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Set & Earrings from River Island

I come here late, but I come with big news!! I have a new job next to my blog! I started working for a design furniture retail company and my title says project manager- interior designer, but it's more of doing everything from social media to projects, so I'm really happy and busier than ever as it can be seen from my activity here haha! Exciting new start! Also I wanted to refer to this issue that my blog has faced. Many of you have written to me that you can't see my photos and you see the tezt as blue boxes and I am very very aware of that issue. It comes with certain wifis and repetetive refreshing usually gets it back to normal, but I know it's frustrating and I just wanted to let you guys know I am already working on it with portal and hopefully we will get this fixed by the next. Thank you so much for coming back and for your patience! The blog should work fine on phone and other connections (and some wifis like my home one). 

So what else has been going on...well just the fact that J became ESTONIAN CHAMPION with his football team again!! I am beyond proud of him and his season. I've seen him work himself up this year with such dedication and motivation to be the best and thanks to that he has achieved it all this year. It was such a joy to see the game where they made their title 100% sure eventhough the season ain't over yet. J even scored from basically half a pitch haha. I'm so glad to be here this year when they receive their trophy tomorrow and can't wait what comes next for him! 

Now that the bigger life news are covered, let's talk fashion too. I picked this River Island plaid set up from showroom, because I was just blown away by these amazing details on the back, the pants and sleeves. I love that this set is another way that you can wear a crop top during winter time as well. I felt like this outfit is so dope altogether that it would go well with this late night vibe as I was just showing down some MC fries when I had this idea. It's a reaaallly different post from what I usually do, but I like a bit of artsy stuff too in-between the outfit posts and this River Island set itself is also art. 

So my weekend will be all about the championship title celebration with the Flora guys and girls. Hope you will have a fun weekend too! x 


Leggings & Top - ICANIWILL/ HERE & HERE 

Well it sure went from golden leaves to frozen winter in one day huh? I feel like the point where I get most disappointed with weather is when I see the car covered in ice for the first time again. That first scrub, those cold fingers when you have forgotten your gloves at home because you weren't expecting for it to be so cold suddenly..ugh it's impossible for me to feel happy about that. You just know it's gonna be less sleep time and panic about being late somewhere because your car is a ice cube. Does anyone else have such a big problem with this as I do haha? It's a part of being Nordic that I will never get used to! Before, when it was a bit more warmer outside, I got familiar with the most beautiful jogging set ever! Now it's my cute gym set of course, but whatever you love to do, this ICANIWILL set is gonna make you WANNA do it. Honestly, all these beautiful gym wear pieces from ICANIWILL have motivated to do my gym membership here in Estonia again. Now it's harder to stay away from the gym than ever hahah! But as the title says, this set is my all time favourite from them because I really love grey gym leggings and these are way better because they have these super pretty light blue details. Also the set has these long sleeves that cover palms, because I have baby palms that get hurt by the weights, and the style of the top is just awesome with all the logos and details. Complete gym wear perfection! Nothing more to add, nothing more to ask - hands down awesome job again ICANIWILL! x


Ühe päevaga sai kuldsest sügisest talv. Minu jaoks on vist kõige masendavamaks hetkeks see, kui esimest korda on jälle auto hommikul jääs. See esimene kraapimine ja külmetand sõrmed, kuna kodust väljudes ei olnud valmis selliseks külmaks ning kindaid pole kaasas...uhh, täiesti võimatu sellest midagi rõõmsat leida minu jaoks. Tead juba, et hakkab jälle pihta see vara ärkamine ja paanitsemini hilinemise tõttu, kuna auto on jääkuubik. Kas kellelgi veel on sellega nii suur probleem või olen ma ainuke haha? Ilmselt on see lihtsalt miski, mis käib põhjamaa inimeste juurde, millega ma kunagi ära ei harju! Kui ilm oli veel pisut soojem, sain ma tuttavaks ilusaima jooksmiskomplektiga, mis ma eales näinud! Muidugi selle ilmaga on see nüüd mu armas jõuka komplekt, kuid mis trenn sulle ka ei meeldiks, siis see ICANIWILL'i komplekt paneb sind kohe TAHTMA seda teha. Päris ausalt on kõik need ICANIWILL saadetud imeilusad trenniriided on pannud mind uuesti trenni minema ja jõukalepingut uuendama siin Eestis. Nüüd on isegi raskem jõukast eemale hoida kui varem hahah! Kuid nagu ka pealkiri ütleb, siis see komplekt on mu kõige lemmikum neilt, sest mulle on alati väga meeldinud hallid trenniretuusid, kuid need on veelgi paremad kuna külgedel on super ilusad helesinised detailid. Ülemisel osal on aga olemas need pikad varrukad, mis katavad peopesasid ja see on ülioluline minu jaoks, kuna mu täielikud beebi peopesad ei kannata karedaid raskusi, eriti just kui kaalud on suured. Muidugi topp ise on väga ägedate detailide ja logodega. Täielik jõukariiete perfektsus! Pole midagi juurde küsida, pole midagi juurde lisada - lihtsalt super töö taaskord ICANIWILL! x


Military Jacket & Knit - Lindex/ HERE & HERE         Jeans - Calvin Klein/ Denim Dream/ HERE       Bag - Guess        Boots - Zara        Bodychain - Glitter (from Sweden)

Another Sunday is here! Things are really looking up after this crazy September and start of October for me. I kind of like the fact that time goes by so quick because I'm in a situation where I have to wait for stuff to happen (hate that the most btw) and the time where I can finally start the decision-making what comes next is around the corner already. Would be better if life decided stuff for me even earlier, but can't count on that.

Anyway, here is an outfit that has a bit of military style in it. The details on this Lindex denim jacket are really beautiful from close by. I had a similar jacket in my closet before, but once I saw this one I immediately put the oher one on sale. I kind of like the look more with a basic white tee under it, but you know it's not the warmest outside, so I paired the jacket with a 100% cashmere beige sweater also from Lindex. This one is probably the thing I wear the most right now, because it really doesn't matter how thick your jacket or coat is because this knit alone keeps me so warm already! It's exactly the kind of sweater I wanted to find for this winter, so it's awesome that Lindex had this in such a great quality. Of course a military look doesn't go without some massive boots haha. These are last season's Zara ones I just had to get, but I bet you can find these everywhere by now. 

I spent the weekend at home where my parents are having a massive makeover, so I've been of some support here. Everything from cutlery to furniture is piled up into my room, so I'm having limited access to my stuff which stresses me out big time, but I'll try to reach most of my closet today to start preparing outfits for an exciting week ahead! All my fancy party stuff is still all here, but hey, I'm happy I no longer have to gather my stuff from 3 different closets that were veeery far from each other haha! Now I have 2. Hope you all had an amazing weekend x 

(Thanks for that gorgeous bodychain Rebecca babe!) 


Järjekordne pühapäev on käes! Asjad hakkavad minu jaoks järjest paremaks minema pärast seda hullu septembrit ja oktoobri algust. Mulle nagu meeldib, et aeg nii hirmus kiiresti läheb, kuna ma olen hetkel situatsioonis, kus ma pean ootama, et asjad juhtuma hakkaks (üldse ei salli sellist asja). Aeg millal saan lõpuks jälle otsuseid tegema hakata mis järgmiseks on juba ümber nurga. Oleks muidugi tore, kui elu juba enne mingid otsused minu eest teeks, aga sellele loota ei saa. 

Igatahes, siin on selline pisut militaarstiilis outfit. Detailid sel Lindexi teksatagil on lähedalt nii ilusad. Mul oli sarnane jakk juba kapis olemas, aga pärast selle nägemist läks teine kohe müüki. Mulle meeldib see look muidugi rohkem kui all on tavaline valge T-särk, kuid nagu teate siis väljas pole just kõige soojem niiet kannan seda jakki 100% kašmiirist beezi kampsuniga, mis on samuti Lindexist. See kampsun on vist hetkel mu enim kantud riideese. Vahet pole kui paks on jakk või mantel selle peal, kuna see kamspun juba üksi hoiab nii hästi sooja. See on täpselt selline kampsun, mida tahtsin endale selleks talveks leida ja on väga tore, et Lindexis oli saada selline nii kõrge kvaliteediga. Muidugi militaarlook ei ole päris see ilma tohutute saabasteta haha. Need on eelmise hooaja Zara omad, aga ilmselt leiab selliseid juba pea igaltpoolt praeguseks. 

Veetsin nädalavahetuse kodus vanemate juures, kuna neil on toimumas tohutu remont ja olen proovinud minigig abi siin juures olla. Kõik nõudest kuni mööblini on muidugi hetkel tassitud minu tuppa, seega mul on väga limiteeritud ligipääs oma asjadele, mis ajab üpriski stressi, aga üritan täna midagigi oma kapist leida. Ees on ikkagi põnevam nädal, milleks tuleb outfit'e kokku pakkida! Kõik mu fancy peokraam on veel kõik siin, aga noh, mul on hea meel, et ma ei pea enam oma riideid 3 üksteisest vääga kaugel oleva kapi vahel jagama nagu varem. Nüüd on neid 2. Loodan, et kõigil oli vahva nädalavahetus! x 


Up:     HERE        HERE         HERE
Down:     HERE       HERE       HERE

Up:     HERE        HERE         HERE
Down:     HERE       HERE       HERE

Today I'm continuing with the Kaubamaja campaign here on blog since it's just only for a few days, but there's so much to show! So this time I picked out my favourites from Kaubamaja's webshop - some winter jackets, coats, over knee boots and ankle boots. I'm really craving for the Hugo Boss jacket and Michael Kors boots. The Hugo Boss jacket is so awesome with the logo all the way down in front and it looks so warm and the M. Kors boots have these really cool sar studs and we all know this kind of military-like boots are so in fashion this season. I also really loved all the colours, especially that pink wool jacket from Sand Copenhagen and the Desiqual super bright red winter jacket. Both are really trendy pieces right now. Also added a little bit of classics like the robe-like black coat, simple nude trench and over knee boots all with interesting colour or design. I'm also a really big fan of low heel over knees right now and of course fuzzy shearling coats as like...every year! I'm surprised by how huge the selection of basic, trendy or classic pieces Kaubamaja has online, so it's definitely my must-see place if I need something new from outerwear or boots! Remember that all this is with a -20% discount, so happy online shopping until Sunday! x


Täna ma veel jätkan Kaubamaja kampaania postitusi siin blogis, kuna kampaania kestab vaid mõned päevad, kuid nii palju on mida näidata! Seekord valisin välja oma lemmikud Kaubamaja netipoest - mõned talvejoped, mantlid, üle põlve saapad ja poolsaapad. Parimateks paladeks valiksin ma ise kindlasti selle Hugo Boss'i talvejope ja Michael Kors'i tanksaapad. Hugo Boss'i jopel on nii äge logode jada, mis läheb jope eest ülevalt päris alla välja, ja M- Kors'i tanksaabastel on lahedad tähekujulised needid ja muidugi me kõik teame, kui moes sellises stiilis saapad see hooaeg on. Tore oli näha nii palju rõõmsaid värve, millest lemmikuimad olid roosa mantel Sand Copenhagen'ilt ning väga erkpunane Desiqual'i talvejope. Mõlemad on super trendikad ülerõivad hetkel. Lisasin nende hulka ka mõned klassikalised esemed nagu hommikumantli lõikega must mantel, lihtne beez trenchcoat ning üle põlve saapad igasugu erinevate lõigete ja värvidega. Ma olen hetkel tohutu madala kontsaga üle põlve saabaste fänn ja muidugi ka karvaste shearling mantlite austaja..ja seda jätkuvalt iga aasta! Üllatav oli nöha kui suur valik hooajaliste, klassikaliste ja basic asjade valik Kaubamaja netipoes ikka on. Kindlasti on see mu go-to koht nüüdsest, kui on vaja leida uusi saapaid või ülerõivaid! Pidage muidugi meeles, et pühapäevani on veel kõik see -20% allahindlusega niiet vahvat online shopingut! x  


Coat - By Malene Birger/ Kaubamaja 

Hey there!!! Me and Marii-Heleen spent a super fun day at Tallinn's Kaubamaja, where we introduced our favourite campaign outerwear pieces and boots on Kaubamaja's Instagram. Until Sunday it's possible to shop outerwear and boots in women's, men's and kids sections with a -20% discount! It's important to keep in mind that 20% off the larger brands is a pretty big deal. After all you have all these cool high end foreign and domestic brands lined up at Kaubamaja and also for example Canada Goose, which is probably the most necessary brand in our climate. A discount on that one is a pretty sweet deal! So I picked out my favourite coat and Marii picked a winter jacket. The decision was pretty hard, since Kaubamaja has such a huge selection of beautiful coats, which makes the picking process both great but also made me completely indecisive. I'm a fan of minimalism, so my first pick was a beige oversized coat by Sand Copenhagen, but then I passed this spotty By Malene Birger one at the store and immediately decided that I will step out of my minimalism box and show some awesome design instead! This By Malene Birger coat has these really cool splits on the sides, which move in a fun way when the coat is open from the front. The designer has also planned something for those who love to often wear coats on shoulders (for example me!) since it has suspenders inside that you connect under your arms so the coat wouldn't fall off. I've been a fan of this Danish brand since I moved to Sweden and got familiar with it and after all these years the brand still doesn't disappoint - the pieces are gorgeous and everything has been thought of! Of course it's a pretty pricy coat, but at the same time it's a worthy investment as the quality is really good and the coat is wearable on everyday basis but also on more formal events. If needed, it could be the star of the whole outfit! You can't find the coat online though, but multiple numbers are available in stores. The ladies section at Kaubamaja hides so many stunning treasures so happy campaign-shopping until Sunday! x 


Heii! Veetsime eile Marii-Heleen'iga toreda päeva Tallinna Kaubamajas, kus tutvustasime Kaubamaja Instagramis oma lemmikuid ülerõivaid ja saapaid kampaania raames. Nimelt pühapäevani on võimalik osta nii naiste-, laste- kui ka meestemaailmas ülerõivaid ja saapaid -20% soodustusega! Kindlasti tasub meeles pidada, et suurtest brändidest 20% alla on päris suur summa. Kaubamajas on ju siiski saadaval mitmed välismaised kui ka kodumaised ägedad disainbrändid ning ka meie kliimas ülivajalikud Canada Goose joped, mille puhu sellinel allahindlus on väga magus amps. Mina valisin üles pildistamiseks välja oma lemmikmantli ja Marii siis jope. Valik oli väga raske, kuna tõesti ilusate mantlite hulk Kaubamajas on tohutu, mis teeb asja nii toredaks kuid samas ka täiesti otsustusvõimetuks. Ma ise fännan väga minimalismi ning olin kindel, et liivakarva oversize lõikes Sand Copenhagen saab mu lemmikuks kuid siis kõndisin mööda sellest By Malene Birger laigulisest mantlist ning otsustasin, et ma astun oma minimalismi box'ist välja ja näitan pigem super vinget disaini! Sellel By Malene Birger mantlil on ägedad lõhikud külgedel, mis avatud mantliga tuule käes liiguvad ja on mõeldud ka neile, kel meeldib kanda mantleid tihti ka õlgadel (näiteks mina!), sest seest leiab sellised traksid, mis saab kinnitada käte alt, et mantel ära ei kukuks. Olen olnud selle Taani brändi austaja Rootsi kolimisest saadik ning pärast neid aastaid ei pea ikka pettuma - kõik on ilus ja kõigele on mõeldud! Tegemist on muidugi üsna hinnaka mantliga, aga samas on see väärt investeering, kuna kvaliteet on väga hea ja mantel sobib kandmiseks nii igapäevaselt kui ka pidulikemal juhtudel, olles samas vajadusel ka outfit'i täht! Kaubamaja netipoest seda ei leia, aga poes on veel mitmed numbrid saadaval. Nagu näha on Kaubamaja suures naisteosakonnas peidus palju imekauneid aardeid seega rõõmsat kampaaniashoppamist pühapäevani! x


Dress & Coat - River Island         Boots - Misspap/ HERE       Bag - Guess/ Denim Dream       Sunglasses - Ray Ban 

Bet most Estonian bloggers are fed up with what was going on with the weather during Tallinn Fashion Week. It was raining heavily non-stop from morning to night everyday so the possibility to take any outfit photos was zeroed up. But I managed to snap one of my outfits at least and here it is! I grabbed a few gorgeous River Island pieces with me from Polhem PR Showroom and decided to wear one of these to fashion week's day 2. I paired the gorgeous RI embellished long jacket with a black asymmetrical dress pierced with hoops all over and my newest pair of Misspap sock boots. These boots have become so popular as so many of you have asked for them by now, so I'm happy to share the direct lnk to them above! (discount code meryl10 fo 10% off) I think the outfit was simple but had enough cool details to make it exciting and I just can't express how much I love the new things from RI collection, especially everything grey, black and white. Amazing stuff! When discussing the rest of the Tallinn Fashion Week outfits then I will be posting these here tomorrow from the photo wall that was inside the venue. That's all I have but it's something right!? 

So today it's darkness all over Europe, as well as Tallinn, as I understood. It looks like midnight when the clock is only 3pm, but hey, I have a long day of work on my laptop anyway, so I guess I should be happy I don't even want to step a foot outside more than twice today? Defiitely no possibility to shoot new photos haha! Hope this goes away by tomorrow when I have so many plans ahead with photoshoots and another Instagram takeover at Kaubamaja! The campaign for this week is outerwear, pants and boots where they have good discounts and really good offers rom Wednesday to Sunday! More about it on their Instagram already tomorrow when me and marii will present the hottest pieces! x 


Usun, et enamik Eesti moeblogijaid on üpriski nördinud ilma tõttu, mis Tallinn Fashion Week'i ajal püsis. Taevast kallas vihma mitu päeva järjest ilma peatumata ja hommikust ööni välja, mis nullis täielikult võimalused outfit'i piltideks. Siiski suutsin ühel hetkel ära teha pildid vähemalt ühe oma TFW look'iga ja siin see on! Krabasin mõned imeilusad riided Polhem PR Showroom'i  RIver Island'i väljapanekust ning otsustasin kanda ühte neist ka fashion week'ile. Panin ägeda kaunistatud RI pika jaki kokku asümmeetrilise musta kleidiga, mis on rõngastega tihedalt 'needistatud' ning lisasin ka mu uusimad Misspap'i sokksaapad. Need saapad on muutunud nii popiks, sest nii paljud on juba nende järele küsinud ja väga hea meel on nüüd jagada ülal ka otselinki nendeni! (sooduskoodiga meryl10 saab ka 10% alla) Arvan, et outfit oli üsna lihtne, kuid samas need põnevad detailid tegid selle piisavalt lahedaks ja ei ole võimalik siia seletada, kui ilus on RI uus kollektsioon, eriti just need hallid, mustad ja valged osad sellest. Tõsiselt vinge kollektsioon seekord! Rääkides teistest Tallinn Fashion Week'i outfit'idest, siis ma ikkagi homme panen need siia üles fotoseina äärest, mis Vaba Lava's saada oli. Teisiti ma neid pildile ei saanudki, aga ajab vast asja ära eks!? 

Kui õigesti aru saan, siis täna on vist kogu Euroopas pilkane pimedus, nagu ka Tallinnas. Väljas oleks nagu öö kuigi kell on alles 3 päeval, aga noh, mul on täna palju tööd läapakas teha, seega peaks vist pigem hea meel olema, et ei pea täna oma jalga rohkem kui kaks korda välja tõstma? Kohe kindlasti ei tule uute piltide tegemine kõne alla haha! Loodan, et see kole asi homseks ära läheb, kuna ees ootab üks vahva pildistamine ja samuti ka uus Kaubamaja Instagram'i takeover! Selle nädala kampaania hõlmab ülariideid, pükse ja saapaid, millel on siis head allahindlused ja põnevad pakkumised kolmapäevast pühapäevani! Rohkem infot saate juba homme Kaubamaja Instagram'ist kus näete mind ja Marii'd parimaid palasid tutvustamas! x


Knit - Misspap/ HERE        Jeans - Calvin Klein/ Denim Dream/ HERE       Boots - Bronx        Belt - Gucci

Tip of bright red to a rainy day! Really love that sweater from Misspap as it has the perfect bright red shade! You can wear it both off-shoulder and up too and it can be styled with so many things, but I kind of like the look with the leather immitation Calvin Klein jeans the most. Not really happy with my hair these days though. I had to cut it so much shorter last time at the hairdresser's because the ends were seriously damaged, but I really really miss my long hair now, even though hair is healthy now. Guess it might be because I spent a year getting my hair to grow again a few years back and it made me value my long hair so much. Might be such a basic girl problem haha! 

Hey but there's something I would much more love to talk about! Yesterday J finally got the change to play with the starting 11 at the national team! They played against Gibraltar in Portugal and it was such a big surprise to everyone that he as a mid defence suddenly started as a striker. I was really anxious before the game because I knew it was an unusual position for him and the last time he played as a striker was many years back now. BUUUT THEEEN he started by giving two assist to two goals and THENNN he went on to score a freaking HATTRICK againts Gibraltar in 25 minutes. I mean who the hell would've expected that to happen!?!? I am still beyond excited for him even though only he has been talked about so much from the beginning of the game until now that I am slowly getting tired of seeing his face everywhere hahah. Kidding!! I am so happy to hear all this about him, he deserved this change the most out of everyone and showed what he can do when given the opportunities. Estonia hasn't scored a hat trick since the year 96 and it was the first one in World Cup qualifiers history and it was the largest win for Estonia in history of abroad games and qualifiers, so big up for my amazing boyfriend definitely! This year has been amazing for him, so now all we need is that championship title and then he has it all. Proud girlfriend here! x


Pisut erkpunast vihmasesse päeva! See punane kampsun Misspap'ilt on nii ilus ja just seda õiget erkpunast tooni! Seda saab kanda nii õlgadest all kui ka üleval ning kokku panna nii paljude asjadega lahedalt, aga mulle enim meeldib siiski see komplekt Calvin Kleini nahaimitatsiooniga teksadega. Ma pole eriti viimasel ajal oma soenguga rahul. Pidin selle viimane kord juuksuri juures nii lühikeseks lõikama kuna otsad olid nii katki, kuid nüüd igatsen oma pikki juukseid väga taga, mis sellest, et juuksed on nüüd tervema välimusega. Võib-olla on asi selles, et ma nägin aasta vaeva mõni aasta tagasi, et mu juuksed jälle taas kasvama hakkaks ja sellepärast väärtustan oma pikki juukseid rohkem. Ilmselt on see nii basic tüdrukute probleem muidugi haha! 

Kuid kuulge, tegelikult on midagi, millest ma palju rohkem rääkida tahaksin täna! Eile J sai viimaks oma võimaluse ning pääses jalkakoondise algkoosseisu! Nad mängisid Portugalis Gibraltari vastu ja see oli kõigile nii suureks üllatuseks, et keskkaitses mängiv J oli järsku tipuründajaks pandud. Ma olin enne mängu üsna närviline, kuna ta pole siiski ründaja juba mitu aastat olnud ja see on nüüdseks ebatavaline positsioon talle. AGA SIIIS alustas ta sellest, et andis söödu kahele väravale ja SIIIIS läks ja lõi KÜBARATRIKI Gibraltari vastu 25 minuti jooksul. Kes oleks seda veel oodanud!?! Ma olen siiamaani nii põnevil sellest, isegi kui et ainult temast on räägitud juba mängu algusest kuni siiamaani igalpool ja ma hakkan tema kuulmisest juba ära väsima hahah. Muidugi teen ma nalja!! Nii hea meel on seda kõike kuulda ta kohta, ta oli sellest kõigist rohkem ära teeninud ning näitas, mida ta suudab kui talle võimalus anda. Eestist pole keegi löönud kübaratriki alates 96. aastast ega mitte kunagi varem pole seda kvalifikatsioonimängudes tehtud. Samuti oli see suurim võõrsilvõit Eesti ajaloos ning samuti kvalifikatsioonimängudes nii et suur aplaus mu ägedale peikale! See aasta on ta jaoks olnud nii vägev, nii et nüüd on meil vaid see meistritiitel vaja ära vormistada ja ongi kõik olemas. Väga uhke tüdruk siinpool! x 


Dress - Dry Lake/ HERE       Shoes - Misspap      Bracelet - Lindex Pink Collection/ HERE

Sorry for the massive amount of photos, but ooh it's been a while since I visited Paul's studio! I used to take so many of my blog photos there a few years back and now over such a long time, I was reminded yet again why I loved it. As usual, Paul helped me take the photos and I did the editing on them and I just can't understand how after so many years Paul surprises me yet AGAIN with something so creative! I just love the setting of these photos so much with all the lights and the dusty mansion look. He's so talented and in all honesty one of the best photographers in Estonia. 

I'm wearing the most gorgeous navy Dry Lake lace dress. I'm usually not into lace dresses with a wide hem, but I've worn this one to so many occasions by now, even to a fashion show with nude sock boots. The detailing on the dress is just perfect and I really love the high collar that gives it such an elegant look. Could picture wearing this dress to a formal event and also to a simple dinner party, just a matter of accessorizing! What I love about Dry Lake is that they make simple cuts so special and the quality is always amazing! Definitely a go-to Swedish brand if you need a super cute warm fluff jacket or a dress for a special event! 

Now I have an interview coming up here in Tallinn and then a lot of work on my laptop. J headed to the national team today and will be away in Portugal for a few days for a game with Gibraltar, so I will be heading to my hometown until he gets back for the national team's homegame. Have a great week guys! x


Vabandan, et pilte on tohutu palju, aga uuhh sellest on päris pikk aeg möödas kui ma viimati pildistasin Pauli stuudios! Mõned aastad tagasi tegin enamik oma blogipiltidest seal ja nüüd sai taas meelde tuletatud miks mulle nii väga seal pildistada meeldib ikka. Nagu tavaliselt aitas Paul teha pildid ning mina siis hiljem töötlesin, aga ausalt ma ei saa aru, kuidas on võimalik, et pärast kõiki neid aastaid suudab Paul IKKA oma loovate ideedega üllatada! Mulle nii nii meeldib nende piltide setting koos nende valgustite ning selle tolmuse 'mõisa' taustaga. Paul on tõeline talent ja kindlalt üks parimaid fotograafe terves Eestis. 

Kannan siin ilusaimat tumesinist Dry Lake'i pitskleiti. Ma tavaliselt ei ole alt laienevate pitskleitide fänn, aga seda kleiti olen juba mitmetel sündmustel kandnud, sealhulgas ka moeshow'le koos beezide sokksaabastega. Kleidi detailid on ideaalsuseni viidud ja mulle enim meeldib just see kõrge krae, mis annab kleidile sellise eriti elegantse välimuse. Kujutan ette, et see kleit sobiks nii pidulikule üritusele kui ka lihtsale õhtusöögile, olenevalt mis aksessuaare juurde lisada. Dry Lake on just sellepärast nii äge bränd, et nad suudavad alati lihtsatest lõigetest teha midagi silmapaistvat ja kvaliteet on alati super! KIndlasti go-to Rootsi bränd, kui otsid endale armsat karvast kasukat või ilusat kleiti mingiks tähtsaks sündmuseks! 

Kohe ootab mind üks intervjuu ees siin Tallinnas ja siis on palju tööd läpakas ära teha. J liitub täna koondisega ja on mitu päeva ära Portugalis, kus neil on mäng Gibraltari vastu. Lähen selleks ajaks kodulinna tagasi ning tulen tagasi koondise kodumängu ajaks. Teile aga toredat nädalat! x 



Blazer - Mango      Pants - Lindex/ HERE      Lace Top - Oasis       Rib Top - NAKD       Sneakers - Tommy Hilfiger/ Denim Dream         Bag - Guess/ Denim Dream 

Hey babes! I recently got a new hairstyle - now I have bangs! Okay okay they're more like outgrown bangs and some of you might be surprised why someone would like outgrown bangs cut, but honestly, it has made my life so much better! I have like 100 different ways to style my hair now. I can flip the bangs to one side or another, put them behind my ears, curl them in any way and also ponytails and buns look way more different now. I saw the really bouncy shorter bangs all over Instagram and really loved the trend, but I still wanted a change to keep the hair behind my ears, so I had them cut longer. Also got a new more silverish blonde shade, but I'll see if I'll go slightly darker towards winter. But today's outfit is a mix between really sharp clothes and some fun lace, which I attended the Balmain Hair Couture event with last week. I wasn't really sure about these pants at Lindex Showroom since I'm not a fan of flared pants, but you know when you sometime just feel like you want to try something new and step out of your comfort zone right? So I decided to give them a try because of the silver detail in front and I found myself strolling around the city a lot with these suddenly. Really easy to style as they are high waisted, have the ankle cut and are very sharp and chic!  

I suddenly had to move away everything I had in Tallinn yesterday as the apartment complex J stays at had a huge water accident when I was home alone and well, the situation got really really bad with the apartment and we're gonna see the size of the damage in near days now. But first, football won't wait and I will see him playing against our hometown team already tomorrow! Gonna be fun to watch this over years as I've always been in Sweden during these game. Have a great weekend everyone! x 


Helloo! Vahepeal olen endale lõiganud uue soengu - nüüd on mul võõrkeeles bangs'id! Okei okei tegelikult lasin pigem lõigata väljakasvanud tuka mitte päris õige tuka muidugi ja kindlasti mõned teist mõtlevad miks keegi üldse peaks endale väljakasvanud tuka lõikama, aga ausalt see on teinud mu elu nii palju lihtsamaks! Juukseid saab nüüd pea 100't erinevat stiili sättida. Saan 'tukka' lkata nii ühele kui teisele poole, panna kõrvade taha, koolutada igat pidi ja pats ning krunn näevad ka kohe huvitavamad välja. Nägin Instagram'is palju ilusaid kohevaid tukkasid, mis mulle nii meeldisid, aga kuna mulle siiski meeldib aeg-ajalt juukseid kõrvade taga kanda, siis pidin lõikama vähe pikemad salgud. Juuksed said pisut hõbedama tooni ka juurde, aga vaatan ehk lähen talve poole pisut tumedamaks jälle. Aga tänane outfit on pooleldi selline šikk ja viiskas ning pooleldi lõbusamalt pitsine, millega osalesin Balmain Hair Couture üritusel nädal tagasi. Ma polnud esialgu nendes pükstes eriti kindel, kui Lindexi Showroom'i külastasin, aga teate ju küll seda kui tahaks vahest midagi uut ja mugavustsoonist väljaspool proovida eks? Otsustasingi nendele võimaluse anda ja järsku leidsin end päris tihti nendega linnas asju ajamas. Väga lihtne kokku panna erinevate asjadega, kuna need on kõrge pihaga, kukeka lõikega ning nagu öeldud, väga šikid ja viisakad!  

Pidin eile Tallinnas kõik oma asjad järsku kokku panema ja ära tooma, kuna kortermajas, kus J elab juhtus suur veeavarii kui ma olin üksi seal ja noh, asjad läksid ikka päris halvasti korteriga ja tuleb nüüd lähipäevil vaadata kui suures ulatuses kahju on. Aga enne, jalka ei oota ja homme saab J'd näha mängimas meie mõlema kodulinna tiimi vastu! Nii vahva on jälle seda mängu üle aastate vaadata, kuna varem olen olnud kõikide nende mängude ajal Rootsis. Toredat nädalavahetust kõigile! x 


HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit - HERE 

Hi y'alll! Can't help to start this blog post once again with mentioning how damn busy September is every year! Before heading to MAx&Co store opening party, I decided to take the time to tell you a little about the whitening kit I tried out a little back. It's from HiSmile and it contains a whitening kit, 3 gels and the introduction paper. The whitening itself was really easy as it only took a few seconds to apply the gel for both lower and upper teeth and only 10 minutes for daily whitening, so it was perfect to add it to my morning routine. The hard part was cutting down on coffee and tea though as I have low blood pressure and really need my caffeine, but I wanted to do this the right way. It took 6 days as you use half a gel in one day and it's recommended to do 6 days in a row. So I did! The first question I got was "does it make teeth sensitive?" and well, I have had experience with whiteners that do make teeth really sensitive and I was really scared to try HiSmile because of that too, but to my surprise it didn't hurt during the process nor are teeth sensitive now. It feels perfectly safe and no need to worry about any pain! Aaand I guess it's to the results now. You get this little card where you can check how white your teeth are before and after. They say it should be at least 6-8 shades lighter after use, but in all honesty, mine turned out 3 shades lighter, which is amazing consiering I had no trust in the whitening kits before. I'm really happy I went through with this and after getting a proper tan with Vani-T products (blog post coming soon), I felt really super pretty after! 

Let me know in the comments if you have tried HiSmile yourself and how the result was! x 


Hei kõiiik! Pean ka taas seda blogipostitust alustama faktiga, et septembrid on ikka nii hullupööra töökad igal aastal! Enne kui suundun Max&Co esinduspoe avamisele võtan pisut aega, et rääkida teile natuke ühest hammaste valgenduse komplektist, mida hiljaaega järele proovisin. Komplekt on brändilt HiSmile ning koosneb valgendavast väiksest apapraadist, kolmest geelist ning õpetuskaardist. Valgendamine oli väga lihtne, kuna geeli lisamine ülemiste ning alumiste hammaste jaoks võttis vaid mõned sekundid ja valgendamiseprotsess ise 10 minutit, seega oli see ideaalne hommikurutiini lisamiseks. Raskeim osa oli loobuda kohvist ja teest, kuna mul on madal vererõhk ning väga vajan oma igapäevast koffeiini, aga tahtsin siiski asja teha õigesti. Kogu protsess võttis 6 päeva, kuna päevas läheb pool geelist ning üldse soovitatakse teha need 6 päeva kohe üksteise otsa, et parim tulemus oleks. Nii ma ka tegin! Esimene küsimus, mis teistel tekkis oli, et "kas hambad muutuvad õrnaks/valusaks ka?" ja kui aus olla, siis ma olen katsetanud varem hammaste valgendamismeetodeid, mis on teinud hambad üsna valulikuks, seega kartsin HiSmile'i alguses kasutada samal põhjusel, aga minu üllatuseks ei teinud see absoluutselt haiget valgendamise ajal ega hambad pole ka õrnad pärast kõike. Tundub, et HiSmile on väga turvaline kasutada ega pea muretsema valu pärast üldse! Jaa tundub, et oleks aeg mainida ka tulemust. Komplektiga saab kaasa sellise väikese kaardi, kus saab võrrelda oma hammaste värvust enne ja pärast kasutamist. Nad ütlevad, et hambad peaks olema 6-8 tooni valgemad, aga ausaltöeldes märkasin ma ainult 3 tooni, kuid see on ka super tore, kuna mul pole varem palju usku sellistesse vahenditesse olnud. Hea meel, et selle protsessi läbi tegin ja pärast ilusa jume lisamist Vani-T toodetega (kirjutan nedest peagi blogis) tundsin end ikka väga väga ilusana! 

Andke mulle kommentaarides teada, kas olete HiSmile'i ka ise kasutanud ja kuidas tulemus oli! x 


Wearing Guess head-to-toe/ all from Denim Dream

I've found myself wearing all black so much lately, since I really don't like the colour during summer and now it's so new for me again haha! At the same time I know some of my friends who refuse bright colours so much that if you actually see them with something colourful then it's so hard to find them from a cafe suddenly (Hi Elise!). Anywho, I had the super exciting task of putting together a look with Guess pre-fall collection and the minute I saw the collection I knew I couldn't just pick some pieces for my minimalistic self but these cool things had to be layered, especially when it came to matching these amazing boots that just scream for bare legs and layered all black clothing right now. I really love the warm knits, skirts and bare legs with cool boots that pre-Fall is all about when it's not so warm anymore but not that cold either, so my Guess look was inspired by that. Having the boots as my first pick, I styled them with a velvet sequin cami dress and a sporty college jacket (btw these are suddenly so IN again), but that felt a little too bare, so I layered the look with the coolest leather skirt with a large buckle belt. I loved how the lace of the dress was visible under the skirt, which gave the look so much more detail and lastly, I added a Guess shoulder bag to the look and that one oh. my. god. is just GORGEOUS! The minute I saw that bag I knew this chain is gonna get zero use, but this bag just has to be worn like I wore it on the photos. I feel like this bag with its handle is the key to the whole outfit and probably will make any everyday outfit look 10x more awesome.

I think we all can agree that Guess has done a hell of a job with the pre-Fall collection and there's just so much more to discover there. Make sure to hop by the Guess stores in Tallinn to find all the pieces or wait a few days until Denim Dream's brand new webshop opens and all the Guess collection pieces will be available there for order! x


Olen tähele pannud, et kanna viimasel ajal nii palju üleni musta ja seda ilmselt seetõttu, et suviti ma seda värvi väga kanda ei taha ja nüüd tundub see nii uus ja huvitav jälle haha! Samalajal on mul mõned sõbrannad, kes keelduvad värve kandmast nii väga, et kui neil üks päev ongi ehk midagi värvilist seljas, siis neid kohvikust üles ei leia (Hei Elise!). Igatahes, sain taas super põneva ülesande minna panna kokku üks look Guess'i pre-Fall kollektsioonist ja see minut kui ma kollektsiooni nägin teadsin, et mu minimalistlik loomus ei suuda siit mõnda asja vaid kokku panda vaid siit tuleb üks kihiline outfit, eriti kui asi puutus nendesse ägedatesse saabastesse, mis praegu lausa karjuvad paljaste säärte ning kihilise üleni musta riietuse järele. Mulle meeldib, et pre-Fall kollektsioonidega tuleb see soojade kampsunite, seelikute ning lahedate madalate saabaste vibe, kuna väljas pole enam nii soe aga samas pole ka veel nii külm, ja sellest ongi mu Guess'i look inspireeritud. Kuna saapad olid mul kohe esimene valik, siis sobitasin need sametist litritega cami kleidiga ning sportlikue college jakiga (mis muide on järsku jälle nii moes), kuid tundsin, et välimus jäi kuidagi liiga õhuke ja seega lisasin kleidi peale ülilaheda nahkseeliku, millel suure pandlaga vöö. Mulle meeldis, kuidas seeliku alt jäi kleidipits paistma, mis andis välimusele kohe nii palju detaili juurde ja viimaks lisasin juurde veel Guess'i õlakoti ja see oh. my. god. on lihtsalt SUPER! Kohe kui ma seda kotti nägin teadsin, et see kett seal küljes ei leia küll mingit kasutust vaid seda lihtsalt peab kandma nii nagu olen kandnud seda piltidel. Mulle tundub, et see kott ja see väga sang seal juures teevadki sellest outfit'ist midagi hoopis muud ja ilmselt muudaks absoluutselt iga suvalise päeva outfit'i kohe 10x lahedamaks. 

Võime vist kõik ühest suust öelda, et Guess on teinud super head tööd oma pre-Fall kollektsiooniga ja muidugi oli kollektsioonis veel nii palju avastamist. Kindlasti hüpake läbi Guess'i poodidest Tallinnas, et leida kõik need asjad üles või oodake mõned päevad enne kui valmib uhiuus Denim Dream'i veebipood ja siis on Guess'i kollektsiooni riided ka tellimiseks saadaval! x 


Photos - Google/Pinterest/Janni Deler

Just like that we suddenly have September and already the mid-part of it! Where does time go honestly? I think the best way to deal with another summer coming to an end is to prepare your fresh new Fall wardrobe, because we all know the fashion world is just so in love with everything A/W. So now that most people have already managed to throw these summer clothes into a seperate place and filled their closets with knits and coats, it's the best time to check what to keep for autumn and what new to get. Good quality basics are the key to a good Fall wardrobe, but if you wanna add some seasonal trends and something to spice up the basics with then follow my little inspo-guide for Fall '17.

Fur - Once (FAUX) fur came to trend a few years back it seems to never go away. Fur stays, but the trendy colours and designs have changed over the years. So this year what you should keep an eye on is pink fur (light and hot), vintage (you know the natural animal fur looking long ones) and multicoloured! 

Sock Boots - They suddenly emerged last year when Yeezy made the design famous, but like fur, they're here to stay another season, but in addition to nude and black, you can now see these boots in red, pink and literally with stripy socks. 

Hot Red - Talking about red sock boots, one of the most major trends this Fall is hot red and not just a sweater or pants in red, but the. whole. outfit. all. red. I really like that look, because it's hot and it's eye-catching and it flatters blondes like me so so much! My favourites are large red cozy knits and powrful red suits with suit pants and flare pants. 

Patent Leather - I'm so glad I kept this patent leather jacket in my closet despite people finding it funny in my closet over the years, because now I'm like HA!, it's fashionable as hell peoplee. Patent comes with skirts, pants, jackets and coats. It's a pretty daring trend, but looks really good on photos and if you can pull it off, it looks awesome.

Oversized - Another trend that came from 2016 to 2017 is puffer coats and oversized everything. Puffer coats are more colourful as the most popular ones are gold, silver and red, but also pink is a really cool one to have. When it comes to oversized then wool coats are bigger than ever, going almost all the way on the ground (see Rihanna's style). 

Plaids - The 70's plaids were already seen everywhere during summer, but they will continue to shine Fashion Week streetstyle and runways. My favourite plaided clothes include pencil coats and suits. 

Suits - As you can see I mentioned suits a lot already, so I will stop a little on these too. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the fact that Hillary Clinton uses power suits or maybe fashion has changed from more casual and gone back to strict again, but suits are everywhere now. Still they are dressed down as crop tops are added in-between the two-pieces and even hoodies and of course sneakers are there too.

Silver/Glitter/Gold/Metallic - It's pretty much all the same - metallic tones are in. It's just not one type of clothing but it's everywhere, so I'll just list my favourites - golden skirts, glitter knee high boots, silver knee high and ankle boots and golden puffer jackets.  

Dark Florals - Not my favourite as I've never been a fan of florals. Usually the floral trends end with Fall but hey, they're here again, but in a little bit darker shades than in spring. Probably the best place to fetch a piece or two for floral lovers is the new H&M designer collaboration with ERDEM. 

Feathers - Feathers are mainly on skirts and dresses, so they are included in more dressy outfits this Fall. I really love the feather dresses you can find at Missguided. Also wore one to the Moet party in the beginning of summer and got so many compliments! 

Sporty - Sporty stays because fashion world has learned to love everything comfortable. This includes leisure suits, track suits, hoodies, logo sweaters, sportswear and those pants with poppers you've probably seen around recently. Thinking of getting a pair of these to myself too! 

So that's all I felt like needed a mention from Fall '17 trends, but it's not all. We also will see a lot of military boots, cozy asymmetrical knits, plastic looks and still - velvet stuff. Hope you found some ideas and inspiration from the moodboards or my little texts! I really enjoy creating these boards and if winter brings a lot of new things, I will make sure to post them here the same way. Anyways, happy shopping girls! x


Tekst on ainult inglise keeles seekord! 




Blazer - Zara      Skirt - Misspap/ HERE       Top - Lindex       Bag - Moschino       Boots - Misspap         Watch - Daniel Wellington/ HERE

Another busy week coming to an end! Or I should probaby say that it was busy and was supposed to be even busier before I got some kind of a stomach flu that took 2 days off my plans completely as I was home bound and half dead with a fever at the apartment. Ugh it was so bad, but ended as suddenly as I caught it, so I'm back on track as of yesterday. So yesterday I took over the Instagram of the huge cosmetics and fashion store Kaubamaja here in Estonia and showed off the best offers they have right now and also my personal favourites. It was such a fun time strolling around meeting so many cool people at the brand boxes and I even got a personal make-up at the MAC cosmetics box. I guess you can still check some of the stories out on their Instagram @kaubamaja! 

So today's outfit is styled around the most beautiful watch I've received since my collaboration with Daniel Wellington. It's pure white with golden details and even though it's really simple and minimalistic, it really pops out with every outfit. My favourite everyday look with it is of course blue jeans and a white tee, but I also like to wear it when the outfit is a bit more dressy too as it is above. I think it looks super pretty with all white with nude details and makes it all look so much more 'classy'. Make sure to match the match the watch with a golden cuff for some extra detailing! Perfect accessories can give so much more even to a really simple outfit! 

When shopping at Daniel Wellington webshop make sure to use my discount code 'merylmgi' for 15% off! Also note that the code can be combined with other offers as well! x


Järgmine busy nädal seljataga! Või täpsemini siiski oli töökas küll ja pidi olema veelgi töökam, kuni mingi kohutav kõhuviirus terve kahe päeva plaanid mul ära kaotas. Olin korteris kinni sellise palavikuga, et silmigi oli raske avada. Uhh väga halb aeg oli, aga viirus läks õnneks sama järsku ära kui tuli nii et olen alates eilsest taas rööpas. Eile võtsingi juba üle Kaubamaja Instagram'i konto, kus tutvustasin Ilu Aja häid pakkumisi ning ka oma isiklikke lemmikuid. Nii vahva oli seal ringi jalutada ja filmida ja tutvuda nii paljude toredate töötajatega erinevates brändiboksides. Isegi super ilus meik tehti MAC boksis kogu päevaks! Mõned klipid peaks veel story's järel olema, mida @kaubamaja Instagram'i kontolt näeb! 

Tänase outfit'i panin kokku ühe ilusaima kella järgi, mille koostööna Daniel Wellington'iga kingiks saanud olen. See on lumivalge, kuldsete detailidega ja kuigi see on üsna lihtne ja minimalistlik, siis see kuidagi särab iga outfit'i juures nii silmapaistvalt. Mu lemmikviis selle kandmiseks on igapäevaselt siniste teksade ja valge T-särgiga, aga sobitan ka pisut pidulikemate look'ide juurde nagu ka see ülal. Valge kell sobib kuidagi nii hästi just üleni valge riietusega, millel mõned nude detailid ka juures, ja teeb selle outfit'i kohe kuidagi palju 'peenemaks'. Kindlasti leia kella juurde mõni sobiv kuldne käevõru, kuna perfektsed detailid annavad isegi lihtsaimate riietuste juurde nii palju juurde! 

Kui hsoppad Daniel Wellingotn'i kodulehel, siis kindlasti kasuta mingu allahindluskoodi 'merylmgi', et saada 15% alla oma ostust. Seda koodi saab muide kombineerida ka teiste pakkumistega! x


Blouse & Trousers - Dry Lake     Bag - Moschino       Sneakers - Tommy Hifliger/ Denim Dream

It's been an amazing time lately. In Sweden I went out with friends, visited my favourites Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen, and met with my favourite people (minus Laura, which I'm really sorry about). Also defended my thesis successfully and now it's just grade waiting, but university is done for good. I kind of got jealous back in Lund when I saw new students start with their studies, but that's me again in 2018, so it's okay. I'm gonna need a gap year to re-think my decisions and what I really want to study and it will be good for me I know that. Right away when I came back to Estonia, I had tons of events, store openings, national team games to watch (J finally got to play and gave an assist to a winning goal!!!), a Marmin Management brunch and yesterday the very first fashion show of the season when Kaubamaja introduced its seaons favourites. Also been hopping from showroom to showroom getting familiar with everything AW2017 and well it's been so busy with blog it has been hard to actually blog haha! But here we go again and here's a look that's not really "me" in that sense that it involves very baggy patterned clothing, but there's something about this Dry Lake set that really gets me. Not to mention that it is a really really comfortable outfit to wear, the colour scheme is really beautiful and it's a really chic one if worn with a handbag and sneakers. Love to take it out to town and shopping when it's sunny and I bet it looks as cool with a matched jacket too, since we don't have that much pretty weather left anymore right.. 

It's gonna be a busy September when it comes to everything life and especially the blog as it is the start of the new season. I also know many of you are waiting fro my seasonal "what's gonna be IN" post and it's coming in near days! There's a so much to do and so much to tell that I better get to work to forward everything to you. I've seen how you guys come to my blog for news every single day and I appreciate it so much, you have no idea. The fact that I have been posting a bit less than usually, but you still keep coming back is so amazing and the exact reason why I still do this after 3 years. Thank you so much for all kind words and all the clicks, I promise autumn is gonna be full of new outfits, giveaways and lots of news! x


Väga põnev on olnud hiljuti. Rootsis sain külastada oma lemmiklinnas Lundi, Malmöt ja Kopenhaagenit, käisin väljas sõpradega ja nägin kõiki oma lemmikuid taas (välja arvatud Laura, millest on nii kahju). Kaitsesin edukalt ära ka oma bakatöö ning nüüd on vaid jäänud oodata bakatöö hinnet, aga ülikooliga on siis selleks korraks kõik. Tegi pisut kadedaks kui nägin Lundis uusi õpilasi alustamas ülikooli, aga see olen mina jälle aastal 2018, seega kõik peaks hästi olema. Mul on tõesti vaja ühte vaba aastat, et järele mõelda, mida ma täpselt õppida tahan, ja et teha mõned olulised otsused, ning ma usun, et see on mulle kõige kasulikum variant hetkel. Kohe kui Eestisse tagasi tulin ootas mind hunnik üritusi, poeavamisi, mõned Eesti koondise mängud (ka J sai lõpuks jälle mängida ning andis võiduväravale ka söödu!!!), samuti marmin management brunch, ning eile toimus ka selle hooaja esimene moeshow kui Kaubamaja näitas oma hooajalisi lemmikuid. Olen hüpanud ka showroom'ist showroom'i, et vaadata üle kõik AW2017, seega olen blogiga olnud nii hõivatud, et pole isegi olnud palju aega, et blogida haha! Kuid järkame sealt kus asi pooleli jäi ning siin ongi üks look, mis pole sellesmõttes päris "mina ise", kuna hõlmab üsna lohvakaid mustrilisi riideid, kuid miski selle Dry Lake'i komplekti juures meeldib mulle nii väga. Vähe sellest, et see on ülimugav outfit mida kanda, ka värvikombinatsioon on nii ilus ja kandes koos käekoti ja tossudega saab selle väga šikiks muuta. Enim meeldib mulle nii näiteks linna või shoppama minna päikeselisema ilmaga, kuid usun, et see komplekt on väga äge ka sobiva tagiga selle juures, kuna ilusaid päikeselisi ilmasid pole ju meil päris mõnda aega juba olnud.. 

September tuleb väga töökas just eluliselt ja eriti veel blogiga seoses, kuna uus hooaeg on ju algamas. Tean ka seda, et paljud teist juba ammu ootavad "mida kanda sügisel" postitust ja saan öelda nüüd, et see on lähipäevil siia ka tulemas! Nii palju on öelda ja teha, et ma pean hakkama igapäevaselt blogiga tööle, et teieni kõik tuua. Olen jälginud kuidas te ikka ja ikka igapäevaselt mu blogisse kiikate, et leida midagi uut ja te ei kujuta ette kui hea meel mul seda näha on ja kui tänulik ma olen selle eest! See, t olen postitanud vähem kui tavaliselt, aga te ikkagi tulete siia vaatama on imeline ja just see põhjus, miks ma ikka veel jätkan pärast 3 aastat. Suur tänu kõikide heade sõnade ja klikkide eest ning ma luban, et sügis tuleb täis uusi põnevaid outfit'e, giveaway'sid ja igasugu uudiseid! x 


Sweater - Rock on Ruby/ HERE      Pants - Topshop        Sneakers - Converse/ Sportland        Sunglasses - Ray Ban 

Photos by Kristiin Elmat.

Back in Estonia! It was a busy week in Sweden since I had so many things I wanted to do before I left, but I will focus on that in another post coming up soon! First I really wanted the post this Converse gallery here that Kristiin helped me out with. I had never taken photos with her before and I am really amazed how cool our result was. It's so different from my usual posts, so I hope you like it! Kristiin is such a talented girl and that's why I uploaded so many photos this time!

I'm wearing my current favourite pair of Converse, the bright red low ones, which I love to match with basic colours like black and white and beige to add some colour pop to the outfit. They're really an eye-catching pair that go well with so many different styles and since red is one of the hottest colours this Fall, then they are a must-have in the everyday shoedrobe. So the rest of my outfit consists of a pair of gingham pants and a oversized super cozy sweater from Rock on Ruby. I've told you guys about Rock on Ruby before, but they're a little webshop that produces high quality cotton basic pieces and they let you choose the prints on them. So I stumbled across this sweater design where you can have your birthyear printed in bright red and since I'm a red details fangirl then I was sold completely haha! Really love to wear this one on cold evenings and I think it's a perfect match with the red Converse. 

Yesterday I also hopped by the Blush studio in Tallinn, created by Gerda Kurm, to get my brows done over ages. The result can be seen on the photos above. My brows are so symmetrical and sharp that I feel like it's a whole new me now hahah! She's amazing at her work and such a sweet girl. So I'm gonna give a HUGE recommendation to everyone wanting to get their brows fixed to contact her and book a time. Definitely gonna love the result later! 

Now I'm off to meet Anelle in town and have some more computer work to be done later, so I'll talk to you real soon! x 


Tagasi Eestis! Nädal Rootsis oli nii sisukas, kuna tahtsin nii palju enne lahkumist ära teha, kuid keskendun sellele järgnevas postituses rohkem! Kõigepealt tahtsin postitada siia ühe pika Converse'i galerii, millega Kristiin mind aitas. Ma polnud temaga varem pildistamas käinud, seega olen täiesti amazed kui hea tulemusega me hakkama saime. See on muidugi erinev minu tavapostitustest, seega loodan, et meeldib ka väike erinevus vahest! Kristiin on väga andekas neiu ja just seepärast otsustasin ka nii palju pilte seekord siia üles panna! 

Kannan oma praeguseid lemmikuid, erkpunaseid Converse, mida mulle meeldib sobitada lihtsate värvidega nagu must, valge ja beez, et lisada pisut erksat värvi outfit'i juurde. Need on üks väga väga silmapaistev paar, mis sobivad hästi paljude erinevate stiilidega ja kuna punane on selle sügise üks võtmevärve, siis on need üsnagi must-have igapäevases jalanõugarderoobis. Ülejäänud outfit koosneb gingham mustriga teksadest ning oversized mega mugavast Rock on Ruby dressikast. Olen teile siin juba varem Rock on Ruby'st rääkinud, aga tegemist on väikese netipoega, mis toodab ülikvaliteetseid puuvillast basic esemeid, millele saab ise midagi peale trükkida lasta. Sattusin seal lehel dressika peale, millele sai trükkida oma sünniaasta erkpunaselt ja kuna ma olen täielik erkpunaste detailide fan girl, siis olingi kohe müüdud haha! Hästi mõnus asi, mida kanda jahedatel õhtutel ja sobib minu arust super hästi just nende Converse'dega.

Eile hüppasin läbi ka Blush stuudiost Tallinnas, mille omanik on armas Gerda Kurm, ning lasin omal kulmud üle pika aja korda teha. Tulemust näeb ka ülal olevatel piltidel. Mu kulmud on nii sümmetrilised ja teravad, et ma tunnen nagu mul oleks täiesti uus nägu haha! Gerda teeb super hästi oma tööd ja on ise ka väga armas selle kõige juures. Annan teile SUURE SUURE soovituse broneerida ta juurde aeg, kui tahate kulmud ikka väga korralikult korda saada. Kindlasti olete tulemusega rahul! 

Suundun nüüd linna, et Anellega kokku saada ja pärast seda on arvutis veel palju tööd, seega räägime juba üsna pea! x