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Dress & boots from NA-KD

Some beautiful but completely forgotten photos from Summer18. My girl Helena asked me a month ago where these photos had disappeared and I'm so glad she reminded me of them, because I absolutely adore them. Major summer feels in the middle of the cold! The reason I forgot to publish them was because I wanted to wait until NA-KD puts the dress up on their website but they never did so I couldn't link the dress for you guys. I hope the design comes on sale for this Summer because the dress is absolutely stunning!! Made for twirling on a field with a sunset to be cheesy about it.

I've been thinking a lot about last Summer because I felt genuine happiness throughout it. The weather was more than anyone could ask for, I was in Norway making new great friends and spending days outdoors and driving around nature with my boyfriend. I watched football in the sun on weekends and blogging and photo taking was so fun with these beautiful sunsets everyday. The point is that I had little worries and felt like I fulfilled my days with enjoyment, but I don't feel that unworried right now somehow. Nothing is bad don't get me wrong and I am sure Summer this year is gonna be happy again since you know it's Summer, but I've started to feel like I need more. Since I moved to Poland with my boyfrriend last month, I got a little bit tired of blogging but not here but on Instagram to be precise. It started with the new algorithm being absolutely unfair and my likes and reach dropping almost 50% which made me feel really bad and not because I could care about who and how much likes me (when you start caring about that then delete the app now!) but actually what it gave out to the brands I worked with. For them I wanted more because I LOVE brands I work with and I want the best reach for them and Instagram didn't give me that at all in the way it was before. My photos and feed have gone better, I've started to be more active and my followers as well (thanks dears!!!) but Instagram keeps throwing me back. This was for one, of course I started to reconsider what's important to show for brands and kept working hard on my content and what I want to put out, but another thing was staying in Estonia for too long.
I have no idea why young people have been really evil about anything that comes to fashion bloggers or Instagram stuff. I endured so much mocking, laughing, photos titled in a sarcastic way and people asking me and my friends really agressive questions like "wow I thought you'd be something so much more than you are now, sitting on Instagram and stuff". It's been REAL UGLY let's face it. And I know it's not only bloggers who have to listen how stupid they are and how they should get an education and go to work because they don't sit in an office right now (I just was there). Most Estonian bloggers have degrees and work and some don't need to work, but to be honest why is this your business? I think blogging is for such a narrow segment of people interested in what the blogger has to show or say that the rest who are not interested shouldn't even worry they have to see or listen to them at all? I've come to understand that if you try to do something that is "new" or "different" or not so "mainstream" in Estonia, then you are laughed at automatically and it's very sad that this is done my young people. I know I shouldn't care but this adds up to unmotivate people to do what they love you know? I consider blogging an useful hobby but no one has the right to comment that in such a mocking way regardless what it is or means to me. 

So with all the negativity recently of course I keep going, no one can stop me from doing what I like, but I realized I was thinking too much about it. I have another job which is also with social media only (and writing articles and newsletters), but I was sure I needed more outside my computer. I am not the type to feel relaxed when I have nothing to do for half a day and I love to keep myself busy which is why I hoped for an internship for my university degree or with fashion, but it's pretty difficult in Poland, where I don't speak the language at all. So I will look into that in June when we probably leave Poland for a new place. I am still waiting for university results for some time and uni itself starts in Autumn, so it's a long time until then too. I took up a training routine as a first to keep myself busy with getting in shape for Summer and move a little more. I figured I have so many long-term goals and thoughts that cannot happen right now, so I needed to change my mindset so much. I need something next to blogging right now, so I decided to start now. SO I am going to start taking multiple internet courses to learn about things I haven't learned at school or uni or in life yet (e.g investment and marketing outside social media) and it's been the best idea. I can keep myself really busy when I want to while having my hands free to enjoy time in Poland when I want to. I value the fact that I get to live in so many countries with my footballer boyfriend so much that I want to see and experience everything to grasp differences and broaden my view on ways of life, so I want to have time for that as well while preparing for future. A lot of girls who are together with their footballer boyfriends start their career once their other half has ended theirs and I feel like I need to start preparing for this faster and sooner with legit courses for me and papersof them to show. 

Due to all these things I've been thinking about, I think I have to reconsider the value and amount of my collaborations. I love my current collaborations and I am sure I will love my new ones and I am sure I will always be the one to give more than I get, but that "get" part needs a reconsideration. I am also very happy over my feed as I started to be more "artsy" and share things I find beautiful in daily life and hope it makes my feed more appealing to people interested. In addition, I will have to share my posts more and more when I get there and invest more into it, because it's a fun world I don't feel like backing out of yet. I would just hope for more happiness for people who feel like they need to put down others. I have been very open in this post and that's partially due to the fact that me and my friends have heard unpleasant things and I just want you to know I am a young woman still figuring out what I truly want and how I could prepare for my future dreams while travelling the world with my boyfriend and I don't need this negativity around me and I am thankful I have a place to go away from it (since I can ignore it all on social media very well when I want to). Anyway it's been a blabla bla here and I didn't edit any of that, it came from my late night thoughts and I wanna be open with you about how I feel sometimes too. I am excited for the super good changes I've made for myself until at least June and excited to see what the future holds! 



Ideal of Sweden Golden Jade Marble phonecase - HERE 

Hey everyone! Hope Black Friday is going good! Don't forget to grab everything you've wanted for a long time or need and definitely it's the time to think about good deals on Christmas presents, BUT most of all make sure not to over do it! Black Friday is good for bargains on things you want and need, but overbuying is not good for you or the world. Keep your mind clear, think environmentally friendly and enjoy it for the day it is! 

Now one deal that got me the most today was 50% off EVERYTHING on IDeal of Sweden site! Since the sale lasts all weekend long then I thought I would share the news here as the brand ambassador. I am a true fan of their products and since I know their "how it all started" story then I like the brand even more. I've been fetching a few Christmas gifts to my closest from there today but I'm still sitting here, trying to figure out what I want to have for myself the most as there are so many other cute thinsg besides the amazing phone cases as well like the car phone holder, the wallets and the stylish powerbanks...gotta make up my mind until Sunday and if you wanna scroll through the sale as well then check out the link HERE. Happy shopping! x 


At Stotvig Hotel 

Hi blogsters! Figured that before I get ready and go to today's home match I would fill in a little on my life here in Norway right now!

It's been A LOT of sunbathing going on here haha! The weather is at least 24 degrees everyday without a cloud in sight and very little air to breathe so we've been driving around to some sunbathing and swimming spots by the lakes and on some rocks and I've gone to the beach. We have taken a drive to Stotvig Hotel as well as the spa area there is super nice there. The hotel is by the sea and has a beach and a dock and everything. Mostly I've been spending my days creating blog and Instagram content that I needed to catch up with after all the moving that went on recently. I'm catching up pretty well so content is coming everyday here and on Instagram! The sunsets are so amazing here with this weather so most of my content seems to be taken in the golden light now haha! I'm still trying to fit into the routine here and will soon start to look for a part-time job here next to my blog job, but I'm happy that I've already met so many amazing people here whom I've been hanging out a lot in Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad as well. Norway is amazing though! So much to see here as the nature is so stunning even here in the South part and I feel like I don't have enough time to go see and do everything I want haha, but J has been so great by taking me to see sunsets in beautiful places by now so hopefully I will be able to see it all after all! I'm planning to visit Estonia in July sometime and I have to stay in Estonia for many reasons for about 3 weeks straight, so I can't say there's much of a Summer left to experience here in Norway too. But it's been such a peaceful summertime here, exactly what I needed after leaving Tallinn which didn't have a really have a great effect on me. 

Currently J is putting on the suit for the match which reminds me that I have about two hours to get ready, cook and hit the pre-game with girls aaaand finish some editing on recent outfit photos, so let's catch up real soon okay? Sending hugs! x 


Taking photos with my new Iphone8 and Nööp! 

Faux Fur - Zara       Jeans - NA-KD/ HERE    Knit - Topshop         Boots - Bronx Selectors/ HERE (on sale!) 

Hey loves! I took a week off from everything stressful and came to visit my babe in Norway for a week! So glad to see him and Norway finally, because I might have travelled to a lot of countries but Norway hasn't still been of them, so happy to get this beautiful country off my list too! Been here for a day, but I've already seen the amazing nature and cute little cities and it's definitely on my mind to move here soon with J, because I also really like his new apartment here as well. Will see! But for now, I have something new to tell you about:

If you've been my follower for some time you probably know I escape Tallinn any day I can and usually love to spend time with my family and dogs every weekend at my hometown. Can't blame me for being so homesick as I lived abroad for over 4 years and don't like tha pace of life in Tallinn that much. Because of that I appreciate this time more and really love to take precious photos for memories. The fact that phones have evolved so much in camera sense allows me to take such good quality photos with any step I take. Also makes blogging so much easier if you don't happen to have your camera around, right? To make my experience better I'm so glad I teamed up with this new brand in Estonia - Mobipunkt. Finally I can buy an iPhone in peace, especially one with glass cover because first I've found the phone cases from Ideal of Sweden that protect it whenever I come out my car and smash it on the ground again from my lap and if something would happen, then Mobipunkt is so great to have in Estonia. Most common repairs take up to 2 hours only and I've heard that changing the screen is super quick and cheap there (will check that for you!). And if you wanna change that 6 into 8 then bringing your old iPhone to them will make the new one cheaper for you. All the repairs and new phones have 12 month quarantee too. I think companies like this make iPhone usage so much better because there's less to worry about and good people to help out when something happens. 

Now back to today, we're gonna have a quiet night in because tomorrow J has his first game of the season against Rosenborg (norwegian champions for like um...10 years?) and it's one of the most important games of the year immediately. WIll talk to you real soon! Have a great weekend! x 


Hei armsad! Võtsin nädala kõigest stressirohkest vabaks ja sõitsin Norra külla oma J'le nädalaks! Nii tore on teda üle mitme nädala jälle näha ja samuti ka Norrat, sest kuigi ma olen reisinud juba päris paljudesse riikidesse, siis Norra pole siiani olnud üks neist ja seega saan kauni riigi listist maha kritseldada! Olen olnud siin vaid päeva, kuid juba näinud siinset imeilusat loodust ja väikeseid armsaid linnakesi. Kindlasti mõlgub mõttes siia J juurde kolimine, kuna tema uus korter siin on ka väga hea, aga eks näis! Praegu on mul aga millestki teile jutustada pisut:

Kui olete mind jälginud siin juba mõnda aega, siis ilmselt teate, et ma põgenen Tallinnast ära igal võimalusel ja enamasti selleks, et veeta aega kodulinnas pere ja koertega. Ei saa mind ka selles osas väga viltu vaadata, kuna elasin üle 4 aasta välismaal ja väga Tallinna eluolu ei naudi ka. Sellepärast ehk oskangi rohkem väärtustada seda aega ja mulle meeldib väga teha igasuguseid pilte iga päev mälestuseks. See, et telefonid on sellise tohutu arengu teinud on nii tore, kuna saan igal sammul teha kvaliteetseid pilte. Ühtlasi teeb see ka blogimise nii palju lihtsamaks, olete nõus? Tänu uuele Eesti brändile, millega koos töötan - Mobipunkt - on mu kogemus Iphone'iga isegi veel parem. Lõpuks saab uue Iphone'i südamerahuga osta, just selle klaaskattega, kuna esiteks olen leidnud telefonikatted Ideal of Sweden'ilt, mis kaitsevad igat mu autost välja astumist telefon süles ja isegi kui peaks juhtuma, et üks päev enam ei kaitse see kate mu telefoni, siis on nii hea, et Eestis on olemas Mobipunkt. Enamik tavaparandused võtavad aega kuni 2 tundi ja ma olen juba kuulnud, et ekraanivahetus on ka väga kiire ja odav (uurin selle teile järgi peagi!). Ja kui tahad seda 6te vahetada 8ks näiteks, siis vana Iphone Mobipunkti viies saab uue odavamalt. Kõik parandused ja uued telefonis tulevad koos 12 kuuse garantiiga. Ma arvan, et firmad nagu see teevad telefoniaksutuse palju paremaks, sest vähem on muretseda ja on olemas toredad inimesed, kes aitavad mure korral. 

Tulles tagasi tänase juurde, siis meil on täna väga vaikne õhtu kodus, kuna J'l on homme hooaja esimene mäng Rosenborgi vastu (mis on vist Norra meister...viimased 10 aastat olnud?) ja see on kohe üks aasta tähtsamaid mänge. Räägime siin peagi! Ägedat nädalavahetust! x 


Snaps from my 24th birthday! 

Happy birthday to me!!!

Hahah! Turned 24 on 9th of February which was 2 days ago, but boy did I need a recovery from that week until now! Well on Thursday I was off to Stockholm very early in the morning to do a full work day there, which was so tiring you have no clue. Next day I woke up 4:30 to get moving back to Estonia, it was my birthday morning. I knew I would be very tired a long time ago, but I also knew I still wanted to plan something for my birthday because I've always been in Sweden during that time and couldn't get to celebrate a little with my Estonian friends. So I planned a little get together with all of my best girls to introduce them to one another and to have some reaallly tasty coctails on 30th floor bar! Drinks with a good view, sounds good! So everyone except vacationing Marii (jealous) showed up from different cities and I was the happiest for that!! Thanks so much Kerstin, Kätlin, Kätriin, Sandra and Lisbeth for making my day so good and being such an amazing company! Love you all and thank you so much for everything! x 

Btw I noticed that I didn't get much snaps that night, but guess we were just too busy chatting the night away which is just perfect! I was surprised to actually turn sleepy-on-the-verge-of-passing-out only after midnight, as I thought it would happen like 1pm already haha! Headed to parents place the next day to hang out with them too on my birthday and to get a proper minimum 11 hour sleep. Not even kidding though.  

I wanted to tell you all that I am truly happy for all the lovely wishes and messages you have sent me! It's so good to read those adorrable things and I appreciate so much that you took the time to do that! So many things make me happy at once right now that I can't even express it. My only wish would've been having J around too, but he is in Spain right now doing his best and I wouldn't have it in any other way! My family, J, my friends and my followers made me birthday really amazing and I am happy my favourite girls were down for a more relaxed evening due to my work! Thank you again and love you everyone! <3 

(If you're wondering, #imWearingRI on the photos, as in you can find the River Island jumpsuit HERE)


HAPPY 26th baby!! 

I sooo wish I could be with you today! Can't wait to see you soon and hope you will never the change the way you are - kindest, funniest and extremely caring! Hope all your dreams will come true and you will do so good in Norway! It was hard to find a photo of us where we're not kidding around, but that's what I love the most - it's never boring with you. Hope you had a great day and I will see you soon soon love! x 

2017 OF MINE

I'm writing this post ahead on the train, because I feel like posting it on the first day of 2018, but I'll probably be too tired to write it after New Years Eve in Amsterdam and eary flight back home on 1st. So here's me reflecting back on 2017 and handing out my promises for 2018 at the end of the post. I always feel sad and sentimental sending off a year. I feel like it's sending off your memories and closing something, when I know it isn't because I don't think of 2016 as a long long memory right now obviously. Maybe it's because I'm getting older almost as soon as a new year starts and that makes me so sentimental as well, feeling like I haven't achieved enough with another number on my age. But that's just a silly thought that motivates me every year somehow. 2017 was a year of big changes for me as I predicted in my 2016 post and I know it's gonna be even more hectic in 2018, but let's first see all the stuff that went on for me in 2017, because whatever I feel like now, it was a fun and really cool year for me with so many new things! I was thinking long how to do this, so I decided to just list everything significant for me with titles and texts and pictures and in completely random order. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it loves! 



As I've probably said here too many times haha, I was the campaign face of Denim Dream Jeans very first collection this year. Denim Dream is a large company here in Estonia that features its own brand, but also Calvin Klein, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. and I was picked to be the face of the campaign with Sandra and the Estonian singer Kristjan Kasearu, which I was sooo grateful for! Why I feel like this is because it was my very first campaign like this, where I was featured in a TV commercial (saucy one haha) and on billboards, bus stops, magazine covers and shops over Baltics. It was also my first experience filming a campaign and shooting one in one day that left me partly paralyzed the next day and exhausted me to the max, but it was the funnest ever. Very weird to see my face everywhere, but I was proud and the event Denim Dream put together for us was so emotional and sweet that it's one of my brightest memories from 2017! 


Denim Dream Jeans campaign photo.


In 2017, I turned 23 and celebrated this with a new collaboration some of us blogger girls started this year - Embassy of Champagne. MY 2017 has been full of bubbly to be clear, because of that amazing collab that has invited us to so many dinner parties, terrace parties and photoshoots with all the bubbly we could drink. I learned to appreciate good champagne and learnt everything about Moet, Veuve and Ruinart, feeling like an expert now on glass types, champagne types and what to eat with what drink. Could honestly say my year wouldn't been half as fun as it wasn't for all these super fun events with EOC, so a big thank you to Hanna and Evelin for putting those things together for us this year! 


Moet photoshoot and white party. 


2017 will forever be marked and stamped and written in my brain because of my university graduation of course! What a landmark in my life! In June, I graduated Lund University, with B.Sc. in Development Studies, with good grades and more credits than needed. Lund was my home for so long and it was one of the happiest (finally done wooop) and saddest moments in my life. Right now I keep wanting going back to Lund so bad, it was such a great city with cool student vibes, but I just might go back there after all for Master's, who knows? Graduation itself was beautiful and well organized, and took place in the amazing historical university building of Lund. The ceremony was grand, the speeches were awesome, but I already had to move back to Estonia the next day, so saying bye to my friends and my long-time home was pretty hard you can imagine. I'm so glad my parents came to my graduation and that J actually could come there in last minute! Meant a lot! I'm gonna post more about Lund University real soon, so stay tuned!


Graduation ceremony and look. 



End of 2017 and me and J are still together haha. Okay okay it's actually special because we hit 5 years this year and he's such a large part of my life by now. There's I think nothing he isn't a part of in my life. He helps me with my blog, he plays football and I love to watch every single game because of my football addiction, we are each others best friends and do so much together. 2017 is also important with the fact that our long-term relationship ended with me finally graduating, so it's been so nice to finally live with him again, learning new stuff all the time and seeing all his sides. I laugh everyday because of him and that's my favourite part. Whatever happens, when I'm curled up sad, he picks me up with his bear arms and places me on his lap and doesn't stop talking until I laugh instead of being sad. My 2017 was great because he is great. And I just can't leave this topic without mentioning how proud I am of my boyfriend this year. He has achieved so many things in football and made himself a hosuehold name this year with his hard work. He won every single aspect of club and national team football, such a rockstar! 
Talking of other relationships, in 2017 I started to catch up and find my long lost good friends and hung out with every one of them after graduating. Also found some amazing new friends for myself, while some started to fade a little due life or due various reasons, but hey, life's like this. Important to have a special one in your life, but also important to have good friends! In 2018, I have to keep reminding myself that all friends aren't friendly with you for the right reasons.
Oh also my fam is doing good and so are my doggies! Happy to spend more time with them now that I'm back in Estonia and it's been pure fun. Sadly I lost my grandpa in 2017, but that's again life and it actually feels a long time ago now, because it was in spring. This was really something that got me good during that time and I really wasn't myself. 

With Marii and J, his title and one of my doggies.


Oh I've been wanting to post about this seperately actually. As I said, after graduation I moved to Estonia from Sweden. Summer in Estonia was great, as I started new collaborations, enjoyed summer, spent time with fam and friends and visited Sweden and my friends again. When Autumn came, I started to get sadder as I missed Sweden and school so much and I feel like I don't belong here anymore. Eveyrthing is easy and familiar with everyone also living here, but I don't think my views on life and who I am fit well here. I feel a stronger connection with Sweden by now and that currently hasn't changed, but I am still trying to give my home country a change. The country is beautiful and of course I have my favourite places here that I love and that's why I spend my time in those places as much as I can and doing what I like, Otherwise I would probably be preeettty sad. I did find a great job to do next to my blog job and this has made me a lot happier here as I get to do so many interesting things all week now! There's so much to keep my happy luckily, but I have to think of next steps now that it's time to apply for Master's studies! But yea, it's a very confusing, belonging kind of question for me that I'm trying to figure out. 

One of my most favourite places at home.


Blog has been better than ever and that's completely normal if you keep doing your thing more years. I've learnt so many new editing and photography skills and still on a look-out for style that I feel like is completely me. I've gotten so many new amazing collaborations both in Sweden and Estonia, some bigger than others, but all very important to me. It's been an exciting year with so many blog events I could finally participate in when moved back to Estonia. Every week something cool happens and I've been in a lot of magazine articles, newspapers and online features this year. These make me happy because my very very hard work has been recognized and people like what I do, which makes me grateful and keep on doing what I do. Thank you everyone who has supported my blogging and given me a change to speak my mind on fashion topics and to all my collaborations! You da best! 

I should probably list a few of my fav outfits of 2017 too in another post! 


Few summer-y blog posts. 


I should've travelled more, but I was very busy with graduation and thesis and adjusting to life in Estonia that I didn't get to, but I did visit some places I've never been to so 2017 is a winner in that sense either way! In April, I went to Paris for the first time. I also visited Amsterdam and Netherlands for the first time, which I can't tell you of right now because I'm probably travelling back from there when this post goes live haha. I visted Copenhagen so many times, because it's one of my most favourite cities and found so many new shades of that city that I loved. Also travelled around in Sweden and Estonia, finding new cool places, so I'm glad on that side.


Photos from Paris in May. 

Now that I managed to somehow wrap up the awesome 2017 (hopefully didn't miss something important), it's time to set some goals for the whole long upcoming 2018. Should be plenty of time to reach them, right? So, I PROMISE YOU 2018...

I will drink more water (I hate drinking oure water and that's so bad) 
I will try to travel more
I will donate more
I will erase negativity and negative people
I will try to meet up with my friends even more
I will be better with blogging and my work 
I will continue studies
I will go to the gym more
I will spend even more time with dogs and fam 
I will be more organized with everything


That's a lot of promises I know, but I think the more the better and some of them are way more important than others too. Just wanted to thank my family, J and his family, my friends, my followers/readers and my collaboration partners and everyone else who have been there with me or supported my work. I'm so grateful for each one of you and hope your 2018 is gonna be successful, exciting, eventful and most of all happy!! Happy New Year! Sending a million hugs and kisses and so much love!! xx


Photos from my Lund University graduation!

I am officially a Lund University graduate with a Bachelor's in Development Studies and boy it feels great! The 3 years went by so quickly, but I had the time of my life both when I had fun with everyone I met during that time and also when tackling all the new tasks. Before this Bachelor's I had no clue about what actually goes on in the world and how everything works, so I am very very thankful to all my professors who showed me so many different aspects of so many parts of the world and introduced me to alternative ways of tackling the problems we face. Also want to thank my classmates that came together from so many different parts of the globe and discussed all these massively broad themes together, but more importantly became such a big influence and importance in my life. Even if we didn't chat daily, I will always remember each one of you by your fun nature, funny jokes and bright minds. You are an amazing group really! Aaaand my best best memories involve my best friends in Lund who are now my friends for life and who were just the perfect people to have around through harder study times and less harder, you all know who you are, but one super special girl is pictured above and another one who I missed so much at the graduation was already doing her business in the big Apple NY! More thank you's? Yes, PARENTS AND MY J! They were such a strong part of my studies that I probably wouldn't have done it with out their everyday support haha! They listened to alll of my naggings, helped me solve the issues that came up and motivated me all the time. 

The graduation itself was super grand! It was also short, which kept it exciting through-out and I really loved the food and champagne mingle after. Eric's speech was so spot-on and could crack us all up a lot! I could just feel the history and royalty of the university in the white main building and I couldn't help to feel so attached and proud to all of this. Lund University was the best choice I've made and I will never get tired of talking about its professors and breath-taking-Harry-Potter-style-350-year-old campus. I was also so glad that my parents came to my graduation and that J showed up by surprise one day before! I had such a happy day depiste the weather thanks to everyone, so thank you thank you thank you for everything!

Probably everyone who knows me knows that this university is one of the top ones in the world having remained its 60th-73rd spot during my studies and I am truly too proud of myself to be holding its diploma. I knew I wanted to study abroad from elementary school already and since from early age on I noticed I have a good head on my shoulders, so I set it as my goal to get the best grades through elementary, basic and high school and learned to speak English from when I was six. Of course with that dedication I achieved it all and soon after I met J who introduced me to Sweden and once I moved in with him there, I knew immediately I wanted to apply to uni there too (previously had UK plans). Lund University was the top choice obviously and honestly having no idea what I just got myself into, I was beyond excited. It turned out to be an amazing journey, so I want to urge everyone to go study abroad, study things that matter, and could make a difference, and chase your dreams! Work hard on your grades, they do matter, and make sure not to forget yourself when studying because it's super important to always have a hobby you love on the side, because the more multifunctional you are, the more choices you will have in life. Of course there are a lot more options than university studies, but I can't imagine right now that I would've actually missed out on all these experiences, knowledge and people. Now let's see about that Master's Degree soon! 


Eesti keelne tekst hiljem. 


Iphone cases by iDeal of Sweden/ HERE & HERE 

iDeal of Sweden has just the most gorgeous phone cases! My favourites are the blueish cases with Marrakech and similar patterns and all the marble ones. I actually as of yesterday can confirm that they do protect your phone when you smash it on the stone floor haha, not a scratch! When it started to fall it took the side of the cover and landed on that and both the cover and phone were good to go. Gotta love when things are beautiful but practical as well right? I also wanted to show you guys the pretty bronze one I have as well, but as my photos got deleted off the phone by my phone then these pictures were deleted too and the case is in Estonia with J who loved it and took it haha! 

Have a great day loves! x 


iDeal of Sweden'il ongi vist ilusaimad telefonikatted, mis ma näinud! Minu lemmikute hulka kuuluvad sinakad katted Marrakech'i ja sarnaste mustritega ning muidugi kõik marmorkatted. Pärast eilset saan kinnitada, et need tegelikult ka kaitsevad su telefoni kui sa selle vastu kivipõrandat kukutad haha, pole kriimugi! Kui telefon kukkus keeras ta kohe kattepoolse külje ja maandus sellele ja kate ning telefon olid mõlemad omadega okei. PEab lihtsalt meeldima, kui asi on koraga nii super ilus kui ka praktiline eks? Tahtsin näidata ka seda ilusat pronks katet, mis mul lisaks neile kahele on, aga kuna mu telefon kustutas endast kõik pildid ära, siis pildid sellest läksid samuti ja kate ise on praegu Eestis, kuna J'le see hullult meeldis ja võttis selle minult ära haha! 

Ilusat päeva armsad! x 

In collaboration with iDeal of Sweden


Red Laptop cover by Katvos.

A while back I decided to change my black marble cover to something happier and more colourful, so I got together with Kätlin from the Katvos brand and picked out this bright red-pink cover that is just so gorgeous! It's really eye-catching and shines bright when light hits it. Kätlin is super talented in creating these covers and she creates new ones really often. All the covers and new updates are visible on her Instagram @katvos_ (HERE) and you can order them both there and on the Katvos Facebook page HERE. Yes the covers are pretty but they also prevent your device from scratches, so they're perfect if you're not a fan of phone cases or laptop bags. 

By the way guys! She now makes covers for all laptops and phones, so happy picking!! (it's hard haha) 


Veidi aega tagasi otsustasin vahetada oma musta marmori kleebise läpakal millegi rõõmsama ja värvilisema vastu, seega saingi kokku Katvos'i brändi Kätliniga ning valisin välja selle erkpunase-roosaka katte, mis on nii nii imeilus! See paistab kohe kaugelt silma ja helgib kui valgus peale langeb. Kätlin on super andekas erinevate ilusate katete loomisel ja ta teeb uusi ikka päris tihti. Kõik kleebised uued-vanad on olemas ta Instagram'i lehel @katvos_ (SIIN) ja neid saab tellida nii Instagram'i kirjutades kui ka Katvos'i Facebook'i lehele (SIIN). Kleebised on muidugi väga ilusad, aga nende peamine eesmärk on ikkagi kriimustuste eest kaitsmine, seega need on ideaalsed just neile, kes pole telefonikarpide või läpakakottide fännid. 

Muide! Ta nüüd teeb katteid kõikidele läpaka ning telefoni brändidele, seega rõõmsat valimist!! (mis on omakorda päris raske haha) 


Something bubbly was up again! During this week I had the change to visit the rest of the Embassy of Champagne campaign restaurants that are outside of Tallinn, mostly in South-Estonia, but unfortunately the one on the island Saaremaa will be left unvisited since it's just way too far away, but I guess it's equally amazing since it's at this wonderful GO Spa! This post is about three restaurants - GMP Clubhotel & Pühajärve Restaurant, Antonius Restaurant and Raimond Restaurant, but since it's directly for my Estonian readers then it will be in Estonian. Loved them all though! 


Midagi mullilist oli taas teoksil! Sel nädalal oli meil võimalus külastada ülejäänusid Embassy of Champagne kampaania restorane, mis asusid Tallinnast väljas ning üldjuhul Lõuna-Eestis, kuid kahjuks jääbki külastamata Saaremaal olev restoran, kuna see on lihtsalt liiga kaugel, aga ma arvan, et see on ka väga imeline, kuna see asub siiski ju populaarses GO Spa's! Postituses tutvustan kolme restorani - GMP Clubhotel & Pühajärve Restoran, Restoran Antonius and Restoran Raimond ning oma mitte-eksperdi arvamust toidust, atmosfäärist, jne. Kuna kampaania kestab vaid märtsi lõpuni veel, siis on viimane aeg broneerida aeg oma lemmikusse restorani ning proovida sõltuvust tekitavaid rosé šamanjasid just selle juurde sobitatud suupistetega. Menüüdega ning restoranidega saab tutvuda EOC Facebook'i lehel SIIN

GMP Clubhotel & Pühajärve Restoran

Esimene! Kui me tüdrukutega jõudsime GMP'sse, siis oli meil seljataga pea 3 tunnine sõit Tallinnast sinna kohale ning olime väga väga näljased. Õnneks ootas meid ees super hea tervitussnäkk ning väga kiirelt tuli ka põhielement - lõhe ja peet koos Moet & Chandon rosé'ga, mis täitis kõhtu tegelikult ikka päris korralikult. Minu lemmik osa selle juures oli leivamüsli, mis sobis peedi ning lõhega super hästi ning väga huvitav oli ka tüümianikreemi maitse seal juures. Ma ei ole suur kalatoitude sõber, aga lõhe on alati meeldinud ning kogu nende restoranide külastuse vältel olengi õppinud, et lõhe on alati see go-to toit, mis sobib rosé šampanjaga ülihästi! Mina jäin väga rahule külastusega, teenindus oli meeldiv ja mu tihtipeale oodatuim hetk - leivavalik - oli ka väga maitsev. Asukoht on rahulik ja väga ilusas kohas ehk järve ääres ning muidugi on ju see osa väga tuntud kaunist hotellist. Menüü leiab SIIT.

Restoran Antonius

Oi kui hea meel oli mul kuulda, et Tartu Antoniuses ootab meid ees lausa kolmekäiguline õhtusöök kolme erineva Ruinart'i valikuga (kui ma veel pole seda selgelt toonitanud, siis ma olen selle šampanja igavene fänn). Antoniuses olen ma varem käinud oma vanemate ning peika vanematega koos ning sõin tookord nii palju üle ennast kõikidest roogadest ning nende tuntud mustikaleivast (lemmik leib!!!), et tagasisõit koju oli väga vaevaline ülesöömise tõttu haha! Embassy of Champagne pakkumisse kuulus aga gratineeritud asutrite trio koos Ruinart Brut'iga, metskitsefilee köögiviljade, pruunide šampinjonide ja marjase punaveinikastmega koos Ruinart Rosé'ga ning viimaks magustoiduna lahtine beseerull kitsekohupiima kreemi, marjade ning astelpajukastmega, mille juurde serveeriti Ruinart Blanc de Blancs. Kõlab super hästi eks ole? Räägime siis lähemalt kuidas ka kõik meeldis. Eelroog ehk austrid olid mul selline suur küsimärk kuna mina mereande väga süüa ei taha, aga seda triot telliks ma kohe kindlasti veel. Lisandid nullisid selle "meremaitse" täielikult ning eriti lemmikuteks olid tomati-ja juustukastmes asutrid ning ürtidega kaetud variant. Super yum! Pearoa osas ei olnud mul ootusi kuna mina pole varem kitse söönud ega pole tahtnud ka. Seda ilmselt hindaks suured lihasõbrad, kuna serveering oli imeilus ja kindlasti oli kõik väga hästi tehtud, aga mulle väga ei istu selline suur kogus liha. Muidugi proovisin ära ja ei olnud absoluutselt halb, aga ma lihtsalt ei oska hästi hinnata seda ise. Magustoidu ajaks pidin mina hakkama kahjuks lahkuma, aga ootasin selle ikkagi ära ning vot see oli alles super hea asi! See lihtsalt sulas suus koos Ruinart'iga ja oli nagu mingi tükike liiga hästi maitsvat pilvekest. Loodan, et Antonius selle omale menüüsse jätab, kuna ma sõidaks juba sellepärast üksi kohale. Teenindus oli restoranis üliprofessionaalne, interjöör nagu teadagi on täiesti vapustav Antoniuses, just minu maitse lühtrite ja roosidega, ning vahepealseid suupisteid oli nii palju ja olid samuti väga maitsvad. Üks neist on ka pildil, mille nime ma ei mäleta, aga mõnus hapukas oli küll. Menüü leiab SIIT

Restoran Raimond

Käisin Kätliniga reedel teistest blogitüdrukutest eraldi testimas ka Pärnus asuva Hedon Spa all asuvat retsorani Raimond. Sattusime sinna väga ilusal ajal, kuna päike hakkas just vaikselt loojuma ning saime just ilusti mere poole akna alla istuma, kus kevadine päike mõnusalt soojendas ja muidugi avanes imeilus vaade samuti. Seal taipasin, et ma olen ikka tõsiselt sõltuvusse sattunud EOC rosé šampanjadest, sest ma lähen nii elevile nende mullide ning värvuse peale, rääkimata maitsest. Ma ei kujuta ette, kuidas ma üldse enam midagi muud tahaks ja ma isegi ei tea, kas see on hea või halb, et maitse on läinud päris kalliks haha! Restoran Riamond on selline tüüpiline spa-restoran, mis võib olla korraga nii väga lihtne kui ka 'pidulik'. Moet & Chandon rosé juurde pakuti meile nelja erinevat suupistet - marineeritud nuipkapsas, grillitud tuunikala, Raimondi köögis suitsetatud pardiliha ja veiseliha hake. Alustaksin seekord üldse leivast, kuna see oli neil nii nii maitsev ning põnevaks tegi just täiesti dratsiliselt erinev leivavalik, kus oli nii paber-õhukesi viilusid kui ka muffini kujuga leibasid. Suupisted enne ning pärast einet olid samuti väga maitsvad, täiesti rahule jäin kõigega. Põhiroog ise oli vaatamata suurusele vägagi kõhtutäitev ning sobis šampanjaga lausa ideaalselt. Minu lemmikuteks osutusid nuikapsas ning hake, sest need olid midagi sellist, mida ma polnud varem kunagi proovinud ja tõesti olid väga väga maitsvad suupisted selle šampanja juurde. Teenindus oli super tore! Ma ei tea, kuidas teistega on, aga minu puhul ei ole oluline just see kalk tipp-professionaalsus alati vaid just selline hästi sõbralik ja meeldiv suhtumine. Võib-olla meeldib selline lähenemine just sellepärast, et olen juba 3 aastat elanud Rootsi ühiskonnas, kus kõik on peaaegu et alati nii sõbralikud. Jäin Raimondi külastusega väga rahule ja nagu aru sain siis sama mulje jäi ka sõbrannal Kätlinil. Menüü leiab SIIT

Suur aitäh EOC järjekordse vahva restoran hopping'u eest ning soovitan kõigil soojalt vähemalt üks neist kindlasti läbi käia kuna kogemus on väga meeldiv ja toitudega on tõesti igalpool palju vaeva nähtud, et parim maitseelamus tekiks koos imelise šampanjaga sellejuures! Aitäh ka blogitüdrukutele, Hannale ja muidugi Kätlinile, kes aitas viimases restoranis mul neid imeilusaid pilte teha!

Kihisevaid mulle ja vahvaid restokülastusi kõigile! x 


Happy Thursday! Embassy of Champagne organized this fun Tallinn restaurant hopping for 5 blogger girls on Friday the 17th and the following Saturday. We visited four of the restaurants during Friday evening and the last one as a late lunch spot on Saturday. The idea of the 'hopping' was to review all the restaurants and the appetizer menus they had put together to fit the tastes of either Veuve Clicquot or Ruinart champagnes. The restaurants were Gianni, Dominic, Controvento, Mix and Kardiorg. I'm gonna have the reviews in Estonian since mostly Estonians will probably have the change to visit and try out these delicious places during upcoming events in March, but if you have any questions in English, make sure to comment! x


Vahvat neljapäeva! Embassy of Champagne korraldas ühe super toreda restoranide tuuri viiele blogineiule reedel, 17.ndal ning järgneval laupäeval samuti. Külastasime nelja restorani juba reede õhtul ning ühte hilise lõunasöögi paigana laupäeval. 'Tuuri' idee seisnes selles, et hindasime restorane ning eelroogasid, mis nad olid sobitanud kas Veuve Clicquot või Ruinart šampanjade maitsete juurde. Restoranideks olid Gianni, Dominic, Controvento, Mix ning Kadriorg Tallinnas. Järgnevalt kirjutangi iga restorani kohta muljed, maitseelamused ning juures on ka pildid (nurgas restorani nimi), millega ma tõesti pidin palju vaeva nägema, kuna igas paigas oli täiesti erinev valgus ja raske oli neid sobitada ühte postitusse, aga loodame, et sain hakkama! Samuti ei ole jutt omane mingile toidueksperdile vaid kõik on nii nagu mina seda kogesin. Kõikide veebruari-märtsi kampaanias osalevate restoranide šampanja menüüd leiab EOC Facebook'i lehelt SIIT. Mõnusat lugemist! x 


Restoran Gianni, imeilusa kujundusega Itaalia restoran kesklinnas, oli meie esimene sihtkoht. Eelroaks Veuve juurde oli neil pakkuda nii austreid kui ka peedi ja laimiga marineeritud lõhet. Kuna mõned meist suured austri-sõbrad pole, siis võtsimegi iga üks marineeritud lõhe ning keset lauda, neile kes soovisid, austreid. Kui nüüd tagasi mõelda, siis see eelroog oli terve õhtu jooksul enim kõhtu täitev ja lõhe sulas super hästi šampanjaga kokku. Gianni's olen varem ka käinud ning ei hakkagi pikemalt heietama, kuidas see mu üks lemmik interjööre on. Pigem räägiksin, et jäin teenindusega väga rahule ning koka improvisatsiooni kohta taimetoitlaste puhul saab ilmselt peagi lähemalt lugeda Lucine blogist. Kõik sujus super hästi ja jäime ehk liiga kauakski, kuna teine koht juba ootas meid. Gianni pakkumise leiad SIIT ning SIIT


Võib-olla ma olen pisut vanamoodne, aga vanalinnas asuvasse Dominic'u veinirestorani sisenedes oli mul ülimalt hea meel kuulda live klaverimängijat! Rohkem seda teistes restoranides ma kohanud ei ole siiani, aga mulle nii meeldib. Ma väga kaua ei jõudnudki kujundust jälgida, kuna kiirustasime ruttu meile broneeritud tagakambrisse, kus oli küll väga ilus antiikne sisekujundus ja imeilusad pokaalid. Seal läks aeg kuidagi väga ruttu. Veuve juurde oli sobitatud suitsulõhe jõhvika ja õunaga, mille sulandumisest šampanjaga ma väga eriliselt aru ei saanud, aga need rohelise õuna tükid selle juures olid küll päris geniaalsed. Maitses hästi ja see mulle kui mitte-eksperdile oligi tähtis! Teenindus oli super ja väga rõõmsameelne, pluss tundis vägagi asja! Dominic'u pakkumise leiad SIIT!  



Controvento on üks super elav, õige Itaalia restoran vanalinnas. Neiud juba enne minekut rääkisid, et seal oli väga lahe vibe ja nii oligi. Olen Itaalias palju söömas käinud ja see koht meenutas kindlasti rohkem Itaaliat kui Gianni. Controvento teenindajaid ma palju ei näinudki, kuna olin lauast ära. Veuve juurde serveerisid nad esimesel pildil olevat kitsejuusturooga, mis oli kusjuures isegi mu õhtulemmik, kuigi ei kuulunud otseselt rosé pakkumiste alla. Mulle lihtsalt hullult meeldib kitsejuust! Võtsin end kokku ja proovisin ka austreid kappari-šalottsibula salsaga, kuid õnneks peal olev salsa nullis selle 'meremaitse' täielikult ära ja mulle isegi meeldis! Controventos läks aeg jällegi kuidagi nii kiiresti ja juba pidimegi uuesti jooksma järgmise restorani poole. Controvento pakkumise leiab SIIT!  




Ja õhtu viimaseks jäi restoran Mix, kuhu tegelt päris napilt vist jõudsime kah. Hästi ilus restoran, mis avab suvel ka ägeda väliterassi. Kelner tundus pisut väsinud, kuna unustas paar elementi, mis käivad šampanja pakkumisega kaasas, aga ta oli nii vahva ja jutukas rääkides meile erinevaid lugusid Itaaliast ja muud põnevat. Lisaks pakkus meile õhtu lõpetuseks ka peakoka kuulsat Limoncella't ja saan täitsa aru, miks see kuulus on! Tuunikala tataki sidrunimajoneesiga serveeriti Veuve juurde väga vahvalt karbi sees. Võib-olla nüüd peaaegu postituse lõpus peaks mainima, et ma ei söö absoluutselt mereande, ainult lõhet, kuid mulle meeldis see, mis seal pakuti šampanja juurde väga ja kuulsin hiljem, et lauas oli olnud see enamike õhtulemmik. Mix lõpetas väga positiivselt meie õhtu! Mix'i pakkumise leiab SIIT



Kui Kardiorgu hilisele lõunale suundusime, siis ausalt öeldes suurt šampanja-toidu degusteerimisisu ei olnud haha, aga seekord serveeriti eelroa juurde ikkagi minu lemmik Ruinart'i ning restoranis oli peale planeeritu veel super hea latte ning kõikidest restoranidest mu lemmik leib + või kombinatsioon (väga head küüslaugusaia oli samuti), kuna need mulle alati restoranides väga tähtsal kohal. Kardiorus oli mu lemmik õhkkond tänu selle suurtele akendele ja avarusele ning kõik oli nii puhas, ilus ja korras kuidagi. Ma olin päris väsinud, aga mäletan enam vähem, et teenindaja poisid olid meiega toredad, kuid mitte midagi täpsustavat. Ruinart'i juurde serveeriti kevadine Foie Gras, mida ma ilmselt enam mitte kunagi ei söö. Ma ei hakka täpsustama siin miks, aga tohutu pikaaegne julmus loomade vastu ei ole mu cup of tea. Ehk oleks parem olnud, kui ma poleks sellest kuulnud seal. Üldiselt väga lahe koht, kuhu minna! Kadrioru restorani pakkumise leiab SIIT!


Veebruari lõpus ja märtsis on tulemas palju tähtpäevi nagu Vabariigi 99. sünnipäev ning naistepäev, seega loodan, et leidsite siit Tallinna restoranide nimekirjast endale kõige meeldivama, kuna nad kõik on väärt järele proovimist ning maitseelamus on kindlalt garanteeritud. EOC Facebook'i lehelt leiab ka teisi restorane üle Eesti, kes osalevad samas kampaanias, seega ei pea Tallinnasse degusteerimiseks kohale sõitmagi. Nendest loodetavasti jõuan rääkida juba peagi, kui peaksin sel ajal Eestisse juhtuma. 

Suur aitäh EOC, Hanna ning blogineiud nende kahe super toreda päeva eest! Ei jõua ära oodata, et teid uuesti näha ning veel koos midagi ägedat ette võtta! Lugejatele aga super toredaid õhtuid šampanja ja hea toiduga! <3


Happy Valentine's Day!! <3 

Found these two sunset photos from Puerto Rico I haven't shared here yet. So after 2 years I finally got to be with my valentine on this day! The day itself is nothing highly important to me, because I don't think there should be only one day for cherising those around you, but I guess it's still nice that it is there to just remind us of our best of the best? But to be honest, I still felt a little bit sad every year, when my couple friends spent such lovely days together and J was far far away. This day just makes some people feel bad sometimes, but it shouldn't since it's just a commercial thing, right? Make sure you never take it seriously and treat your friends, family and loved ones this well everyday!

Today was sooo nice though! Woke up with the sun outside and it really felt like Spring warmth already. J treated me with the necklace I've been wanting for as long as I can remember. I would've bought it myself a long time ago, but it's that kind of a necklace that just has to be gifted specifically by him. I'll show it when it arrives, then you'll know what I mean! Then I headed to midtown to meet my girl Sandra since I had a little gift for her. Thanks to the #bravolution campaign at Lindex, we both got to pick out our favourite set of lingerie from the store and take it with us yaaay! One of the best ways to treat a girl haha and it was super fun! Make sure to check out their beautiful lingerie range now, because everything there is -20% off in stores! In the evening, when J finallly arrived home from trainings, we went to get his fav ice cream with pistachio nuts, yum! 

He's already asleep and I also have to call it a night now since I have to hop by Denim Dream store in the morning to pick out my favourites for their upcoming magazine where me and Sandra and Kristjan are starrring on cover! So excited for this SS17 campaign to come out, I'll be seeing my face literally everywhere which is really new for me obviously! Hope everyone had a lovely sunny day and good night! x


Embassy of Champagne slumber party behind the scenes photos, camera and phone.

Hey babes! I know I know, I've been away for a few days now, but no worries, I'm back for good now!

I took a flight to Estonia at the beginning of this week and had to shop for the oher half of J's birthday present immediately and theeen I had the funnest day yesterday with Estonian Embassy of Champagne and the gorgeous blogger girls!! The day started with make-up by Marre and then we went on to pick out our outfits from Kriss Soonik's lingerie line (what a dream to wear her design). When everyone got ready we had individual and group photoshoots with Moët & Chandon's limited edition rosé champagne that is available for a limited time in Estonia (at Stockmann and online). The photoshoot was honestly one of the funnest shoots I've ever done!! It was done by Kirill Gvozdev and the location was a grand and beautiful suite at the luxurious Telegraaf hotel. We came up with so many fun ideas, I just can't wait to see the final result already! You can kinda get the idea what went down on the bts photos haha! Once the shoot was done we gathered around the dinner table where we had different appetizers from the restaurant. Sommelier Hannes was the one to introduce us to three different champagnes - Veuve, Moët and Ruinart - and told us about the history of all of them, how they are made and showed us the right way to drink the champagnes with the appetizers and how it changes the taste of them. I appreciate it so much that he took the time to tell us more about these drinks, because now I am aware of the real value of them. I will make sure to tell you more specifically about the new Moët champagne and everything else in the post with the final photos! 

Thank you so much Prike and everyone involved for this event! Had the best time! #lovethenow

It's my last day as a 22-year-old as I am turning 23 tomorrrooow!! Unfortunately, I woke up super sick this morning with a fever and left Tallinn to go home and heal. What a fun thing to be sick on your birthday...but I don't have big plans tomorrow anyway as I will spend quality time with friends and family. l'm going to return to Tallinn on Friday to celebrate our birthday's with J, so I definitely have to get my health back by then! Wish me luck!


Hei armsad! Ma tean ma tean, ma olen olnud mitu päeva eemal blogist, aga olge mureta, olen valmis uue hooga kirjutama! 
Lendasin selle nädala algul tagasi Eestisse ning pidin kohe asuma J sünnipäevakingituse teist poolt otsima ning eile oli mul üks ägedamaid päevi Eesti Embassy of Champagne'i ning imeilusata blogitüdrukutega!! Päev algas meigiga Marre poolt ning seejärel tuli valida endale sobiv look Kriss Sooniku pesukollektsioonist (super tunne oli seda kanda). Kui kõik olid valmis algas individuaalne ja grupi pildistamine Moët & Chandon'i limited edition rosé šampanjaga, mida on saada ainult piiratud aja jooksul (Stockmannist ning netipoest). See photoshoot oli ausalt üks lõbusamaid, mis ma teinud!! Fotograafiks oli meil Kirill Gvozdev ning asukohaks luksusliku Telegraafi hotelli imeilus sviit. Meil tuli pildistamise käigus nii palju lahedaid ideid, et ma ei jõua ära oodata viimast tulemust! Väikest viisi saab toimunust aimu bts piltidelt juba haha! Kui pildistamine tehtud, istusime kõik laua taha, kus meid ootasid eelroad ja snäkid restoranist. Sommeljeer Hannes tutvustas meile kolme erinevat šampanjat - Ruinart'i, Veuve'd ning Moët'i limited edition'it - ning rääkis meile nende ajaloost, kuidas neid valmistatakse ning kuidas neid õigesti juua laual olevate eelroogade juurde ja kuidas maitsed seejärel muutuvad. Tõesti super, et ta võttis selle aja meile nendest šampanjadest rääkida, kuna nüüd oskan ma neid nii palju rohkem väärtustada. Järgmises postituses räägin Moët'i uuest šampanjast ja kõigest muust rohkem, kui juba pildid ka olemas! 

Suur tänu Prike'le ja kõigile kaasosalistele selle ürituse eest! Mul oli teiega super vahva! #lovethenow

Täna on mu viimane päev 22-aastasena, sest homme saan ma juba 23!! Kahjuks ärkasin täna hommikul täitsa haigena, palavikus, ning lahkusin Tallinnast, et minna koju end kenasti ravima. On tõesti tore olla nii haige oma sünnipäeval...aga ega suuri plaane mul polnudki homseks. Veedan toredalt aega pere ja sõbrannadega. Reedel lähen Tallinna tagasi, et pidada J'ga koos meie mõlema sünnipäevasid, seega selleks ajaks pean ennast tagasi terveks saama. Hoidke siis pöialt mulle! x



Celebrating my beautiful and awesome boyfriend's 25th birthday today!

So happy we can actually celebrate both of our birthday's this year since I've always been away on Sweden in February, but not this year!! See you in a few days love and I hope all your dreams and biggest wishes come true on your 25th year! I am so happy to have you and will support you with every decision you will make. Sending thousand kisses and hugs 789km away (thanks Google Maps)! <3