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Find the Balmain Hair Couture Cordless Titanium Straightener from HERE

Hey babes! Oh I've been wanting to share this post with you for such a long time and was supposed to do that last Monday but had some technical errors with the photos I took so I took new product photos quickly before we came to Estonia from Sarpsborg. Here's my new favourite hair styling product that has completely changed my life for the better in comfort sense! Balmain hair Couture has created a super fab cordless titanium straightener that doesn't need a wire or a plug whatsoever! So that's what I've been using over and over on roadtrips (car, train, plane, any place!) and on early mornings when I have had no time to straighten or curl my hair and want to do it on the go. Also comes in handy on photoshoots for some touch ups! That sounds amazing I know haha! It is as amazing as it sounds as I only need to charge it for like 2 hours and it will last for a very long time depending of course which of the three heat stages I will choose as it seems to last a bit less with the highest heat, which is up to 200 degrees. Also the plate of the straightener is of titanium so it is less harmful for hair and the plate is floating so it's super easy to curl hair with this straightener as it doesn't leave those sharp edges into hair. I love how the straightening leaves my hair really soft and silky, like it had given it some major treatment suddenly. I was su surprised to red that this is exactly what Balmain Hair intended the straightener to do - create silky looks! Well nailed it, I'm in love. Okay three more things I love - it heats up super fast, the straightener is fool-proof as in people who suck at hairstyling like me can create pretty looks and the straightener comes with a GORGEOUS heat bag! I've been using this heat bag as a clutch where I have my straightener and my keys, car keys, phone and cards in it and well who doesn't love a leather Balmain clutch!? I'm so so happy with my travel straightener and a cordless straightener is something that people have begged the hairstyling market to have and it's here in a super powerful and stylish way finally! Thanks for that Balmain Hair, really.

In Estonia you can find the Balmain hair Cordless Titanium Straightener on spot at Decoris Showroom hairstyling and make-up salon along with all the other Balmain Hair Couture products or you can order it from HERE.  

Now that these major recommendations are down on paper, I would love to chat longer about everything up, but I'm gonna head to sleep early as I have to drive to Tallinn early tomorrow with J for some blog work and showroom visits and well J heads to the national team for training not to the showrooms haha. We're gonna also drive back for the night so it's gonna be a long long day for me! Good night lovelies! x 


Me and J wearing H&M Studio A/W 18 collection coat and sweatshirt

Hey guys!! Oh my how much has happened again and not for me specifically but for J! I made it back to Norway on...I think it was 23rd of August and was expecting to stay until around 5th of September until J's national team games, but J got a small injury and had to suddenly stay away from training and games for about 2 weeks so we came home to Estonia so suddenly. At least I got to see some games and my friends there before. We had to drive to Estonia with a little Mini Cooper since J's Audi also got a little injury and had to stay in a workshop. What and adventure haha! Then we got on the cruise ship from Stockholm to Tallinn and at the same time J's team was competing their last European League game in Israel which determined if they will qualify for European League group stage or not and they...WOONNNN!!! Oh my god it was so intense to follow the game without J being able to help anything and by being on the ship but we sure did celebrate after haha (cruise ships can be so fun if you know how to have fun)! This is probably one of the most amazing things in J's career, it's huge in football for a small club like that! But after the trip home we spent a day in Tallinn doing my blog work and J fixing up his errands and now we're both relaxing at our hometown. Well I'm not that happy to be back as I just was here for a month but J is so happy to be home over such a long time, I would rather be in Norway as I got to spend so little time there, but we'll go back in a week or a bit more. I'm still so so proud of my babe for achieving this amazing milestone with his incredible team and thank you so much guys for bringing the victory home from Israel! You deserve it all! 

While in Tallinn we also shot the looks for the upcoming collection H&M Studio A/W 18, and I just LOVE these photos of us together, I hope you guys like them too! I styled the amazingly beautiful olive coat and J styled the velvet detailed college sweatshirt! The coat is my favourite thing to wear with bare legs right now, both with heels and sneakers. I love the 3/4 sleeves that will look so good with long leather gloves during Winter and the super stiff cut of the coat that makes it looks really luxurious somehow. The olive tone is also really perfect to match with everything and the belt and details are on point! J's sweatshirt has a classical navy blue colour and the logo in front is of yellow velvet, which makes it look really exciting in real life. I've seen the whole collection at H&M Showroom and I've found so many pieces I would love to have in my wardrobe from tie-up blouses to leather jackets to silky stuff and the stuff for guys is also really cool with some strong college-style influence. The collection hits selected stores on 6th of September and is sure to sell out super quick, especially that coat so hurry hurrry! I'm gonna see if I can join in for the Studio collection event on Tuesday, hopefully can drive to Tallinn on that day!

J's been at home relaxing all day as he still has to join the national team on Monday while I'm gonna use this time at home to work work work and join him to Tallinn on Monday for some shoots and showroom visits to dooo. But I should get ready as we're gonna go see a horror movie at the cinema tonight haha, have a great weekend loves! x  


Dress - Iva Nikolina x NA-KD/ HERE 

And here I am, already back in beautiful Norway because time just flies by like crazy! I had the most wonderful weeks at home 'doggysitting' my 3 most precious little dogs while my parents wated to vacay in Italy. I also got so much work done (photos, meetings, showroom visits, etc.) that I am more than prepared for the Fall and winter to come now! I just can't wait to show you guys all the cool stuff coming to stores so soon and I will start posting most of them here not only my Instagram as it was the case during summer. Also I have some really cool projects I can't wait to share! Oh and it was so great to see all my friends again, some who I hadn't seen for months! But still, just so glad I get to spend so much time with my doggies alone as they are just the sweetest, friendliest and funnest little creatures and I enjoy every minute with them as I get so little of those minutes. That's the worst downside of living so far away from home, but hey, at least I am so happy to see J again over such long time!
His European League games have gone so well that they are now playing the play-offs and yesterday when I arrived to Norway they had the first game at home and won! But the bad part is that J's insury got a lot worse during yesterday's game and he has to skip games and trainings for at least 2 weeks now. We are deciding whether we should go home or wait a little and go home in September when it's the national team pause. Either way I hope the Sarpsborg guys will bring the Europeal League spot home next week from Israel! 

I actually for some reason thought my workload was gonna get smaller with Autumn. I have no idea why I thought like that hahah! AW18 season is offficially beginning and that means even more work in fashion. But as I am not the type to sit around, I will start looking for something to work more on in Norway too (in addition to my blog work and social media marketing work), because me and J have decided to postpone my Master's half years or a full year and first see where the season end takes him, because his contract in Sarpsborg ends in December. For a couple who has been in long distance relationship on-off for 6 years, it's a natural decision to try and find a country that fits us both well to avoid this long distance stuff in the future. But I stil want my Master's done as soon as possible, so the decisions have to be quick and efficient for my sake. I'm either way really happy to stay in Norway for A/W as it is so beautiful and peaceful here! 

BUT GUYS THAT DRESS WITH THE NORWEGIAN NATURE THO. I collaborated with NA-KD a lot over the summer and decided to grab myself something out of the box exceptional in addition to all the pretty summer pieces. I decided it will HAVE TO be that Iva Nikolina x NA-KD collection maxi dress because of its suuuper high slits, bared shoulders, bright red velvet-y colour and flowy-ness. So many reasons to love that beautiful piece of clothing, you can probably tell that from the photos. It's so amazing I named it 'fuego' because to my it resembles wild fire with its colour and movement. Gonna bring out that dress from my closet anytime I need something elegant but also super edgy and daring to wear and these high slits make it so so daring haha. And where else to take photos of it than the beautiful rocks in Norway, with a sunset of course. 

Now me and J are gonna watch a movie and figure out our plan for his relax weeks haha!  Talk soon! x 


Dress - Dry Lake/ HERE and HERE      Sneakers - Alexander McQueen

Friday night and I'm here with my blog haha, but I'm so happy with my Nööp snoring into my ear, looking at his little dog dreams and waving paws. It's really nice to spend time with my dogs alone so much. I've been taking them on so many car rides and we've had so much fun together, but it's also been so much work again. I feel like my work pile goes up and down so much and I somehow take up my blog a lot more when I'm the busiest. Guess I'm in some zone then haha! I've been to Tallinn for a few times now to meet up with showrooms for the upcoming AW collections and seeing my friends, having lunch and pizza dates and my favourite rose wine. Oh it was so great to see everyone and also hop from showroom to showroom discovering cute stuff coming up but I also got reminded why Tallinn made me really anxious and how a month in Norway has turned me into this super calm peaceful person real quick. You know sometimes you fit well with a city and sometimes you don't and that's why I'm happy to just keep visiting but no longer live there. And Norway means amazing spa-hotels by the sea which hasn't been any harm hahah! So when we went to Stotvig again I had just received my gorgeous Dry Lake dress which is the best thing to wear right now, especially when it's late Summer. My followers must think I'm crazy to be wearing a fully floral maxi dress because of my minimal self but hey, it has slits which I LOVE and I tend to get a bit affected by the environment and these dresses are worn by so many girls here in Norway that I simply got inspired by the beauty of these dresses and now I live in this beauty! With white sneakers..that's a must for me! 

So what can I tell you about Fall news...ANIMAL PRINTS! Lots and lots of different styles in different prints but mainly the cheetah print and the snake. Also cowboy boots continue to be a thing together with bright red colour and the mustard tones we had last Winter as well. Oh and teddy jackets continue to be in (yassss) aaand plaid doesn't go anywhere. I think I should gather up a moodboard real soon to show the trends coming up, right? Yes. But what I'm on a hunt for this Fall-Winter are more classic. I definitely would need a pair of a bit more platform chunky ankle boots and a really well tailored wool coat in either beige, camel or nude colour. I'm always on a look-out for really perfect basics I guess as they lay the main platform for a good style! 

Planning to book a flight back home and was thinking of 22nd of August, because then I get to spend time with Norwegian summer a bit more and I will be coming back to Estonia for a week in the beginning of September anyway, so I would have plenty of time there then. J has been doing so well with his league and European games both and I sooo wish I could be on spot watching these games but hey, it's been so great at home too that I'm alright either way (no really I could use teleportation for sure). I have a beauty post planned for you next, but I'm gonna write another blog post for PSI as well and then off to bed, so enjoy your weekend everyone! x


Dress & Shoes - River Island 

Hello again Estoniaaa! Good to be home although I already miss J and Norway too, but since my parents headed off to Italy and I could use some time to catch up with my work at home then I'm staying here for around 3 weeks working and looking after our dogs as well. The heat here is even more unbearable than in Norway and today when it rained for like 5 minutes I put my face up and just let it fully soak me hahah, me and my dogs were so happy about that rain! Anyway I hope my friends will be able to see me during these short weeks full of work so hit me up! I was already in Pärnu yesterday and will head to Tallinn and Tartu as well.

You all probably know by now I've been working with River Island in Estonia for quite a long time now, but I finally have these amazing news I hoped to be able to share since I started the collaboration..the PETITE collections are finally in Tallinn stores! Why is this so amazing news? Well I'm a very small build girl with 167 cm of height, skinny build and tiny bones so sometimes a size XS is not small enough for me when it comes to dresses. At River Island the dresses and playsuits were fine but there were always some parts like underarms or back that were hanging too much or too big for me so now I will definitely first rush over to the Petite collection at River Island and then check out other dresses and clothes and that's because I found this amazing button dress from there and it fits so perfectly! It's a full linen dress so it's perfect with this heat and it has this super elegant cut that makes it good for any occasion during summer. My favourite part just has to be the back and the way it hugs the waist so beautifully! The buttons have been in for a long time now so I'm amazed I only now managed to find a perfect one in this style so now I'm gonna wear it sooo much until the weather doesn't allow me! 

Today was all work day so tomorrow I'll allow myself some time at the beach and my favourite cafe in town and will probably work in the evening instead. Of course will spend most of my time cuddling with my pups because they are just the sweetest and cutest little cookies, especially when I'm the one getting all the attention from them haha! Heart is full! Good night! x 


Blazer Dress - Hannalicious x NA-KD/ HERE        Boots - Sahara Ray x NA-KD/ HERE       Bag - Gucci 

Goood evening blog! I'm sipping another iced cappucino here as I've needed coffee pretty much all day today, just feeling so tired and having a big headache somewhere behind my eyes. Now I'm feeling a bit better with the day gone by, but at least I got a lot of work done instead of going out in the sun. I've been out in the sun literally everyday this summer and it feels weird to sit in this one day but hey, sometimes you gotta lock yourself in to get that work done right? Took J to the stadium 8am today as they flew off to Switzerland for another round of European Cup and I can't wait to see that game on Thursday! Wishing the guys all the best out there, but I will be missing the home game in August as I will be flying to Estonia on 29th of July and returning to Norway around 20th of August. Finally decided when I will be flying haha yay! Of course I'm sad to miss out on some games and so many days of Norwegian summer but I also can't wait to see everyone back at home. J is coming back on 27th so we were planning to maybe go to Göteborg in Sweden before I leave to check the city out finally. Hope we will have enough time, would be so fun! 

I'm seeing my favourite brands showing their pre-fall collections and their fall collections' photoshoots and it's that part of the summer where you realize that it's only a month left of that easier time and you just can't make yourself look at the thick jackets and coats and knits. But recently I got my hands on an AMAZING blazer dress which is from the Hannalicious collection at NA-KD and this is fortunately something I can wear through summer and also every other season, just styled differently! Okay this blazer has gotten soo many questions on my Instagram already so I decided to share a blog post with it to give you guys a direct link to the whole outfit. The colour is literal perfection, because you can't really tell what colour it is, green or blue and also it apparently changes colour in different light. NA-KD couldn't also name it any other than "petrol" coloured which is so dope I think. The belt can be fixed and removed so you can either wear it as I do or without the belt as a chunk oversized blazer. I also really really love the bell sleeves on it! I styled the dress with the patent lace boots from the Sahara Ray x NA-KD collection. I've been on a look-out for this kind of boots for 2 months probably and when I saw these with the side hoops and skinny cut I just had to have them immediately! It's just sad there's no chillier weather to actually wear these with haha, because anything but open-toe flats and flip flops is out if the question currently, but I can't wait to rock these cool things with so many outfits as it gets cloudy/rainy any time soon (although for Friday they promise 34 degrees in Sarpsborg so it doesn't look good on that side). But no I don't want this beautiful weather to go so the booties can wait! 

I'm gonna continue this evening behind my laptop, maybe re-watch some Gossip Girl episodes as I have YET AGAIN been captured into this bubble like I do over and over and do some cleaning and tomorrow I think I might take a little roadtrip on a more sandy beach somewhere on the coast. Have a fun week lovelies! x 


Blouse - Dry Lake/ HERE         Shorts - Levi's         Bag - Gucci        Heels - oldies

Hey everyone! Hope summer has treated you all well! My heatwave is still so on-going here haha, I just realized I haven't seen a rainy day or less than 20 degree day since mid-May and that's just too crazy compared to the last summer's I've had where you could maybe count around 15 days of sun in total haha!? So what has been going on lately is that me and J have tried to make the most out of these amazing days here and roadtripped around the Ostfold area finding more and more cool places to explore, swim, fish and sunbathe at. J's team also got through to the next round of the European Cup which was so awesome to witness with the girls here, always so fun to watch football with them as they get super lively haha! I also meanwhile took on a social media marketing job next to my blog work and it's great eventhough blog work has been taking so much of my time, I just can't be not-busy even during summer. But Norway has been a great summer treat and I love that summer just keeps following me whereever I go these days, but now it's time to head home to Estonia for a few weeks in some days and I'm happy to go experience some Estonian summer as well eventhough there was already plenty of that in May, but of course always great to see my friends, dogs and famiy and catch up with some blog work that was left behind there! Im either gonna fly there 24th or 29th, haven't decided yet but should do it about NOW as it's already 21st hahah! But friends I hope to see all of you during these weeks at home!!!

Me and J just got back from the lakeside and I'm taking some time to work. The outfit with the Dry Lake blouse is from a pizza date at Fredrikstad two weeks ago. I really have grown to like the neighbouring city Fredrikstad as it has a super nice riverside area with so many different open-air restaurants plus has great shops, views and cute boats floating on river. We have been there every 3rd day lately as we've gotten too used to Sarpsborg now and want some difference. I love that top so much though! It's so beautiful and delicate and can be worn in so many ways. My favourite would be with ivory jeans or denim shorts as I wore it on the photos with some mid-heel shoes as it makes the blouse a bit more casual, but also stand out more! It's on sale right now so I would definitely hurry to get it off Dry Lake site!! 

I'm gonna do some of my marketing work, send some e-mails and then will get ready as we are gonna head to get some snacks at this cool ice cream-bar-looking-place we found today! It's such a basic photospot kind of place so yes I have to get ready for that hahah! Talk to you soon and don't forget to enjoy the rare beautiful days Nordic peeps! x 


Everything from River Island store in Tallinn

I've come to learn that I seem to say that every dress I put on is my favourite for the summer haha, but I think it's all true as well as the dress trend is back strong and the styles this summer are really cute! I haven't been able to wear anything besides denim shorts or dresses due to the non-stop heatwave first in Estonia and then once I moved to Norway and it's so great! I've got a large bunch of dresses with me here and I just wish I could wear them all at once you know. So here's another one of those favourites - my striped River Island frill dress! I'm not a fan of green but with stripes I simply adore it, also not a fan of frills, but this cut I again adore. This type of dresses with large frills in the bottom and V cut are the biggest dress trend of all of them this summer and this River Island one made me want one in full beige as well. Of course this stunning dress would be of a better fit on an Italian coast haha (dreaming) but it works so well when out in town as well when paired with chunky white sneakers. Oh and the round bag from River Island is still my favourite thing to pair with cute summer dresses, nothing beats that one! 

Yesterday the game went soooo well as they won with a big score! Just love the vibes after a good game! Today I'm trying to figure out the dates when I will be going home for a few weeks, gonna do some necessity shopping and probably will have a little date night in Fredrikstad before J heads off to Iceland tomorrow for the European League game. Have a great new week people! x 


At Stotvig Hotel 

Hi blogsters! Figured that before I get ready and go to today's home match I would fill in a little on my life here in Norway right now!

It's been A LOT of sunbathing going on here haha! The weather is at least 24 degrees everyday without a cloud in sight and very little air to breathe so we've been driving around to some sunbathing and swimming spots by the lakes and on some rocks and I've gone to the beach. We have taken a drive to Stotvig Hotel as well as the spa area there is super nice there. The hotel is by the sea and has a beach and a dock and everything. Mostly I've been spending my days creating blog and Instagram content that I needed to catch up with after all the moving that went on recently. I'm catching up pretty well so content is coming everyday here and on Instagram! The sunsets are so amazing here with this weather so most of my content seems to be taken in the golden light now haha! I'm still trying to fit into the routine here and will soon start to look for a part-time job here next to my blog job, but I'm happy that I've already met so many amazing people here whom I've been hanging out a lot in Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad as well. Norway is amazing though! So much to see here as the nature is so stunning even here in the South part and I feel like I don't have enough time to go see and do everything I want haha, but J has been so great by taking me to see sunsets in beautiful places by now so hopefully I will be able to see it all after all! I'm planning to visit Estonia in July sometime and I have to stay in Estonia for many reasons for about 3 weeks straight, so I can't say there's much of a Summer left to experience here in Norway too. But it's been such a peaceful summertime here, exactly what I needed after leaving Tallinn which didn't have a really have a great effect on me. 

Currently J is putting on the suit for the match which reminds me that I have about two hours to get ready, cook and hit the pre-game with girls aaaand finish some editing on recent outfit photos, so let's catch up real soon okay? Sending hugs! x 


Wearing full River Island/ everything is from River Island store @ Viru Keskus

HELLO NORWAAAY! Sarpsborg, Norway is gonna be my home for (at least) the summer as I still don't know final results of my university applications. I really wish I would've applied to more Master's Programmes than just 3, but hey, no rush either as I want to see what J does after this season as well before I lock myself into uni studies once again, but definitely Master's is a must! I actually came to blog in the park next to my new home and it feels really great to finally have a change of environment after such a long time in Estonia. I just feel more in touch with Scandinavia and it feels amazing to be back! Sarpsborg is soooo cute! Especially when it's hot and sunny as it is now which is so ideal for Midsommar! Oh happy Midsummer Scandinavians and Estonians by the way! Hope the weather treats you well! x

I already feel so so bad about saying this AGAIN, but yes I've been absent from blogging again (thank god for quick instagram possbilities to keep in touch with followers) and that is because I was packing up for Norway and once I got here on Tuesday, I've been driving around with J store hopping from one place to another, even Oslo, as I have to turn this Bachelor's pad into a bit more feminine place if you know what I mean haha. That means I needed a bigger space for clothes and so much stuff into the kitchen and accessories etc etc, while keeping in mind that we might not stay long which makes that so much harder to do haha! But I think the necessities for me are all in place now and I can start enjoying Sarpsborg to the fullest! After blogging I'm gonna head to the stores to check out the brands I didn't have access to in Estonia and then we will see what we're gonna come up with on this beautiful day. Oh and here's a yesterday's outfit when we went for coffee with J. It's all from River Island and I can't express enough how cool this skORT is! Looks like a funky denim skirt in the front, but it's actually high-waisted shorts and the wash is so ideal for the white tee + whte sneakers look I love so much as an everyday outfit. And another new favourite is this bag that J calls the "disc golf bag" haha. It is sooo stylish and beautiful and I'm such a fan of strict shaped bags, especially round ones and the golden round handles are just perfection! This bag is the ultimate cute summer dress bag that goes with all those girly dresses in my closet. 

I have so much to say now that I've been so out of my blog haha, but I also really wanna get my feet going towards the city centre, so it's a bye now! Enjoy the holidays loves! x 


Jacket & Sneakers - River Island       Pants - Lindex      Sunglasses - Mango       Bag - Gucci

I moved away from Tallinn!! Yep, now it's officialy done and it was super exhausting for a couple of days with all the packing and carrying and you know, moving stuff, so I was away from my dear blog, but now I'm in my hometown, waiting for J to come here for his little break from the season and then we will already head to Norway together! So many have asked if I feel sad about moving away from Tallinn which I've gotten used to and the answer is NO NO NOPE. I just don't feel the city at all, I had no amazing vibes there and I can just say that it wasn't MY city, although I of course have some amazing memories and people to take with me from there. When it comes to Estonia I just tend to like the smaller towns a bit more since they are less messy, more in order, with good peaceful vibes and well, friendlier relaxed people. But I will still be in Tallinn a lot as I have a lot of blog work there which I will be flying back for often from Norway and I'm gonna be in town for a couple of days for the weekend as well as tomorrow is the Moet Grand Party Day!! The bubbliest party of the year is back again and since I had an amazing time last year at the Hilton hotel I can't be more thrilled to attend again with the same girl gang and this time at the amazing Tchaikowski restaurant! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the brunch due to some important errands, but I can't wait to celebrate Moet and champagne at night! 

The photos here are from Norway actually and I just didn't feel like posting jackets and longer pants with the immense heat we had for weeks here in Estonia, but now that it's back to cold (yay amazing...) it's the perfect time to show you that super dope jacket! Looks really simple, but sometimes simple things attract me the most and in this case I just love that it's a cropped trench coat! The cut is wide and boyfriend'ish and it's a super great jacket to throw on whatever on a bit more chilly summer night. I really don't leave anywhere without it lately with the cold evenings, because it just seems to match everything that I have haha. 

Now I'll just pack some last things today before sleep, since I will head to my girl Kätriin's place tomorrow for getting ready and staying over at hers for the weekend! So thrilled for this weekend guys and for picking up J on Monday!! Exciting things ahead! x




Hey babes! Graduation ceremonies are behind the corner for basic schools, high schools and universities and I believe so many of you have planned to fix your own hair since you either didn't get to book the time to your favourite hairdresser or you don't feel like planning that much ahead or you just don't feel like going so I teamed up with Decoris Showroom salon and their huge selection of Balmain Hair Couture products to give you graduates (and everyone else too of course) a large tutorial on multiple easy-to-do hairstyles you can fix all by yourself at home and these only take a few minutes! All you need is a Balmain Hair Couture Catwalk Ponytail, which is an outstanding hair addition that can be used for countless cool up-to's! Sometimes you lack either lenght or volume or both for a cool hairstyle so this is a perfect problem solver in all cases and it looks gorgeous as hell as I just can't stop wearing it myself! 

Balmain Hair Couture Catwalk Ponytail is made of Memory Hair - of artificial hair - that looks like real hair and it's super easy to care for. The name Memory comes from the fact that if you curl or straighten the ponytail, it immediately saves the shape and loses it only when striaghtened/curled again. Be careful not to use too much heat as the hair can only be styled with 160 degrees temperature the most. So let's see what me and Decoris Showroom hairstylist Erica created together for graduation inspiration! 


Hei beibs! Lõpuaktused on ukse ees nii põhikoolidele, gümnaasiumitele kui ka ülikoolidele ja ma usun, et mitmed teist on plaaninud teha oma soengud selleks tähtsaks päevaks ise kas siis sellepärast, et ei saanud lemmikjuuksuri juurde aega või ei viitsi planeerida asju pikalt ette või siis lihtsalt ei tunne nagu tahaks juuksuris lasta end valmis sättida. Just sellepärast lõin käed Decoris Showroom salongiga ja nende suure Balmain Hair Couture toodete valikuga, et anda teile lõpetajatele (ja miks mitte ka kõigile teistele) mitmeid ise väga lihtsalt teostatavaid soenguideid, mida saab ise kodus teha ja mis võtavad vaid mõned minutid aega! Kõik, mis nendeks vaja on Balmain Hair Couture Catwalk Ponytail, mis on silmapaistev juustelisa, mida saab kasutada lugematute ägedate ülespandud soengute juures! Vahest pole endal materjali või siis teistpidi pikkust või mõlemat, et teha mõnd lahedat soengut ja see juustelisa on super lahendus sellele murele ja näeb väga kaunis välja. Ma ise ei suuda kuidagi selle kandmist enam lõpetada! 

Balmain Hair Couture Ponytail on tehtud Memory Hair'ist - kunstjuustest - kuid näeb välja nagu päris juuksed ja on ülilihtsalt hooldatav. Nimi Memory Hair tuleb sellest, et kui teha patsi lokid või sirgendada, siis püsib soeng seni kuni uuesti sirgendada või lokid teha. Kindlasti tuleb ettevaatlik olla, et ei kasuta liiga palju kuumust, kuna neid juukseid tohib vaid kuni 160 kraadise kuumaga töödelda. Aga vaatame siis mis mina ja Erica teile lõpusoengu inspiratsiooniks kokku panime! 


Silk Perfume (for silkiness), Texturising Salt Spray (perfect for a curly style), Texturising Volume Spray (adds volume to roots) , Thermal Protection Spray (heat protection), Balmain Catwalk Ponytail

So here's what my hair looks untouched. It's long, it has a lot of volume, but not enough to create some really fancy hairstyles, so it definitely could use some extra boost. 


Sellised on minu juuksed ilma nendega midagi tegemata. Nad on pikad ja neil on volüümi küll, kuid mõndade fancy soengute jaoks on seda kõike siiski vähe, seega üks lisa boost on kindlasti vajalik. 


Here is a step-by-step guide on how the Balmain Catwalk Ponytail was attached to my hair as a low ponytail hairstyle. This is a super elegant look that goes well with very classy and elegant dress choice for graduation and gives you super long looking hair that is very sophisticated looking. The first photo shows my hair tied back in a low ponytail and pulled back very sleek. You can find the step-by-step guide on how you can prepare your hair into that sleek look and how to attach the ponytail yourself in my Youtube video tutorial below! 


Siin on samm-sammult näidatud, kuidas Balmain Catwalk Ponytail mu juustele kinnitatakse, kuid siin puhul madalaks hobusesabaks. See on üks väga elegantne look, mis läheb hästi väga klassikaliste ja elegantsete lõpukleitide juurde ning jätab mulje väga pikkadest juustest, mis on väga peenelt sätitud. Esimesel pildil on mu enda juuksed madalas hobusesabas ning on tõmmatud peataha väga silutult. Minu Youtube Tutorial video postituse all näitab ette kõik nipid-trikid, kuidas saavutada see sile look enne hobusesaba kinnitamist! 


So this look is a follow-up from the low ponytail look. Erica used her two hands to tangle up the low ponytail into a side bun and pinned it together with pins and done! Super easy, but the bun curling needs a bit of practice before the graduation day for sure. I love this look a lot since you can easily style some beautiful headpiece to it, with gemstones or something golden maybe. In some super fancy cases, why not even a tiny Royal Wedding style hat haha? This looks is also very elegant and sophisticated and is definitely for the really confident women or maybe those who have a really flashy dress and need the hair to be pulled up to show it! 


See soeng on hea järg madalast hobusesabast. Erica kasutas vaid kahte kätt, et siduda pikk hobusesaba külje-krunniks ning kinnitas krunni juustele klambritega ja valmis! Super lihtne, kuid see kuidas krunni valmis keerata tahab ehk pisut harjutamist enne lõpetamise hommikut. Mulle nii meeldib see look, kuna selle juurde saab sobitada igasugu peaehteid, kivikesi või midagi kuldset. Samuti miks mitte lisada sellise soengu juurde kuningliku pulma stiilis kübar haha? See näeb samuti väga elegantne ja peen välja ning on kindlasti mõeldud enesekindlatele ja ehk ka neile, kelle kleit on nii tähelepanu äratav, et soeng võiks olla pigem üles pandud, et seda näidata! 


Here's my personal favourite! It's the simplest actually of them all and is the one I feature in my Youtube tutorial below as well, so you can check out the whole step-by-step to this one from the video, but sadly it's only in Estonian as I am focusing on the Estonian graduates in this post, but I hope you would still check it out as the talking part is not the most important part but rather the way the ponytail is attached and looks like! This one is more of a edgy look already, still super sleek and elegant, but I guess you can recognize this look from the H&M x Balmain collab commercial where Kendall Jenner rocked the exact look? Yup, this Catwalk Ponytail actually comes from there so if you've ever wanted that ponytail then there you have it - Decoris Showroom has them in all colours for you! By the way mine is called Amsterdam! I think this ponytail fits to all styles and dresses and definitely is a super stylish stand out on graduation day. I actually wore this style without the extensions a few years back the Estonian Blogging Awards now that I think of it. You can check HERE what kind of dress I paired the hairstyle up with!


See siin on minu isiklik lemmik! See on neist tegelikult veel kõige lihtsam ja just seda stiili ma oma all olevas Youtube'i videos ka ette näitan, seega selle tegemist saab jälgist samm-sammult ja seda eesti keeles. See look on juba natukene julgem, mis on siiski väga sile ja elegantne, kuid ma arvan, et see tuleb pigem tuttav ette H&M x Balmain koostöö reklaamist, kus Kendall Jenner'il oli just selline pats? Jep, see Catwalk Ponytail tulebki just sealt ja kui sa oled tahtnud endale sellist soengut, siis palun väga - Decoris Showroom'is on nad olemas erinevates värvides ning varjundites! Minu tooni nimi on muide Amsterdam! Arvan aga, et see kõrge pats sobib kõikide stiilide ja kleitide juurde ideaalselt ning on stiilselt pilkupüüdev lõpuaktusel. Ma tegelikult kandsin sellist soengut mitu aastat tagasi Eesti blogiauhindate jagamisel, aga ilma pikendusteta. Vaata järgi SIIT, millise kleidi ma valisin selle soengu juurde! 


Braid lovers, here's something for you! This one took a little longer than others, but it's also super simple to do actually, eventhough it looks complicated as hell haha. The photos below should give a pretty good idea how it's done, but basically Erica split my high ponytail into two and braided both halves and pulled the braids out a bit into wider braids. Then she sprayed them with hairspray and curled them up around the top of the ponytail and pinned them together with pins and done! This one is again super elegant and bring out the facial features a lot. I think it looks so amazing from behind and could be fitted to more minimal dresses. 


Punutiste fännid, siin on midagi teile! See võttis veidi kauem aega kui teised soengud siin, kuid on samuti väga lihtne kuigi tundub, et tegu on ülikeeruka soenguga haha. All olevad pildid annavad päris hea ülevaate, kuidas seda soengut teha samm-sammult, kuid põhimõtteliselt jagas Erica mu patsi kaheks ning punus mõlemad otsteni ning tõmbas punutised väljapoole laiemaks. Siis kinnitas ta need juukselakiga ja keris ümber patsikinnituse üksteise ümber ning kinnitas klambritega..ja valmis ta oligi! See on jällegi elegantne soeng, mis toob näojooned ilusti esile. Ma arvan, et see näeb kõige ägedam välja just tagant poolt ning sobiks hästi väga minimalistlikke kleitidega. 

THE ROLLS (haha we couldn't come up with a better name) 

This also looks super complicated to do but is again really easy to do yourself. So what Erica did here was that she removed the ponytail addition and combed my hair back. Then she left out the top chunk of my hair and pulled the ones left into a tight medium height ponytail with sleek sides. Then she split the top hair into three and rolled each of them seperately and added the ends of the splits into the ponytail. So it looked like the first photo below. Then she attached the Balmain Catwalk Ponytail and it was aaalll ready! You can find that look from my Instagram photos, it's just soo dope I had to take it out to the city haha! Even J who doesn't like these very extra hairstyles really loved it and I got a lot of compliments from girls. This is a super rock n roll look, so it's for those edgy super stylish girls for graduation. The dress to this should be either really alternative styled or super minimal and elegant to bring the hairstyle out the most. I had something similar to my high school graduation by the way! 


See näeb samuti väga keeruline välja, kuid on jällegi ise väga lihtsalt teostatav. Mis Erica siin tegi oli, et ta kõigepealt eemaldas Catwalk Ponytai'i ning kammis mu juuksed kõik taha. Siis jättis ta pealmised juuksed eraldi ning ülejäänud kinnitas keskmiseks hobusesabaks, siludes küljed ja üsna kõvasti kinnitades. Siis jagas ta välja jäetud juuksed kolmeks ning keerutas neid pealaela rullideks (3 rulli) ning kinnitas rullide otsad patsi. Esimesel pildil näeb selle kõige tulemust. Seejärel kinnitas ta Balmain Catwalk Ponytail'i ja valmis ta oligi! Selle look'i leiate ka mu Instagram'ist kuna ma lihtsalt pidin selle soengu linna peale viima haha! Isegi J kellele ei meeldi sellised 'extra' või äärmuslikumad soengud arvas, et see on väga tuus soeng ja samuti tuli palju komplimente teistelt tüdrukutelt. See on natuke selline rokilik look, seega see on pigem neile julgetele ja väga stiilsetele tüdrukutele lõpusoenguks. Kleit peaks olema pigem alternatiivses stiilis või hoopis super minimalistlik, et soeng välja paistaks. Muide mul oli midagi taolist gümnaasiumi lõpetamisel! 

I really hope you guys found some great ideas from this post! I just love Balmain Hair Couture products as they are an amazing quality and the ponytail is something I can't live without anymore. Gonna wear it to every party where I want my hair tied up and it just should be in a woman's closet in my opinion. Check out Decoris Showroom website HERE for all the additional info about Balmain Hair Couture products, technical stuff and the details of the ponytail (plus care of course) and also pay a visit to the amazing hairstylist Erica who helped me create this post. You're amazing Erica, thank you! 


Ma nii loodan, et te leidsite endale siit häid ideid! Need Balmain Hair Couture tooted on nii võrratu kvaliteediga ja seda hobusesaba ma ei anna enam kunagi ära. Kavatsen seda kanda igale peole, kus tahan. et juuksed oleks kinnitatud ja minu arust võiks see olla iga naise kapis olemas. Kindlasti vaadake järgi Decoris Showroom'i veebileht SIIN lisainfo jaoks Balmain Hair Couture toodete kohta, tehniliste asjade kohta ning Catwalk Ponytail detailide kohta (pluss hooldus) ning kindlasti külastage super ägedat juuksurit Ericat, kes aitas mul selle postituse ellu viia. Oled vinge Erica, aitäh! 

So to end this post, here is the Youtube video I told you about above. It's basically a full tutorial on the high ponytail look and my personal tips on how to wear it (in Estonian this time loves), so I hope you get some inspo out of it and enjoy it! x 


Postituse lõpetuseks jagangi üleval mainitud Youtube'i videot. See on põhimõtteliselt täielik tutorial kõrge hobusesaba soengu kohta ning jagan ka isiklikke nippe, kuidas seda kanda (eesti keeles seekord), nii et loodan, et saate sealt inspi ja meeldib! x



Suit - By Malene Birger/ from Kaubamaja Naistemaailm

This one here is for all the university (but why not high school) graduates who are still on a look-out for the perfect graduation style to go for. The land of dresses is wide and difficult to navigate in and that's why me and Marii took over Kaubamaja's Instagram story to help you out a lil bit! We showed some of the best pieces to consider for university graduation, including the American style graduation where you have the cape thingy on too, and Kaubamaja had a lot of fun styles to try. Then we picked out our favourite piece to take some detailed photos off and here you have mine! Yes it's not a dress, not even close, and that's why I picked this By Malene Birger striped suit as the best choice for graduation this year. First of all, the suit is amazing! I love that the stripes are different on the blazer and pants and that it has strong lines in front. Also the blazer has a lot of fun little details which is always the case with By Malene Birger - minimalistic beautiful clothing with funky details and patterns! Other than the suit being gorgeous, I think wearing a suit to a graduation is a HUGE statement! It means that you are confident, fashionable, feel good in your own skin and you come off empowering by wearing a suit as a woman. Also the suit is soo much more comfortable and could be used to enhance your best features with the right accessories. True I have dressed it down a bit on the photos, because if I were to graduate in this particular suit, I would add super high open-toe sandal heels, large bling earrings and some beautiful rings and well, more make-up too of course! The best part is that this won't stay sitting in your closet but can be used as two seperate pieces in the future too. For all the powerful ladies out there, a suit is the way to say it and I strongly believe that dresses are super beautiful and feminine, but a suit can be too and the trend is just too big by now to ignore it on graduation days. 

Other than the large projects I've had during the last couple of days, I'm seeing a lot of football this week too as the national team's game was in Estonia on Wednesday (was so happy to breifly see J again!) and on Saturday me and girls planned to have a little roadtrip to Riga to see the other game against Latvia, as they won the game against Lithuania on Wednesday already. Today I'm gonna be busy filming a video for my Youtube channel I've never presented here and then I'm heading to my hometown with a lot of packed up stuff from the apartment. Moving out next week so soon it's bye Tallinn for me! I'll keep you updated soon! x 


See postitus siin on kõigile ülikooli lõpetajatele (ja miks ka mitte gümnaasiumi lõpetajatele), kes siiani otsivad seda ideaalset look'i lõpetamise päevaks. Kleitide maailm on ülilai ja väga raske koht, kus navigeerida ja seepärast võtsime me Mariiga eile üle Kaubamaja instagram'i story, et natuke teid välja aidata! Näitasime seal mõndasid parimaid noppeid, mida ülikooli lõpetamiseks valida, seal hulgas Ameerika stiilis lõpetamiseks, kus on see keebi moodi asi ka seljas, ning Kaubamajal oli tõesti mitmeid ägedaid stiile, mida proovida! Valisime lõpuks oma lemmiku välja ning tegime detailsemad pildid sellega ja siin ongi minu valik! Jah, see pole kleit, isegi mitte sinna poole, kuid just sellepärast valisingi ma selle By Malene Birger'i komplekti parimaks valikuks selle aasta lõpetajatele. Esiteks, see komplekt on ülivinge! Väga lahe idee on see, et triibud on erinevad pükstel ja bleiseril ning ette on tehtud tugevad viigid. Samuti on bleiseril väga palju vahvaid pisikesi detaile juures, mis ongi nagu selline signatuur-võte By Malene Birgeri'l - minimalistlikud riided koos ägedate detailide ja mustritega! Peale selle, et see ülikond on väga ilus, on tegelikult ülikonna kandmine lõpetamisele TOHUTU statement! See näitab, et sa oled enesekindel, moodne, tunned end hästi omas nahas ja näid väga mõjuvõimsana, kui kannad naisena lõpetamisel ülikonda. Samuti on ülikond nii palu mugavam asi, mida kanda ja sellega saab esile tuua parimaid külgi kui kasutada õigeid aksessuaare. Tõsi on see, et ma olen seda pildistanud natuke agasihidlikus võmes, kuna kui ma selle ülikonnaga ise lõpetaks, siis lisaksin juurde kõrged lahtised sandaal-kontsad, suured bling kõrvarõngad ja mõned ilusad sõrmused, ning muidugi rohkem meiki! Parim osa on see, et see ei jää kappi istuma, vaid seda saab edasi kanda isegi kahe erineva osana edaspidi. Powerful ladies kuulake nüüd, ülikond on viis, kuidas seda väljendada ja kuigi ma arvan, et kleidid on tõesti väga ilusad ja naiselikud, siis ülikond on praeguseks juba liiga suur trend, et seda ignoreerida sel tähtsal päeval. 

Peale suurte projektide, mille kallal olen iga päev töödanud, on see nädal ka palju jalgpalli vaatamist, kuna koondisel oli mäng Eestis kolmapäeval (oli nii vahva näha korraks ka J'd!) ja laupäeval plaanime tüdrukutega teha väikese roadtrip'i Riiga, et näha mängu Läti vastu, kuna Leedut juba võideti kodus kolmapäeval. Täna aga filmin ma üles ühe video oma Youtube'i kanalile, mida ma pole siin kunagi avalikustanud ja siis sõidan juba kodulinna ära hunniku asjadega korterist. Kolin välja siit järgmine nädal, seega peagi saan öelda head aega Tallinnale! Hoian teid peagi kursis! x 


Everything from River Island store (Viru Keskus) 

Hey babes! Yesterday and today has been hectic in terms of work. My yesterday started off with my tire going flat in the middle of my drive to Tallinn so I had to postpone my meetings, but it all went well and they could accept me later as well. Then I went on to meet Marii for some aperols on the roof and then I had J's game to watch at home in the evening, but the load of work in-between these acticities has been hectic (the one behind my laptop of course). Today I got ready and went to Decoris Showroom in the morning to work on the large project me and Erica had planned with Balmain Hair. The topic is graduation hair and you can read all about the trends and tips and tricks for graduation on the coming Monday! Also I will include a video and photos as well, so make sure to check the large post out! Then I met up with Kristjaana for some photos and now I'm packing some stuff together at the apartment and also working late. Tomorrow I will meet up with Kristjaana for photos again and will do a meet up with 2 other friends later as I haven't seen so many of my girls for such a long time! In the evening I will drive to the national team's game in the other city and will see J briefly after the game, which I am really happy for! Gotta get what I can haha! 

So here's a River Island dress I've gotten so many cimpliments for lately and I get that, the colour and the style of it is simply amazing! First of all, let me tell y'll, it has POCKETS. I mean dresses with pockets are something I spiritually connect with if anything and this dress has them on a really cool spot so that if I keep my hands in the pockets, I can pull the dress apart a little and create a slit which makes the style even better in my eyes. The dress is a off-shoulder one so perfect for hot summer days and has this super trendy belt all clothes currently seem to have in stores. But the most important part is the colour as it has this brick-coloured shade that suits everyone and actually makes everyone look more tanned as well! Super happy for finding this one and my favourite way to style it is with white chunky sneakers to make the look more edgy. 

Now I'm gonna check the final of the TV show competition my friend takes part in and then continue sending some e-mails. Have a great Humpday tomorrow guys! x 


Top - NA-KD        Jeans - WRSTBHVR/ HERE        Sneakers - Alexander McQueen

Ah what a weekend it has been again! Honestly I don't know what happened or what's going on with the weather, but it's amazing that Estonia has had a hot sunny May and it is said to continue into June! During previous summers we were lucky if we got 3 days of sun straight haha, but right now it feels like the summer is about to end, that it's august and it's been so much summer already. Due to this, you can find me in the middle of my hometown lake every weekend. We also got that donut thingy to carry behind the boat, so I can ride it and sunbathe on it now and it's been so cool! The water is 23 degrees now so I've done a lot of swimming by now too. Appreciate these possibilities here so much! But tomorrow a super busy week starts again. I have a lot of collabs to work on before I move and before J comes to Estonia before that. Oh he also will join the national team for one game in Estonia on Wednesday, so I might get a glimpe at him even before his break! But yea the week is gonna be full of so many meeting, photoshoots and even a video to be created, but I like to concentrate on only one thing and not two jobs at once like before. 

By the way I just love these jeans so much! I took them to Norway with me where the photos are from as well and I just love to wear them with very simple white T-shirts and crop tops and sneakers. They look like sweatpants with their strings and baggy cut and are super comfortable to wear just like sweatpants are! WRSTBHVR has added their logo all over the jeans, behind and also behind the buttons in front and it makes the jeans so much cooler even! I love creative, edgy clothing like this and I think WRSTBHVR is one of the best brands at creating eye-catching things! 

I just got back from the boat again and I have a quite dark tan now after this weekend so I'm ready for them photoshoots for sure! I'm gonna head back to Tallinn tonight probably as I have a quite early morning meeting with Iris Janvier tomorrow, so I better get to packing now! Have a great new week guys! x