Meryl Mägi


Snaps from my 24th birthday! 

Happy birthday to me!!!

Hahah! Turned 24 on 9th of February which was 2 days ago, but boy did I need a recovery from that week until now! Well on Thursday I was off to Stockholm very early in the morning to do a full work day there, which was so tiring you have no clue. Next day I woke up 4:30 to get moving back to Estonia, it was my birthday morning. I knew I would be very tired a long time ago, but I also knew I still wanted to plan something for my birthday because I've always been in Sweden during that time and couldn't get to celebrate a little with my Estonian friends. So I planned a little get together with all of my best girls to introduce them to one another and to have some reaallly tasty coctails on 30th floor bar! Drinks with a good view, sounds good! So everyone except vacationing Marii (jealous) showed up from different cities and I was the happiest for that!! Thanks so much Kerstin, Kätlin, Kätriin, Sandra and Lisbeth for making my day so good and being such an amazing company! Love you all and thank you so much for everything! x 

Btw I noticed that I didn't get much snaps that night, but guess we were just too busy chatting the night away which is just perfect! I was surprised to actually turn sleepy-on-the-verge-of-passing-out only after midnight, as I thought it would happen like 1pm already haha! Headed to parents place the next day to hang out with them too on my birthday and to get a proper minimum 11 hour sleep. Not even kidding though.  

I wanted to tell you all that I am truly happy for all the lovely wishes and messages you have sent me! It's so good to read those adorrable things and I appreciate so much that you took the time to do that! So many things make me happy at once right now that I can't even express it. My only wish would've been having J around too, but he is in Spain right now doing his best and I wouldn't have it in any other way! My family, J, my friends and my followers made me birthday really amazing and I am happy my favourite girls were down for a more relaxed evening due to my work! Thank you again and love you everyone! <3 

(If you're wondering, #imWearingRI on the photos, as in you can find the River Island jumpsuit HERE)


Blazer - Dry Lake/ HERE         Pants - H&M          Heels - River Island/ sold out online, but waiting for you in stores!         Rib top - NA-KD

 It's my birthday week!! Turning 24 on Friday already..don't know what happened I was just 20, but oh well, let's leave that for now hahah. I've had such a great but also very busy week. Me and blogger girls went on a trip to VIlnius to attend the Loreal x Balmain lipstick launch event of Batlics and it was AH-MAZING! There were so many cool attractions and photoshoots happening plus the way it was organized was very perfect. I even got to take photos with a snake and touch one for the first time in my life, but I Still hope to never see snakes at parties again. Not their place to be. Will share some photos soon here! After the party we went to a bar with our huge girl squad and it was the funnest I've had for such a long time. Definitely need more trips like this and soon! 

By the way did you notice these heels? These are seriously bookshelf decoration worthy shoes. They are super princess-y, but there's something that I couldn't resist about them. They are probably the most gorgeously sparkling heels I've ever met and I don't know where I am gonna wear them in summer but when that day comes I will be the happiest girl! Very overwhelming when you meet something so pretty you can't even describe it. On another note, I know that I have been wearing the silky Dry Lake blazer too much already as it's one of the most elegant pieces in my closet and I love how it has a deep neckline, so I can wear different cute tops under it, including rib tops in winter yay! Wore the blazer to the Loreal x Balmain event too! 

While J is in Spain with his team, I try to be as busy as I can with my stuff before I get to go and visit him. It's pretty good actually to be alone a little, because he is the largest distraction haha. I never got stuff done properly when he was around with his fun self but now I have time for everything and I just feel how I'm slowly catching up my pace again and it's great. Tomorrow I'm flying again and this time to Stockholm for work. Gonna be another hectic day and flying back on Friday morning already. Just can't wait for Sunday when I can sleep for 20 hours straight though.

Be good! x 


Käes on mu sünnipäevanädal!!! Saan reedel 24 ei tea kuidas see juhtus, sest ma just sain 20, aga noh, jätame selle teema praegu hahah. Mul on olnud nii äge kuid samas väga töökas nädal. Lendasime blogitüdrukutega Vilniusesse, et minna Loreal x Balmain huulepulkade esmaesitlusele Baltikumis ja see pidu oli AH-MAZING! Seal oli nii palju igasugu atraktsioone ja photoshoot'e korraga pluss pidu ise oli nii hästi organiseeritud, perfektne ajastus kõige jaoks. Sain isegi pilte teha ning esimest korda elus katsuda madu, kuid ma siiski loodan, et ma ei pea kunagi enam madusid kuskil peol kohtama. Pole nende koht. Jagan aga peagi pilte ka siin! Pärast pidu läksime baari oma tohutu tüdrukute gängiga ja ausalt pole ammu nii vahva olnud kui see reis. Oleks vaja rohkem selliseid reise ja kui võimalik siis juba kiirelt! 

Muide, kas nägite neid kontsasid mu piltidel? Need on kohe kindlasti raamaturiiuli dekoratsiooni väärilised kingad. Need on väga printsessilikud, kuid midagi on nende juures, et ei saa mööda vaadata. Need on ilmselt kõige säravamad ja ilusamad kingad, mis ma siiani kohtand ja ma ei tea, kus ma neid kanna, aga kui see päev suvel tuleb, siis ma olen väga rõõmus tüdruk igatahes! Ei oska kohe olla, kui miski on nii ilus, et ei oska seletada. Teistpidi aga selle pintsaku näol on tegemist asjaga, mida ma kannan juba liiga palju, kuna see on üks elegantsemaid esemeid mu kapis ja kuna sellel on sügav kaelus saab selle all kanda igasugu põnevaid toppe, kaasaarvatud rib top'e talvel, jee! 

Kuni J on Hispaanias tiimiga proovin ma olla nii busy kui vähegi võmalik enne kui saan teda külastama minna. Tegelt on päris hea olla üksi veidi aega, keskenduda ainult enda asjadele, kuna ta oli päris suur distraction (eesti keeles kuidas on see?) ja ma ei saanud kunagi asju päris korralikult tehtud kui ta lõbus nägu ees oli haha. Tunnen, kuidas ma hakkan vaikselt jälle oma asjadega järje peale saama ja see on nii tore tunne. Homme lendan taas ja seekord Stockholmi tööasjus. Saab olema järjekordne hullumeelne päev ja lendan juba reede hommik tagasi. Ei jõua ära oodata pühapäeva, et 20 tundi järjest magada.

Olge tublid! x 



HAPPY 26th baby!! 

I sooo wish I could be with you today! Can't wait to see you soon and hope you will never the change the way you are - kindest, funniest and extremely caring! Hope all your dreams will come true and you will do so good in Norway! It was hard to find a photo of us where we're not kidding around, but that's what I love the most - it's never boring with you. Hope you had a great day and I will see you soon soon love! x 


Wearing all River Island

Coat - HERE       Pants - HERE        Boots - HERE        Knit - last season RI

Okay okay I know, the quality might have shocked you right now, but guys, MY CAMERA BROKE DOWN! One day when I was taking photos I started to change the lens and after that the camera didn't turn on anymore. It works fine without an sd card in it, so it's very weird and I think I know what's wrong but repairmen don't really wanna be nice with me and it will take some time to get it repaired or I will just buy a new camera quickly. Basically the goal is to get back to photo-taking ASAP to provide you some good content! But life has to go on and so I took my the snaps of my new favourite River Island outfit with phone. I found the CUTEST coat from River Island's new collection! The buttons are sooo sparkly and big and the size and the chunky cut are the best right now with this weather. It doesn't close from front, but it has those high pockets where you can squeeze the coat together with your hands, which gives it major style points as well! Can't stop wearing it! I also fianlly found a wide fit pair of leather pants that fit my skinny legs haha. They are ankle cut which is perfect for boots and sneakers both and they come really high up, so wearing a rib top or crop top above is so easy with them! Love love lovee all these pieces! 

By the way, on these photos, it was actually my last day together in Tallinn with J as he moved to Norway the next day. We spent the day doing what we really like to do together. It's pretty sad right now staying here on my own without knowing when I will move too, because I have a lot of projects going on right now with both of my jobs and I don't want to leave anything hanging. At the same time I really would like to go along with him and discover Norway. He went to play for Sarpsborg for a year and might move on to a next country after this, so it's really tricky for me to plan some Master's studies as well but I have applied to many places now so hopefully it will turn out fine! I have some mean choice-making to do soon! After his training camp he will come back for his car and stuff and I might go drive along with him and see what Sarpsborg is all about. Why am I sad and excited about this at the same time haha? All I know is that I am really proud of his next step and I know this one is going to be a very helpful one in his career!

Oh my it's already half one at night. I have to wake up around 6 to get to the airport at 7 as me and some blogger babes are all gonna hit Vilnius tomorrow woop! A really really special event is happening there and all the Baltic blog girls get together to celebrate it! Keep an eye on my Instagram stories tomorrow (@merylmgi)!! Gonna be fun! But now first sleep, good night my special ones! x 


Coat - BIkbok        Knit - Lindex        Boots - Guess, Denim Dream/ HERE on SALE!         Sunglasses - RayBan       Pants - H&M

 Here are some more unpublished photos from Amsterdam. They should be outfit photos, but they turned out to be more like photographic evidence of Meryl and wind fighting. The sunsets over the Amsterdam canals were so amazing that I couldn't leave these photos out of my blog. By the way have you noticed the tendency to wear teddy coats to Amsterdam on Instagram? It seems like every blogger girl brings a teddy coat to that city. Nevertheless, this coat has been one of my favourites for years now. Maybe it has something to do with that should-be-warm-but-wind-ruins-it weather there? 

It's so beautiful in Estonia right now with the snow falling peacefully all day, the thick snow that covers trees and ground and my Fiat sliding sideways on round-abouts. Winter joy finally! I've been busy working mainly and remaining alert, because now any moment J might get that call that he is needed in another country immediately and whoop there he goes, moves away. Football life is just weird like that, but what can you do. Would never change that football aspect of him though, it's so exciting all year round! I will let you know when something is clear with that! Now I'm gonna cook some yummy stuff and wait for the guy back home from his meeting. Have a great night guys! x


Siin on veel mõned postitamata pildid Amsterdamist. Need peaks olema outfit'i pildid, kuid tunduvad pigem nagu fotograafiline tõestus Meryli ja tuule vahelisest kaklusest. Päikeseloojang kanalite kohal oli nii eriline, et ei saanud neid pilte avaldamata jätta oma blogis. Muide kas olete tähele pannud, et blogijatel on mingi kalduvus kanda teddy jakke Amsterdamis? Selline tunne, et kõik võtavad oma teddy jakid just sinna linna kaasa. Siiski mu valge teddy on olnud mu üks lemmikuid juba mitu aastat. Võib-olla ongi nende jakkide puhul asi selles peaks-olema-soe-aga-tuul-rikub-selle-kõik-ära ilmas? 

Eestis on praegu selle eest nii ilus ilm! Lund sajab, puud ja maa on kaetud paksu lumevaibaga ja minu Fiat driftib külg ees ringristmikel. Tõeline talv on käes viimaks! Ma olen peamiselt olnud busy tööl ja püsinud valmisolekul kogu aeg, kuna iga hetk võib J saada selle kõne, et nüüd on teda välismaal vaja ja poooof kolibki kohe Eestist ära. Jalgpallurielu ongi täpselt nii veider, aga mis teha. Ei muudaks seda osa tema juures siiski kunagi, sest see on terve aasta vältel nii põnev! Annan teada, kui midagi kindlat selgunud! Nüüd kokkan midagi maitsvat ja ootan kutti tagasi oma koosolekult. Mõnusat õhtut! x 


Wearing all River Island

Coat - HERE        Jeans - HERE        Boots - HERE       Bag - HERE       Knit - HERE

Hey peeps! Not much has been up. J was home for one day again and headed off to Norway with football and returns tomorrow, so I've been mainly trying to catch up with all my friends and working a lot. Even saw Teele yesterday who I haven't seen for 2 years as she lives in Switzerland. Was so great to see her and my other girls this week! Yesterday I was invited to the River Island party that happened at night in the Tallinn RI store. Got familiar with the new collection, popped some bubbly and met some lovely people. Grabbed Marii with me to the pre-party and then we headed to the RI club party where they had a fashion show with the collection and we had a private table with more bubbly. Happened to get home in morning hours hahah so I haven't been so productive today as you can imagine. No regrets though, it was soooo fun haha!!

Talking of River Island...Kristjaana helped me take those cool outfit shots of my new collection River Island outfit. Thanks K! I love love loove that pink knit! It's so chunky and warm and has the cutest pastel pink colour. Also fell for the grey coat and the large minimalistical and stylish bag too. The coat is a plain plaid and has a basic cut, but the buttons on it are sooo gorgeous! A proper dose of bling to an everyday look haha. Don't mind the snowy toes lol, I'm just unable to keep them clear these days, but gotta love snow! 

I'm still so tired from the party that I'm gonna down some fast food and head to sleep early to get more done tomorrow (read: EVERYTHING I planned for today) haha! Have a great weekend! x 


Hei lugejad! Palju pole toimunud viimane nädal. J oli jälle kodus vaid ühe päeva ja läks kohe edasi Norra jalka asjus ja jõuab homme tagasi, niiet ma olen üritanud samalajal saada kokku kõikide oma sõbrannadega ja töötand palju. Nägin isegi Teelet eile, keda ma pole kaks aastat näinud, kuna elab Sveitsis. Nii tore oli teda jälle näha ja kõiki oma tüdrukuid! Eile olin kutsutud River Islandi peole, mis toimus öösel Tallinna RI poes. Tutvusime uue kollektsiooniga, jõime mullilist ja tutvusime nii paljude toredate inimestega. Võtsin Marii peole kaasa endaga ja pärast pre-party't läksime juba RI klubipeole, kus toimus mowshow ja meil oli privaatlaud veel rohkema mullilisega. Juhtusin koju jõudma alles hommikutundidel hahah nii et ma pole täna väga produktiivne olnud nagu ette võite kujutada. Ei ole midagi sellest, kuna lõbusam ei olekski saanud olla!!

Rääkides River Islandist...Kristjaana aitas mul teha need ägedad pildid uue River Islandi kollektsiooniga. Aitäh K! Mulle niii niii niii meeldib see roosa kampsun! See on nii mõnus lohvakas, soe ja kõige armsama pastelse tooniga. Samuti ei suutnud mööda vaadata sellest hallist mantlist ja sellest suurest minimalistlikust ja stiilsest käekotist. Mantel on tavalise ruuduga ja lihtsa lõikega, aga need nööbid on nii silmapaistvad! Siuke paras doos bling'i igapäeva haha. Ärge neid lumiseid saapaotsi tähele pange, sest ma ei suuda neid kuidagi puhtana hoida, aga siiski lumega on kõik parem! 

Olen siiamaani nii väsinud sellest peost, et teen mingit kiirtoitu ja lähen varakult magama, et homme jõuaks palju asju tehtud (loe: KÕIKE mis täna tegemata jäi) haha! Ägedat nädalavahetust! x


Cape-coat - Lindex (sold out online, but findable in stores)       Body & Jeans - River Island        Boots - Flattered/ HERE

Good evening people! Sitting on bed sleepy right now, waiting for my self-tanner to get the tanning over with so I could shower it off and go to sleep. J is in Switzerland right now, testing at a football club there, so he could only spend 1 day with me after Abu Dhabi and went off travelling again. His moving time is getting so real and so close that it's a bit frightening. Can't believe all these years in Estonia for him are soon to be done with his was definitely perfect to visit him and my family at the same time in one country when I was in Sweden, but hey, I understand his career must move on and that means other countries, but we will figure it out! 

On Thursday this week we had the Lindex SS18 press event and we got to see all the upcomng trends in Lindex stores. My favourites included a dark blue set, a dark blue satin blouse with an open back, EVERYTHING red, some cute basics in many colours and those funky light pink suit pants. Lindex can always surprise me with some real good treats. One of the last season's treats is also on me on photos. I've shown you guys that hueg coat before here, but as I said, I will soon show it as a cape as well. I love to wear this coat with really minimal pieces so it can stand out more and not be too extra if you know what I mean. That's why I also paired the cape with my new Flattered Chelsea boots. I've been a fan of Chelsea boots since I stepped on grounds of Sweden many years ago and these are the shoes that are always appropriate to wear and never go out of style. The true classic must also be super good quality and look perfect. I have really skinny legs, so I can't say it's been easy to find Chelsea boots that fit my ankles perfectly without being loose, but Flattered ones are an ideal match! Flattered shoes are a true Swedish quality brand that has a little selection but only the best and comfiest. As the brand name says, they focus on flats to keep a busy girl's life easy, but super stylish at the same time. Recommend you guys to check them out! 

Tomorrow I'm gonna drive to Tallinn with Kätriin's doggie Ben. Such a cute driving pal to have! Then I'm gonna meet up with Marii soon after and will pick up J from airport before evening. I will keep you posted with my life changes as soon as I find something out myself! Good night! x 


Tere õhtust people! Istun voodi peal ja unine, ootan, et isepruunistav oma pruunistamisega ühele poole jõuaks ja saaks selle maha loputada juba. J on praegu Šveitsis, testimas ühes jalkaklubis seal, nii et ta veetiski vaid päeva siin peale Abu Dhabit ja läks kohe jälle rändama. Tema kolimisaeg on juba nii reaalne ja nii kiirelt toimuv, et pisut hirmutav isegi. Uskumatu, et juba ongi ta kõik need aastad Eestis ära olnud oma lepinguga...oli väga ideaalne ju käia külas nii perel kui temal korraga ühes riigis kui ma veel Rootsis elasin, aga noh, mõistan, et ta peab karjääris uue sammu astuma ja see tähendab uusi riike. Kuid mõtleme midagi välja kindlasti! 

Neljapäeval toimus Lindexi hooaeg SS18 pressiüritus ning nägime ära tulevased trendid Lindexi poodides. Minu lemmikuteks osutusid tumesinine komplekt, tumesinine satiin pluus avatud seljaga, KÕIK punane, mõned armsad basic'ud ja ühed värvikad roosad viikarid. Lindex suudab alati üllatada mõndade eriti toredate paladega. Eelmise hooaja üks tore palake on mul ka piltidel seljas. Näitasin teile seda tohutut mantlit juba ennegi, kuid nagu lubasin, siis pidin näitama ka kuidas see keebina välja näeb. Mulle meeldib seda amntlit kanda eriti minimaalsete ja lihtsate riietega, et see paistaks rohkem silma ja välimus poleks liiga 'ekstra' kui teate mis mõtlen. Sellepärast sobivad keebiga hästi ka mu uued Flattered Chelsea saapad. Ma olen Chelsea saabaste fänn olnud sellest alates, kui astusin sammud Rootsi mitu aastat tagasi ja need saapad on just need, mis on alati omal kohal ja sobilikud kanda ning ei lähe iial moest. Üks tõelina klassika peab muidugi olema kvaliteetne ja nägema välja jalas ideaalne. Mul on väga peenikesed sääred, seega ei saa öelda, et on olnud lihnte leida Chelsea saapaid, mis mulle hästi istuks, kuid Flattered saapad saidki selleks ideaalseks paariks! Flattered bränd on tõeline Rootsi kvaliteet, millel on väike valik, kuid vaid parim ja mugavaim. Nagu ka nimi ütleb on suund madalatel jalanõudel, et busy tüdruku elu oleks võimalikult lihtne ilma, et äge stiil selle kõige juures tagaplaanile jääks. Soovitan kindlasti neid üle tsekkida! 

Homme sõidan tagasi Tallinna koos Kätriini koera Beniga. Nii vahva sõidukaaslane ju! Siis saan kokku Mariiga ja enne õhtut võtan J lennujaamast peale. Annan teile ka teada, kui elumuutused siin toimuma hakkavad ja kohe kui ma isegi teada saan, mis toimuma hakkab! Head ööd! x 


Phone and camera snaps from Amsterdam.

Hellooo hope everyone had a great week!

I took so many snapshots with phone and camera in Amsterdam that I figured I should share a cute gallery of them on blog! So we spent the New Year's in Amsterdam and it was the first time in the city for both of us. J and I loved the city so so much eventhough the weather let us down big time. A city is pretty damn good if even pouring rain can't ruin the beauty and experience of it. Gladly it wasn't raining on New Year's Eve but I did miss skating because of it. And we also missed the canal cruise because they ended it way too soon on 31st hahah (sad about it actually). We just gotta go back because well point one, we always wanna go back there now, and point two, so much is undone and unseen still! Should probably pick a bit warmer and less crowded time of the year though. New Year's Eve in Amsterdam was a mess in a sense that I thought it would be. I've actually never seen such a huge city-wide party before, but I'm glad I did, because boy it was something hahah. Had to catch the 1pm flight next day and it didn't feel really good for me because...reasons. Thanks for being a treat Amsterdam!

Exploring new European cities is something that really makes me happy. I can walk 20 km a day easily just to grasp everything about them. Each city is so different and depicts so many different ways of life and I just like to blend in and be part of it for a few days. It's weird to feel like you're at home in some cities where you've never lived before and feel so distant in a city you are living in. Can you relate? I think it depends on personal style, personality and what we feel as important part of our environment and that's why it is good to see as much as we can when young to find the place we call our own, our home. It might only be me who feels that way, but I might have already found the city..can you guess what it is? x


Tere teree! Loodan, et kõigil on olnud tore nädal!

Ma tegin nii palju pilte telefoni ja kaameraga, et otsustasin panna ühe armsa galerii siia! Veetsime siis aastavahetuse Amsterdamis ja see oli meil ka kõige esimene kord selles linnas. Meile J'ga meeldis seal nii nii väga olgugi, et ilm vedas täiega alt. Üks linn peab ikka vägagi hea olema, et isegi paduvihm ei suuda selle ilu ja kogemust ära rikkuda. Õnneks aastavahetuse ajal ei sadanud tilkagi, kuid uisutamisest jäin ma küll ilma. Samuti ei saanud me minna kanali kruiisile, kuna 31.sel lõpetati sõidud liiga vara hahah. (tegelt päris kurb sellepärast) Peame lihtsalt uuesti minema, sest punkt üks, me tahame sinna nüüd kogu aeg minna, ja punkt kaks, nii palju jäi tegemata ja nägemata! Ilmselt peaks valima soojema ja vähem ülerahvastatud aja selleks. Aastavahetus Amsterdamis oli paras segadus nagu ma arvasingi. Tegelikult polegi ma nii suurt ülelinnalist pidu näinudki varem, kuid hea meel, et ära nägin sest see oli vast midagi hahah! Järgmine päev pidime jõudma kella 1sele lennule päeval, mis ei olnud väga mõnus..põhjustega. Aitäh Amsterdam, et olid äge!

UUte Euroopa linnade avastamine on üks asi, mis mulle nii väga meeldib. Võin vabalt käia 20 km maha lihtsalt, et kõike näha ja hoomata. Iga linn on nii erinev ja esindab nii paljusid erisuguseid elusid, et mulle meeldib sulanduda mõneks päevaks sinna sisse ja olla osa sellest. Veider, kuidas mõndades linnades on selline tunne nagu oleks oma kodus, kuigi pole seal elanudki, kuid samalajal tundub nii võõras linn, kus elanud pikemalt. On teil sama olnud? Arvan, et see kõik oleneb iga ühe stiilist, iseloomust ja mis neile keskkonna juures oluline on ja sellepärast ongi hea näha noorelt igasugu erinevaid kohti, et leida see lemmik lõpuks üles. Ma arvan, et ma olen juba enda lemmiklinna leidnud, kas oskate ära arvata mis see on? x


Time for a beauty post today! It's been a while since I've showed my make-up favourites here and as you know I'm always on a look-out for better fitting, better looking products for my daily make-up routine, because as a blogger I have to have good make-up products on for photos as I'm not a professional make-up artist. I'm not including the ones I have already talked about in my previous make-up posts (find them under BEAUTY category on blog!), but I'm here with some new fresh stuff! So let's get to it: 

(Postituse mahu tõttu on see ainult inglise keeles! Kui on lisaküsimusi, siis vastan kõigele väga hea meelega kommentaariumis! x) 


1. Chanel powder blush in tone 72, rose initial - The most sweetest looking blush out there! This tone gives a rosy look on cheeks and I like that Chanel blush allows you to build up the pink, not leaving it too Marie Antoinette immediately and it's a super long lasting one.

2. MAC highlighter in tone A96 -  I picked this one out because Polhem PR told me it was among the most bought make-up products from MAC in Estonia. I always had a yellow undertone highlighter, but this one is a bit rose-goldish and it looks stunning! I completely get whi it's a best seller - it looks luxurious and the shimmer is amazing!

3. MAC Studio Fix foundation in tone NC20 - Recently there was a MAC cosmetics campaign where bloggers were granted a make-up session and in the end everyone received the Studio Fix foundation that suited their skin tone. As I had just ran out of my YSL foundation, the timing was perfect to try something new. It was a little thicker than YSL, but the coverage is amazing and I really like how it looks better in a little darker tone on my face so I can bring the tone down with concealer. Blends very well and besides being thicker, it's equal with YSL in keeping my face clear. 

4. VANI-T mineral liquid radiance - A while back I introduced you to VANI-T self-tanning products, but besides these amazing tanning products, VANI-T also has a little make-up line. This highlighter is perfect for the night out or for bigger events. It's a super strong highlighter that goes well with fresh tan so I apply it under my foundation for some beautiful under make-up glow. The highlighter is sold out right now, but so many amazing make-up products are coming soon that give such a nice additional tan! Keep an eye on

5. Giordani Gold radiant complexion cream stick - this pink complexion stick has become my helper-elf if I want to go for a fresh rosy natural look. Not too strong, but so good and creamy to use on cheeks and eyes.


1. Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer - Every make-up junkie knows this one. No primer is more iconic than Smashbox one and it was the best news when Smashbox finally came to Estonia! The primer leaves skin velvety soft and keeps foundation in tact the whole day. 

2. Madara Pihlaja glow booster - This is my secret weapon on those days when the face looks a bit down and pale. Immediately boosts and freshens up the face, leaving a super pretty glow under foundation!

3. MAC strobe cream - I have a few of these little testers that I carry with me when I travel or can't bring a lot of make-up with me. For me it works as a primer, because it makes it so easy to apply make-up on and leaves skin so soft and sweet. 


1. NYX Lingerie matte lipstick - I can't tell you the tone right now as I think I left it in a hand bag in Tallinn where I'm currently nooot, but if you are interested leave me a comment and I will let you know by then. It's that matte-Kylie-Jenner-lipstick kind of lipstick and works as Kylie's, but from Kylie's line I couldn't find a tone that purely pink, so this NYX one is perfect and probably my most used lisptick now. I tone it down with a lip liner though. 

2. MAC lipstick in tone Satin faux - Your basic pinkish nude, but in a little darker version for winter. A good MAC lipstick for blondes.

3. NYX soft matte cream lipstick in tone Tokyo - Very extreme pink that only works when I am really tanned, but it's effective and cute, so when toned down with lip liner a bit, it's another perfect pink. 

4. NYX white eyeliner - NYX ALERT hahah! I've tried out a lot of NYX stuff when the store opened and have grown to love some products, but I think I bought most of them in Paris to be honest when I was missing some pink lipstick in my life. This one is a basic white eyeliner than can be from any brand, but NYX does it well for me. It makes eyes so much bigger, so if you want doll eyes then this is the way to do it! 

5. Toofaced better than sex mascara - Also a make-up junkie's basic. This is pure doll-eye material here. Only Lancome is equal, no other mascara is good enough after these two. Nothing more to say. 

6. NYX vivid brights liquid liner in tone VBL08 - This is such a cool girl eyeliner. Works on days when I go for a nude lip and all black/all white outfit for example. I always pair it with the Make Up Store orange-y eyeshadow.


1. Supermood Egoboost perfect moment beauty mist - Imagine a cool spray that you apply to your face after washing your face in the morning or after doing all your masks and peeling procedures or when you need a cool fresh moisturizing mist on a hot day...yup, that's the one! This thing requires a seperate section because it's my favourite thing in the world right now! I use it everyday under my make-up because it makes me feel fresh in the morning in a second, I can feel the moisturizer work it's magic immediately and it closes the pores and tightens the face. Not even a strong espresso shot can make me look so awake and fresh in the morning!



1. Anastasia Dipbrow pomade in tone Ebony - Very basic with my make-up junkie favourites here, but this product is genuinely the best brow cream I've tried and this greyish brown tone is perfect with my cool toned blonde hair. Requires a good brow brush, but nothing stays on better than Anastasia brow stuff! 

2. MAC lipstick in tone Velvet Teddy - Another simple good MAC lipstick. This one is a little lighter than the one above and goes very well with the following lip pencil.

3. MAC lip pencil in tone Whirl - Another product from the best seller MAC products in Estonia. Again I can tell why - easy to draw your lips bigger with, goes well with most lipsticks, good for contouring lip and stays on forever. 

4. Anastasia tinted brow gel in tone Brunette - I want this gel in a bit greyish tone now, but this one also proves why Anastasia's brow products are golden. Best one to use when you don't feel like colouring your brows with pencil or cream and just want a brushed tinted look on them with your natural shape. 

5. YSL lipstick in tone 01 - The prettiest red lipstick I've ever tried! Super creamy and fits blondes amazingly! Holiday season perfection! 


Hope you found some good make-up tips and somethign new to try out! I'm gonna be making one soon when Spring comes and face requires something new and fresh and summer-y! x


Coat & Boots - River Island/ HERE      Jeans - Levi's       Belt - Gucci       Knit - NA-KD

 Amsterdaaaam! OH it felt so great to finally visit that city that I've heard so much of but nevr visited before. Same case with J so we made this as a last minute plan to just go and see it and we were so surprised by it. I will let you know my impressions in another blog post as I wanna focus this one on my new fav outfit I wore to Amsterdam. Took photos in so many places because Amsterdam is too gorgeous. My blogger mind went crazy when I saw all these photogenic places every step of the way haha. 

First of all, WHY THE HELL haven't I worn these boots before!?!? Not only are these gorgeous with their pointy tops and the way the fit Levi's jeans, but how comfy are these??? I've been dying to find boots like this and I'm so happy I stumbled across these ones in the River Island store because I don't know if I'll wear anything else now until summer gets here haha. I saw these around Instagram on other bloggers too, but I didn't find any in stores before and I wasn't sure about the heel. I just can't believe I used to be afraid to wear mid and low heel shoes, because my mind has changed so much about these. To be honest, the heel height on these boots is so perfect that it is comfy and supporting but looks visually good too! Spent the whole day in Amsterdam with these and it was less painful on legs at night than with flats. I also stumbled across this camel coat in RI stores and since I've been wanting a coat like this forever now then it was natural to get it with me. These coats are so good to take on trips because they are warm or light depending on what you wear under and they go with absolutely everything. This RI one is so well tailored and the tone is perfect, so I will be wearing it a lot all Winter and Spring. 

J went off to Abu Dhabi with the national team to play against Sweden so I decided to go home to my parents for the weekend. Such a good way to charge batteries after these exhausting holidays and get some serious work done behind my laptop. It took me an hour today to decide on the calendar-notepad I wanna buy because I have way too many things I need in one notebook at once lol. I don't even want to tell you have much I am behind with work, blog stuff and life matters, so I will better get to it and do some Amsterdam story telling on another day. Have a great weekend guys! x


Amsetrdaaaam!! Oh kui tore oli lõpuks seal linnas ära käia millest olen nii palju kuulnud, aga mitte kunagi külastanud. Sama ka J'ga niiet otsustasime viimasel hetkel ikkagi lihtsalt minna ja see ära näha ning olime ikka meeldivalt üllatunud. Annan muljed edasi teises postituses, kuna siin keskendun outfit'ile, mis on mu lemmik Amsterdamist. Pilte tegin nii paljudes eri paigus, kuna Amesterdam on lausa liiga ilus. Mu blogija silmad läksid hulluks kui nägid kõiki neid fotogeenilisi kohti igal sammul haha. 

Kõigepealt, MIKS KÜLL pole ma neid saapaid juba varem kandnud?!!? Mitte ainult pole need üliilusad jalas oma teravate ninade ja kuidas nad sobivad Levi's teksadega, kuid kui mugavad veel?? Ma olen nii otsinud selliseid saapaid ja mul on ülimalt hea meel, et just RI poest need leidsin lõpuks, sest ma ei tea kas ma enam ülse midagi muud tahan jalga panna suveni välja haha. Nägin neid Instagram'is päris plajude lblogijatel jalas, kuid ei leidnud neid poodidest ega polnud ka selle kontsa osas kindel. Uskumatu, et ma siiani põlgasin mid ja madalat kontsa, sest mu mõte on täiesti muutunud nüüd nende osas. KUi aus olla, siis nende konkreetsete saabaste kontsakõrgus on täpselt ideaalne sobivus mugavuse ja toetuse ning visuaalselt ilusa vahel! Veetsin terve päeva Amsterdamis nendega ja jalad valutasid isegi vähem õhtuks kui madalatega. Samuti komistasin RI poes otsa sellele kaamlitooni mantlile ja kuna ma olen sellist mantlit juba ammu kappi otsinud, siis oli loomulik sellega ka minema jalutada. Need mantlid on nii head reisidele kaasa võtta, kuna need on soojad või õhukesed vastavalt mis all kanda ja sobivad absoluutselt kõigega. See RI mantel on väga ilusa viisaka lõikega ning toon on täpselt ideaalne, mis tähendab, et seda kannan ma terve talv ja kevadel ka. 

J läks koondisega Abu Dhabi'sse, et mängida Rootsi vastu, seega ma otsustasin tulla koju vanemate juurde nädalavahetuseks. Nii hea viis akud täis laadida pärast väsitavaid pühasid ja saada tõsiselt igasugu ülesandeid tehtud läpaka taga. Mul võttis täna tund aega, et leida ideaalne märkmik linnast, sest mul on liiga palju asju, mis peavad korraga olemas olema ühes märkmikus lol. Ma ei taha isegi rääkida teile, kui palju ma olen maha jäänud tööl, blogiga ja elulistes asjades nii et ma parem jätkan nendega ja jätan selle Amsterdami jutustamise teiseks päevaks. Vahvat nädalavahetust! x 

2017 OF MINE

I'm writing this post ahead on the train, because I feel like posting it on the first day of 2018, but I'll probably be too tired to write it after New Years Eve in Amsterdam and eary flight back home on 1st. So here's me reflecting back on 2017 and handing out my promises for 2018 at the end of the post. I always feel sad and sentimental sending off a year. I feel like it's sending off your memories and closing something, when I know it isn't because I don't think of 2016 as a long long memory right now obviously. Maybe it's because I'm getting older almost as soon as a new year starts and that makes me so sentimental as well, feeling like I haven't achieved enough with another number on my age. But that's just a silly thought that motivates me every year somehow. 2017 was a year of big changes for me as I predicted in my 2016 post and I know it's gonna be even more hectic in 2018, but let's first see all the stuff that went on for me in 2017, because whatever I feel like now, it was a fun and really cool year for me with so many new things! I was thinking long how to do this, so I decided to just list everything significant for me with titles and texts and pictures and in completely random order. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it loves! 



As I've probably said here too many times haha, I was the campaign face of Denim Dream Jeans very first collection this year. Denim Dream is a large company here in Estonia that features its own brand, but also Calvin Klein, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. and I was picked to be the face of the campaign with Sandra and the Estonian singer Kristjan Kasearu, which I was sooo grateful for! Why I feel like this is because it was my very first campaign like this, where I was featured in a TV commercial (saucy one haha) and on billboards, bus stops, magazine covers and shops over Baltics. It was also my first experience filming a campaign and shooting one in one day that left me partly paralyzed the next day and exhausted me to the max, but it was the funnest ever. Very weird to see my face everywhere, but I was proud and the event Denim Dream put together for us was so emotional and sweet that it's one of my brightest memories from 2017! 


Denim Dream Jeans campaign photo.


In 2017, I turned 23 and celebrated this with a new collaboration some of us blogger girls started this year - Embassy of Champagne. MY 2017 has been full of bubbly to be clear, because of that amazing collab that has invited us to so many dinner parties, terrace parties and photoshoots with all the bubbly we could drink. I learned to appreciate good champagne and learnt everything about Moet, Veuve and Ruinart, feeling like an expert now on glass types, champagne types and what to eat with what drink. Could honestly say my year wouldn't been half as fun as it wasn't for all these super fun events with EOC, so a big thank you to Hanna and Evelin for putting those things together for us this year! 


Moet photoshoot and white party. 


2017 will forever be marked and stamped and written in my brain because of my university graduation of course! What a landmark in my life! In June, I graduated Lund University, with B.Sc. in Development Studies, with good grades and more credits than needed. Lund was my home for so long and it was one of the happiest (finally done wooop) and saddest moments in my life. Right now I keep wanting going back to Lund so bad, it was such a great city with cool student vibes, but I just might go back there after all for Master's, who knows? Graduation itself was beautiful and well organized, and took place in the amazing historical university building of Lund. The ceremony was grand, the speeches were awesome, but I already had to move back to Estonia the next day, so saying bye to my friends and my long-time home was pretty hard you can imagine. I'm so glad my parents came to my graduation and that J actually could come there in last minute! Meant a lot! I'm gonna post more about Lund University real soon, so stay tuned!


Graduation ceremony and look. 



End of 2017 and me and J are still together haha. Okay okay it's actually special because we hit 5 years this year and he's such a large part of my life by now. There's I think nothing he isn't a part of in my life. He helps me with my blog, he plays football and I love to watch every single game because of my football addiction, we are each others best friends and do so much together. 2017 is also important with the fact that our long-term relationship ended with me finally graduating, so it's been so nice to finally live with him again, learning new stuff all the time and seeing all his sides. I laugh everyday because of him and that's my favourite part. Whatever happens, when I'm curled up sad, he picks me up with his bear arms and places me on his lap and doesn't stop talking until I laugh instead of being sad. My 2017 was great because he is great. And I just can't leave this topic without mentioning how proud I am of my boyfriend this year. He has achieved so many things in football and made himself a hosuehold name this year with his hard work. He won every single aspect of club and national team football, such a rockstar! 
Talking of other relationships, in 2017 I started to catch up and find my long lost good friends and hung out with every one of them after graduating. Also found some amazing new friends for myself, while some started to fade a little due life or due various reasons, but hey, life's like this. Important to have a special one in your life, but also important to have good friends! In 2018, I have to keep reminding myself that all friends aren't friendly with you for the right reasons.
Oh also my fam is doing good and so are my doggies! Happy to spend more time with them now that I'm back in Estonia and it's been pure fun. Sadly I lost my grandpa in 2017, but that's again life and it actually feels a long time ago now, because it was in spring. This was really something that got me good during that time and I really wasn't myself. 

With Marii and J, his title and one of my doggies.


Oh I've been wanting to post about this seperately actually. As I said, after graduation I moved to Estonia from Sweden. Summer in Estonia was great, as I started new collaborations, enjoyed summer, spent time with fam and friends and visited Sweden and my friends again. When Autumn came, I started to get sadder as I missed Sweden and school so much and I feel like I don't belong here anymore. Eveyrthing is easy and familiar with everyone also living here, but I don't think my views on life and who I am fit well here. I feel a stronger connection with Sweden by now and that currently hasn't changed, but I am still trying to give my home country a change. The country is beautiful and of course I have my favourite places here that I love and that's why I spend my time in those places as much as I can and doing what I like, Otherwise I would probably be preeettty sad. I did find a great job to do next to my blog job and this has made me a lot happier here as I get to do so many interesting things all week now! There's so much to keep my happy luckily, but I have to think of next steps now that it's time to apply for Master's studies! But yea, it's a very confusing, belonging kind of question for me that I'm trying to figure out. 

One of my most favourite places at home.


Blog has been better than ever and that's completely normal if you keep doing your thing more years. I've learnt so many new editing and photography skills and still on a look-out for style that I feel like is completely me. I've gotten so many new amazing collaborations both in Sweden and Estonia, some bigger than others, but all very important to me. It's been an exciting year with so many blog events I could finally participate in when moved back to Estonia. Every week something cool happens and I've been in a lot of magazine articles, newspapers and online features this year. These make me happy because my very very hard work has been recognized and people like what I do, which makes me grateful and keep on doing what I do. Thank you everyone who has supported my blogging and given me a change to speak my mind on fashion topics and to all my collaborations! You da best! 

I should probably list a few of my fav outfits of 2017 too in another post! 


Few summer-y blog posts. 


I should've travelled more, but I was very busy with graduation and thesis and adjusting to life in Estonia that I didn't get to, but I did visit some places I've never been to so 2017 is a winner in that sense either way! In April, I went to Paris for the first time. I also visited Amsterdam and Netherlands for the first time, which I can't tell you of right now because I'm probably travelling back from there when this post goes live haha. I visted Copenhagen so many times, because it's one of my most favourite cities and found so many new shades of that city that I loved. Also travelled around in Sweden and Estonia, finding new cool places, so I'm glad on that side.


Photos from Paris in May. 

Now that I managed to somehow wrap up the awesome 2017 (hopefully didn't miss something important), it's time to set some goals for the whole long upcoming 2018. Should be plenty of time to reach them, right? So, I PROMISE YOU 2018...

I will drink more water (I hate drinking oure water and that's so bad) 
I will try to travel more
I will donate more
I will erase negativity and negative people
I will try to meet up with my friends even more
I will be better with blogging and my work 
I will continue studies
I will go to the gym more
I will spend even more time with dogs and fam 
I will be more organized with everything


That's a lot of promises I know, but I think the more the better and some of them are way more important than others too. Just wanted to thank my family, J and his family, my friends, my followers/readers and my collaboration partners and everyone else who have been there with me or supported my work. I'm so grateful for each one of you and hope your 2018 is gonna be successful, exciting, eventful and most of all happy!! Happy New Year! Sending a million hugs and kisses and so much love!! xx


Thank you Paul for letting me use your studio and for taking my photos! 

Photos: Paul Meiesaar       Edit: by me

Dress - Dry Lake/ HERE 


May this year bring you a lot of success and new experiences, but even more happiness and joy! Hope you are having a blast celebrating 2018 as this year is probably gonna be exciting for us all. Feels like one of the most awaited year numbers since I remember! Also I hope your 2017 was eventful will be in your memory as a good year with lots of great things to remember by. I loved 2017, but I'm happy to welcome another year. HAPPY 2018 GUYS! 

Right now I'm in Amsterdam celebrating New Year's with my J, so I'm writing this post as a scheduled one (not bringing my laptop as I need a mini vacay!). I don't know what we're gonna do, but I have some locations planned that we set so I'm hoping we're at one of these places and having fun haha! Will tell you when I'm back. I sure wish I was wearing my Dry Lake sequin dress for the night, but I packed warmer party clothes just in case we are gonna hit the streets to party instead. What I wanted to tell you all here is that YOU made my 2017 what it was when it comes to blogging! I am beyond thankful and grateful for each one of you for supporting my work by checking back here and for writing me these very inspirational and sweet letters to the mailbox. I do this for you, to be of some inspiration and help in fashion sense, if it's possible, and when I hear that I have succeded in this, you make me the happiest girl! Thank you thank you thank you for another grea tyear of blogging and I promise to be better and bigger and busier here next year more than ever! I hope the very best for you and again...HAPPY NEW FREAKIN' YEAR!!!! xx



Loodan, et see aasta toob teile palju edu ja uusi ägedaid kogemusi, kuid veel enam rõõmu ja headust! Kindlasti on teil praegu väga lõbus tähistades 2018 aastat, mis on kindlasti meile kõigile omamoodi huvitav oodata. Tundub nagu üks ootatumaid aastanumbreid üldse, mis ma mäletan. Loodan samuti, et teie 2017 oli täis põnevaid sündmusi ning jääb meelde kui üks vahva aasta täis ilusaid mälestusi, mida just 2017 all meenutada. Mulle meeldis 2017 nii väga, aga olen valmis vastu võtma 2018 ja näha, mis see toob. ILUSAT 2018 AASTAT!

Olen hetkel Amsterdamis ja tähistan aastavahetust oma J'ga, nii et ma kirjutan seda postitust ette taimeriga (ei toonud kaasa oma läpakat, kuna tahtsin minipuhkust!). Ma ei tea mida me hetkel teeme seal, kuid mul on plaanitud mõned ägedad asukohad ja loodetavasti teeme midagi toredat ühes neist ja meil on lõbus haha! Eks räägin mis tegelt tegime kui tagasi olen. Kindlasti soovin, et kannaksin praegu oma imeilusat Dry Lake litritega kleiti, aga pidin pakkima kaasa soojemad peoriided, kuna võib-olla oleme üldse kuskil tänavatel aastavahetusel. Tahtsin veel öelda, et TEIE tegite mu 2017 aasta blogisündmused selleks, mis nad olid! Ma olen ülemõistuse tänulik teile , kes te toetate mu tööd ja käite siin ikka ja jälle lugemas ning kirjutate mulle neid nii armsaid ja inspireerivad kirjakesi meiliboksi. Ma teen seda kõike teile, et olla natukenegi inspiratsiooniks või nõuks moealal, kui kuidagi võimalik, ja kui ma kuulen teilt, et see on ka õnnestunud, siis teeb see mu rõõmsaimaks tüdrukuks! Aitäh aitäh aitäh järjekordse eduka blogimise aasta eest teile ja ma luban olla parem, suurem ja töökam tuleval aastal kui siiani olnud! Loodan teile uueks aastaks ainult parimat ja veelkord...HEAD UUT AASTAT! xx



Dress - Pretty Little Thing/ HERE        Earrings - River Island

Hey guys! I completely forgot to share my football gala look here with you! I was looking specifically for a bright red fishtail dress as this is my most favourite dress type this season. The closest dress I found to that one pictured in my head was that PTL dress which was super cheap but fit so well and I loved to wear it! I needed some mad 15 cm heels to it though. Not the shortest girl but also not the longest. Took a little time to find the dress, but I'm so glad when I actually find something that I'm looking for which is so rare haha! One day if I would ever get a chance to co-design something, I would be thrilled to create everything I have never found from stores. Do you feel me? 


Hei! MA olen täiesti unustanud jagada oma jalgpalli gala look'i siin! Ma otsisin väga spetsiifiliselt erkpunast ja kalasaba lõikega maani kleiti, kuna sellised kleidid on see hooaeg mu vaieldamatud lemmikud. Kõige lähedasema kleidi sellele, mis ma peas ette kujutasin, leidsin PTL lehelt, mis oli super odav aga sobis ülihästi ja nii mõnus oli seda kanda! Siiski oli selle juurde vaja ka hullumeelseid 15cm kontsasid. Ma pole just oikeim tüdruk aga no ei ole ka päris lühike. Võttis aega, et selline kleit leida, aga mul on hea meel, et ma üldse leidsin midagi sarnast sellele, mida otsisin, mis on üsna haruldane juhus haha! Kui ma ühel päeval saan võimaluse disainida kuskil oma visiooni järgi riideid, siis ma oleks nii rõõmus disainides kõike, mida ma pole siiamaani suutnud poodidest leida. Mõistate mind ma usun !


Our Christmas photos. Wearing:

Dress - Dry Lake/ HERE and on sale HERE!     Earrings - River Island

MERRY CHRISTMAS MY LOVELY READERS! Hope you're having lovely holidays (and very long ones)! 

Me and J had such a great time with both of our families. Started off with a dinner with J's family like every year and ended up at the dinner with my family, trying to split our stomachs in half to fit all that food! There was a Santa, there were presents and another Christmas so well spent! I still don't feel like eating haha. By the way, I was happy to see that although people still do gifting, it's not the most important part of that holiday for people anymore. I've seen my friends grow a lot on that part and that's only good to see! Even more, charity and doing good has become extremely popular and everyone who says it's hypocritical and for soscial media forgets that it doesn't matter if its popular or not, people are doing it a lot in all different ways and that's only amazing! We should encourage more and more and make it even more 'popular'! Our family is very supportive of animals and we have a very little local shelter that we bring pillows and blankets to every year. It's simple, but very needed in shelters, so if you have any leftover warm things then please take them to your local shelters because winter is wet and cold. 

Now on another topic, I should probably mention where my dress is from on the photos. To all the Christmas dinners I wore my sparkly Dry Lake dress because it's very cozy with the long sleeves and turtleneck while a little bling makes it more festive. As I said, sparkles and glitter is my thing when November hits and Christmas is no expection. The dress is on now on SALE for Boxing Day at Nelly! 

Now everyone so suddenly starts to think of New Year's Eve plans. Me and J decided to hop by Amsterdam this year as we have never been to Netherlands and I've heard it's one of the best cities in Europe to celebrate NYE at! Definitely excited for this and also the canals, the Amsterdam vibe and all these cute houses! Will try to create some mad good content there too while at it! What are your plans for NYE this year? 

I'm gonna do some planning now for Amsterdam, because we're not staying that long so I would like to do as much as I can. Merry Christmas again and talk to you soon regarding those outfits you should keep an eye on for NYE! x


HÄID JÕULE MU ARMSAD LUGEJAD! Loodan, et teil on väga ilusad pühad ( ja ka pikad muidugi)! 

Meil J'ga olid väga vahvad jõulud mõlema perega. Kõigepealt, nagu iga aasta, alustasime õhtusöögiga J sugulaste juures ja siis suundusime edasi mu pere õhtusöögile, proovides oma kõhte pooleks jagada, et kogu toit ära mahuks! Käis jõuluvana, oli kingitusi ja üldse õnnestusid taaskord ühed toredad jõulud! Siiski ei taha nüüd siiamaani veel midagi süüa haha. Muide oli väga tore näha, et isegi kui ikka tehakse kingitusi, olid need teise järgulised ega pole enam nii tähtis jõulude osa. Näen, et mu sõbrad on palju selles osas kasvanud, et väärtustatakse palju muud rohkem ja seda on nii tore vaadata! Lisaks sellele on muutunud kuidagi väga populaarseks heategevus ja head teod ning neile, kes ütlevad, et see on kuidagi moodi tobe, et heategevust höörutakse sotsiaalmeedias peale ja on tehtud popiks, tahaksin öelda, et popp või mitte, see kõik on ainult hea ja mida rohkem seda üritatakse populaarseks teha seda parem! Igasugune heategevus igasugusel eesmärgil ja igasugustel eriviisidel on vahva! Meie pere näiteks on rohkem fokusseeritud loomadele, seega on juba iga aasta saanud väikseks traditsiooniks viia kohalikku loomad evarjupaika tekke ja patju. Kui kellelgi on üle sooje tekke või midagi sarnast, siis palun viige need oma lähimasse varjupaika, kuna talv on siiski väga külm ja märg ning loomadel on neid vaja! 

Peaksin pisut rääkima ka oma kleidist piltidel. Kandsin kõikidele jõuluõhtusöökidele oma sädelevat Dry Lake kleiti, sest see on väga mugav pikkade varrukate ning kõrge kaelusega, kuid siiski pidulik kuna sädeleb. Nagu ma olen rääkind, siis kõik sädelev ja sillerdav meeldib mulle nii väga kohe kui november kukub ja jõulud pole ka sel puhul erand! Kleit on tänasest ALLAHINNATUD lehel samuti! 

Nüüd hakkavad kõik ju järsku aastavahetuse peale mõtlema. Mina ja J otsustasime see aasta põgeneda Amsterdami, kuna me pole kumbki Hollandis käinud ning ma olen kuulnud, et see on üks ägedamaid Euroopa linnasid, kus aastavahetust pidada! Väga põnevil selle üle ning muidugi ka kanalite, nende nunnude majade ja selle Amsterdami vibe'i üle. Üritan teha ka vingemat content'i kui juba seal! Mis on teie plaanid aastavahetuseks? 

Teengi nüüd pisut planeerimist Amsterdami jaoks, kuna oleme seal nii vähe aega, aga tahaks siiski võimalikult palju näha ja jõuda. Räägime juba peagi ja ilmselt sellel teemal, mida kanda aastavahetuse pidustusteks! x 


Coat - Lindex (sold out online, but available in stores)        Knit - Topshop        Pants - H&M       Sneakers - Nike 

Good morning! I have a day off and figured it was about time for me to post some new outfit photos, especially the ones I have somehow forgotten. So I found this amazing Lindex coat from Lindex showroom. It's from A/W season and one of the best coats I've seen from Lindex definitely. Every winter Lindex has been the number one, absolutely top please to get beautiful coats from. Through years I've found my most favourite classic coats from there and this HUGE one is now one of them. It's so big I could fit my two friends under it with me (goals) and it almost covers my sneakers too. The coat is all wool, has the coolest inside texture (but I heard the ones in the store have a different inside though? Not sure!) and thanks to all that it is so warm and cozy! I wear mine on especially cold winter days when I want myself to feel like I'm in a blanket but hey, car rides are a bit troubly with this haha! But It kind of as a Rihanna vibe to it right? She likes to wear these huge coats and jackets all the time and I completely get her with that. I have two of these in my closet now! Oh did I mention you can wear this coat as a cape!? Will show you soon! 

Tonight I'm having dinner with the company I work in and will spend the day cleaning my stuff and trying to get back on track with all my undone blog things, e-mails and posts. Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet? I'm done with all except for a few gifting bags that I need to fetch today, because me and J are heading to our hometown for Christmas already tomorrow! 

Talk to you soon! x


Tere hommikust! Mul on täna vaba päev nii et on ideaalne aeg postitada taas üks outfit siia ja kindlasti üks selline, mille olen täiesti unustanud postitada. NIi siis, leidsin selle ägeda mantli Lindexi showroom'ist. See on sügis-talve kollektsioonist ning üks parimaid mantleid, mis ma Lindexilt näinud. Iga talv on Lindex olnud number üks ja täiesti top koht, kust leida ilusaid mantleid. Läbi aastate olen leidnud oma kõige ilusamad klassikalised mantlid just sealt ja see TOHUTU mantel on nüüd üks nendest. See on nii suur, et ma saaks kaks oma sõpra mahutada selle alla (goals) ja see katab peaaegu et isegi mu ketsid ära. Mantel on üleni villast, koos väga laheda mustriga voodriga (kuulsin küll, et poes on vist müügil teise voodriga mantlid? Pole päris kindel!) ja tänu sellele on mantel nii soe ja mugav! Kannan enda oma väga külmadel talvepäevadel, kui tahaks nagu teki sees olla, aga hei, autosõidud on sellega siiski pisut keerulised haha! KUidagi oleks nagu see mantel Rihanna vibe'iga eks? Talle meeldib kanda neid tohutu suuri mantleid ja jakke ja ma täiesti mõistan teda selle kohapealt. Mul on nüüd kapis juba kaks sellist! Ah ja, kas ma mainisin, et seda mantlit saab kanda ka keebina!? Näitan seda juba peagi! 

Täna söön õhtust firmaga, kus töötan ja päeva veedan oma asju koristades ja proovides rajale tagasi saada postituste, blogitöö, e-mailide ja muu sellisega. Muide kas te olete kõik jõulukingid juba ära ostnud? Mul on kõik olemas peale paari kinkepaki, mida pean ka täna poodlema minema, sest me J'ga liigume juba homme kodulinna ära jõuludeks 

Räägime peagi! x