing wool blend coat H&M Conscious btw!) ! I just can't get enough of it! It has this wide chunky cut while still elegant and it looks so high-end! Definitely my current favourite coat as it goes with anything and is so warm with its wool blend that I've been going to football games with it and whenever I needed to be a bit warmer in Norway. That's an absolute gem among the A/W collections in H&M so make sure to check it out in stores quick as they have been in stores for a few weeks and already ran out of in my hometown in Norway! Eventhough the basics are so perfect, the outfit's star is the perfect animal print top. I am not a fan of all kinds of leopard or animal print as it has to be very specific sized with very specific colours for me to like it, but I fell in love with this top as soon as I saw it because it's literally EXACTLY the kind of animal print I like and the top is so cool with its orange details and slim fit! The whole outfit became my go-to in September and October, but I think I have to start changing lighter tops to chunky turtleneck knits under my coats soon because surprise... I got the flu after all! 

It's so good to be home guys! Especially now that I feel so ill and mom does everything she can to heal me up for an important weekend, she's the best! Also happy to cuddle with my furry pups again! Gonna give them some hugs and then reply to some mails before I will hit the bed early. Have a great week cuties! x 


Wearing everything from River Island

Hey loves, I'm back with another full RI look and this time going full on Fall with the first teddy jacket of the season! Why I'm claiming it to be the first is that I have already gotten my hands on some super SUPER cute teddy coats from different brands and I will be showing them all Winter long because hey, who doesn't love them? I sure do and they are lifesavers for Nordic bloggers haha! So the very honorable first is something I wanted to get my hands on last Winter already - a brown teddy jacket. When I last went to Amsterdam in January I felt like I wanted to wear this exact colour there because I thought it would fit the aesthetics of the city perfectly and it was somekind of a boom of this kind of jackets in Amsterdam that I somehow got so caught up into, but what I didn't find anywhere was this jacket. Either sold out or with a big hoodie, so thanks so much River Island for launching this perfect short brown teddy to snuggle into and that I can bring me to Amsterdam if me and J decide to go again this Winter, because we loved the city! It's now cold weather football game watching tested as well and yes it is super warm! SInce I like to wear very simple basics with my teddies then I went for a simple white tee and white sneakers with pretty details look, but I found these gorgeous satin skinny pants from River Island as well and thought they looked funky for the outfit. These pants will be used at so many parties and events during Winter for sure as they have such a beautiful glow and can be worn with so many things because they are like formal black jeans you know.  

So what has been going on in daily life..been watching lots of football games and working hard on laptop basically, but me and J have been a lot in the nature recently as it is so beautiful at that early Fall phase and the weather has been relatively good but SO COLD suddenly! Also I've managed to break my laptop's mouse pad in other news haha, had to go buy a mouse for it as otherwise you wouldn't be hearing from me and pictures would go unedited and untouched. Today we're gonna shoot some photos again and tomorrow it's the big European League homegame day that I am scared and excited about at the same time. It's still so crazy cool that J actually plays these games with his team..outsiders succeeding at its finest! But where it gets tricky is that we don't know if we will be flying to Estonia on Friday or Monday for the national team games break again. It makes it a bit tricky for me with my colloborations in Tallinn as I have no idea how to plan my schedule for the weekend but hope I will get to know as early as possible. In Tallinn there will be events and collabs waiting but foremost it's time for Tallinn fashion Week again! I am super excited about this year's TFW as the line up is so great and I can't wait for the fuzz and these dark but fashionable October nights to start again! Also there are of course two home games for the national team that I'm gonna attend and otherwise will be working and spending time with family and friends and my cutest doggies again. Definitely will hop by to get a treatment from Decus Clinic again and I will tell you about that amazing beauty clinic in the next or the second post I'm gonna publish depending on my schedule what I have planned to tell you about in my blog! 

Now I'm gonna wait for the delivery guy to bring my packages and off I go! Have a loooovely humpday beautiful peeps! x


1. row: HERE HERE and HERE
2. row: HERE HERE and HERE

Okay I could add a pair of crocodile or snake patterned ankle boots here plus a pair of my always wanted Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga boots, but here's a super B&W take on my boots wanties for this Fall and Winter, because well, that's what I wear the most to my outfits and I just love a good selection of black boots as my style is quite broad and sometimes I want a pair of lady like kitten heels while sometimes I want robust chunky boots and sometimes I feel like making my legs long with knee high boots and sometimes I feel like being sky high. But I added two pairs of white boots that have been on my mind lately because I can't always have black to everything and white is the 180 degree turn from black boots and goes with more soft and subtle tones, but still also goes with a large broad of looks as the black ones too. Of course if I were to be even more edgy then I would get a pair of nude coloured snake prints to make my shoes stand out the most. There's a lot of deciding what to get for this season and I tried to come up with ideas while making this post and also share some of my favourites pick from webshops! I already ordered the first row middle ones by the way, because I love that they don't look like they are super high but actually with that chunky platform they give extra 14cm of height! As an under 170cm person I appreciate these boots so much haha. My other obsession includes very chunky flat lace up boots like the white ones above and also boots that go up to knee only, which I've learned makes legs look a lot longer than over knees and the ones listed are sooo good as they are tight as well! I own a pair of brown ones that are loose so a tighter fit would be good to add to my shoe closet! For my next wanties post I'm gonna dig out some super good animal print boots and throw them into deciding process as well, but until then I will continue deciding between B&W. 


Wearing head-to-toe River Island (the set is from the RI30 collection)

Hi babes! During last couple of days I've been alone in Sarpsborg, working on my other job and as J came back from his game in Istanbul then we went to Oslo for some shopping and took a lot of photos for me to now work on while he is travelling again (today to Trondheim). So they had the first group stage game in the European League on Thursday as they played against the big Besiktas and I gathered with Nina and Mathilde to watch it that night and it was so much fun watching the European League games with the girls over such a while! As I have been staring at my laptop again for a couple of hours now since it's Sunday and Sunday means e-mails and late week's work to be done, then I will have a little break now after I post this outfit and will start work again in an hour and so thus I won't make it to watch his game anywhere else but from my couch today. Oh and about Oslo, I don't know what's up but I usually like a city or not from a first day I see it but with Oslo I've grown to like this city more and more with each visit and now I've been finding so many cool places lately! I could of course always use some more photospots or cool places to see/visit/taste so let me know if you have something favourite in Oslo, whether it's a food place or whatever you come up with as you think of this city! Let me know in the comments! 

Actually haha, I went full "city babe" at first, with heeled boots and oversized sweater and stuff, but as we were walking through the city for many hours finding spots and J's sneaker stores, I started to get so uncomfortable because I wore my boots for the very first time and I just knew it was a bad idea to have them on all day as I hadn't worn them in yet (you probably know the deal with this) so I was super glad I had brought another outfit with me as I wanted to of course take something so wonderful and shoot it in a bigger and better environment than it is Sarpsborg. Yeaaap this set is so wonderful I can't stop wearing it everywhere these days. It's from the River Island's 30th birthday collection which is full of amazing pieces with cool patterns, mostly scarf patterned and has many super dope looking bags! But this set is just such a grab-and-put-on look when I'm in a hurry or going to town or grocery shopping as it fits all contexts and the loads of compliments I've gotten is just crazy haha! Oh and as I have posted a lot with this set on my Instagram Stories then a lot of people have asked me where to get this set and told me later that their size was sold out (as the collection of course sells out pretty quick) so in case the Tallinn store or any other is out of these sets then I will post the links from the RI website HERE and HERE to this masterpiece. 


Wearing a suit, bag and top from Emporio Armani

Hello again Norway, thanks for greeting with such nice weather! It was a pretty long trip here with J as we took the car and also decided to hop by Norrköping, the city in Sweden where we used to live. So we went to our apartment building there and had the roadtrip lunch break at the spot where we used to have lunch at almost everyday! I really love to go back to places I used to live at and get used to. I've been back to different cities in Sweden where I lived for many times now, but now I've also gone by Norrköping and it's very cool to see how much has changed and how different the city looks after all these years. It was a nostalgic moment for sure, but made our trip much longer than we thought! Now we're back and I'm ready to dig into my laptop work again more now that I don't have that many meetings and trips to Tallinn to make as I did for the past 2 weeks. J is back as well with his injury gone as he played against Greece a bit and a full game against Finland in the national team. Now full focus is on the European League games they start this month hand last until December mid-part plus the Eliteserien games are also still on. Hectiiic tiiimes but so much good football to watch, I'm super thrilled! 

But buuut, before I left took some photos with the amazing golden suit I found at the Emporio Armani store! When I saw it from across the store immediately I gasped as I am a big fan of matching suits, but I haven't met something this gorgeous! It bedazzles in gold, it's like stardust mixed with a glittery golden highlighter or so. The photos obviously cannot capture the glitter and the golden blushy shade of it, which is why the suit looks almost different coloured on each photo. It is just beautiful to look at and while it was so extra in material, it has a more loose fit, which makes it less intense and wearable in a larger range of situations. This kind of high-waist suit pants with a loose but perfect fit blazers are so good to wear without a top under or with a lacey bra perhaps or a crop top or any top you like under it. I chose to go for a more casual look to show how it can be worn as a laid-back version and picked a simpler top with the EA logo on it to go under the blazer. I wore it in two ways on the photos - tucked into pants and also rolled up to show the high-waisted pants more. Then I just added a pair of white sneakers and picked a really effective and cute furry bag to go with the look and make it even more exciting! It's a very cool new season handbag that comes in different colours and if you guys follow me on Instagram you probably realize I have some sort of a thing for furry and feather-y accessories and when I see one, I grab it! This suit is definitely stuck on my mind and if I were to wear it to a more formal event then I would close the blazer, wear a lace-y bra or nothing under it and put some really high heels under the pants without rolling them up in that casual way. I would look like a tall, dazzling golden statue and that's exactly the effect Emprio Armani clothing wants you to have! Shine girl! 

Make sure to check out the Emporio Armani Tallinn store for some really edgy and youthful Fall-Winter jackets and coats and also for some beautiful classics and out-of-this-world looks for formal events to come! The new A/W 18 collection is simply beautiful. 


Denim jacket - H&M/ coming soon        Shorts - Vintage Levi's        Sneakers - Bronx Selectors/ HERE 

Hi guys! I'm packing up my stuff right now, kinda trying to put together some outfits, kinda lost in my wardrobe. I wanna bring so much stuff with me but I simply can't and it's very tricky with Fall and Winter clothing being so large. Honestly this football girlfriend life might seem fun and all but try to be a fashion blogger at the same time hahah. I just can't take all my wardrobe with me as J might move just like that, in a day or so real soon and then I would have trouble getting my things back home or to a new place. But I still have to keep up with fashion so it's gonna be a lot of luggage either way, luckily we will travel back with the car so it's easier that way. Wish me luck keeping my head together with this haha! 

Tomorrow's gonna be a very very busy day so I thought I will post a look here before I head to sleep today. It features two clothing pieces that I am very obsessed with currently. There are a lot of belted jackets, blazers, etc. around with different styles and I am caught up in this as well. Needless to stay I love belted blazers a lot but now I started to love belted denim jackets as well! This jacket is just so edgy cool but also flattering and just feels so great as a daily throw-on on anything basically. I loved to wear it with short shorts to make it look like a super short dress from farther away, but now that it's a bit breezy I think I will have to opt for the longer Levi's. Aaaand well here are the Bronx Selectors sneakers that i bet you've seen on my Instagram already 20 times haha, because they truly are my current go-to shoe to all outfits. I was a bit scpetical about the bright yellow and green and thought the sneakers would go with more colourful or B/W outfits but they seriously fit E V E R Y W H E R E. These dad style sneaks go with me anywhere right now and I will try very hard to switch these for other shoes like heels and stuff but I can't look away from the possibility of wearing these awesome and super comfortable shoes to any outfit and outfit shoot. Everyone deserves a universal shoe like that!!

I could go on forever how much I love this look here, but I guess you can see it all from my Instagram anyway. Now I'm gonna be away from my blog a few days as I am travelling back from Estonia to Norway, but then I have a huge beauty post prepared for you guys and a precious collab of mine as well! Have a great time my peeps! x  


Everything from River Island 

It's Sunday and I'm home relaxing and working from my computer today as I am a bit tired from yesterday. Last night was the first national team's game in Tallinn against Greece and I went to Tallinn a bit earlier to fix some work stuff and the game was also super late, so after I drove back to hometown (didn't feel like staying in Tallinn for the night) I think I reached home around 3 at night and it was super difficult to drive in pitch dark on a mostly forest road as you can imagine. So I slept in today and am taking it easy. This last week was mostly crazy for me as I drove to Tallinn a lot and had a lot of work to do learned that I am not super healthy right now as my shoulder is super tensed up and I also got a call from Stockholm University one morning that I was late accepted to the Fashion Master's Studies (I was 4th on list until now) which was amazing news, but as I have already moved to Norway fully and have some good plans covered for Fall/Winter already then it was practically impossible to enroll into studies without having a place to stay in Stockholm or ANYTHING prepared as they expected me to be there in a few days! The good news is that I got the spot which means that now that I won't join in this year, my papers are transferred to next year and I can be accepted quite easily, so I am definitely very excited to probably join the Master's next year if not any other in another country depending on where we move next in Winter. Deciding that and all the work this week has been a bit stressul, so I am happy to go relax a bit in Norway as we drive back on Wednesday. I'm happy I got to see my friends at blog events and elsewhere and of course happy to always spend time with fam and dogs! I think J is the happies over the little break at home he got and he is healthy from his injury now and on his way to Finland for the last national team game this break. 

So does everyone have their Summer clothes packed up and Fall clothes back in the closet? I went through with the change 2 days ago and put soooo many new things up for sale in my Yaga webstore (find it HERE). I kinda like that season change as I get to see what I actually have hidden in that deep deep closet and also get inspired a bit. Due to my shoulder, everything off-shoulder flew straight into summer clothes storage, even the sweaters and knits because it can't get any cold in the nearest future. It was so warm during past few days as it felt completely like summer, but I am a bit excited that today it feels like skirt + sweater combination which is my favooourite thing! But if you don't have a lousy shoulder like I do then the midi blue dress from River Island is ideal for this warm fall weather as well! I wore that a lot when I was in Sarpsborg for a week now, because I just feel so good in it. It creates a super pretty bodyshape and flaunts the important parts and well it looks super classy and beautiful while doing it! It was so warm when we took the photos that I could add my RI fluff accessories to it wooop. These slippers are just from another world, but very comfy and I just have this weakness for feathery-fluffy stuff! Can you relate haha!? Definitely keeping this gorgeous dress for the next SS19 season, because if something fits you perfectly then it should probably stay in the closet as long as possible, these things can be hard to find sometimes! 

Oh and talking about River Island, definitely check out their RI 30 anniversary collection online and in stores because IT'S AMAZING! Trust me. Now I'm gonna take a little walk with my doggies before I will start putting together Fall outfits I wanna definitely bring to Norway with me and maybe pack a little already if I get sucked up into that clothing-mood haha. Have a good night loves and a super great new week! x