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Catwalk article and favourite accessories.

It's so nice to be home guys! Yesterday I had a trial shoot for the Denim Dream campaign. First time I've done a video commercial, but it's something I would love to do over and over again! The shooting took place in the Widescreen studio, where the crew was so sweet and cool. Can't wait to do the 'real deal' already in January and of course can't wait to see the whole SS17 campaign!! 

A week ago Catwalk published an article about me and 3 other social media figures from Estonia that they wanted to introduce a little more. I'm talking about myself, the blog and my Instagram and some other things. The magazine can be found between the Eesti Express newspaper and also online. The link to the article is HERE

Right now I'm visiting my parents and will stay here until 19th before heading back to Tallinn briefly, where J is staying to prepare for his trainings. It's so relaxing to be in Viljandi right now. I can quietly work on my exams and blog, while having my doggies around hehe! I still don't have that Christmas feeling somehow, even though we have a little snow and everything. Might be the fact that Puerto Rico had palmtrees and 30 degrees while having Christmas decorations everywhere, Christmas songs in the malls and of course huge Christmas trees in hotels and cities. This could totally be the reason I can't develop a Christmas feeling anymore haha!

Have a lovely weekend y'all! <3


Nii tore on kodus olla! Eile olid mul Denim Dream'i kampaania proovivõtted. See on täiesti esimene kord, kui ma osalen videoreklaamis, kuid see on miski, mida ma teeks vist kogu aeg! Võtted toimusid Widescreen stuudios, mille tiim on super armas ja vahva. Ei jõua ära oodata, et teha juba seda 'õiget värki' jaanuaris ja muidugi ei jaksa ära oodata seda kevad-suvi kampaaniat!! 

Nädal tagasi avaldas Catwalk minust ja kolmest teisest Eesti sotsiaalmeedia tegelasest artikli, kus nad tahtsid meid pisut rohkem tutvustada. Artiklis räägin endast, blogist ning oma Instagram'ist ning palju muud. Ajakirja leiab Eesti Ekspress'i vahelt või netist. Lingi artikli juurde netis leiab SIIT

Hetkel külastan oma vanemaid ning jään siia kuni 19.ndani, mil suundun natukeseks tagasi Tallinna, kus J praegu treeninguteks valmistub. Viljandis on nii rahulik olla praegu. Saan vaikselt kirjutada eksameid ning tegeleda blogiga ning samal ajal olla ümbritsetud oma koertega hehe! Mul pole siiani seda jõulutunnet tekkinud, kuigi lund meil ju väheke on siin. Võib-olla mõjutab pisut see, et Puerto Rico's olid palmipuud ning 30 kraadi samal ajal, kui igalpool olid säravad jõulukaunistused, jõululaulud kaubamajades ning muidugi tohutud jõulupuud hotellides ja linnades. See võib täiesti olla põhjus, miks ma ei suuda enam jõulutunnet tekitada haha!

Toredat nädalavahetust kõigile! <3   


I've heard too many times that a woman's handbag is an endless mess and that is absolutely true in my case. J (and some of my friends) keep getting frustrated all the time, when I just can't find anything I need out of it quickly. So what does it usually contain everyday?

I would say mine is a total student one. I have my Mac Pro that weighs probably more than me, a pen and the beautiful artsy calendar notebook J's mom gave me as a gift last Christmas. Then I have all my cards - student card, bank card, driving license and ID. I also have a separate notebook for everything blog related that has a title "Creation Book" and every different colour set of papers contains different ideas, plans and collaboartions. I also have a bottle of water there, because I recently decided I really have to start drinking more water instead of ice tea. Of course keys, car charger, coins for parking and my Iphone. I don't usually carry my heavy camera with me if I don't plan to take photos. I could really use a smaller good camera though to give you more 'everyday shots'. From beauty stuff I have the Clarins lip perfector with me all the time, a blender for smudged make-up and the nail serum. Lastly there's two things that are always there just in case - GPS because after soon 3 years in Skane, I still have no clue how to not get lost in Malmö, and of course a pair of sunglasses. 

I do have two wallets, but one is kind of old now and the other is Hermés, so I don't want to carry either with me and that's another problem, I still haven't remembered to buy a wallet for my cards haha and I definitely should carry my earphones and comb with me more, but honestly, the bag is damn heavy everyday already...

Now I'm gonna get back to studying, while J is already enjoying Caribbean heat with the football team.. just one more week for me to wait!! I probably write about studying all the time here, but guys honestly it's paying off, I haven't gotten a grade lower than B since the end of first year now and I'm really proud and wanna keep going! 


Olen nii palju kuulnud, et naiste käekott on kui põhjatu hunnik segadust ja minu puhul on see absoluutselt tõsi. J (ning paljud mu sõbrad) on minust päris tihti tüdinenud, kui ma jälle ei leia midagi mis vaja käekotist üles. Mis mul seal siis igapäevaselt on?

Ütleks, et mu käekoti sisu on täielikult üliõpilasele omane. Seal on mu Mac Pro, mis ilmselt kaalub rohkem kui mina, pastakas ja ilus kunstiline kalender-märkmik, mille J ema mulle jõuludeks kinkis. Siis on seal kõik mu kaardid - üliõpilaskaart, pangakaart, juhiluba ja ID. Lisaks on mul seal eraldi märkmik blogi jaoks, mille pealkiri on "loovraamat" ning igal erineval värvil on erinevad märkmed ideede, plaanide ning koostööde kohta. Kotis peab mul alati olema veepudel, kuna otsustasin hiljuti, et ma lihtsalt pean hakkama rohkem vett jooma jäätee asemel. Muidugi on seal võtmed, autolaadija, sendid parkimise jaoks ning mu Iphone. Ma tavaliselt ei kanna oma rasket kaamerat kaasas, kui just kindlat plaani pildistamiseks pole. Mulle kuluks väga ära üks pisem hea kaamera siiski, et teha rohkem neid 'igapäevased pildid' postitusi teile. Iluasjadest on mul alati kaasas Clarins'i Lip Perfector, meigisvamm määrdund meigi jaoks ning küüneseerum. Viimaks peavad mul igaksjuhuks kaasas olema GPS, kuna pea 3 aasta jooksul, mis ma Skanes elanud olen, ei suuda ma ikka ilma selleta Malmös hakkama saada, ning paar päikeseprille. 

Mul on küll kaks rahakotti, millest üks on vähe vanake ja teine Hermés, seega ei taha neist kumbagi kaasas kanda ning see on jörgmine probleem, kuna ma pole siiani suutnud meeles pidada, et mul oleks vaja väikest rahakotti oma kaardide jaoks haha. Kindlasti peaksin rohkem kaasas kandma oma kõrvaklappe ja kammi, kuid ausalt, see kott on juba niigi hullult raske, et sinna veel igapäev asju juurde panna...

Lähen nüüd tagasi õppima, taaaskord, samalajal kui J juba Kariibidel jalkatiimiga...mul on veel vaid nädal selleni oodata!! Ilmselt räägin ma siin liiga palju õppimisest, aga ausalt, see pidev õppimine tasub end nii ära, kuna ma pole peale esimese aasta lõppu ühtegi hinnet alla B saanud ja ma olen päris uhke selle üle ning tahan jätkata samas vaimus! 


Follow me @merylmgi

Hey!! here are the latest photos from my instagram feed in random order. These are mostly the ones I haven't uploaded on blog. You can find my Instagram HERE


Hei!! Siin on viimatised pildid mu Instagrami kontolt suvalises järjekorras. Enamik neist on need, mida ma pole blogisse üles pannud. Mu Instagrami leiate SIIT!


I've gotten way too many questions about my photos now, so I figured I will post here and on Instagram, what camera and lens I use. So the camera is Canon 100D, which is small and light-weight and perfect for travelling and for carrying around with me. Yes it has it's limits because of being small, but it is nevertheless a super good camera for a blogger to use. With the camera I got the 18-55mm lens, that I wasn't that happy with, so I bought the 85mm lens to it. I use the 85mm one 99% of the times and I love it sooo much! Sometimes I screw up the settings, but oh well haha, still learning my way into photography. It is really cool that this Canon 85mm lens is so fool proof, that even if you can't take photos at all, the outcome is still good enough. What I still would wish for is the 35mm lens, so I could take pictures a lot closer. Hope this helped loves! 

So about the weekend. I'm so stressed lately, because school is taking up all my days and we have so many assignments piled upon each other right now. It just went from 0-100 real fast. So I've been reading and reading and reading all weekend without any life, except for the retail therapy I had in Malmö on Saturday haha! But I'll try to stay positive because once this busy period is over, all the fun begins! What I feel most off about is that J joins the Estonian national team once again tomorrow, because the World Cup qualification games are coming up and I can't go see the games...will be especially sad, if he will get to play again and I will miss out on it. Could really use a massive motivation boost and vaca right now! 

Hope you are all doing well and I will be posting a new outfit either tomorrow or day after! Have a great Sunday! <3 


Ma olen saanud nüüdseks juba liiga palju küsimusi oma piltide kohta, seega otsustasin postitada siia ja Instagrami, mis kaamerat ja objektiive ma kasutan. Niiisiis kaamera on Canon 100D, mis on väike ja väga kerge ning seetõttu ideaalne reisimiseks ning endaga kaasas tassimiseks. Muidugi on sel oma väiksuse tõttu mõned limiidid, aga sellegipoolest on see üks super hea kaamera blogijale. Kaameraga sain ma kaasa 18-55mm objektiivi, kuid ei olnud sellega väga rahul, seega peagi ilmus kaamera külge 85mm objektiiv. Kasutan 85mm 99% kordadest, see on nii võrratu objektiiv! Vahest ma keeran sätted täesti metsa omadega haha, aga mis seal ikka, õpin läbi selle igakord. Mis mulle eriti meeldibki selle Canon'i objektiivi juures on, et isegi kui sa ei oska absoluutselt pildistada, siis välja tuleb ikka igati okei seeria. Mida ma väga sooviks oleks 35mm objektiiv, et saaksin teha pilte ka palju lähemalt. Loodan, et see aitas teid armsad! 

Natuke ka nädalavahetusest. Ma olen viimasel ajal päris stressis, kuna kool hõlmab suure osa mu igast päevast ning meil on mitu ülesannet üksteise otsa kuhjunud. Asi läks nullist sajani ikka päris kiirelt. Seega olen ma terve nädalavhetus lugenud ja lugenud ja lugenud ilma mingi eluta, välja arvatud shopingu teraapia Malmös laupäeval haha! Kuid ma püüan jääda positiivseks, kuna kui need kiired ajad läbi on, siis algab kogu lõbu! Millepärast ma enim halvasti tunnen on see, et J liitub taas Eesti koondisega homme, kuna algavad MM kvalifikatsiooni mängud, ja ma ei saa minna neid vaatama...eriti kurb olen siis, kui ta peaks taaskord mängus olema ja ma jään sellest ilma. Tõesti vajaks ühte tohutut motivatsioonipurakat ja puhkust! 

Loodan, et teil kõigil läheb hästi ja uus outfit'i postitus on juba homme või ülehomme tulekul! Vahvat pühapäeva! <3


Watch - Daniel Wellington         Iphone & Laptop covers - Katvos

Hey lovely people! I met up with Kätlin, the creator of Katvos phone and laptop covers, when I was in Estonia and picked out myself these shiny golden marble matching covers. This lovely girl creates absolutely amazing covers, that won't let you scratch your device and look absolutely stunning. She has them in so many versions, so I'm warning you, it's hard to pick! I love them so much, they are such high quality, but at the same time easy to remove aswell. Thank you Katvos, still can't stop staring at them!

To make your devices stand out and to find a suitable cover for you, check her Facebook page HERE and contact her through messages. She is really flexible with shipping to other countries besides Estonia and Sweden too. (P.S check the one with the white wood pattern!)


Hei armsakesed! Kohtusin Eestis olles Katvos laptop'i ja mobiilikatete looja Kätliniga ning valisin välja enda Iphone'le ja Mac'ile ühesugused kuldsed marmor kattekleebised. See armas tüdruk loob absoluutelt võrratuid kattekleebiseid, mis kaitsevad su seadmeid kriimude eest ning näevad imeilusad välja. Kattekleebiseid on tal nii palju erinevaid, seega hoiatan, et nende vahel on vägagi raske valida! Lisaks on need super kvaliteetsed, kuid samalajal on neid ka väga kerge eemaldada. Aitäh Katvos, ma jätkuvalt ei suuda neilt pilku pöörata!

Et muuta oma seadmed silmapaitsvamaks ja leida endale sobiv kate, uuri Katvos'i Facebooki lehte SIIN ja võta temaga sõnumite kaudu ühendust. Ta on paindlik ka teistesse riikidesse peale Eesti ja Rootsi saatma. (P.S vaadake kindlasti üle valge puisu imitatsiooniga kleebis!) 


Hejjj, today it's time to head back to Sweden again. Sitting on the sun deck of a cruise ship, having a Coke, updating the blog on my phone and looking at the skyline of Tallinn getting farther and farther. Oh man it was sad to leave home the other day, but even sadder to drive the opposite directions with J at the ship port today. It's always way too sad for me, even when this time I'm away just over a month. Never gets easier, just becomes more real. Now I'm just gonna remember these cute gestures through car windows until we see again. Blah, hate this!!

Tomorrow it's gonna be a super exhausting day for me. In the morning, when I get off the ship, I'm gonna have to drive from Stockholm to Lund, which is gonna be a rough 7-hour drive. Hope it goes by quickly and smoothly! Good luck Mer haha! The day after I'm already going to university. I'm so excited about this!! It's been so long since I've seen everyone and felt my brain burn!

Oh yesterday was super fun though! J had another important football match that ended 1-1, but literally killed my nerves haha! After the game some peeps from the team, including me and J, had to get to another teammate's place real quick, because his girlfriend had arranged a surprise birthday party for him. Ooh we were so good at lying, that he didn't notice a thing before stepping through that door. The party was fun with so many lovely people and great food and in the end, boardgames!

I really had an amazing Summer in Estonia! Thank you so much friend and family, J and everyone new I met! Swede life aeaits and I will see you all on 20th of October if everything goes according to plan!

Okay long talk already, time to go buy tax free make-up, yaaay! <3


Lovely sunset at Viru Swamp

No I haven't become a nature-enthusiast-blogger, but I found at one point that only fashion & beauty can get boring, so now I bring my camera with me more often to post about other moments in life aswell. What me and J love to do during Summer is to go for walks when he has a day off. On Friday, it was 5 hours until our movie at the cinema, so we decided to explore the quite famous Viru Swamp near Tallinn. It was sooo gorgeous during the sunset and also had a high platform to enjoy the view over the swamp. Having walks in the nature with J is always fun, but at some point he always confronts me with some crazy dares. Sometimes it's climbing up some tree or jumping to his lap from some high rock, but this time he made me jump over some huge orange puddle. He of course showed me how to do it and said it's easy, but well he's almost 2 metres high and I have these very little jumping short legs, so when I finally agreed to do it (on the condition that he will later wash my white sneakers), I still landed on the edge of the puddle with a splash...Seriously preferring the wooden roads built over these puddles haha! 

On Saturday I had the perfect "Summer ending" and "bye Estonia" party. We just planned to have a lovely meeting dinner together with many wives and girlfriends of Flora footballers, since most of our guys were in the hotel with the national team anyway. It was so nice to hear more about them, because we can't talk much during the games and. There was a lot of super great food aswell haha! There was so much to talk about that we actually ended up leaving after 3am, so me and other 3 girls took a taxi to go home, but the taxi driver enthusiastically pushed us to go to the city centre to get some burgers and next moment we already stepped into a club 4am and the next moment we were walking through town 6am. I haven't had such a cool night out in years I think, thank you so much girls for this super awesome night to remember and to everyone at the dinner, you are so lovely all of you! 

Now it's time to start packing for Sweden and spend the last days at home. I will be posting an outfit tomorrow or day after, but I probably will be really busy this week, so I can't promise I will be posting a lot, but I'll keep you updated through Facebook page HERE and Instagram (@merylmgi). Hope you guys had a fun weekend aswell! <3


Ei, minust pole veel saanud looduse-entusiasti-blogijat, aga mõtlesin Veidi aega tagasi, et ainult mood & ilu võib kippuda igavaks jääma, seega kannan endaga rohkem kaamerat kaasas, et postitada siia ka teisi eluhetki aeg-ajalt. Mulle ja Joonasele meeldib suviti käia looduses jalutamas, kui tal vaba päev. Reedel oligi filmini kinos aega 5 tundi, seega otsustasime veeta selle üsna kuulsas Viru rabas Tallinna lähistel. See oli niii ilus päikeseloojangu paiku ja rabas oli ka kõrge vaateplatvorm, millest oli väga ilus vaade üle raba. Need looduseskäigud on alati lõbusad Joonasega, aga mingis punktis paneb ta mind tegema mingeid "julgustükke" alati. Vahest on see kuskile puu otsa ronimine ja vahest pean talle sülle hüppama kuskilt kõrgelt kivilt, aga seekord sundis ta mind hüppama üle mingi hiiglasliku oranzi loigu. Ise ta näitas muidugi ette kui lihtne see on, aga ta on pea 2 meetrit pikk ja mul on need lühikest maad hüppavad lühikesed jalad, seega kui ma lõpuks nõustusingi seda tegema (tingimusel, et ise peseb pärast mu valged ketsid ka siis puhtaks), maandusin ma ikkagi plärtsatusega loigu serval. ..Ausalt need puidust rajad on seal eesmärgiga ju, haha! 

Laupäeval oli mul üks ideaalne "head aega suvi ja Eesti" pidu. Plaanisime lihtsalt teha ühe mõnusa tutvumisõhtusöögi Flora mängijate naistega, sest enamik kutid olid nagunii hotellis Eesti koondisega. Nii tore oli nende kohta rohkem teada saada, sest me ei saa mängude ajal palju rääkida. Muidugi oli palju ka super head toitu haha! Meil oligi nii palju rääkida omavahel, et osad meist lahkusidki alles kella 3 paiku öösel. Mina ja 3 neiut võtsime takso, et koos koju sõita, aga taksojuht entusiastlikult surus meid kesklinna burksile ja järgmine hetk leidsin meid juba klubist kell 4 hommikul ja sealt jörgmine hetk jalutasime linnapeal kell 6 juba. Mul pole vist nii lahedat väljaskäiku olnud aastaid juba, seega aitäh teile tüdrukud ja kõigile, kes õhtusöögil olid - te olete nii vahvad kõik!

Nüüd on aeg hakata pakkima end Rootsi ja veeta viimased päevad kodus. Ma postitan homme või ülehomme siia ka ühe outfit'i, kuid mul on väga kiire nädal, seega ma pole kindel palju ma jõuan postitada siia, aga eks ma hoian kursis Facebooki' lehel SIIN ja Instagramis (@merylmgi). Loodan, et kõigil oli samuti vahva nädalavahetus! <3


Iphone photos from Weekend Festival Baltic 2016



Finallly this post is happening! For the second time I visited the Baltic version of Weekend Festival, which has been held only twice in Estonia at Pärnu beach. The first year blew me away in every way, it was so amazing, so me and the girls didn't think long about going again. This year it was kind of disappointing however in so many ways, but still I really loved it, because I saw every artist I wanted to see and well this festival never fully disappoints, because it's just that good, the vibe is always fun! 

So day 1, Thursday, is when I took all the photos, because the weather was actually really nice. Sorry about all the ferris wheel and firework snaps, because I tend to be a basic girl loving ferris wheels and fireworks haha. First day, however, the main big stage was broken until 10pm, so this kind of ruined the whole day and some artists couldn't even perform, but we saw Aoki throw huge cakes at people and Avicii, so that was enough to make my day.

Second day the weather was horrrrible, rain rain and rainnn. But but it was the best day when it came to the performers. We arrived there when Axwell and Ingrosso were on and after that I could listen to my most favourite Otto Knows yaaay! It was nice since I could hear my favourite songs, but then Showtek came on and even if you don't like Showtek, they really know how to get a festival going. They were sooo good last year and this year aswell! Yadayada moving forward to the night where Martin Garrix literally killed it and sadly that's when the rain got so bad, that we actually left before Tiesto, but oh well. Oh we also listened a bit to Alan Walker aswell. 

Me and Sandra only stayed for two days, but Lisbeth continued on Saturday and got the perfect weather and everything, so jealous! Why I didn't go on Saturday was because of J's football game I wanted to see and because I didn't fnd anyone I particularly like on the performers list. 

Really hope next year is gonna be much better in every way, especially the organisation and the weather. But I guess the first time is always the most exciting one, right?


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When there's a lot to post, I post my latest Instagram photos here again. These are from July until now and I've only put these photos here that I've never posted on blog. Also they are in random order. Instagram is the place I use the most around social media and I usually update it daily, sometimes with news, my thoughts, activities or just when I'm feelin' pretty haha! I also have Snapchat, that I try to use often, but sometimes forget about it totally. The account on Snapchat is Merylmagi. And that's about it besides blog. 

Have a happy weekend and enjoy the Estonian re-indenpendence day celebrations!! <3


Kui on taaskord kogunenud palju pildimaterjali Instagrami, siis postitan oma viimatised fotod siia. Need pildid on juulist kuni siiani ning need, mida pole blogis kordagi postitanud. Need on ka suvalises järjekorras siin. Instagram on mul enim kasutusel olev koht sotsiaalmeedias, mida enamasti uuendan igapäevaselt, vahest uudiste või oma mõtete, tegevuste või lihtsalt, kui ilusana tunnen haha! Mul on ka Snapchat, mida üritan kasutada nii palju, kui meelde tuleb, aga vahest unustan selle sootuks ära. Konto Snapchatis on Merylmagi. Ja see ongi peale blogi põhiliselt kõik. 

Vahvat nädalavahetust ja head Eesti taasiseseivumispäeva tähistamist!! <3


Saturday snaps from Iphone

Hellooo hii I'm here again! I spent the weekend in my hometown Viljandi, where they had the annual music festival, so the place was soooo crowded and exciting. This year I didn't make it to the festival itself, but on Friday night we gathered a group of six girls and decided to go have wine and picnic at the beach, but well since my dad was on the lake with his boat, he decided to take us all for a ride, but that ended up being a party till 12am on that boat hahah! The night was soooo beautiful and we had so much fun there, really like these girls a lot! Bet my dad was a bit exhausted in the end and well the night didn't go by without anyone falling into the water, but all went as fine as it could get in that situation and the rest of us headed on to the city and went clubbing later. Really a night to remember!

Yesterday I felt so tired, but still drove off back to Tallinn and went to see the Jason Bourne movie with J. We're literally going to cinema on these comfy chairs every week addicted. Tomorrow I'm gonna pack a lot and head to the city with Kätriin to catch up by a cup of coffee and then I'm gonna head to J's football game, which is a very very very important one, so fingers crossed it goes well tomorrow and I just can't wait for tomorrow! Now I'm gonna help out J in the apartment and then we're gonna take new outfit photos aaand also tomorrow there's gonna be another outfit post, so stay tuned! <3


Tereeee tsauu, olen siin tagasi! Veetsin nädalavahetuse kodulinnas Viljandis, kus toimus iga-aastane Folk, seega linn oli paksult rahvas täis ja põnev. See aasta ma festivalile ei jõudnudki, aga see eest kogusime kokku kuus tüdrukut reede õhtul ja otsustasime minna randa veinile ja piknikut pidama, aga kuna mu isa juhtus olema just kaatriga järvel, siis ta mõtles meid kõiki sõitma viia, aga see kujunes hoopis paadipeoks kuni keskööni hahah! Õhtu oli niii ilus ja meil oli väga lõbus seal, tõesti nende tüdrukutega on väga lahe! Usun, et mul isa oli lõpuks päris väsinud ja õhtu ei lõppendki nii, et keegi poleks vette kukkunud, aga kõik läks nii hästi, kui selles olukorras minna sai ja ülejäänud me suundusime edasi linna ja hiljem klubitama. Tõesti üks õhtu, mis jääb meelde!

Eile olin väga väsinud, aga võtsin ikkagi suuna tagasi Tallinna poole, et minna Joonasega vaatama Jason Bourne'i filmi kinno. Me oleme käinud põhimõtteliselt iga nädal juba nendel staaritoolidel filme vaatamas..nii sõlutuvuses. Homme on mul palju asju kokku pakkida ning siis liigun linna, et saada Kätriiniga taas järjele ning võtta tassike kohvi. Õhtul lähen Joonase jalkamängule, mis on väga väga väga oluline, seega pöidlad pihku ja ma lihtsalt ei jõua juba homset ära oodata! Nüüd aitan vähe korterit korda seada ja siis teeme mõned uued outfit'i pildid jaaaa homme on ka oodata juba uut outfit'i postitust, seega püsige lainel!





This morning we had a spontaneous idea to have breakfast on the little cliffs of Suurupi Beach so we made some coffee, hopped by the store early and drove there. I loved the smell of forest on a cloudy morning and hearing only the wind and sea with great food and the best company in the world. I've done picnics so many times, but a breakfast one was a first and I completely advise everyone to head out early on a free day and have breakfast in the nature, it's sooo nice and gets you out of the bed earlier! 

I wasn't planning on coming back to Tallinn that early, but well happened haha, just like hanging out with my boy too much. He's in training now, but after that we're gonna head to see a football game with his friends, so I'm gonna go get ready now. By the way, would you like this kind of everyday simple posts more often? The photos here are made with my phone, so it's quite easy to capture pretty photos since I have my phone with me obviously all the time and I really enjoyed making this kind of photos aswell today. Let me know in comments! 


Täna hommikul tuli meil spontaanne idee minna hommikust sööma väikestele kaljunukkidele Suurupi rannas, seega tegime kohvi, hüppasime vara poest läbi ja sõitsimegi sinna. Nii mõnus oli metsalõhn pilvisel hommikul ja ainult tuule ja mere kohin kõrvus. Muidugi oli meil ka väga head toitu kaasas ja mul maailma parim üheliikmeline seltskond kõrval. Ma olen palju piknikel käinud, aga hommikune oli küll esimene kord. Soovitan soojalt kõigil minna vabal päeval vara loodusesse hommikust sööma, see on nii tore ja ajab voodist varem välja ka! 

Ei plaaninud tegelikult nii vara veel Tallinna tagasi tulla, kuid juhtus haha, lihtsalt meeldib oma lemmikuga aega veeta nii väga. Ta on praegu trennis, kuid pärast seda lähme tema sõpradega jalkamängu vaatama, nii et asun nüüd end valmis panema. Muide, kas teile meeldiks näha selliseid lihtsamaid igapäeva postitusi tihedamini? Need pildid on tehtud mul telefoniga, seega on päris lihtne teha ilusaid pilte ka nii, kuna ilmselgelt on mul telefon igalpool ka kaasas ja mulle meeldis tõesti selliste piltide tegemine täna väga. Andke kommentaarides teada! 



Photo on the wall is by Jake Farra.



I mean, how cool is that!?!? We are wall sized at Lydia Hotel in Tartu. This photo is from the shoot we did for Calvin Klein Jeans with Jake. I knew it was there, so I went to check it out today on 3rd floor and I was blown away how enormous it is! It's gonna be up there for a year or so with all the other beautiful photos, so say hi when you pass us haha! 

Thanks Jake and Lydia Hotel! 


Kuule kui äge see veel on!?!? Me oleme seinasuuruselt Tartu Lydia hotellis. See foto on päris Calvin Klein Jeans pildistamisest, mis mõniaeg tagasi tegime Jakega. Ma teadsin, et see on seal, seega läksin seda täna sinna kolmandale korrusele üle vaatama ja olin pahviks löödud, kui suur see tegelt on seal! See pilt on seal üleval kuskil aastakese veel koos teiste imeilusate piltidega niiet öelda meile tere, kui möödute haha!

Aitäh Jake ja Lydia hotell! 

Mu Eesti lugejad kindlasti mõtlevad, kes võitis siis Aesti šampooni? Võitjaks osutus loositahtel Heleri, kellega ma võtan täna meilitsi ühendust! Palju õnne minu ja Aesti poolt! <3 


Photos from my Instagram in random order from May to end of June.

So time to throw my Instagram photos (that I haven't posted on blog) here again. Follow me on Instagram - @merylmgi since Instagram is the place I post the most about my daily life and fashion and also you get notifications of new blog posts. Where I'm also super active is my Snapchat. Follow me there aswell - Merylmagi. 


Aeg taas visata üles oma Instagrami pildid (need, mida pole blogisse postitanud) siia. Follow mind Instagramis - @merylmgi, sest sinna ma postitan kõige tihedamini oma igapäevaelu ja moetükke ning sealt saab ka kiireimat infot uute postituste kohta blogis. Olen veel väga aktiivne Snapchatis. Jälgi mind ka seal - Merylmagi.


Snaps from last week

I was a bit absent last week from the blog so I thought about filling in my week with some snaps from phone. Until Friday I basically was panic writing my exam essays and Friday midnight I sent off my very last one! Finallly my Summer vacation began, been waiting for vacation since last September! Why I was panicking was that I had minimal amount of days to write the second one from scratch so Friday I spent 13 hours non-stop behind my laptop and I succeeded woop!! Very proud of myself for actually completing it so fast. 

Wednesday I took a trip to Tallinn with mum. After little shopping I headed to Lindex Showroom to pick up a few beautiful Summer styles. I already showed you the white dress here in the last post, but more pretty stuff is coming up! It was great to see the other lovely bloggers there. After snacks and chat at showroom I rushed to the stadium with mum to see the national team play against Andorra. Joonas didn't play in that one, but no biggie, I love to atch football either way and after the game there's always the lounge with all the associates and FOOD haha!

Day after that Joonas made kind of a surprise brief visit to Viljandi so we spent the whole evening on our boat on the lake. Relaxed, soaked up the sun a bit and also had our first swim of the year. The water was sooo warm! I was glad to see Joonas relax for this one brief moment at least as he has been training and playing non-stop from March on. 

Saturday I headed to Tallinn again and quite early to have a couple of photoshoots with Kätriin before heading to the hotel Joonas was staying with the national team. Had a bit of 'fika' with him there (fika is coffee and cake kind of date in Swedish). In the evening I headed to the stadium again since it was game day again. Estonia hosted Latvia and the game was really fun to watch eventhough ended 0-0 without any goals. It was great to chat with the other girlfriends there and after the game the lounge was even better with strawberries and red wine and cake and pizza, yum! The best part was that Joonas got a free day after that game so we drove to Viljandi the same night and spent a lovely day at the Hansatic fair and eating out. He left this morning to head to Portugal for the last game with the national team and after that I finalllly get to have him for myself...for a little while at least. 

Probably forgot half the things I did anyway haha. Today I have a lot of errands to run and things to do I postponed to have a great time with him as much as I can, so I'm gonna run off now to be busy. Outfit post is coming up next so stay tuned! <3


Olin eelmine nädal väheke kauge blogist ja mõtlesin rääkida oma nädalast läbi mõningate piltide, mis telefonist leidsin. Kuni reedeni ma põhimõtteliselt paaniliselt kirjutasin oma eksami esseesid. Reede keskööl sai siis viimane teele pandud ja mu suvi sai ka lõpuks alata! Olen oodanud puhkust juba septembrist saati! Põhjus paanikaks oli see, et mul oli minimaalne arv päevi, et kirjutada oma teine essee, seega reedel istusingi 13 tundi järjest ilma pausideta läpaka taga ja saingi tehtud wuhuu! Väga uhke enda üle, et sain selle nii kiiresti tehtud. 

Kolmapäeval võtsin emaga ette sõidu Tallinna, kus algselt shoppasime vähe ja siis suundusin ma Lindexi Showroom'i kust korjasin peale mõned imeilusad suvised asjad. Valget kleiti juba näitasin eelmises postituses, aga palju ilusat on veel näidata! Tore oli näha kõiki teisi blogijaid ka jälle. Pärast snäkki ja chätti kiirustasime emaga staadionile, kus kohtusid Eesti ja Andorra koondised omavahel. Joonas ei mänginud seal, kuid pole hullu, kuna jalkat meeldib igatpidi vaadata ja pärast mängu on ju alati vahva lounge, kus on kõik asjaosalised ja SÖÖK haha! 

Järgmine päev tegi Joonas üsnagi üllatusvisiidi korraks, seega veetsime terve õhtu meie kaatril järvel. Puhkasime, võtsime päikest ja saime ka tehtud aasta esimese ujumise. Vesi on tõesti väga soe juba! Hea oli näha, et Joonas sai korrakski lihtsalt vaikselt puhata, kuna ta on pidanud mängima märtsist saati ilma ühegi puhkuseta. 

Laupäeval suundusin tagasi Tallinna päris vara, et teha Kätriiniga mõned pildistamised enne kui läksin hotelli, kus Joonas koondisega laagris on. Hotellis ajasime juttu ja tegime väikese 'fika' (Fika on 'kohvi ja kook' moodi deit rootsi keeles). Õhtul suundusin taas staadionile kuna oli jälle mängupäev. Eesti võõrustad Lätit ja kuigi mäng lõppes 0-0 viigiga oli seekord ikka päris põnev vaadata. Sain ka üle pikaaja teiste neidudega juttu ajada ja lounge oli pärast seda mängu palju etem kui eelmine kord. Oli maasikaid, veini, kooki ja pizzat, yum! Parim osa oli see, et Joonas sai pärast seda mängu järgmise päeva vabaks seega suundusime Viljandi juba sama öö. Veetsime armsa pühapäeva hansalaadal ja kohvikutes. Täna hommikul pidi ta jälle ära minema, et õhtul lennata koondisega Portugali. Mäng Portugali vastu on viimane, seega pärast seda saab temaga rohkem aega veeta...mõneks ajaks küll. 

Unustasin ilmselt ära pooled asjad, mis tegin see nädal nagunii haha! Nüüd on mul palju tegemist igasugu asjadega, mille lükkasin edasi, et Joonase jaoks vähe rohkem aega jääks. Järgmiseks tuleb uus outfit'i postitus nii et homseni! <3


As you know I like to share random snaps I've collected now and then. By the way do you like this kind of posts? I enjoy making them because I can take some beautiful shots from my Instagram and some unpublished photos and pile them together. Here I have a few everyday shots, a few fashion shots and some snaps from Copenhagen. 

I finally finished my first exam today, so happy to have one down! Now one more and then I can finally rest too. I thought back on my 2nd schoolyear and I actually haven't had a vacation since September, because whenever there is a Christmas break or smaller break, I still have to write exams and assignments. Phew finally a break then! Now it's time to gather snacks because it's Champion's League final today. Today is the once in a year rare occasion where I support Real Madrid, whose players I usually dislike. The reason is that Atletico is way worse, for me their gameplay is ugly, even though it benefits them and gets them the results, it's ugly and destroys football for me. I hope the art and beauty of football wins tonight, the way it should be played. Tomorrow is even more exciting when Estonian national team plays against Lithuania and I hope my hon is gonna be in starting eleven again. So proud he played himself back to the national team so quickly after the fall! Okay who doesn't know, I am a huge fan of football, so I get very emotional and hyper when talking about it, so I'll stop here for our all's sake haha! Happy weekend! <3


Nagu teate meeldib mulle vahest jagada suvalisi klõpsusid, mis olen kokku kogunud. Muide kas teile üldse meeldivad sellised postitused? Mulle muidugi väga meeldib neid postitusi kokku panna, kuna saan jagada üheskoos ilusamaid Instagrami klõpse ja pilte, mis jäänud postitamata. Siin on mul mõned igapäevased snapid, mõned stiilipildid ja mõned snapid Kopenhaagenist.

Täna on siis see rõõmus päev, kus üks eksamitest sai valmis kirjutatud! Nüüd ongi vaid üks veel järel ja siis saan ka viimaks puhata. Mõtlesin tagasi oma teisele õppeaastale ja taipasin, et tegelikult polegi mul septembrist saati puhkust olnud. Nii jõulupuhkus kui ka kõik väiksemad on ikkagi olnud koos eksamite ja muude ülesannetega. Huhh, lõpuks ka puhkan siis! Nüüd on aeg snäkid kokku krabada, kuna täna on Champion's League'i finaal. Täna on see ainuke harvaesinev nähtus, kus pooldan Real Madrid'i, kelle mängijad mulle ei sümpatiseeri tavaliselt. Põhjus seisneb selles, et Atletico on mu jaoks veel halvem tiim, kuna nende mängustiil on inetu. Jah see toob neile edu ja saavutab nende eesmärke, aga see on inetu ja mina kui vaataja mitte mängija loodan, et täna võidab ilus jalgpall kui kunst, just nagu seda mängima peaks. Homme on veel põnevam, kui Eesti koondis kohtub Leeduga ja mu Joonas loodetavasti pääseb ka algkoosseisu. Nii uhke ta üle, et suutis end kiirelt tagasi koondisesse mängida pärast seda langust! Okei, kes veel ei tea, ma olen tohutu jalkafänn ja muutun väga emotsionaalseks ja energiliseks sellest rääkides, seega ma meie kõigi nimel lõpetan siin haha! Vahvat nädalavahetust! <3